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Pramiracetam: Boost Memory, Motivation, Focus & More

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Pramiracetam Review Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam's main purpose is to provide cognitive enhancement.

It was created in Belgium circa 1970 to serve as a cognitive enhancer that is stronger than Piracetam. 30x as potent to be exact.

Pramiracetam is the most bioavailable racetam nootropic. This means you absorb it a lot more efficiently due to it being fat soluble.

What is it best to take it?

It can penetrate multiple layers of lipids (fats) and make its way across the blood-brain barrier better than any other in its class. It's most effective taken acutely, 1-2 hours before a test is said to provide the most optimal benefits.

High-affinity choline uptake is another trait that this nootropic embodies. This increases the rate of acetylcholine synthesis in the brain.

Read more about how the acetylcholine neurotransmitter works and the overall purpose.

The HACU could be the reason why pramiracetam increases long-term memory formation. Stimulating the corpus callosum is another trait which increases blood flow to the brain.

The corpus callosum is the bridge between the right and the left side of the brain. When this is stimulated the brain acts more as a whole which provides cognitive benefits one may not experience in everyday life. The benefits are unique and it is considered a potent and powerful nootropic supplement. It is also commonly used as an alternative to prescription ADHD medications like Adderall, providing some similar effects without the potential side effects that are commonly associated with those medications. 

Pramiracetam Effects

This nootropic benefits you by increasing long-term memory formation, acetylcholine synthesis, cerebral blood flow circulation via stimulating the corpus callosum and provides a narrow focus, unlike neurotoxic ADHD drugs that leave you feeling synthetic and zombie-like on the way down.

Pramiracetam reviews state that they feel more of a natural focus which is great for a natural ADHD alternative.

Pramiracetam Benefits:

  • Very significantly improves alertness and focus
  • Enhances long-term memory formation
  • Improves overall cognitive performance and functioning
  • 30x more potent than Piracetam
  • One of the best nootropics for enhanced motivation
  • A commonly ideal choice as an Adderall alternative
  • Increases choline uptake in the brain
  • Typically outperforms some of the other potent nootropics from the racetam class including Aniracetam and Piracetam

To achieve synergistic effects, check out our noopept stack which is composed of pramiracetamadrafinil and noopept capsules.

These three nootropic supplements act in a synergistic manner making this a nootropic stack that provides optimal cognitive enhancement.

Pramiracetam capsules are very popular in the baby boomer generation to help alleviate age-related memory loss.

This nootropic supplement provides the best memory enhancement and anti-aging nootropic properties

Other pramiracetam benefits include increased focus, increased working memory, increased the ability to multi-task, and a sense of well-being. Plus, the many long-term memory benefits!

Pramiracetam Dosage

Pramiracetam capsules are fat-soluble and more bioavailable than Piracetam capsules. This results in achieving the same desired outcomes with a lesser dose. However, like all nootropics, dosage depends on the user's biochemistry. say's this:

“Currently, the evidence using pramiracetam in humans uses either 400 mg thrice daily or 600mg twice daily; both of these dosing regimens totals 1,200mg of pramiracetam daily.

It is unsure if it should be taken with meals, and it is not clear if 1,200mg is the optimal dosage or not. This does, however, appear effective.”


Other authorities claim that 250 mg a couple times a day is just as effective. Not only are you saving time with these capsules but you're saving money in the long-run as well!

The bottom line about Pramiracetam:

This is one of the most potent, powerful, and underrated nootropic supplements on the market. It makes a great addition to most any nootropic stack and is especially helpful when preparing for a big exam or an important meeting or presentation at work. You will experience noticeable and significant cognitive benefits when taking this nootropic. As with any and all nootropics, start with a lower dosage to gauge your tolerance and how the supplement affects you individually. 

However, we also understand that you still may be struggling to decide exactly what nootropics you should stack to create the ideal nootropic stack for your personal cognitive needs and goals. Therefore, we are providing you with a FREE customized nootropic stack. Our team of nootropic supplement experts will learn a little about you and create a nootropic stack that will specifically meet your cognitive needs and goals by creating an ideal nootropic stack to fit your needs best. 

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