Symptoms ADHD Adults Experience: Awesome Ways to Manage it!

 How to Slow Down the Symptoms ADHD Adults Commonly Experience


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I am a firm believer that when we deal with adversity in our lives, it is important to keep a good sense of humor. The above image made me laugh and I had to share. Just like you or perhaps someone close to you, I suffer from ADHD. I have been diagnosed for the majority of my life and I know that the symptoms ADHD adults experience can be very frustrating.

Although, I have discovered and implemented many natural ways to effectively manage my ADHD symptoms, I still have “those” days. Those days where I find myself easily distracted, lacking focus, and going in a million different directions.

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed, unorganized, continually starting one project or task and then finding yourself easily distracted and focusing on another, only to look at the clock and wonder where the day went? Does any of those things sound familiar? 

symptoms adhd adults

Do you sit there wondering how you managed to get nothing done and now feeling twice the anxiety about the fact that you just doubled your “to-do” list for the following day.

When these days occur, I remind myself to follow my own advice. I utilize Focus Here and Now the same way many of you do. It helps serve as a reminder of the things that I need to put into practice to slow down my ADHD brain.

Slowing down can seem very difficult, if not impossible to do, at first glance. We typically end up spending too much time stressing out and worrying, instead of getting things done or even enjoying ourselves. Because of this, I have put together 6 established to assist in slowing down the ADD and ADHD brain.

In order to manage ADHD symptoms adults experience, we must understand them. Lucky for you, frustrating for me, I have first hand experience with it all. However, as you can learn from me, I have absolutely no doubt that I can also learn from you. Please do not hesitate to share below so that we can help one another manage our ADHD and/or the ADHD symptoms of loved ones, more effectively. 

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6 Tips for Slowing Down the Symptoms ADHD Adults Experience



1. PUT DOWN YOUR WORK symptoms adhd adults

Set your specific business hours and know when to walk away. I have been guilty of disobeying this one, many times in the past. I can be a bit of a workaholic and would always let the work dictate my schedule, even when it was work that could absolutely be picked right back up the next day. This can be one of the more common symptoms that ADHD adults experience. It is not your “typical” workaholic behavior, but instead borderlines on obsession. When we are passionate about something, it is hard to pull us away. 

Even though you may convince yourself that working overtime is necessary, try to avoid it at all costs. In many cases, it is not necessary and if you stick by your set schedule, you will work more efficiently during the shorter hours of the day, knowing you need to leave or stop working at a set time. Also, remember to give yourself time off. Use your weekends or at least two days during the week to be off from work and relax. 




This one sounds easy enough, but it can be commonly forgotten. Take a break and remember to relax and have a little fun. Few things are as enjoyable as having a night out or even a night in with friends, whether it is colleagues, family, and/or some other group.

Take your mind off of the whirlwind of worry that we constantly let marinate in our brains and go have fun. It is relaxing and not only helps with ADD and ADHD, but also can help ease some of that ADHD anxiety disorder combination that many of us also commonly experience



3. COMMIT TO REGULAR OBLIGATIONS adhd activity obligation

Commit to a reason to get out of the house or out of your office each and every week. Perhaps, you can commit to take a class or some type of lessons, which may very well be something you have always wanted to do, but have kept putting off. In fact, make sure that you pay for the class in advance so that you have a reason to attend.

Commit from the jump and virtually force yourself to stick to that commitment. It's more valuable than you may think and you will realize it when you are doing it. I found myself becoming a complete homebody and/or workaholic. I was always at home or in the office. Getting out and putting your mind on other things outside of those environments will prove to be very helpful. 

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Computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. are the access point to many interesting things. Especially those with ADD or ADHD can find themselves engrossed in these technologies until the early hours of the morning, completely oblivious to time or anything that is going on around them. This was one of the things I was most guilty of doing and sometimes, I still am.

It ties into my previous article about ADHD sleep disorders and is a common and brutal culprit that can have many negative affects. Make sure you shut down the devices and step away from them a good two hours before you want to go to bed. I am so guilty of this bad habit that I now set an alarm for myself on my phone to remind me it's time to shut down. It will undoubtedly allow you to suitably relax and slow down your brain.

These devices can not only “super activate” the ADHD brain, but they also get the mind wandering about sometimes hundreds of different things and activates your brain to start thinking about even more once you do shut down. Your brain needs a couple hours to wind down and relax. Whether that means reading a book, listening to music, even watching TV is better than actively operating something that requires constant action and focus from your ADHD brain. Shut down, slow down, and relax!


5. KEEP A JOURNAL OR DIARY adhd symptoms adults

It may sound simple or childish to some, but never underestimate the power and benefits of writing. Writing requires you to stop, think about what you want to say, organize the many thoughts weighing down your brain, and act on those thoughts with the power of the pen. It will help you better manage nervous tension and anxiety associated with ADHD symptoms adults experience, while achieving clarity.

Try it out and make a resolution to write every day, even if only for a few minutes or just to lay out the many thoughts you may have racing through your mind out on paper. You will feel better and feel some of the worry start to lift, as you are no longer stressing about whether or not you may forget something.


6. MEDITATE adhd meditation

Meditation is a very underrated and underutilized practice that can prove to be therapeutic on many levels for those with or without ADD or ADHD disorder. There are many diverse methods of meditation, so you will want to find one that suits you. You may want to consider mindful meditation.

This is the action of keeping your mind in the present, whether you are walking, working or doing chores around the house. Make an effort to keep your mind in the here and now and not the past or the future. Yes, in other words, FOCUS HERE AND NOW. You can start doing this little by little by spending short sessions in mindful meditation daily. Start with even 5 minutes at a time, building your performance, as you become more at ease. 

I recently found one of the most innovative and sophisticated meditation products that immensely helps the symptoms ADHD adults experience from one day to the next. MindPlace is the leader in the field of Light and Sound – AKA “Mind Machines”. These systems are used for cognitive enhancement, peak performance, focus, mediation training and personal development. It is literally one of the most effective and coolest meditation methods for ADHD that I have discovered.


Some Other ADHD Treatment Recommendations: 

I have come across some really solid books covering a variety of topics about symptoms ADHD adults experience and how to better manage them, as well as practice a variety of effective meditation methods. I found the most useful to be as follows:


1.  The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD: An 8-Step Program for Strengthening Attention, Managing Emotions, and Achieving Your Goals – This is one of my favorite resources that I find myself constantly referring to time and time again. It's very reasonably priced over at Amazon and also is accompanied by an awesome audio program of guided mindfulness exercises for successfully managing ADHD. 

2.  Illumination for Peak Performance – This is an awesome and unique audio that makes creative flow and enhanced productivity seem effortless. Again, Amazon offers it at the best price I could find online with free shipping and this audio is truly a unique experience. It's the type of thing your friend tells you they used and loved and swear by it, but you think they're crazy and end up trying it anyway and wind up feeling shocked how effectively it works. 



Both of the above recommendations compliment not only the topic and suggestions discussed here, but in many other areas of Focus Here and Now. ADHD symptoms adults experience CAN be managed. Put these tips into practice and you WILL notice a difference! As always, if you have any other tips or suggestions that have helped you slow down the ADHD brain, please share below.

Also, if you decide to check out either of the above recommendations, I'd love to hear your feedback and discuss the materials. I always love hearing other people's perspective on different methods I have used and products that I have tried. I hope you found this information helpful! All the best to you all!


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