Top Nootropics: How to Find the Best Nootropic Supplements

Guide to the Top Nootropics: How To Find The Best “Smart Drugs”

The top nootropics are the ones that “work” the best, right?

An abundance of nootropic supplements sometimes referred to as “smart drugs,” seem to hit the market every other day. While, there may be a larger variety of nootropics available to us, identifying the top nootropics can prove to be a more challenging task.

How do we distinguish the top nootropics and how are these “smart drugs” better than the others?

In my experience, I have found that many of the top nootropics seem to fall into a category of their own. These high-quality nootropic “smart drugs” provide significantly noticeable cognitive benefits.

top nootropicsNow, about the top nootropics:

Unfortunately, there are more “duds” than “studs” and without any previous knowledge or guidance, you can find yourself in a frustrating trial and error with bad and/or mediocre supplements before experiencing the best nootropics.

However, many people miss the opportunity to experience these benefits because they inadvertently waste their time and money on the “duds.”

Many of these products are over-hyped or driven by false advertising gimmicks that result in more disappointed customers who become skeptical about nootropics in general.

This not only results in people giving up their search entirely without getting to experience the many cognitive benefits that the top nootropics can provide, but it also creates a misconception about how nootropics work and whether or not they feel nootropics work at all.

These brain supplement scams are damaging the industry and denying people the multitude of potentially life-changing benefits that the top nootropic supplements can provide.


With that being said: 


It also motivated me to review as many nootropic supplements as possible, including some of the most popular products being sold online, today. However, I quickly learned that the most popular didn't necessarily mean the best. However, I did put together a list of the 10 best brain supplements that I have tried to date.

Over the past year, I have conducted a ton of research through trial and error, as well as worked with some of the brightest minds in the neuroscience community to get a better understanding of how nootropics work and how to identify the nootropic stacks that may work best for the needs and goals of each individual person.

My goal is to help shed some light on which of these brain health supplements deliver the most consistent overall benefits.

My hope is that this will help eliminate some of the over-hyped nootropic scams and allow people to at very least, choose what may work best for them from the top nootropics that are available today.


What are nootropics and do they really work?


Nootropics are said to provide a variety of cognitive benefits. These might include improvements in focus, attentiveness, concentration, memory, learning skills, reducing stress, recall, overall brain health and more. 


top nootropic supplementsI am a fairly skeptical person by nature, but the idea of improving my overall cognitive function and brain health still grabbed my attention. As a person who has struggled with ADHD for the majority of their life, I could certainly use help in more than one of these areas.

While, I still chuckle at some of the ridiculous advertisements for smart drug supplements that insinuate you will gain cognitive abilities similar to what we saw in the movie, “Limitless,” I wondered about the actual science and facts that were supporting “legitimate” nootropic brain supplement companies.

What are nootropics?

You may have even heard the term nootropics or references to “smart drugs,” but do you really know what nootropics are?

Years of comprehensive research, knowledge, personal testing and experimentation have allowed me to attain a greater knowledge and understanding of nootropics and other brain enhancement supplements.

It has also provided me the opportunity to personally speak to some of the brightest doctors of neuroscience that have helped produce some of the top nootropics in the industry.

First, let's define nootropics and the effects they may have on our cognitive abilities and functions. Then, we will talk about how to differentiate the top nootropics from those driven by the marketing hype machine.


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I don't get it…So, What are Nootropics!?

Nootropic can be difficult to define, mainly because of the complexity of nootropics and variety of sub-categories and groups that encompass them.

However, the simplest definition of nootropics, also sometimes referred to as smart drugs, memory enhancers, neuro enhancers, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers—are drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that improve one or more aspects of mental cognitive function.

Specific effects can include improvements to working memory, motivation, or attention.[1][2] The word nootropic was coined in 1972 by a Romanian psychologist and chemist, Corneliu E. Giurgea,[3][4] from the Greek words νους nous, or “mind”, and τρέπειν trepein meaning to bend or turn.[5]

There is a wide variety of different types of nootropics that can be “stacked” in order to enhance multiple areas of cognitive function and overall brain health.

Nootropics have a positive effect on the brain, but different nootropics, dictate different responses in our brains. Some will enhance mood and memory while others may enhance focus and attention, more effectively.

Some of the top nootropics are pre-formulated stacks, which are a comprised combination of nootropic ingredients that are concentrated into a single capsule.

However, some of the best individual nootropics allow you to completely customize your stack around your own specific needs and goals. Regardless of the supplementation method you may prefer, many of the best nootropics can help to enhance a multitude of mental cognitive functions. 


top nootropics


How Do You Take Nootropics? What is a Nootropics Stack?

I have personally experimented with the top nootropics on the market that have created their own compounded blends or “stacks” that can be taken daily, the same way you would take a daily vitamin. You can read about this experiment and read some of the individual nootropic supplement reviews that I have completed testing.

You can also customize your own nootropic stack around your own personal needs in our very own, nootropics city. I spent the greater part of the past year finding the very best manufacturer to provide readers like you with the highest-quality, GMP certified, top nootropics on the market, today.

Instead of trying to supplement your own stack with messy powders and digital scales, virtually turning your kitchen into a chemistry lab, all of our nootropic supplements are encapsulated for convenience, accuracy, and quality. 

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How Do You Create Your Own Nootropic Stack?

top nootropics and smart drugsIt is important to always practice due diligence before experimenting with pure powder nootropics. Each and every person is different and some people feel more comfortable experimenting with pure nootropics to find the blend that is perfect for them.

I have done a lot of research to find the most reputable and pure sources of nootropics that also provide specific information about each and every nootropic blend they carry. 

Peak nootropics

If you are a little more adventurous and want to experiment by creating and blending your own nootropic stacks in powder form, I would highly recommend visiting Peak Nootropics.

This has been my number resource for using nootropics in powder form when I am using a particular ingredient often and want to save some money by purchasing in bulk.

If you decide to experiment with peak nootropics, please report back and let us know your results. I would love to hear your experience and would consider featuring it on the site.

Feel free to use the contact form to share your story with us.

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The First Nootropic: How nootropics were developedtop nootropics

Piracetam was the first synthesized nootropic. It was created back in 1964 and was also backed by an established set of criteria. It is still considered to be one of the safest and most effective nootropic supplements for beginners.

Piracetam is also known to protect overall brain health. It removes toxins and poisons from the brain, working almost as an anti-oxidant. It reduces damage caused by oxidative stress and is said to reduce the damage that is caused by a stroke.

Piracetam is one of the more commonly recommended and known nootropics, especially to those that are new to nootropic supplementation.

Piracetam History

It has over fifty years of history and is a good place to start for the average person. You don't need to be overly concerned with dosages, as it is one of the less potent nootropics. 

Piracetam is said to increase nerve growth and scientists believe it creates more synapses and connections. There are also studies that have shown it helps to detoxify the brain and some studies have even shown that it can help repair the damaging effects that alcoholism has on the brain

Piracetam also improves cognitive performance, meaning that it increases learning abilities. This is a highly appealing benefit to many. 

Ironically, piracetam is one of the main ingredients in the nootropic supplement that I just completed testing and reviewing over the last few weeks. In fact, this particular blend is not only considered to be one of the top nootropics, but also different in the fact that it can be administered in liquid form.  


Pre-Formulated Nootropic Supplement Reviews brain supplements


Over the past year, I have reviewed many of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market to help determine which of them really work.

Each product that I had reviewed went under the same comprehensive testing and review process and as you will read, some were certainly better than others. 


Pre-formulated nootropic supplement reviews:

1. OptiMind – 

Optimind was one of the first nootropic supplements that I had reviewed. One thing that differentiates them from the rest is the ability to allow our readers to try it out for free to determine for themselves whether or not they feel the difference.

However, please read our comprehensive Optimind Review to find out what specifically makes Optimind so universally effective. 


2. truBrain (Original formula and Think Drinks) – 

truBrain is oa very unique nootropic supplement, as they developed the world's first nootropic “think drink.” This is one of the only nootropic supplements both created and tested by true doctors of neuroscience and there is a reason it is considered a premium product.


It also comes with a premium price. However, for a very limited time, they allowed us to offer our readers the opportunity to try it for free! Check out the details to try it for free and truBrain Review, here.


3. Addieup –

Addieup was the first nootropic supplement that I had reviewed that clearly proved that not all nootropics are created equally. The Addieup Review holds back nothing. Find out why it simply did not live up to our standards.


4. Ciltep –

Ciltep is truly unlike the nootropic supplements I had previously tried and can quite easily be stacked with other individual nootropics and stacks. Find out why the WSOP champion prefers this nootropic supplement in the Ciltep Review


5. Nitrovit –

Nitrovit is the most recently reviewed nootropic supplement that quite honestly, floored me. I did not have very high expectations at first. The Nitrovit Review explains why this may be the best nootropic supplement to help alleviate ADHD symptoms. It is also one of the only nootropic supplements I had found that was created by someone with ADHD for others with ADHD. 

6. Alpha Brain –

Alpha Brain is a very popular nootropic supplement that claims to have some of the highest quality ingredients. We not only review it, but we found a way to offer you the opportunity to try it out for FREE!


6. Brain Supplement Scams – 

As I mentioned, not all brain supplements are created equally. While, some may wear a proud badge as being one of the top nootropics, others are giving the industry a bad name with false advertising and poor quality products. There were more than a few and I talk about them in great detail in this nootropic brain supplement scams review.

7. Green Guru Nutrition – Natural Nootropics

We talk about some of their individual products in the Nitro Mind and Mind HD Reviews. However, they are not only top nootropics for natural ingredients but you can actually try up to all 7 of their natural nootropic supplements for free only here and now!


The Nootropic Smart Drug Revolution

Developing More of the Top Nootropics



nootropic smart drugs

I strongly believe that nootropics will continue to develop and improve, well into the future. While there is still a lot to be learned about these cognitive enhancers, there is also a lot of research that supports the many benefits that not only include enhancing the brain's cognitive functions but also protecting the brain, too.

Here's the deal about nootropics:

A truly good nootropic stack or blend will deliver the cognitive enhancing abilities and protection to the brain that are claimed while having minimal to no side effects. Meaning, the downsides are very low.

Unfortunately, some brain supplement companies are not following the strictest of quality guidelines. There is a big difference between the top nootropic supplements and the wannabes. Check back often to read the latest that we have discovered and find out which category they fall into. 


Nootropics Side Effects

Usually, if side effects are felt, it has something to do with an over-abundance of natural stimulants or sedatives that are mixed into the formula. Basically, these companies are looking to capitalize on people who may try their products and get overly excited by the immediate results that they feel, which may be equivalent to a triple shot of espresso.

These supplements are not only misleading, but the results can come with consequences. 

nootropics side effects

This feeds my motivation for testing the various nootropic stacks that are on the market. I want to help separate the good from the bad and help people like you, gain proper guidance before spending hard earned money on products that are either potentially unhealthy or very low quality.

Differences between nootropics

I have learned a lot about the drastic differences that one may feel from a high-quality nootropic, like OptiMind and a lower quality product, packed with various stimulants, like Addieup. I look forward to continuing my quest to find the top nootropics in the market.


As always, please feel free to comment below on any experiences, questions, or comments that you may have regarding nootropics or brain supplements. If there are any particular products that you would like to see me personally test and review, I would be more than happy to help. 

What Do You Feel Are The Top Nootropics?

What do you consider to be the top nootropics? Which factors do you look for in a brain enhancement supplement for you to consider it one of the top nootropics? What is the single biggest factor in determining if a supplement can be considered one of the top nootropics in a fast-growing market?

Top Nootropics - How do You Find the Best “Smart Drugs?
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Top Nootropics - How do You Find the Best “Smart Drugs?
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