Smart Drugs Produce Great Bliss & Euphoria? The Katy Review

What is this Katy Review All About?

Smart drugs have been gaining popularity amongst students and young adults for quite a few years, now! However, not all nootropic supplements and/or smart drugs are created equally.

Some of these supplements do not even serve the same cognitive purpose. I had assumed that they collectively were designed to improve cognitive functioning in one way or another. 

This all changed when I decided to test and review Katy, a smart drug with nootropic ingredients that claims to deliver the same euphoric feeling as some of the more popular party drugs, like MDMA or “Molly.” 

I never thought of taking nootropics for this reason. However, I received enough requests from readers curious about whether or not it actually works the way they claim it will. Therefore, I prepared myself for a different type of nootropic supplement review.

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Katy by Limitless Life Review

I really didn't know what to make of Katy when I first learned of its existence. It seemed to be marketed, unlike other smart drugs I had seen in the past. The purpose of Katy was to experience a new type of euphoria, but similar to that of certain street drugs, like MDMA or “Molly.”

Katy is said to stimulate the production of dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. “She” supposedly will help you achieve those “love-filled” moments in a safe and natural way. They go as far as to claim it will enhance your sight, sound, and touch without experiencing a nightmare recovery the next day. 

I would give Katy “love” a chance and judge “her” on the claims they were making about what “she” could potentially deliver. If the claim was a feeling of bliss and euphoria, I would be expecting that feeling when taking Katy. Either way, I was going to share my honest review with you. 

What is Chloe Brain Cleanse? Chloe review smart drugs

I also ordered their Chloe brain cleanse product. Apparently, these 8 pills will scrub the brain clean from any damage you may have caused to it while partying. I will talk about my experience using Chloe as well as the use of Katy.

Katy Ingredients

First, let's get a better understanding about the ingredients that comprise the Katy formula. 

  • Vanuatu Root Extract

Supposed to have a calming effect on the brain. This is supposed to allow the body to enter into a completely relaxed state. 

  • Amino Acid Concentrate II

An amino acid used to produce noradrenaline and dopamine. May preserve stress-induced memory deficits. 

  • Intellect Tree Seed Extract

A proprietary blend of nootropics from the racetam class. They claim it is the world's first organic hybrid racetam that improves memory, focus, concentration, mood, and motivation. I will admit that nootropics and smart drugs from the racetam class are usually my personal favorite, but I didn't like the fact that the ingredient was proprietary and I had no way of knowing exactly what was in their Intellect Tree Seed Extract. 

  • Cocoa Bean Extract cacao nootropics

Said to make chocolate a superfood and an aphrodisiac. It also supposedly increases endorphins to increase blood flow and has a mystical effect that allows you to connect with others on a deeper level. 

  • Green Tea Extract

Benefits many neurological ailments and cellular dysfunction. High-quality green tea extract can be an excellent nootropic resource. 

  • Vitamin B12

The most readily absorbed form of B vitamin in the body. It is necessary for energy production, nervous system function, and the production of genetic materials DNA and RNA

  • Organic Vitamin E

Found in turmeric and part of the ginger family. It is supposed to provide powerful anti-inflammatory effects, a very strong antioxidant, and boosts levels of a brain hormone that increases the growth of new neurons. 

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

A high bioavailability stimulant blend combination to form a stable, non-toxic, and reliable energy boost that also penetrates the blood-brain barrier in combination with their nootropic ingredients. 

  • Amino Acid Concentrate I

An Amino Acid building block of protein. It is used for many mood, skin, joint, and nervous system disorders. 

  • Camellia Assamica Tea Camellia Assamica Tea

A small alkaloid molecule is seen as a structurally modified version of caffeine. It is synthesized from caffeine in some plants and then accumulates.

My Reaction to the Katy Ingredients

My initial reaction before purchasing was that the ingredients found in the Katy formula were nothing to write home about. The only question mark I really had at the end of the day was about the organic racetam blend of nootropics that they called the “Intellect Tree Seed Extract.” Everything else was pretty standard and did not have me confident that I would be experiencing euphoria while taking Katy. It seemed to favor more of an energy blend that may get you going and focused. I started to have the feeling that Katy would probably work more as a mental energy formula. 

My Katy Review – The Experience of All-Natural Smart Drugs that will “Bliss me out!”

I have to admit from the start, I was expecting pretty big things from Katy. The way their website hyped up their smart drugs, they made it sound like you would experience endless bliss and euphoria. While the majority of the time we are testing nootropic supplements and various smart drugs to test their impact on overall cognitive functioning, I was willing to put my guard down and find out if Katy could really make me feel “bliss.”

Here's the deal:

The Katy packaging actually encourages you to have a few drinks while taking Katy. Apparently, the alcohol can enhance the experience? katy smart drugs

I decided to take 2 Katy capsules the first time I tried the supplement. I knew I had a higher tolerance to smart drugs and nootropics in general so, therefore, I wanted to give Katy the best overall chance at winning me over. 

I took the 2 capsules and waited…

And waited…

I even drank a couple of beers to see if there would be a difference in the overall experience I was feeling from Katy.

Overall, Katy did increase my energy levels and I felt both physically and mentally more focused. However, I was definitely not experiencing any kind of “bliss.” 

I tried doing things like listening to music and hung out with friends to get into some kind of groove but Katy never hit me with the euphoric feeling I was expecting. 

The problem with Katy

Personally, I think that Limitless Life should advertise Katy a little differently.

Katy is good for an energy boost and improves overall mood but it won't leave you feeling blissed out like you are high from a MDMA type of street drug. This made the experience a little disappointing in a strange kind of way. I'm not some ecstasy lover but when a supplement tells me it delivers a feeling of bliss, I expect it to produce those feelings. I am going off of the claims made by the company and not what I personally think the product will do. Therefore, I set my expectations around their claims and unfortunately, Katy simply doesn't deliver on their claims. I felt something while taking Katy but the feelings were not matching the description.

There wasn't a great enhancement to sight, sound, and touch that they claimed. This was more of a standard pre-formulated nootropic supplement that delivered some cognitive benefits but did not put me in a state of euphoria.  

Past Experiences with Smart Drugs

When I have tested other nootropic supplements and smart drugs in the past, I have always held them to their own claims regarding what the product was supposed to do. My job is to explain my experience as openly and honestly as possible to readers like you. I am sure if you are looking up Katy reviews or looking for smart drugs that can work as substitutes for hard party drugs, you are going to have a specific expectation. Katy claims that she delivers sheer bliss to the user. That was simply not my experience. It arrived quickly and the customer service was great, but the product itself did not produce the same experience it claims it will. This is not an “all-natural” form of MDMA or Molly.

I hate to break the bad news but my experience with Katy did not include any moments of “bliss” or “euphoria.”

Chloe Brain Food chloe smart drugs

I also used their Chloe formula. They actually say that the Katy formula should work even better when used in conjunction with Chloe. Therefore, I also took Chloe on both days I tested out the Katy supplement. 

Here's the deal about Chloe:

I actually liked the Chloe formula and can see the various benefits it can provide. 

What are the Chloe Ingredients?

There are two different types of Chloe formulas. You are supposed to take one of them sublingually in the morning and the other is a darker capsule you swallow before bed at night. 

Chloe is said to help increase your sensitivity to nootropics and mental stimulants while eliminating overall brain fog.

Chloe Sublingual Ingredients

The sublingual formula is meant to be taken in the morning, sublingually. Meaning, you open the capsule and place the powder under your tongue. 

What is inside the Sublingual caps of Chloe?

A combination of nootropics and other ingredients that include:

Theoretically, the nootropic stack above provides an excellent source of brain food. It can help nourish the brain, replenish memory, and help to prevent the brain from entering into cognitive decline earlier in life. 

The combination of nootropic stacks taken in the morning and another in the evening can definitely benefit the brain in a number of ways.

Their nighttime formula is comprised of the following:

Chloe was developed to help us rid the brain of brain fog that builds up over our lifetimes. The degradation of the neuron gap from opiates, painkillers, poor nutrition, and too much coffee. 

Chloe actually did help clear up some of the brain fog that had been hanging around for a while. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day and the morning boost seemed to potentiate the effects of the usual nootropic stacks and smart drugs I take daily. 

Overall, Chloe impressed me. It certainly impressed me more than the Katy formula. At least Chloe delivered the type of results that I was expecting.

The Bottom Line About Katy and Chloe Smart Drugs

The bottom line is that you should not always believe everything you read from companies that produce different types of brain supplements. I have taken the time to warn you about some of the worst brain supplement scams, as well as tell you about the best brain supplements we have tested and reviewed over the past 4+ years. My mission one has always been to better educate you about the nootropics that work and the ones that fall short. 

Since Limitless Life put together one decent product with their Chloe formula, I wouldn't classify them as a scam. I think they are trying to do the right thing and discourage the use of hardcore street drugs by providing a natural alternative. However, I also still believe they have some work to do to meet everyone's expectations. 

If you are looking for a really “blissful” and “euphoric” experience from Katy, I think you will be as left disappointed as I was after using it. I tried it for two days and even changed up my routine a little bit to give Katy a chance to work her magic. Unfortunately, the feeling of euphoric bliss never happened. I was left wanting more and that was disappointing. 


Each and every one of us is different. I say it all the time. We each have different brain and body chemistry. Therefore, what may work great for one person, may not work as well on another. It is possible that my brain and body chemistry simply didn't match the Katy formula. That doesn't necessarily mean that you won't experience something greater. They sure seem to have a lot of testimonials on their website from satisfied customers. Therefore, unless they are all fake testimonials, it appears that there are some people experiencing the “bliss” that Katy claims to deliver. Whether you want to find out if it will work for you is up to you. 

Have any of you “met Katy,” yet? What was your experience with the bold smart drug? I would love to hear all questions, comments, and opinions, below!

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