The Best Nootropic Brain Supplements of 2021 So Far

The Top Brain Supplements of 2021

I have tested a ton of nootropic supplements over the years. Yes, before they were trendy before the movie Limitless came out and tons of scam supplements hit the market. I have experienced the great, good, bad, and ugly. This year is still early, but I have a short list of pre-formulated nootropic top brain supplements that made a noticeable positive difference. These are the ones that can solve your issues with focus, concentration, attention, mood, memory, learning capacity, verbal fluency, and overall cognitive functioning. 

The Best Brain Supplements

These are in no particular order because when it comes to nootropics, my number 1 could be your number 10. However, this list is comprised of the highest quality pre-formulated nootropic supplements I have thoroughly tested and believe will benefit the most people.

  • Qualia nootropic– Qualia is considered by many to be the Mercedez Benz of nootropic brain supplements. It is very effective and boosts focus, attention, concentration, mood, memory, motivation, productivity, and increases cognitive functioning. It is a premium product with premium ingredients. Check out our official detailed review of Qualia to find out how it worbest nootropicsks. 


  • NitroVit– Considered one of the best nootropic top brain supplements for those with ADD and ADHD. It is great for anyone trying to improve their cognitive functioning. The creator behind the supplement suffered from ADHD and developed this formula as an alternative to prescription medications. Check out our NitrovIt review for all the details and a discount. 


  • Awaken – Awaken was one of the biggest surprises of the year for me. They really know their stuff and released an all-natural version if you prefer and a nootropic supplement sleep formula. Both great products. I personally prefer the Awaken Awaken mind powerGold product with the Noopept in it for the extra boost. Plus, it is one of my favorite nootropic top brain supplements ingredients. 


  • truBrain –  truBrain is unique in that it is in liquid form and gets absorbed by the body more quickly. They are one of very few companies that use some of the more potent nootropics from the racetam family and even have its boost formula. TruBrain works and lasts throughout most of the day. It improves concentration, focus, attention, mood, memory, motivation, overall sense of well-being, learning capacity, and overall cognitive functioning. Check out our full truBrain review to get the full picture of how it works and get an exclusive discount.

trubrain reviews

  • Alpha Brain – Alpha Brain was the pioneer of the nootropic top brain supplements industry and remains one of the most popular and successful products on the market today with good reason. They have a loyal customer base that believes in the product. It worked personally for me and a couple of crew members. But even better, right now they are letting you try it out for free through our Alpha Brain review. You will notice a difference with Alpha Brain. You can decide for yourself how effective it alpha brain reviewwill be for you. 


  • OptiMind – Optimind may be one of the more subtle but very noticeable nootropic top brain supplements. It was the first nootropic supplement I ever tried and I noticed a difference in an hour. It is a great daily supplement, extremely safe, and helps boost focus, concentration, attention, mood, memory, and motivation, along with improved cognitive functioning. However, don't take my word for it. Click one of the links in our OptiMind review and you will get a free trial to decide how effective it is yourself.


  • Mind Lab Pro – If you prefer to stay the all-natural route, there is no better natural nootropic brain supplement than Mind Lab Pro. They have proprietary formulas for created the purest natural nootropic ingredients that exist. It helps boost focus, concentration, mood, memory, motivation, reduces stress and anxiety, and boosts cognitive functioning. Read the Mind Lab Pro review to learn everything about it. 

** Check back often and keep submitting your requests. I am sure we will be adding and maybe even subtracting from this list before the end of the year.


These were the most effective nootropic top brain supplements I came across so far this year. You really can't go wrong with anyone. They deliver and produce life-changing results. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or leave any comments. You may also email me with any personal questions. I look forward to hearing from all of you!


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