Symptoms of ADHD Adults Can Be a Strong Rollercoaster

Symptoms of ADHD Adults – A Rollercoaster of Emotion symptoms of adhd adults

Symptoms of ADHD adults are more common than you may think. It can be a frustrating rollercoaster of emotion that affects your patience, ability to focus, concentration, frustration levels, memory, and interfere with your overall life. 

I should know…

As someone who struggled with ADHD my entire life. 


I wasn't officially diagnosed my entire life. It wasn't until I reached my teenage years that both my parents and I realized that something just wasn't right. I had trouble staying focused on any one task at a time. My mind was a rollercoaster constantly going up and down and round and round with thoughts and emotions. The problem was that I had no idea how to make it stop. 

The World Was Spinning and I wanted to Get Off

I was a hyper child. It wasn't because I was a “bad” kid but because my mind was racing at a million miles an hour going from one thought to the next. This made it extremely hard to pay attention in class and because I was incapable of paying attention, I would commonly turn into the class clown. I guess I felt like if I could keep the other kids laughing, it wouldn't make me feel so left out or “strange.” 

I somehow managed to get through high school with the help of tutors and medications. However, the medications had their own side effects. Many times I would lay awake at night unable to fall asleep because the amphetamines from the medications had me wired. 

Here's the deal:

I did not always look at having ADHD as some sort of “curse.” It allowed me to harness my energy and creativity into other activities and I picked up things like sports and music to harness my active mind. However, it became more of a problem once I went off to college. 

I was an adult now. Sure, a young adult, but I didn't have my parents nearby to help guide me in the right direction when I went off the rails. I found that I had to study at least 5 times harder for exams and writing papers than my fellow students. The ADHD medications helped somewhat but they also left me feeling anxiety. Also, I would find myself focusing far too long on one single section of a book or writing a paper than I needed to be. This caused more anxiety when it made me feel like I was falling behind. 

Symptoms of ADHD Adults are Less Understood adult adhd symptoms

Many people have always viewed ADD and ADHD symptoms as a condition that only affected children. This is far from the truth. The bottom line is that a child with ADHD will eventually experience symptoms of ADHD adults. There is no cure for ADHD. There are only ways to manage it. Symptoms of ADHD adults get less sympathy when you hit the corporate world and perhaps that is the reason that after 15 years, I decided that corporate America was no longer for me. 

Sometimes, ADD and ADHD symptoms can work to the advantage of those struggling with it. I wrote an entire article that points out ADHD jobs where we can thrive! You would be surprised some of the complicated and incredibly important jobs that someone with ADD and/or ADHD can excel at in the workplace. 

Symptoms of ADHD Adults are Finding More Options

I have made it my mission one over the past 5+ years to find alternative options to help alleviate my ADHD symptoms. It has been quite a journey. I have discovered quite a few things that have helped me with my symptoms. 


A lot of children with ADHD will eventually outgrow the hyperactivity aspect of their condition. You will find more symptoms of ADHD adults falling into the category of focus, concentration, memory, procrastination, and overall distractibility.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those adults. I still have the hyperactive symptoms of ADHD and I still find it difficult to stand still in one place or not fidget. It is difficult to sit too long or stand too long and I constantly need to be doing something. The newest fad for us who constantly have to fidget are these new “fidget spinners” and/or “fidget cubes.” Yes, I own both!

Mastering ADD and ADHD

There are now proven strategies to better manage adult ADHD. One of my favorite coaching resources is called “ADD and Mastering it.” The strategies presented in this course provide 36 tools and strategies that will not only allow you to better manage your ADHD but actually thrive from it! These guys present some great ways to take advantage of your ADHD symptoms and work them to your benefit! And as someone who has struggled their entire life with ADHD, I can tell you that all of these strategies and tips are presented in a way that someone with ADHD can follow without getting distracted or lost after the first 2 steps. These tools can literally help change the way you live your life with ADHD!

Natural and Nootropic Supplements for Symptoms of ADHD Adults brain pill

One of the fascinating things I have come across over the past 3+ years has been a group of supplements called “nootropics.” I was very skeptical about nootropics when I first discovered them. However, I was also sick and tired of the short-term and long-term side effects that I was feeling from prescription ADHD medications. 

Therefore, I slowly started to give them a try. Some were certainly better than others but I discovered that some of them really worked! I found that the right combination of nootropics or pre-formulated nootropic supplements were doing the trick. They were helping me improve many of the symptoms ADHD adults experience on a daily basis. This included focus, concentration, attention, memory, and overall cognitive functioning. 

I spent the next few years testing and reviewing a ton of different types of nootropics to find out which ones might not only work well for me but for others as well. I even put together a list of the 10 best brain supplements that I tried over the years. 


They are certainly not all created equal. Just like any new products that hit the market, there are going to be ones that are just trying to capitalize on a trend. That is why I try to expose the brain supplement scams whenever possible as well. 

You can also check out my section of consistently updated nootropic supplements to find out what really works and what you should avoid. Check out the nootropic supplement reviews

Nootropics Can Be an Excellent Alternative for those with Symptoms of ADHD Adults

I have personally spoken to tons of people with symptoms of ADHD adults who have told me that nootropics helped change their life for the better. They feel healthier, don't experience the common side effects of prescription ADHD medications, and find improvements to their focus, concentration, attention, memory, and overall cognitive functioning. 

Other Way to Manage Symptoms of Adult ADHD

  • It is important to develop structure and neat habits. Get in the habit of organizing things and taking notes. Put yourself into regular daily routines. Routines are incredibly important for someone struggling with ADD and/or ADHD symptoms. 
  • Ask yourself what you truly need on a daily basis. Find storage or a place to find the things that you don't. Designate specific areas for things like your keys, bills, and/or other things that can easily be misplaced. Also, don't be afraid to throw away the things that you don't need. 
  • Use a calendar app or some sort of daily planner. It will help you stay focused and organized on your daily tasks. I can't tell you how many reminders I set on my phone each day so that I don't forget the important tasks I need to accomplish.
  • Use lists! I always use lists to keep track of the things that I need to do from day to day. Keep track of your daily routines and deadlines and make it a routine. 
  • Do it now! We are the kings and queens of procrastination! It is always better to take care of the things you need to do now instead of putting them off until later. All you will do is create physical and mental clutter!
  • Check out these 10 other productivity tips for symptoms of ADHD adults. 

Living with Adult ADHD is NOT a Curse

In many cases, living with ADHD can be a blessing. Sure, there can be frustrating moments but we also think a lot differently than “normal” people. We have a natural knack to think outside the box and solve problems that many others many find much more difficult to do. 

As research continues, we are discovering more ways to successfully manage symptoms of ADHD adults. Don't let your condition get you down but instead use it to your advantage and change some of your routines and habits. The combination of these changes and the help of natural supplementation can do wonders in helping to more effectively manage your ADHD symptoms. 

What are some of the symptoms of ADHD adults that you struggle with on a daily basis? Have you found some solutions? Have you tried changing your routines or giving nootropic supplements a try? I would love to hear your experiences below! Please comment with any questions or comments you may have!



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