Treatment ADHD Adults Love From Shockingly Positive Results

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Treatment ADHD Adults Continue To Praise Because Of Shockingly Positive Results

The treatment ADHD adults have been presented with as the primary options for managing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder had always been limited to prescription medications. However, extensive research and testing in the neuroscience community have helped change that in recent years. 

Adult ADHD is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness that can result in having career failure, economic loss, family and marital dysfunction, increased psychiatric problems, health problems, and emotional distress. However, very few adults are officially diagnosed or receive proper adult ADHD treatment.  

There are Many New ADHD Treatments for Adults

Fortunately, Adult ADHD is not a life threating illness and is highly manageable once recognized and appropriately treated. However, many adults with ADHD are unaware of all of the ADHD treatment options that exist.

By receiving the ADHD treatment and support that is needed, and by making wise life choices, one can greatly reduce the number and severity of challenges associated with adult ADHD.

Thanks to years of research, development, and scientific breakthroughs, there are many ADHD treatment options available to help manage Adult ADHD including medicinal, holistic or natural, and alternative treatments for ADHD.

treatment adhd adults


ADHD Medicine Treatments

One of the more traditional ADHD treatment options for Adult ADHD is the use of stimulant prescription medications.

Stimulant medications such as Adderall, Vyvanse, and Ritalin increase your dopamine levels. Increasing dopamine levels can help result in the ability to think more clearly, pay attention longer, and control impulse.

However, stimulant medications do not come without their fair share of short-term and long-term side effects

There are also non-stimulant medications such as Atomoxetine (Straterra), which are also used to help control symptoms of ADHD by increasing levels of norepinephrine in the brain, which helps control behavior.

Statistics about Straterra

While some ADHD adults have found success with Straterra, the rate of success has been lower than both stimulant ADHD medications and alternative treatments for ADHD. Straterra has shown success rates as low as 7-10% and stimulant medications have continued to show an increase in various short-term and long-term side effects

adult adhd treatmentsMost people notice the effects of stimulant medications more immediately than non-stimulant medications which can take a few weeks to begin reducing Adult ADHD symptoms.

Blood pressure medications such as Kapvay and Guanfacine (Tenex) are also sometimes used to manage symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity but are not traditional ADHD treatment options.

Antidepressants such as bupropion (Wellbutrin) are sometimes used to treat Adult ADHD. However, this treatment is not technically FDA approved as a treatment for ADHD.

It is most commonly used in a complex case when you are suffering from more than one illness such as depression or bipolar in addition to ADHD.

Here's the deal about prescription medications:

The right prescription medicine may work for you.

However, there is also a risk for side effects resulting in other health problems.

This does not mean that they don't work or cause harm to any and everyone who takes them but the increase of various side effects and also addiction is becoming an epidemic.

Always be sure to tell your doctor about any side effects that you may be experiencing and keep in mind that there are alternative ADHD treatment options available that can be just as, if not more effective than stimulant prescription medications without any of the side effects at all. 


Nootropics for ADHD

Treatment ADHD adults have been turning to far more often over the past few years comes from supplements called nootropics.

As someone who has struggled with ADHD for the majority of their life, I have dedicated over two years personally studying, researching, and communicating with some of the most respected names in the neuroscience community to determine their efficacy, specifically as a treatment ADHD adults can use as an alternative to traditional prescription medications.

I was highly skeptical about nootropics when I first learned about them because I associated them with the “smart drugs” you would see in popular Hollywood movies like, “Limitless.”

Due to false advertising claims and hype surrounding the “limitless pill,” some companies tried to take advantage of people by falsely quoting celebrities and a number of brain supplement scams were released. 

The Nootropics Industry Took a Bad Turn

nootropics treatment adhd adultsObviously, this gave the nootropics industry a bad name for a little while.

However, the power of neuroscience and the fact that there were a number of nootropic supplements that provided cognitive benefits to people and even helped to alleviate various ADHD symptoms, pre-formulated nootropics and what are called nootropic stacks gained traction once again. 

Thinking there was little chance that nootropics would truly be a treatment ADHD adults could rely on to help with ADHD symptoms, I doubted that I would be spending much time on the topic.

However, when my first nootropic supplement review had positive results that I determined was one of the nootropics that work, my interest was peaked to continue my research further. 

Studies have shown that Nootropics can have some of the same and even additional benefits compared to prescription ADHD medicines. This includes increasing your focus, attention span, and impulse control.

However, some have also been proven to increase mental energy, short-term and long-term memory, concentration, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and can actually promote healthy brain cells over time.

This means that a number of nootropics can actually help to prevent cognitive decline and slow down the brain's aging process. 

Nootropics Have Shown to Help with Various ADHD Symptoms

Fortunately, for those with ADHD, the cognitive benefits that many nootropics can provide are in line with many of the ADHD symptoms that both children and adults with ADHD experience on a regular basis. 

The result has been more people, like me using nootropics to help combat many of the common adult ADHD symptoms that we experience.

This is why nootropics have continued to become a more popular treatment ADHD adults are turning to in order to help manage their ADHD symptoms. 

Different nootropics are designed to provide various cognitive benefits. Meaning, not all nootropic supplements are created to do the same thing. There are pre-formulated nootropics and individual nootropic supplements that are taken in combination with others, known as a nootropic stack

Pre-formulated Nootropic Supplements

Pre-formulated nootropic supplements are generally created by a company that has put together their own nootropic stack or combination of nootropic ingredients that are geared toward helping improve specific areas of cognitive functioning.

Many times, these supplements are designed to help improve focus, mental energy, and memory in one form or another and vary in levels of potency. Some were also designed to more specifically help alleviate symptoms of ADHD. 

We have reviewed a number pre-formulated nootropics and quickly discovered that not all of these supplements were created equally. Some were certainly better than others. So far, I have extensively tested and reviewed the following pre-formulated nootropic supplements.

Please feel free to have a look for an unbiased opinion about what each of them claimed to do and which ones actually delivered on those claims:optimind reviews

This was one of the first nootropic supplements I reviewed and even includes the opportunity to try it our for FREE before committing to purchasing a full bottle. 


Addieup was one of the first nootropic supplements that I had a negative experience using.

I shouldn't have been surprised by a company that uses a name that attempted to use word-play to sound like the popular ADHD prescription medication, Adderall.

This was hardly a treatment ADHD adults should consider an effective alternative treatment for ADHD. 


TruBrain was the first official liquid nootropic supplement that hit the market and was backed by a highly educated and qualified neuroscience team.

These “think drinks” contain some potent nootropic ingredients and also provide a short free trial offer for trying them out. 


Nitrovit is quite possibly one of the best nootropics for ADHD that I had tried to date.

It was not only developed by someone that lived their entire life with ADHD but was originally created for his own personal use because he didn't like the side effects he experienced as an adult with ADHD and was seeking better adult ADHD treatments.

I have used a few nootropics that have helped with my ADHD symptoms but right now, Nitrovit is probably my favorite pre-formulated nootropic supplement specifically for symptoms relating to ADHD or similar to ADHD symptoms. 


I went through a short period of my nootropic supplement reviews where I tried three products in a row that for lack of a better word, flat out sucked.

I hate to sound so harsh but these were the types of companies that gave the industry a bad name with false advertising and claims.

This review includes my experience using Geniux (formerly known as eVo), Addium, and Alpha ZXT.

While it does not fall into the same category as the previously mentioned, I also speak briefly about Nerium EHT, which is a nootropic supplement that has been advertised everywhere by their reps making some bold claims.

With that being said, Nerium EHT was not nearly as bad as I expected but also did not deliver on the incredibly bold claims of some of their MLM reps. 


CILTEP is an all-natural nootropic supplement that was truly praised by a number of celebrities including WSOP Champion, Martin Jacobsen, Tim Ferriss, and Joe Rogan.

CILTEP packs a bigger punch than I expected and IMO, makes a great addition to a nootropic stack, more so than as a stand-alone supplement. 


The Mitogen and Nexus nootropic supplements were created by the same people who developed CILTEP.

They wanted to create a company that broke free from the all-natural nootropics in order to utilize some of the most potent nootropic ingredients and therefore, they created Axon Labs.

I found the combination of Mitogen and Nexus advanced nootropic stack used together turned out to be a powerful combination and also specifically helped with a variety of ADHD symptoms.


Green Guru Nutrition is the most recent nootropic supplement company that I reviewed. I found them to be particularly intriguing because the entire company is based on creating supplements using all-natural nootropic ingredients.

Not only did they put out a large line of 7 different all natural nootropics but they are allowing our readers to exclusively try anywhere from 1,2,3 and/or up to ALL 7 of their natural nootropics for FREE.

This is just awesome because I love being able to hook our readers up with the most risk-free way to try nootropics, especially since many of you may be trying them for the first time. I am also reviewing each and every nootropic from Green Guru Nutrition individually.

The Mind HD review speaks about the first of 7 nootropics in their line and also includes information on how to try each and every product for free


Now: Modafinil is only available by prescription in certain countries.

However, it was announced just this past year to “officially” be the first “smart drug” or cognitive enhancing drug on the market. Modafinil and Armodafinil are known for their ability to help improve symptoms of sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Modafinil is a treatment ADHD adults have started turning to more often. However, it is also a stimulant and has its share of potential side effects. Check out the Modafinil review but also, make sure that it is legal to order in your country and/or state. 

RestUp supplement Reviews

RestUp is the first and only pre-formulated nootropic supplement that I have tested that was designed 100% to improve the overall quality of sleep. It was developed to combat sleep problems, sleep deprivation, insomnia, and overall trouble sleeping.

This is especially great for someone like me who has ADHD and subsequently has common issues sleeping. The product was created by the same company that developed OptiMind

At very least, an awesome thing about RestUp is that we were given another exclusive opportunity to provide our readers with the ability to try RestUp for FREE. If you have trouble sleeping, which if you have ADHD, you most likely do, try our RestUp for a week for free

Those are all of the pre-formulated nootropic supplements that I have tested to date. However, I will continue to test more and be releasing their reviews in the near future.

This will include but is not limited to the other 6 natural nootropics from Green Guru Nutrition, Brain Gear, Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs, Noocube, Lumonol, Nervacore, and many others.

I am always open to suggestions and requests and will always provide the most comprehensive and honest reviews about each and every nootropic supplement that we review and report the best treatment ADHD adults can utilize to help improve their overall ADHD symptoms. 


Customized Nootropic Stacks with Individual Nootropic Supplements (Create Your Own Nootropic Supplement):


While some people prefer a pre-formulated nootropic supplement in a simple 2-3 capsule dosage that they take each day, others prefer a customized nootropic stack that combines various nootropic supplements that work synergistically together to target the improvement of more specific areas of cognitive functioning

The benefit of essentially creating your own nootropic stack is having the ability to more specifically target your own personal cognitive needs and goals.

Customized Nootropic Stacks with a Pre-formulated Nootropic Base nootropics

When taking pre-formulated nootropics, you are somewhat limited to whatever cognitive needs the nootropic supplement is designed to do.

However, sometimes people will also prefer to take a pre-formulated nootropic supplement as their “base” and then add individual nootropic supplements on top of it to target additional cognitive benefits. 

I have found that one of the best benefits of creating my own nootropic stacks is that I can target specific ADHD symptoms that apply to me. Therefore, a customized nootropic stack may work as a treatment ADHD adults can use to more effectively target their own ADHD symptoms. 

Building Customized Nootropic Stacks from Scratch

Personally, I have had the best results using one of the pre-formulated nootropic supplements that I mentioned above as my “base” and then adding individual nootropic supplements to it to target my own specific needs and goals and have found it to be a more effective treatment ADHD adults can use to address their ADHD symptoms more directly. 

Therefore, I spent over a year testing and researching nootropics from around the world in order to find the most high-quality, GMP certified nootropics with complete COA's to provide to our readers. Furthermore, I wanted them to be encapsulated to be more convenient to take and also to dose more accurately. 

‘Nootropics City' at Focus Here and Now was the result of that search. I personally use a variety of nootropic supplements in my own personal nootropic stacks from our growing library of nootropics

Here's the deal:

I understand that you may not know where to start when it comes to building your own nootropic stacks, especially the best stack to be used as a treatment ADHD adults can use to help alleviate their symptoms. Therefore, we now do the legwork for you.

Fill out our brief form if you would like to have a nootropic stack customized for you for free.

What can a customized nootropic stack do for me? best nootropics

  • Increase feelings of motivation, well-being and lengthen attention span.
  • Improve mental energy and drive for performing tasks that can cause a lot of strain on the brain
  • Raise levels of alertness and awareness so you can focus on one task at a time without distraction.
  • Fasten the thought process which helps boost memory and learning connections. These types are known as “brain-boosting” nootropics.
  • Heighten and enhance both short-term and long-term memory
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Alleviate symptoms of depression
  • Treatment ADHD adults can utilize outside of prescription medications
  • Improve sleep problems 
  • Prevent cognitive decline and aging
  • Improve learning capabilities and concentration
  • Boost motivation and more!

Check out the growing library of individual nootropic supplements that you can use to create your own nootropic stack. 

Don't have any idea which nootropic will work best for you or which nootropics are the best treatment ADHD adults should use to help alleviate ADHD symptoms?

We will customize a nootropic stack for you for free

How Can You Get Your Own Customized Nootropic Stack?

Nootropics are similar to stimulant medications in the fact that they affect the neurotransmitters in the brain. 

However, they work on different neurotransmitters that are not considered stimulants but are still capable of increasing motivation, energy and concentration.

This is why Nootropics can give you the same kind of effects associated with ADHD medications without the adverse reaction.

These supplements also do not require a prescription and do not run the risk of being habit-forming. Amazingly, nootropics can help increase dopamine and serotonin levels without needing to risk various side effects associated with some prescription medications. 

Want to know the best part?

With the variety of Nootropics available, you can pick a nootropic stack that is customized to help with your individualized symptoms, whether related to ADHD or not.


Brain Foods and the ADHD Diet brain foods and the ADHD diet

Managing your diet is a vital part of controlling your adult ADHD. Brain foods are essential to maintaining a healthy body and brain

It is not only what you eat but also when you eat.

Within the last 10 years, researchers have been making the link between diet and ADHD, says Elizabeth Strickland, MS, RD, an integrative dietitian specializing in ADHD and autism in San Antonio, Texas.

Studies have found some foods worsen symptoms while others may improve them.

Brain Foods to Avoid

The two most common foods to avoid are sugar and food additives.

Common foods that may aid brain function and help reduce the symptoms of ADHD include omega-3 fatty acids, protein, complex carbohydrates and herbs.

Great, where do I start?

Try an ADHD Elimination Diet

In order to start an elimination ADHD diet, you simply take away foods with potential food allergens and then slowly add them back into your diet one at a time to see which ones may be triggering your symptoms of ADHD.

The elimination diet originated was developed by Dr. Feingold whose studies found that this diet aids in eliminating particular behavioral problems in Adult ADHD. The elimination diet continues to grow in popularity.

There are also a number of brain foods that you should be consuming on a regular basis that include some unexpected and unconventional brain foods

Meditation as a Treatment ADHD Adults Have Found Success meditation for anxiety

A study recently published online in the Journal of Attention Disorders, A pilot trial of mindfulness meditation training for ADHD in adulthood: Impact on core symptoms, executive functioning, and emotion dysregulation, provided concrete evidence that mindfulness meditation helps treat the symptoms of ADHD.

Mindfulness meditation forces those suffering from Adult ADHD to focus on the regulation of attention and enhance aspects of executive functioning.

Practicing Mindful Meditation

Practicing mindfulness meditation on a routine basis will have a significant impact on slowing your mind down as well as contributing to better emotional regulation.

Our recent article dives into meditation for anxiety and ADHD and how it can be a treatment ADHD adults find effective to help alleviate various ADHD symptoms. 

Why should I try Mindfulness Meditation?

  • Medication is not beneficial to all Adult ADHD sufferers.


  • Medication alone is not enough; it often needs to be combined with other types of treatments to provide optimal results.


  • Medications can sometimes produce adverse effects that and alternative treatments are necessary


symptoms of ADHDEveryday Tips to Decrease Adult ADHD Symptoms and Treatment ADHD Adults Have Found Useful symptoms of ADHD
symptoms of ADHD

  1. Get rid of your can't-do attitude. Understand that your Adult ADHD does not limit you from achieving any of your goals.


  1. Get the support you need.

Have a good support system from your family and friends as well as Adult ADHD communities in your local area. Such support groups can be located through the websites of the two major national organizations for individuals with ADD (ADHD): Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder and the Attention Deficit Disorder Association.

We also moderate an http://www.lifewithadhd.comADHD support group called, “Life with ADHD” that can be incredibly beneficial and allows you to speak with others who are struggling with symptoms of ADHD. 

  1. Develop realistic goals.

    Remember, one day at a time, one task at a time, and one goal at a time.


  1. Improve your social skills.

It is important to understand how your Adult ADHD may affect your relationships with others. Work on developing better patterns to relate to others.


  1. Develop realistic expectations of medication. Remember there is no magic pill and it takes a combination of ADHD treatment to achieve optimal results. Also, remember to take your medication exactly as directed. Open your mind to treatment ADHD adults have also found success using that may stem away from the traditional ADHD medications. 


  1. Improve Workplace Functioning.

Many people with Adult ADHD often find it to be the most difficult to deal with in the workplace. Explore different career options and find what is best suitable for you. “ADD in the Workplace by Kathleen Nadeau is a great resource to help with this.


  1. Minimize distractions. Turn off the radio, tv, and electronics as often as possible. Take time to sit in a quiet peaceful area. And remember to practice mindfulness meditation.


  1. Develop Life Management Skills.

Don’t try to do everything yourself, it is okay to ask for help. Treatment ADHD adults have found success with starts with life management skills.


  1. Organize yourself. Use an organizer and make to-do lists and leave notes for yourself.

adhd brain treatment adhd adultsAs you can see, there is much you can do to reduce the negative impact that Adult ADHD has in your life – much to learn and many people who can support you or provide treatment. 

The most important thing is to get started!

Now that you know you have Adult ADHD don't ignore it – get the help that you need to change your life! 

There are many treatments for ADHD and treatment ADHD adults have available to them now stems far beyond the “traditional” methods that you may have been used to hearing about in the past.

Therefore, don't be afraid to tackle the issue head-on and treat your ADHD, today!

As someone who has struggled with ADHD for the majority of their life and has come across virtually every treatment ADHD adults have available to them, I have an entirely new and positive outlook on my condition. I don't look at it as a “disorder.”

I wouldn't change anything, including my ADHD. It is part of who I am and it is part of who you are, too.

There are certain symptoms of ADHD that still show their face from time to time and that is OK, too. It is part of my personality and not all of the symptoms of ADHD are negative. My hyper-focus, passion, and energy also allow me to tackle certain obstacles and goals that other people cannot. I view it as a blessing, not a curse and neither should you!


What kind of adult ADHD treatments have you used with success in the past? Have you tried any of the above recommendations? Have you taken prescription ADHD medications, tried meditation, taken nootropics, consumed brain foods or tried the ADHD diet? What types of treatment ADHD adults have used and had success using have you heard about and which have you used? Please share your comments below and share your experiences, questions, and comments with us. All the best!




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