Sleep Aids That Work Best to Defeat Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Aids That Work for Sleep Deprivation and Common Sleep Problems

There are many different varieties of sleep aids. However, finding sleep aids that work can be difficult. Some sleep aids don't work at all. Others may contain ingredients that knock you out cold but also leave you feeling groggy with brain fog the next day.

As someone who has struggled with sleep problems and ADHD sleep disorder for the majority of my life, I have found that the right combination of effective sleep aids that work can really help. You must also focus on changing certain pre-sleep habits and routines to achieve the best overall results. 


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The Importance Of Sleep: How To Get Better Sleep

Here's the deal:

Sleep is one of the most important and active times for both brain function and brain development. However, sleep deprivation can have a variety of negative effects on our overall health and specifically to the brain. 

The importance of sleep can not be overstated. We restore certain brain chemicals during sleep and sleep research studies have shown that the brain organizes and stores memories during sleep cycles. Critical stages of sleep also play an integral role in our learning capabilities and overall mental performance.

Sleep deprivation is far more serious than many people understand. It has dangerous implications on overall brain health that goes far beyond feeling sleepy during the day.

Adults who sleep less than 7-8 hours a night have been linked to cognitive decline. This includes loss of memory and has been linked to certain mental diseases including, Alzheimer's disease.

Unfortunately, many people dedicate upwards of 60+ hours of work every week. Many times, we get home late and have a second wind that keeps us awake late into the night. We sometimes partake in strenuous activities that keep our brains active and alert in the evening. This results in less than ideal sleep each night.  

sleep problemsHow Much Sleep Do We Need? 

The amount of sleep a person may require can vary, depending on a number factors and age. 

Babies typically require upwards of 16 hours of sleep per day. 

Children can require anywhere from 9-15 hours of sleep per day. 

9 hours of sleep is ideal for most teenagers

Anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep each night is ideal for the typical adult.

However, some adults may need as few as 5-6 hours and others may need as much as 10 to perform at optimal levels and restore various brain chemicals. 

Senior adults may sleep for a shorter amount of time each night, but also sleep more often throughout the day and require restoration of various brain chemicals more often. 

There is a big difference between getting sleep and getting “good sleep.” This is an important factor to consider when trying to determine the sleep aids that work best for you. It depends on your particular sleep problems, needs, and brain chemistry. 

What Can Be Considered Good Sleep? How To Get Better Sleep

There are five main stages of sleep.

Essentially, good sleep is considered peaceful and continuous or uninterrupted. Your muscles should be relaxed and may readjust sporadically throughout the night to allow the blood to circulate more freely throughout your body. 

There is a common misconception that our brains are also “asleep” while we are sleeping. However, the fact is that your brain can often be more active at night than during the day. 

Different people handle their active brains at night in various ways. People like myself with ADHD commonly have an overactive brain at night, which can cause ADHD sleep disorder.

Here are some additional benefits of a good night sleep.  


The Five Main Stages Of Sleep You Must Knowstages of sleep

  • Sleep Stage #1:

This stage typically makes up 10% of the sleep cycle. It is the lightest stage of sleep. This is one of the stages of sleep where you can most easily be awakened.

It is the sleep stage that we most commonly fall in and out of sleep. Sleep stage #1 is associated with slight muscle contractions. You can sometimes also feel the sensation of falling during this sleep stage. 


  • Sleep Stage #2:

This is one of the stages of sleep that we spend the most time during our sleep cycles. Our brain waves slow down and body temperature typically drops.

However, breathing and heart rate remain steady. Eye movement also stops with only the occasional burst of rapid brain waves. 


  • Sleep Stage #3 and 4:

We spend typically 20% of our sleep cycle in these stages. This is where you enter into a deep sleep. It is one of the stages of sleep that is most difficult to wake a person.

Your breathing slows down and your blood pressure tends to drop.

During this stage of sleep, there is virtually no eye or muscle movement or activity. These sleep stages are the most common for some children to experience bedwetting, night terrors, and/or sleepwalking. 


  • REM (Rapid Eye Movement):

We spend roughly 20-25% of our sleep cycle in this sleep stage. Breathing can typically become more rapid, shallow, and irregular at times. This is also where the body typically loses the ability to regulate body temperatures.

It is the most common period of time when most dreaming occurs and if a person is awoken during this stage, they can very often remember their dreams more vividly. Most people experience 3-5 intervals of REM sleep during a full sleep cycle.

There are a variety of nootropic supplements that can not only improve the overall quality of sleep but also trigger deeper levels of REM sleep

The recent development of more nootropics for sleep include some sleep aids that work to increase the lucidity of dreaming. While I have only come across a few nootropic sleep aids that work, they also allowed me to wake up feeling more refreshed.  

Nootropic Sleep Aids That Work Natural ADHD remedies for sleep disorders

Sleep deprivation can cause you to be less productive and energetic during the day. Consistent sleep problems can have a negative effect on your overall brain health and cognitive functioning. It can have a negative impact on your overall performance the next day or for longer periods of time. 

There are some nootropic sleep aids that work to not only help a person to fall asleep but feel well-rested the next day. I have found a few sleep aids in the past that technically helped me fall asleep but left me feeling like I got hit by a truck the night before. It is just as important to wake up feeling refreshed as it is to fall asleep in the first place.

The first few nootropic sleep aids that I tested did not produce the results that I hoped. 

It took some trial & error, along with some research to find a couple nootropic sleep aids that work consistently well. 


sleep nootropics

The Best Nootropic Sleep Aids As Of 2017


The “RestUp” nootropic sleep aid proved to be one of the few sleep aids that work. It was created by the same company that developed a popular day-time nootropic supplement called Optimind.  

Here's the deal:

They will actually let you try RestUp for FREE! Meaning, you can decide how effective it is before you commit to purchasing it. We have tested the validity and simplicity of both free trial offers of OptiMind and RestUp and ran into no problems. Our readers have also provided nothing but positive feedback about the free trial offers. They are extremely easy to get set up and just as easy to cancel if you wish.

The only thing I can't guarantee is how long they will continue letting people try any of their products for free. Therefore, if you even have a small amount of curiosity, it would be worth trying it out for free while you still can!

By The Way

Shipping & Handling is also free.

Be sure to read our Restup Review to learn everything you need to know the natural nootropic sleep aid. Worst-case scenario, try it out for free to see if it helps your needs. They even take the risk out of my recommendation, too. Again, worst case scenario, you can tell me you disagreed with my opinion but it didn't cost you anything to find out.

UnWind best sleep aidsUnWind

UnWind is one of the most recent nootropic sleep aids I have tested and reviewed. It is also extremely effective at helping you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Unwind truly surprised me! I can't say I had very high expectations for the supplement before trying it. I definitely didn't expect it to work as easily and effectively on me as it did!

You really get more bang for your buck with UnWind because an order includes two full bottles for the price of one. It was nice to receive an ample amount of a product come with what you paid for and it made me confident that it would last for a decent amount of time.

Before you buy a nootropic sleep aid of any kind, read the UnWind review. It is truly one of the best sleep aids that work and it works consistently. UnWind is an incredibly underrated product that I am going to assume will eventually get discovered by the masses. It just simply works!

Find out everything you need to know about UnWind and how it has dramatically helped my sleep deprivation problems in my comprehensive review. I continue to use UnWind whenever I have trouble sleeping or simply need to get better sleep at night.  

Individual Nootropic Sleep Aids That Work

There are also a number of individual nootropic supplements that are very helpful for not only falling asleep but making you feel more rested the next day. Some are more powerful than others and some are experienced best when stacked together with another type of nootropic supplement.

While sleep deprivation is common, there are a variety of different types of sleep problems. Finding the right nootropic sleep aids that work best for you will depend on the type of sleep problems you may be experiencing. Different nootropics designed to help with sleep were designed to help with specific issues people may have with sleep. Therefore, you should try to identify the areas of sleep that you struggle the most with at night. 

Some people may have difficulty falling asleep due to high levels of stress or because they are struggling with an overactive mind that is frequently associated with those struggling with ADHD

Others may not have as much difficulty falling asleep but may have trouble spending enough of their sleep in deeper sleep states. Many people will also experience disrupted sleep patterns where you find yourself awakened at random times throughout the night. 

The bottom line:

There are individual nootropics and combinations of multiple nootropic supplements that can help alleviate virtually any type of sleeping disorder that you may be experiencing. A combination of nootropics, known as a nootropic stack, can work synergistically to help people who may struggle with multiple sleeping problems. 


Do Any All-Natural Sleep Aids That Work?

Chews-4-health has continued to produce potent and effective all natural brain health supplements for the greater part of two decades. They continue to produce natural, healthy products that support and improve overall brain health and cognitive functioning.    all natural sleep aid

Chews To Snooze” is one of the healthiest, non-habit-forming, all natural sleep aids that work to help you naturally fall asleep, relieve anxiety, stress, and nervousness. Most importantly, they leave you feeling refreshed and well-rested the next day. If you prefer a sleep aid that only uses 100% all-natural ingredients, you won't find a more effective option to get better sleep. 

I have tested many all-natural sleep aids that frequently fall short of my expectations. They were usually not strong enough for me to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. I doubted all-natural sleep aids until I used Chews to Snooze. It was the only one of five all-natural sleep aids that I tested on different nights throughout the month. 

Chews-To-Snooze is the exception and also highly recommended and sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation. There are very few natural sleep aids that work well enough to be sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation. 

The price is in line with many of the all natural over the counter sleep aids. Chews To Snooze has been the only all-natural sleep aid that works effectively for me every time I use it.

Chews-4-Health is one of our top all-natural supplement recommendations for supporting overall brain health. Therefore, it was no surprise that their sleep formula was just as effective as the rest of their products. They produce some of the safest and healthiest brain health supplements on the market. Chews-4-Health has an all-natural alternative option for virtually any cognitive needs. 

Change Nighttime Habits To Combat Sleep Deprivation

While there are sleep aids that work extremely well to help induce sleep, stay asleep, and even wake up feeling more refreshed, it is also equally important to change certain habits that may also be causing your sleep deprivation. 

5 Simple Steps To Reduce Sleep Problems:


1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and/or other substances that may interfere with sleep late at night.

The caffeine suggestion is for fairly obvious reasons. However, many people don't realize that while they think alcohol may help them fall asleep, it can actually act as a stimulant.

This causes interruptions in sleep and reduces the overall quality of sleep. Therefore, alcohol should at least be avoided up to three hours before sleep. 

natural sleep remedies2. Eliminate bright lights and LED screens up to two hours before bedtime. 

One of the most common issues that cause sleep problems for millions of people across the world is staring at our bright LED screens on smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.as we are lying in bed.

But you want to know the worst part?

We commonly stare into these devices as we are lying in bed and many times before we want to go to sleep.

Leading up to the time that you completely shut down these devices, try to reduce the brightness and even alter the color display.

Say no to late night television and other activities that may be overly strenuous on the eyes. Avoid activities that require intense cognitive activity. Again, our smartphones are one of the biggest culprits. Try to put the phone away earlier in the evening.

3. Avoid big meals and consumption of liquids during later hours. 

Large meals and fatty foods can sit in your stomach and be more difficult to digest at night. This can keep you awake. Similarly, too many liquids, even water, can cause interruptions in sleep patterns and require multiple bathroom trips at night. An upset stomach commonly results in disruptions of sleep and impedes overall sleep quality.

4. Meditation improves relaxation, reduces stress, and prepares the body and mind for a great night sleep. 

While I never thought I would consistently practice, let alone recommend meditation to others, it has now become an essential part of my everyday routine.

Don't take my word for it.

Check out two FREE meditation resources that can literally change your life for the better. They changed mine for the better. Utilize both of these awesome meditation resources for free. I guarantee these online meditation resources will make a positive difference in your day. 

I use this to clear my “head space” 5-7 days a week and it has helped save me many times. It dramatically improved my overall quality of sleep while significantly reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Get TEN 10-minute sessions absolutely FREE, no credit card info required! I guarantee you will come back to thank me!

However, don't just use this one alone. These resources complement each other perfectly.

This audio meditation is simply incredible and effective. The sounds and guidance will reduce stress levels and clear your mind, making you more aware of your surroundings.

The iAwake Technologies meditation library has something for everyone! Try up to 40-minutes of various meditation for FREE with No Credit card required! They have meditation sessions available for experience levels of all kind. I never meditated before trying this for the first time. You have nothing to lose!

They have multiple meditation sessions to improve your overall quality of sleep. It is definitely worth at least listening for free! Meditation is their entire lives and it shows through their passionate and effective meditation sessions. 

5. Establish and stick to pre-sleep routines – 

Ease your transition from being awake to sleep time with relaxing activities an hour or so before bed. This may be taking a bath, reading a book, listening to music, etc.

Whatever it is that helps you to relax and unwind, get into the habit of practicing these pre-sleep routines daily. If you find that you are constantly taking your problems to bed, you may want to try to write them down and put them aside for tomorrow instead of letting them weigh down your mind all night. Set a reminder to come back to that activity or thought and stop thinking about it! 

The Importance of Sleep to Overall Brain Health

The bottom line is that the importance of sleep to your overall brain health cannot be overstated. Your body depends on the overall health of your brain and your brain needs to have restful sleep to recharge and restore various chemicals in the brain. 

We spend a lot of time stressing and worrying about life while we are awake that we tend to forget the importance of sleep to help alleviate a lot of the stress that we are feeling during the day. 

Lack of sleep only contributes to more stress during the day.

There are still many other additional benefits to consistently getting good sleep. 

Use the tips and tools we have shared here and now. Try some of the sleep aids that work we have recommended. You will find yourself getting a much more peaceful, relaxing, deep sleep that has you waking up feeling refreshed and motivated the next day! This will soon turn you into a more overall productive person!

What are some of the sleep aids that work from your experience? Have you utilized some of our suggestions? I would love to read your feedback and learn about new strategies and/or sleep aids that work well for you! Please feel free to comment or ask any questions below! We would love to hear from you!


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