Suffer from Essential Tremors? [Tremor Miracle Review]

Tremor Miracle Review: Put an End to Essential Tremors?

Tremors run in my family for a long time. My Mother struggles with essential tremors and I also experience them from time to time. Therefore, when I found a product that claims to offer relief to tremors, I was intrigued. Tremor Miracle Tremor Relief addresses an issue that not many other products do. However, this doesn't mean that it works. Both my Mother and I put Tremor Miracle to the test to see if it would do the trick to significantly reduce or even eliminate essential tremors. 

People typically experience tremors in their hands, head, legs, and feet. My Mother mainly experiences them in her hands and legs and I experience them in my hands. Since her case is more severe and frequent than mine, I wanted to make sure to get her feedback as well. Tremors are one of the most common but least discussed issues amongst men and women throughout the world. 

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Essential tremors are designated as “clinical tremors.” Meaning, we can easily observe them yet not explain them. They are sometimes called familial tremors, benign tremors, and/or hereditary tremors. However, they are most commonly referred to as essential tremors. Essential tremors are a movement disorder that causes involuntary, rhythmic shaking, especially in the hands, but can affect multiple parts of the body including arms, legs, feet, head and, in some cases, the voice.

These essential tremors are most commonly observed in day-to-day activities such as eating, drinking, writing, reading, etc. It is not as easily observed when the body is at rest. I can relate to this feeling in my hands when I am doing something as simple as handing money off to a cashier. It causes feelings of anxiety and especially as someone with ADHD, I also become fixated on my tremors when they occur. This causes the condition to worsen.

Tremors affect people of all ages but more frequently occur with age. My Mother experiences the hand and legs tremors more frequently. While some medications help, I was hoping to find an all-natural formula that could help more safely and easily alleviate our symptoms. Furthermore, not all prescription medications even work and can have a myriad of undesirable side effects.  

Facts of Essential Tremors

Among many observations, here are some key facts to be aware of with essential tremors:

  • Essential tremors do not shorten your life-span.
  • These tremors can and do interfere with motor skills that are employed in day-to-day living.
  • Essential tremors symptoms are often aggravated by emotional stress, anxiety, fatigue, hunger, caffeine or cigarette smoking. I personally experience them most when my anxiety is heightened. 
  • The tremors can manifest itself at most any age – but research has shown that it becomes more prevalent with age.

Essential tremors affect an estimated 3% of the world’s population with numbers increased dramatically in populations 40 years of age or older.

There are an estimated 228 million sufferers of essential tremors, worldwide!

Essential Tremor Research tremor miracle tremor relief

Recent research, conducted at the Montreal Neurological Institute, finds a strong correlation between essential tremors and pre-existing genetic factors.

Other researchers have subscribed for some time to what has been called the “GABA hypothesis.” This theory suggests that deficiencies in GABA levels may be a cause for essential tremors (GABA is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter).

While research continues, Tremor Miracle claims to have developed a simple and powerful formula to help essential tremor sufferers.

Tremor Miracle Ingredients

TremorMiracle Tremor Relief is an all-natural formula of essential vitamins and a “TremorStop” proprietary blend. The ingredients found in Tremor Miracle are as follows:

Essential Vitamins

  • Vitamin C – 60mg
  • Vitamin D – 2500 IU
  • Vitamin K – 120mcg
  • Vitamin B6 – 2mg
  • Folate – 400mcg
  • Vitamin B12 – 6mcg

TremorStop Proprietary Blend

  • Arginine AKG 2:1

Increases energy levels. Arginine AKG is a nonessential amino acid that’s necessary when it comes to making nitric oxide in the liver. Evidence also shows that L-arginine stimulates protein synthesis, which helps the body build muscles, and increase their size, strength, and endurance.

  • L-Citrulline –

    This substance is called a non-essential amino acid. Your kidneys change L-citrulline into another amino acid called L-arginine and a chemical called nitric oxide.

    These compounds are important to your heart and blood vessel health. They also boost your immune system. L-citrulline boosts nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide helps your arteries relax and work better, which improves blood flow throughout your body. This is helpful for treating or preventing many diseases. Evidence suggests the supplement could possibly help lower blood pressure in people with prehypertension.

  • D-Ribose D-rebose tremors

Supports healthy and energy levels in heart and muscle tissue. Ribose is used to improve athletic performance and the ability to exercise by boosting muscle energy. It improves symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)fibromyalgia, and coronary artery disease

  • Vinitrox

Ignites muscle performance and breaks through the fatigue barrier. It also helps to amp up Nitric Oxide levels. The ingredients are l-arginine, l-ornithine and nitrates. It boosts metabolism and improves performance

  • Pomegranate Juice Powder

Pomegranate powder is particularly high in vitamins C and K. Vitamin C protects the eyes and helps us heal faster, while vitamin K maintains healthy blood clotting and supports strong bones. Pomegranates are also a good source of protective minerals like calciumpotassiummagnesium, and phosphorous.

  • COQ10 – 20% coq10 tremors

CoQ10 is used to treat many different conditions. There is evidence that CoQ10 supplements can lower blood pressure. CoQ10 is also used to treat heart failure and other heart conditions, possibly helping to improve some symptoms and lessen future cardiac risks.

  • Astragin

AstraGin® is NuLiv Science’s exclusive absorption enhancing ingredient, and it’s proven in a dozen pre-clinical studies to support amino acid, vitamin, and mineral absorption. It is a US, Taiwan, and China patented, 100% natural food ingredient that has shown in a cell, animal, and human studies to support the absorption of essential life supporting and health promoting nutrients, such as amino acids and vitamins into human cells. AstraGin® improves bioavailability by promoting a cellular environment to allow a greater amount of these nutrients to pass from the bloodstream into the cells.

  • Red Wine Extract

Extracted red wine contains a substance called resveratrol that offers a number of health benefits. Resveratrol may be able to fight hardening of the arteries, cancer, and coronary heart disease, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. It has antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory effects and the ability to keep platelets in the blood from sticking together to form clots. Resveratrol also may be able to increase longevity. Drugs.com reports that resveratrol may be able to help lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics, improve memory and increase joint mobility.

You can also see other all-natural ingredients added for flavor on Tremor Miracle's website

Tremor Miracle Taste

Both my Mother and I agreed that the flavor of Tremor Miracle was actually quite good. It was fruity, just sweet enough, and goes down easy. It is an easier supplement to take daily. It also mixes well into the liquid, leaving very little powder residue left in the glass. Tremor Miracle absolutely surpassed our expectations regarding flavor. 

Tremor Miracle Tremor Relief review (Does it work?) tremor miracle tremor relief

Here's the deal:

Tremor Miracle Tremor Relief may have a wide variety of healthy ingredients that can benefit the body but we wanted to know if it would actually help relieve symptoms of essential tremors. 

I was the first to give it a try when I started to feel shakiness in my hands during a particular week. Therefore, I used the included scoop to mix up my first supplement of Tremor Miracle with a full glass of purified water. Like I said, I was surprised how good it tasted. However, what really surprised me was how well it started working within just the first few days of taking the supplement. My sudden jerks and shaky hands became steady and my whole body felt more relaxed and nourished. It gave me feeling of general overall well-being. 

Prolonged Use of Tremor Miracle Tremor Relief

The longer I used Tremor Miracle, the better the results. While I would still experience slight shaking from time to time, it was far more subtle and far less frequently than I was used to seeing and feeling. It was truly a relief and lowered my stress levels.

My Mother had similar results, only hers were even more astounding because her tremors are more frequent and severe. She absolutely loves the stuff and can't believe the difference it makes. My Mom told me it even lowers her overall anxiety and regulates her normally high blood pressure. 

Other Tremor Miracle Reviews

I did some research and even purchased some bottles for some of our readers to try and here is some of the other feedback we received.

  • Recommended Highly

“I suffered from what it is called in the medical community as essential tremors for a very long time. It affected my daily life and the difficulties I faced in completing normal day to day tasks seriously hampered the quality of my life. I had previously tried “folk remedies” but they did not have any success. With Tremor Miracle I saw results within the first week. Highly recommended.”

  • I Finally Found a Solution!

“I started with 2 servings a day before breakfast and after dinner and for the first time in a very long time noticed the shaking in my hands reduce substantially. I've previously tried other “remedies” and “solutions” including one from a prescription by a doctor and it proved ineffective. It was only when I started with a Tremor Miracle that I found real results.”

  • Helped Regain My Balance

“I have tried almost everything that could be prescribed by a physician with virtually no satisfactory results. Most did nothing at all and I was forced to lean against the wall to keep my balance or help me sleep. I decided to try the natural approach this time around. After comparing ingredients and prices, I thought I would give this a try. In less than 2 days, there was noticeable differences and no side effects. Even my wife noticed a significant difference.”

  • I Saw Fast Results!

“I have had a slight hand tremor since I was five years old, I am over 30 now, still active and had assumed that I’ll live with this my entire life. But then I got to know about Tremor Miracle through a friend who had a positive experience with it and suggested I try it as well. I began to see results within three weeks as did people around me. My hand does shake at times but they are not as bad as they used to be earlier.”

The Bottom Line About Tremor Miracle Tremor Relief

Positive feedback continued as more people gave Tremor Miracle a try. Each review was more shocked and satisfied than the next. Tremor Miracle Tremor Relief proved to be a safe, healthy, all-natural supplement that really works to significantly reduce or even eliminate the essential tremors of a wide variety of people. 

It always puts a smile on my face when I come across supplements that truly makes a difference in people's lives. I have been testing and reviewing a wide variety of different supplements over the past 5+ years and know they are not all created equal. We have come across more disappointments than winners. Therefore, it is always a pleasure to be able to share the supplements that really work for you! I've had plenty of instances where I've tried supplements that turn out to be nothing more than scams, including brain supplements that I suggest our readers avoid. 

Buy Tremor Miracle

Tremors are a far more common condition than many people recognize. It can be frustrating, debilitating, embarrassing, and troublesome. Essential tremors are a neurological disorder which is most commonly seen in the hands. However, I felt it was necessary and relevant for me to test and review anything relating to cognitive health. I wanted to be sure we were providing feedback about all different types of supplements for a variety of cognitive conditions. Tremor Miracle absolutely gets a thumbs up from my Mother, a variety of people struggling with essential tremors, and myself. You can feel confident to buy Tremor Miracle and experience the noticeable difference yourself. Don't forget to use the exclusive discount promo code we were able to arrange. Type “Today10” during checkout to receive 10% OFF your entire order.

Do you suffer from essential tremors? Have you tried other supplements and medications to help treat your condition? Has anything worked for you? Have you tried Tremor Miracle? Please share your feedback and comments below!


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