Brain Food: Guide To Brain Foods Essential for a Healthy Mind

 What is Brain Food ?

Brain foods are food sources, nutrients, and/or combinations of both that promote healthy brain function. It is also important to recognize that food connections are based on an improvement of health overall, which also supports brain function. There are really four categories that contribute to the overall health of the brain.Brain food is essential for all of us and changes in diet that include essential brain food can help alleviate certain ADHD symptoms.  

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Four Categories of Brain Food

1. Fats

2. Proteins

3. Carbohydrates

4. Antioxidants 


What is Good Brain Food?

Not every food that would technically fall into one of the above categories is necessarily beneficial for overall brain health nor can be considered brain food. However, there are certain variants of these foods that would be considered, “good” brain foods.


Omega 3 Brain Food1. Fats

Omega-3 Fatty Acids contribute to brain health and are an essential brain foodThey assist in retaining memory and maintain mood balance. These foods include pumpkin seeds, walnuts, fish, eggs, and flax. Canola Oil and and soy oil are also rich in Omega-3. Since it is nearly impossible to consume all of the Omega fatty acids we need, you should consider supplementing fish oils, daily. 



2.  Protein

Neurotransmitters are affected by brain food derived from protein. Eggs and fish are both excellent choices. Plus, eggs contain choline, which is a nootropic that is essential to overall brain health and cognitive function. Some nootropic supplements are an EXCELLENT source that enables us to consume the necessary amounts of choline. Beans are also excellent as they serve as a source rich in protein and carbohydrates.  

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3.  Carbohydrates –

One of the worst choices you can make for your brain is to forego meals. Carbohydrates provide energy and are considered a power brain food.

Skipping a meal can make you feel tired, less sharp, and unable to focus.  This is especially important to remember for children and adults with ADHD symptoms.carbs for the brain

One of the things I hated about taking ADHD prescriptions, like Adderall, was it completely eliminated my appetite. This caused me not to eat, which is obviously, just not healthy. I felt it was contradicting the effects that the drug was supposed to have on the brain because I was constantly lacking essential daily nutrients. This is a common problem for people taking prescription ADHD medications. However, not all carbs are equally as good for the brain. The best brain food carbs are starchy carbs like potatoes, winter squash, corn, beets, and cooked carrots.  


4.  Antioxidants – 

Antioxidant brain food has been shown to stabilize and even improve memory. They also have anti-aging and cancer fighting properties. Nearly all fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, but some are more richly infused than others. Berries and leafy green vegetables are some of the best. I would recommend eating a lot of vegetables in season to get the most benefit from these excellent brain food antioxidant sources.  

brain food antioxidants

What is Brain Food? Good for the Body, Good for the Brain

The best part about eating healthy brain foods is that it is good for the rest of your body, too. Try and eat more brain foods and you will not only be doing your brain good, but your body good too! 

Please comment below with any brain food recommendations or experiences you have had! You can read more about other variations of brain foods in some of the other articles I have covered on the topic:


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