RestUp Review – One of the Best Natural Sleeping Pills?

RestUp Review

Does this New and Natural Nootropic Sleep Aid Work Better than Other Sleeping Pills?

RestUp is a unique nootropic sleep supplement developed by Alternascript, LLC., the same people that created OptiMind, a popular nootropic supplement that has helped many people improve focus, concentration, mental energy, and memory while reducing brain fog. As someone who is no stranger to sleep deprivation, general problems with sleep, and even bouts of insomnia, I was excited but a bit skeptical about whether or not RestUp could actually help someone like me.

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RestUp Review

RestUp is the latest nootropic supplement from Alternascript, LLC., the same company that developed OptiMind, a very popular nootropic supplement that helps the average person eliminate brain fog and improve elements of cognitive functioning including focus, attention, memory, mental energy, mood, and motivation but without the jitters and crash commonly associated with energy drinks and supplements. 

Nearly two years ago, my OptiMind review provided a comprehensive breakdown of my experience with the company and product. 

Now: From the Same People who Created OptiMind

The creators of OptiMind have come back with a different kind of nootropic supplement that is geared toward helping people address the other end of the cognitive spectrum.


While sleep deprivation and the use of sleep aids continue to be more common, finding nootropic sleep aids that work is difficult.



Here's the deal with my experience with other sleeping pills: best sleeping aids

Over the years, I have tried sleeping aids that claim to promote a good night sleep. Some even claim you will fall asleep fast and wake up feeling “refreshed.”

However, even the “best sleeping pills” were falling short on my expectations.

Therefore, there isn't a sleep aid in existence that I have truly had a preconceived notion would actually work for someone with as serious of sleep problems as I have. 

The problem is that many of these sleep aids either help me fall asleep faster or help me wake up feeling more refreshed. Other sleeping pills knocked me out cold but left me feeling like a zombie in the morning. 

The bottom line about many sleep aids:

None of these sleeping aids ever helped me truly fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. 

However, Alternascript claims to have created a nootropic sleep aid that can deliver both. 

Alternascript spent two years with a certified neuroscience team to research and develop RestUp.

The results produced a unique nootropic sleep aid, scientifically designed to help promote natural deep sleep but that also allows a person to wake up feeling refreshed with an added boost of mental energy by stimulating the brain cells that power your mitochondria


Many people are looking for an effective sleep aid to naturally fall asleep and wake up not only feeling refreshed but even energized.

However, many sleep aids have also made similar promises and failed to deliver.

RestUp contains a unique list of ingredients that include nootropics, but would it fall into the small category of sleep aids that work or fall short on its claims like so many others?

As someone who has consistently struggled with sleep problems, sleep deprivation, and even bouts of insomnia at various times throughout my life, I was eager to find out.

However, I also knew that I would be far from the easiest test subject and therefore, probably one of the best to help truly determine the effectiveness of the RestUp nootropic sleep aid.  

You might be wondering: 

What exactly is RestUp? How does it work and why should I believe that this sleep aid will be different than any of the other sleep aids on the market?


What is RestUp? What Does RestUp Do? How Does RestUp Work? sleep aids that work

So what exactly is RestUp? What makes RestUp different from any other over-the-counter sleep aids?

RestUp is a unique and natural sleep supplement that contains nootropic ingredients. 

Alternascript claims that RestUp will allow you to gently fall asleep with the use of natural ingredients and nootropics that will also help you stay asleep.

RestUp also claims that it will help you to wake up feeling refreshed with a restored mental energy.

That all sounds great, but it is also a tall order to deliver, right!?

Now, here is what makes RestUp different:

While RestUp may not be the first sleep aid supplement to claim it helps people fall asleep easier and wake up more refreshed, the ingredients that comprise RestUp are different than most. 

Of course, this did not automatically mean that RestUp would work any better than the other sleep supplements.

So what are the unique natural ingredients found in RestUp?


RestUp Ingredients – Natural and Nootropic Sleep Aid Supplement5 HTP in RestUp supplement

  • 5-HTP – 

5-HTP is a naturally occurring amino acid that many studies have shown can benefit a variety of conditions that include, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, migraines, and even ADHD.

As an adult with ADHD, I can confirm that 5-HTP is helpful. 5-HTP essentially gets converted into two key chemical components called melatonin and serotonin

Serotonin plays an essential role in overall mood and sleep. People with low serotonin levels typically struggle with anxiety, depression, OCD, and insomnia, amongst other conditions. 

The body's natural sleep hormone is known as Melatonin.

Therefore, the 5-HTP used in the RestUp formula is desigL-Theanine RestUp supplementned to help the body make serotonin which boosts your overall mood, which the body then turns into melatonin to help regulate sleep patterns


  • L-Theanine – 

It is an amino acid that is naturally occurring and commonly found in green and black teas. L-Theanine has a wide variety of benefits that also compliment many nootropics.

Studies have shown that L-Theanine helps to reduce stress and anxiety, enhancing the feeling of relaxation. It helps to naturally increase dopamine levels to support cognitive functioning and overall brain health. 

Higher levels of L-Theanine have been shown to enhance relaxation, mood, and improve the overall quality of sleep


  • Melatonin RestUp sleep supplement

    Melatonin – 

Melatonin is a hormone that is formed naturally in the body. It has become more commonly known as being an effective natural sleep aid.

At night, your body's melatonin levels naturally increase, preparing your body and mind for sleep.

However, your natural melatonin levels start to drop with age. Therefore, it can also become more difficult to fall and stay asleep as your natural melatonin levels continue to decrease. 

The melatonin found in the RestUp supplement essentially helps to advise your brain to prepare for impending sleep. 



  • Bioperine in RestUp sleeping aid

    Bioperine – 

Derived from black pepper extract, Bioperine is known as somewhat of a “super supplement” for enhancing nutrient absorption, but also provides a wide variety of additional health benefits.

This includes very powerful mood enhancing benefits that help to combat depression while increasing cognitive function.

The Bioperine found in the RestUp supplement helps to neurologically increase the transferral of dopamine and serotonin which provides a boost to your overall mood and helps to diminish the effects of stress on your brain. 

However, the most important purpose of the Bioperine ingredient found in Restup is its capability to significantly increase absorption of each of the other ingredients. It provides the most powerful synergy of the group and essentially maximizes the effects of every ingredient. 


  • Niagen RestUp supplement

    *NIAGEN – 

Niagen is one of the most unique and potent ingredients found in the RestUp supplement formula and has often been recognized as the “fountain of youth.”  

The Niagen that Alternascript's neuroscience team used in the RestUp supplement is derived from one of the most high-quality resources in the world.

Niagen provides a variety of cognitive and overall health benefits. One of the most important and relevant benefits in the RestUp supplement formula is its ability to effectively support mitochondrial health

Great…So, What does that mean about Niagen? 

This means that it boosts cellular energy and helps to reduce the effects of aging by improving cellular communication throughout the body and brain.

Niagen is a fairly new breakthrough discovered through extensive clinical research over the past few years and a key component that Alternascript claims to play an integral role in making the RestUp sleep aid supplement so powerful and effective.

Research has not only indicated that Niagen reduces the negative effects of aging cells, but shows that it actually appeared to almost turn back time, making cells function as if they were younger.

This is a big deal that has many saying that it could be the closest we have or possibly will ever come to reversing the effects of aging on the body and mind.

The GMP certified, high-quality Niagen used in the ResUp nootropic sleep aid supplement provides a boost in neuroprotection, metabolism, and claims to help you wake up with a boosted performance the next day. 

Would Niagen be the secret to creating one of the best sleeping pills on the market or was this just fancy complicated science terminology being used to distract us?


My Experience Using The RestUp Nootropic Sleep Aid Supplement

As much as I was intrigued by the idea of a nootropic sleep aid supplement, specifically designed to help improve sleep, my expectations were still not particularly high. 

While I usually set my expectations very high when reviewing nootropic supplements, my sleep problems and bouts with sleep deprivation have been so serious at times, I doubted that an over-the-counter sleep aid supplement would be capable of getting the job done. 


RestUp Arrived On My Doorstep, but did it “Deliver?”

RestUp arrived quickly with attractive packaging and was accompanied by a “Guide for the Perfect Sleep.” 

The attention to detail, solid customer service, and slick looking package design was not much of a surprise coming from the same company that developed OptiMind

Making a good first impression is certainly nice, but I was more interested and focused on the overall quality of the product and since finding sleep aids that work has been very difficult for me in the past, I was still very hopeful that RestUp would deliver for a very important personal need to get better sleep!

Taking RestUp for the First Time

The first night that I started using RestUp, I decided not to change my usual sleep habits.

While the RestUp sleep guide makes some valid suggestions to help set the tone and mood to get better quality sleep, I wanted to find out how well RestUp worked with all other factors remaining the same. 

I decided to take the recommended dose on the first night of 1 capsule about an hour before bed at around 10:30 PM. 

The first half hour or so, I really didn't feel much of anything and around 45-50 minutes after I had taken it, I turned to my wife and said, “I think I am going to crash for the night pretty soon.” 

When she looked at me kind of surprised, I realized what I had just said.

Shockingly, I was tired and it was a “normal” tired

However, the most interesting part about it is that I really wasn't thinking about the fact that I had taken the supplement at the time that I said it. I got wrapped up in a TV show and pretty much forgot.

I didn't feel like I was suddenly knocked out the way that you may typically experience when you use something like NyQuil or Unisom, let alone some of the prescription sleeping pills that can be addictive and make you crazy. 

How RestUp Made Me Feel

I was very naturally starting to get sleepy and didn't have the feeling as if I had just taken a sleeping pill or sleep aid supplement at all. This was a feeling that I typically feel during those rare occasions that I naturally get tired. 

Slowly, I started to drift off and 15 minutes later, I was in bed. Another 5 minutes or so and I was out. 

This was a very big deal for someone like me! Not only do I typically have trouble sleeping, but I almost never fall asleep in anything less than 30-45 minutes after I actually get into bed. 

I was asleep and I didn't wake up until morning. This was another “miracle,” considering that I typically wake up in the middle of the night anywhere from 2-4 times. This time, I was asleep around 11:45 PM or so and didn't wake up until my alarm sounded. 

Want to know the best part of it all?

I felt really good when I woke up in the morning. This was a big deal, too! I can't remember the last time that I had taken any kind of sleep aid where I woke up in the morning and didn't feel like I had taken some kind of sleep aid or sleeping pill.

Instead, I woke up feeling like I had taken nothing.

I had a clear head and for lack of a better explanation, I simply felt like I had gotten a good night sleep

This was not the type of situation where I had some sort of extraordinary long day and was particularly tired, either.

I worked a normal workday. Night one was a success, but it would still take a lot more than one good night of sleep to make me a believer. 


The Rest of My RestUp Experience sleep nootropics

I was not only surprised that RestUp allowed me to naturally fall asleep, but shocked that it worked so well on the very first night. 

However, the most impressive part of the experience is that I didn't wake up feeling like I had just been hit by a truck or had way too much to drink the night before.

There was literally zero “brain fog” and/or grogginess. My head was clear and I felt ready to tackle the day. 

Take OptiMind AND RestUp

Therefore, in the spirit of testing an Alternascript product, I decided that I would take OptiMind during the testing period as well. I took 2 OptiMind to start my morning and found that it complimented a good night's sleep and a clear mind quite well. 

I can't say that I was overly “energized” the next morning, but I also didn't find it difficult to get out of bed. I slept about 8 hours and woke up as naturally as I fell asleep. It was easy and for lack of a better explanation, I just felt good.

The bottom line is anything over 6 hours of sleep is nothing short of a miracle for me. I hadn't slept more than 6 hours in months so this definitely felt good. 

How Sustainable was RestUp


The next test was going to be whether or not RestUp would be sustainable throughout the entire month. 

Would I develop a tolerance to it and find it becoming less effective over time?

Here's the thing about using RestUp over time:

I chose to use RestUp for 30-days. However, RestUp is not the type of supplement that must be taken every evening. They recommend that most people take RestUp as needed. Use it during times that you find it difficult to fall asleep.

I think that most “normal” people will find this to make the most sense and that it ultimately provides them with the biggest bang for their buck.

If you are not using it every single day, RestUp can easily last you over a month and possibly two months with a single bottle.  

While I can't say that I necessarily built up a tolerance to RestUp, I eventually had days that I was a little more wired than others.

As someone who has struggled with ADHD their entire life, I am used to the fact that sometimes my brain is in overdrive. Therefore, I would take 2 capsules of RestUp on these days and it seemed to be the sweet spot. However, on my “normal” days, 1 capsule was just fine. 

The Bottom Line About How RestUp Made Me Feel

The bottom line is that whether it was a day that I found myself needing to take 2 capsules or a day that I only needed to take 1, I was noticing the same overall benefits as the first day. 

This was a relief because I have found myself having to significantly increase or decrease the dose while using most other sleep aids that I had taken in the past.

On the days I would have to take more of the other sleeping pills, I also found myself waking up with major grogginess and brain fog. 

The few occasions that I needed to take an extra capsule of RestUp did not make me feel any different in the morning than I had after taking one capsule. I was also able to naturally fall asleep within the hour of taking it and sometimes even less.

When I took their suggestions and made a few simple changes to my sleep environment, I found that I was able to fall asleep even faster.

What kind of simple changes did I make to my sleep routine? 

The Most Effective Way to Use The RestUp Nootropic Sleep Aid

I have spoken about the importance of sleep to support overall brain health in the past. We spoke about the most effective ways to manage ADHD sleep disorder, which RestUp also compliments very well.

Sometimes, we dismiss just how critical sleep can be to our overall brain health. 

The bottom line is that if you want to make certain that RestUp is truly one of the best sleeping aids, you should implement other good sleep practices. 

I found that adding these elements to my sleep routine and changing certain sleep habits seemed to almost work synergistically with the natural sleep aid. 

The following are the recommendations made by Alternascript and the neuroscience team that developed the product. I found these tips to be extremely helpful and on the days that I followed these suggestions, I was getting the best night's sleep that I had in years. Restup supplement sleep benefits

  • Take RestUp

Take the natural nootropic sleep aid about an hour before bed with a glass of water. Avoid drinks with sugar.  
Restup supplement sleep benefits


RestUp sleep benefits

Find Your “Zen” – 

  • Messy and cluttered spaces or rooms can cause your mind to race and creates anxiety.

Let's just say as someone with adult ADHD, I am frequently “cluttered” and “messy,” both in my mind and in my work and sleep spaces.

However, I took their advice and made sure to keep a fairly neat sleep space and found it to be far more important than I had imagined.

A messy sleep space truly does cause the mind to race and anxiety levels to increase. When I entered into a tidy sleeping area to sleep for the night, I found it far easier to relax my mind.


  • Turn off the Lights…ALL Lights! – 

Turning off the actual lights in the room is obvious and easy. However, many of us turn off the lights and immediately stick our faces into the lights of the LED screens from our phones, tablets, and computers.

I would suggest getting all your social media time, work, games, and/or whatever else you may use these devices for out of the way before you even enter into your sleeping space.

These lights stimulate the brain and trick it into thinking it is daytime. Regardless of any sleeping pill or sleep aid you are taking, these lights will make it difficult to fall asleep.

Turn down the lights and you will find it much easier with the help of RestUp to turn down your mind. 


  • Keep Things Cool – 

    According to research, the best temperature for sleep is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool and fresh air is ideal for a great night's sleep. 


  • Turn Down the Noise – 

    Noise obviously disrupts sleep. However, if you are like me, I can understand that silence doesn't necessarily always do the trick, either. Therefore, I would recommend setting up some sort of “white noise.”

This is a consistent sound that helps to drown out any background noise. I highly recommend a white noise machine which has been a Godsend in helping me to fall and stay asleep: The Natural White Noise Sound Machine.

The bottom line about White Noise:

All of the recommendations above are incredibly simple adjustments to make.

These are not complicated yoga or meditation instructions that you may engage in for a week and stop doing the next.

Instead, these recommendations in combination with the RestUp natural nootropic sleep aid supplement make it astoundingly simple and comfortable to fall asleep naturally and stay asleep. 


The Bottom Line About RestUp Restup supplement reviews


RestUp is the first natural sleep aid that I have come across that not only helped me to fall asleep but did so in a natural way that also allowed me to wake up without brain fog and without feeling groggy.

I felt well-rested and refreshed in the morning. Instead of immediately grabbing a coffee when I got out of bed, I took a couple of the OptiMind supplements and was able to get the boost of energy that sealed the deal for RestUp and OptiMind being one of the best combinations I had come across in quite some time. 

But you want to know the best part about getting RestUp in your hands?

Once again, Focus Here and Now bent over backward to provide our readers with something that you won't find anywhere else.

While you may find the opportunity to get a free trial of OptiMind on some other sites, this is the only place you can try RestUp for FREE!

It gets better, though:

Focus Here and Now is also the only place that you can try BOTH OptiMind and RestUp for FREE at the same time. 

How can you try Both RestUp and OptiMind for FREE?

Just click this special link to sign up for a free trial of RestUp. 

If you only want to try RestUp and receive a FREE trial, simply click here to try it out.

I don't have any idea how long we will be exclusively able to provide the free trials of RestUp, but if you are reading this right now, you can still get it, here and now!

How the RestUp Free Trial Works:

Just like with OptiMind, they will request a credit card on file. However, do not let this scare you off because just like with OptiMind which I have yet to hear a problem about in over two years, I have taken extreme measures to assure that you will never be charged for anything you don't want. 

The only reason that Alternascript requires the credit card information is that when they used to only require an e-mail address, too many people were taking advantage of the system and there was no way to keep track of who received their sample one time and who did not.

You have a COMPLETE 14-days to decide whether you want to continue using RestUp or OptiMind before anything else is shipped out. 

However, you can also cancel at ANY time. Therefore, if you receive the product or products and use them for even just one day and decide that it is not really for you, you can simply e-mail orders@alternascript.com, let them know that you wish to cancel.

You will never be charged anything or shipped out anything else. 

I get it but here's the deal about RestUp:Restup better sleep for brain health

People get wary about submitting information and automatically assume it is some sort of scam because unfortunately, other companies have pulled some dishonest things in the past.

However, I do not work for Alternascript. I do not work for anything to do with either of these products but my reputation and trust is on the line just as much by recommending them.

Therefore, I would never recommend anything that I wasn't sure about or had not tested myself.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that even if you somehow forgot to cancel the subscription and were charged, you can still e-mail them and they will charge back the full amount.

If you ever run into any problems, I am inviting you to contact me personally. However, I also know that won't happen because it hasn't happened in over two years and I won't let it happen now.


I want to hear your questions, comments, and experiences with nootropics and especially sleep aids that have or have not worked for you in the past.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have about RestUp and of course, please feel free to share your experiences using it, as well! 

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