What Is A Nootropic? The Best Road to Cognitive Enhancement?

What is a Nootropic? Can Nootropics Truly Improve Cognitive Functioning? top nootropics

What is a nootropic?

By the most simple definition, a nootropic is a supplement or substance that can enhance cognitive functioning.

This includes a variety of cognitive elements including improved concentration, better focus, memory enhancement, better learning capacity, reduced stress and anxiety, increased cognitive functioning, a boost to overall brain health and more

Are nootropics new?

Some nootropics are certainly newer than others.

However, the first synthetic nootropic called Piracetam is backed by over 40 years of research. Others have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. 

Once the neuroscience community had a better understanding of nootropics, they were able to develop more synthetic nootropic supplements to improve a variety of cognitive benefits. 

So, what is a nootropic?


A nootropic has a variety of uses.

Some people have created pre-formulated nootropic supplements that are designed to be taken once or twice as a daily brain health supplement that can provide multiple cognitive benefits. Others prefer to create their own customized nootropic stacks to achieve a boost in focus, concentration, attention, and provide an overall cognitive edge. 

It is usually best to start with a pre-formulated nootropic supplement when you are a beginner. This will take out a lot of the guesswork and allow you to better manage your expectations of how nootropics may make you feel. 

Testing and Reviewing Nootropics

We have spent a lot of time testing and reviewing various nootropics and pre-formulated nootropic supplements. It has taken over 5+ years to create a confident list of the top 10 best brain supplements that we have experienced using over the years.

However, we have also put together a list of the worst nootropic supplement scams that we have discovered along the way. It is just as important to inform you about the nootropic brain supplements you should avoid as it is to tell you about the ones we may recommend.

Nootropics and Neuroscience

Many scientists in the neuroscience community are studying nootropics for their potential uses to help prevent cognitive decline. This includes their potential ability to improve various mental disorders such as Dementia and Alzheimer's disease. They continue to discover many interesting components of nootropics that can help improve overall brain health. 

What is a nootropic for the elderly

A nootropic may provide many benefits for the elderly. They can not only prevent cognitive decline but also slow down the brain's aging process. Many nootropics are proving to be effective ways to eliminate brain fog and boost various elements of memory. This also includes ways to prevent age-related brain disorders.

What is a nootropic compared to a “smart drug?” what is a nootropic

Nootropics are different than most of the “smart drugs” you may have heard about.

Smart drugs, such as Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, and others come with their fair share of negative side effects. Many people also find themselves becoming dependent on these drugs. 

Most nootropics provide more neuroprotective qualities and carry a safe profile.

A nootropic is considered a safer alternative than most smart drugs. They propose a very low risk of side effects or long-term harm. Many nootropics are proving to be safer than smart drugs.

Unfortunately, nootropic supplements still find difficulty getting FDA approval because the pharmaceutical creates so much large-scale business revenue. 

What is a nootropic for someone looking to boost concentration and focus?

There are a large variety of different types of nootropics. Different nootropics serve different purposes. Many of them work synergistically together and can even potentiate the overall effects felt from each individual nootropic ingredient.

The combination of multiple nootropics used together in the same formula is known as a nootropic stack

There are also pre-formulated nootropic supplements. Essentially, a pre-formulated nootropic supplement contains specific dosages of particular nootropic ingredients to provide an all-in-one type of supplement that can address multiple components of improving cognitive functioning. The mission one of our reviews is to help people differentiate the nootropic supplements that provide noticeable benefits from those that fail to deliver. 

Some individual nootropic ingredients are also specifically designed to improve concentration and focus. You may commonly see these nootropics in the same stack. 

What is a nootropic for someone looking to improve memory?

There are a wide variety of nootropics that can help with memory. This includes natural nootropics, pre-formulated nootropics, and individual nootropic stacks. Your choice should be based on your own personal cognitive needs and goals. 

If you are completely lost in the world of nootropics, we will help you customize the best possible nootropic stack for you for FREE. Tell us a little about yourself and your cognitive needs and goals and we will help find the nootropic stack that will work best for you!

What is a nootropic that I know will be the best for me?

It is a question we get frequently.

What is a nootropic that you know will be right for you?

The bottom line:

Each and every person is different. A nootropic supplement that may work perfect for one person, may not be as ideal for another. It can require a little trial and error. However, nootropics work. We are confident in saying they work because of the results we have experienced over the years. They don't all work the same and some don't work at all. However, there are both great pre-formulated nootropic supplements and customized nootropic stacks that can provide a variety of cognitive benefits. 

For this reason:

We have spent over 5 years testing and reviewing the top nootropics on the market. 

Some of the pre-formulated nootropic supplements that we have reviewed include the following:

Nootropic Supplement Reviews (In no particular order)

  • nootropic supplements Qualia Review– One of the most premium pre-formulated nootropic supplements that we have tested to date. It is far from the cheapest option on the market but it also produced some significantly noticeable cognitive benefits. Our Qualia review will tell you everything you need to know about the supplement. Do not buy Qualia until you have read this comprehensive review and our experience using it. 


optimind reviews

  • OptiMind ReviewWhat is a nootropic you can get for free? This is a nootropic supplement meant for daily use. It is said to eliminate brain fog, improve attention, focus, and enhance overall memory. Read the review and find out how you can also try OptiMind for Free and take the guesswork out altogether. They are also allowing people to try their latest nootropic sleep aid for Free for a limited time. Find out about RestUp and how you can try both of these nootropic supplements for free while it still lasts. 


alpha brain review

Alpha Brain was one of the first companies to pioneer nootropic supplements to the mainstream. They are endorsed by celebrity Joe Rogan and have developed numerous high-quality nootropic brain supplements, like their latest, “New Mood” formula. Alpha Brain continues to be one of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market for a reason.



trubrain reviews

  • truBrain ReviewThe first liquid “think drink” of it's kind. It was designed as a potent and powerful liquid nootropic supplement to noticeably improve focus, concentration, reduce stress and anxiety, and help with memory as well.  We recently updated the truBrain review to talk about their new and “improved” formula. They enhanced their formula with even more potent and powerful ingredients.

TruBrain has also just released the first healthy nootropic snack bar. Their new brain food not only tastes good, it also puts an extra pep in your step to start each day. I personally snack on truBrain “brain food” snack bars on a regular basis. Therefore, make sure you also check out the truBrain Brain Food review! There is literally nothing else like it right now.



best nootropicsNootropics for ADHD?


  • Nitrovit –  

    Many people seem to agree that NitroVit is one of the best nootropics for ADHD. Does it live up to the hype and help those struggling with ADD or ADHD? NitroVit is one of the most popular pre-formulated nootropic supplements we have reviewed. The feedback is always positive. NitroVit was also created by an owner and neuroscience team that truly care about their product. Definitely check out NitroVit, especially if you experience any type of ADD or ADHD symptoms!


  • CILTEP ReviewsCILTEP ReviewAn all-natural nootropic supplement that packs a punch! It provides a noticeable boost in mental energy rather quickly and comes with a reasonable price tag. It has been recommended by a number of celebrities and compared at times to the smart drug, Modafinil. CILTEP is one of the most underrated nootropic supplements on this list.


nexus mitogen nootropic stacks

  • Nexus and Mitogen by Axon LabsWhat is a nootropic similar to CILTEP but even more potent? Axon Labs was created by the same company that developed CILTEP. However, they decided to use more synthetic nootropic supplements to create a more potent and powerful nootropic stack. One of the more underrated products on the market. These two products work great individually but work best when stacked and used together!

Natural Nootropic Supplements

  • mind lab pro reviewsMind Lab ProA new all-natural nootropic supplement that is made with “branded” high-quality, natural nootropic ingredients. Find out what my experience was like after using Mind Lab Pro for 30 days. Did it deliver the cognitive benefits that it claims? If you are looking to go the all-natural route with nootropics, you will want to read this review. Mind Lab Pro was one of the biggest surprises I have experienced from an all-natural nootropic supplement. If you want to keep it all-natural, make sure to read more about Mind Lab Pro!


  • NooCube – What is a nootropic that works extremely fast without any caffeine or stimulants? If you want an all-natural nootropic supplement that is healthy for your brain and body, NooCube is worth a look. I was most surprised by how quickly the product started working without the addition of any type of caffeine or stimulant. Nootropics do not need caffeine or stimulants to work quickly. However, most of those that work faster either have potent and powerful synthetic nootropics or some type of stimulant included in their formula. This is not the case with NooCube and it helps separate it from many other products on the market.

Potent and Powerful Nootropics

  • nooshift nootropic supplementsNooShift NooShift was created by the same bright minds that developed NitroVit. They were essentially looking to develop a more potent and powerful nootropic supplement. Find out why NooShift may not be for beginners but turned into one of my favorite nootropic supplements before the end of the testing period. It is unlike many others I have tried in the past and contains some potent nootropic ingredients that delivered a new kind of cognitive experience. NooShift is great for everyday use and I hope more people discover and experience the benefits it has to offer. Check out everything you need to know in the NooShift review


iq2 nootropics

  • IQ2 Review – The iQ2 premium nootropics proved to be a unique blend of nootropic ingredients. It not only provides short-term benefits but also continues to work better and improve cognitive functioning over the long-term. Find out how you can also try an entire one-month supply of iQ2 for FREE. They are the only company that is providing our readers an entire bottle of their product to try for an entire month. This is exclusive to Focus Here and Now and will only be available for a limited time. 




  • What is a Nootropic to Avoid?

Not all nootropic supplements produce the benefits that they claim their products will provide. Unfortunately, there are companies that are using the growing trend of cognitive enhancement to take advantage of people.

We want to make sure you are equally informed about the products you should avoid. These are nootropic supplement companies that make false claims, use sub par ingredients, and even potentially dangerous combinations to create their stack.

What is a nootropic you should avoid?

Here are just a few:


  • Addieup – 

    A nootropic supplement that desperately wanted to be known as a natural form of Adderall. This was not one of my personal favorites. There were a number of discoveries made about Addieup that caused some red flags. Find out everything you need to know about Addieup and why it is considered a nootropic supplement you want to avoid! 

    Top Nootropics


  • An Entire List of Brain Supplements to Avoid – A list of some of the worst nootropic brain supplements we came across to date. These are the ones that give the entire industry a bad name. It is just as important to be aware of the scams. Therefore, take the time to know about the nootropics to avoid. This list includes some of the worst products and scams that we have experienced.


  • Katy Love “Party” Nootropic Supplement – 

    Katy Love was much different than other nootropic supplements reviewed in the past. We decided to test and review it due to popular demand and what seemed like overwhelming curiosity from our readers. Therefore, we gave Katy Love, a nootropic supplement that is advertised to make the user feel “blissful” and “euphoric” a chance. It is commonly described as a “natural” “party” drug that can produce some of the same feelings that certain street drugs can make you feel. “A healthy and safe way to experience euphoria and bliss?” 

We also took a closer look at a totally different type of nootropic supplement also created by Limitless Life called, Chloe. Chloe was designed to help scrub the brain clean of any damage you may have done to it. It is also said to help noticeably reduce brain fog and help potentiate the effects of Katy Love to work better. You won't want to miss this interesting review. 

What is a nootropic stack?

You might be wondering:

What is a nootropic stack? What is the difference between a customized nootropic stack and a pre-formulated nootropic supplement?

When creating your own nootropic stack, you are individually selecting the nootropic ingredients that will go into the stack. These selections are made based on the individual needs and goals of the person creating the stack. However, you also need to purchase and consume each nootropic supplement separately. The combination of nootropics that you choose to use produce your own nootropic stack. 


Some people prefer to create their own nootropic stacks. However, others would prefer a nootropic supplement that is already created for them and only requires the consumption of 1-4 capsules. Pre-formulated nootropic supplements are comprised of specific dosages of particular nootropic and other ingredients to create a singular supplement that can produce certain cognitive benefits. 

I personally feel that it is usually best for beginners to at least start their experience with nootropics by using a pre-formulated supplement. It is a good way to get a general idea of what to expect and how various nootropics may make you feel. You can always add individual nootropics to your stack or build one from scratch after you are more familiar with them.

Focus Here and Now – ‘Nootropics City

It took years of research to find the highest quality nootropics on the market. We tested nootropics from suppliers all over the world to assure we were providing the absolute highest quality. They had to be nootropics we would proudly use every day. 

Once we found our supplier, we included some of the most potent, powerful, and essential nootropics to our library.

This inclnootropicsudes but is not limited to Piracetam, Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam, Alpha GPC, CDP Choline, Adrafinil, Aniracetam, Centrophenoxine, and much more!

We understand that there are plenty of people who may not know the first thing about where to start when building their own nootropic stack.

Sure, you want to create a nootropic stack that specifically addresses your cognitive needs and goals. 

But where do you start? What is a nootropic stack that is going to work well for you?

Get a FREE Customized Nootropic Stack

Simply fill out a brief form telling us a little bit about yourself and your cognitive needs and goals. One of our nootropic supplement specialists will get back to you with a Free customized nootropic stack recommendation that we believe will work best for you. 

We treat every individual differently and take each of your needs and goals into account when recommending a nootropic supplement and/or stack that may work best for you. 

Want to know the best part about our nootropic stacks?

All of our nootropics are not only 100% GMP certified with complete COA's to assure the highest quality and authenticity, but they are encapsulated to make dosages easier and safer to consume.

This is much better than nootropic powders that require you to purchase a digital scale and turn your kitchen into a scene out of “Scarface.”

So, What is a nootropic?

A nootropic is a group of supplements and/or substances that can significantly boost your overall cognitive functioning in a number of ways. They have been proven to work by brilliant scientists in the neuroscience community.

We have also personally analyzed and tested a wide variety of nootropics. However, they are not all created equal. Therefore, take your time and do your due diligence to find the best nootropics for your particular cognitive needs and goals. 

Do nootropics work? All sources point toward the answer yes! 

Our goal is to make it a little easier to understand nootropics and find the best nootropic supplements to meet your cognitive needs and goals.

What is a nootropic to you? Which nootropics have you tried before? Have you had positive, negative, and/or any other experiences using nootropics?

Please leave your questions, comments, and/or experiences below!


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