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Pramiracetam is 30x more potent than Piracetam and when you buy Pramiracetam Samples, they will Prove Just How Effective our Potent, GMP Certified, Encapsulated Nootropics are Compared to the Competition. Click Here to Buy Pramiracetam Samples and Focus Here and Now!


Buy Pramiracetam Sample Packs | Racetams | 20 Capsules | 250 mg Pramiracetam Capsules

Pramiracetam is one of the more potent and powerful nootropics. 

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30 Times More Potent than one of the most well-known nootropics of the Racetam class, Piracetam. buy pramiracetam

When You Buy Pramiracetam, You Know You are Getting the Best! Don't sacrifice quality when it comes to your brain with impossibly cheap mystery powders.

We have spent the entire year tirelessly researching and testing nootropics from various suppliers to be absolutely certain that we were providing the highest-quality, GMP certified with REAL COA's, Safe, Incredibly effective and encapsulated nootropic supplements! 

The Official – Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) **The difference between Us and Them. We want you to have the Utmost Confidence You are ALWAYS Getting the Best Nootropics, Available! You can feel confident when you buy pramiracetam from Focus Here and Now!

Why Should You Buy Pramiracetam Samples?

Pramiracetam has one main purpose and that is to provide cognitive enhancement. It was created to enhance cognitive function in a manner that is stronger than Piracetam. 30x as potent to be exact.

Pramiracetam is the most bioavailable racetam. This means you absorb it a lot more efficiently due to it being fat soluble. It can penetrate various layers of lipids (fats) and cross the blood-brain barrier better than any other in its class.

NOTE: It's most efficient taken acutely, such as 1-2 hours before a test or important work presentation, where it is said to render the most optimal benefits.

Buy Pramiracetam for the Many Benefits (Buy Pramiracetam Samples and Let Us Prove the Effectiveness!)

  • Enhance learning ability
  • Improve ability to retain information
  • Better memory-recall
  • Boost focus and concentration
  • Reported to improve mood and motivation
  • It is said to have protective and optimizing effects that experts have reported to improve overall communication


How Does Pramiracetam Work? Buy Pramiracetam Samples and Decide for Yourself!

Unlike some of the more popular neurotoxic ADHD drugs, which can often have multiple side-effects that can feel artificial and many times cause a harsh “zombie-like” feeling as one “comes down,” when you buy Pramiracetam, you will notice it increases the formation of long-term memory, acetylcholine synthesis from citicoline, and cerebral blood flow circulation. 

However, many people who buy Pramiracetam, report feeling more of a calm, organic, and natural focus that has allowed it to become one of the more commonly recommend nootropics for ADHD and recommended as one of the more effective ADHD alternative treatments. Many people struggling with ADHD will buy pramiracetam to add to their daily nootropic supplement stacks.


Synergistic Effects – Recommended Pramiracetam Nootropic Stack – Buy Pramiracetam Samples to see if You Feel the Difference!

Our noopept stack is an excellent way to create a more synergistic effect with pramiracetam.

This particular stack is comprised of pramiracetamadrafinil and of course, our incredibly effective and potent noopept capsules.

** These three nootropic supplements act in a synergistic manner making this a pramiracetam stack that provides optimal cognitive enhancement.

Baby Boomers Buy Pramiracetam 

We are noticing that more of the “Baby Boomer” generation buy pramiracetam these days to help lessen age-related memory loss. It is becoming increasingly common for this generation to buy Pramiracetam capsules to use as the best nootropics for boosting memory and serving as an anti-aging nootropic supplement.

Buy Pramiracetam for yourself, parents or even grandparents and witness the difference!  

Preventative healthcare continues to become more acknowledged as the proactive, path of least resistance when it comes to supporting and maintaining cognitive health in our current AND later years.


Other benefits of buying pramiracetam include:

  • Improved focus
  • Increased working memory
  • Enhanced ability to multi-task
  • Overall, sense of well-being
  • And of course, you can't forget about the long-term memory benefits!


Pramiracetam Dosage When You Buy Pramiracetam Samples and/or Full Pramiracetam Nootropic Supplements

Pramiracetam capsules are fat-soluble and more bioavailable than piracetam capsules. Meaning, you can achieve the same results with a lesser dosage.

However, like all nootropics, everybody is different and has a different makeup. Therefore, dosage depends on the user's biochemistry.

Dosage Recommendations if you Buy Pramiracetam: (Pramiracetam Samples and Full Bottles)

Currently, the evidence using pramiracetam in humans calls for either 400 mg three times daily or 600mg, twice daily;

Both of these dosing regimens totals 1,200mg of pramiracetam daily.

1,200 mg appears to be effective, but again, everyone is different so it is best to slowly gauge the optimal dosing for each individual person.

Other authorities claim that 250 mg a couple times a day is just as effective.

Not only are you saving time when you buy pramiracetam capsules, but you're saving money in the long-run as well! So, be sure to slowly supplement pramiracetam to determine your ideal dosage.

Racetam Nootropic Stacks: Be sure to read about our other racetams to create the most effective and overall optimal nootropic stack!

Click here to buy pramiracetam sample packs, here and now!

SEE: Adrafinil, Noopept, and CDP Choline for the optimal nootropic stack experience!

*NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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