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Aniracetam capsules are potent, powerful, and effective to cognitive functioning. 

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Our Aniracetam capsules are part of the racetam nootropic supplement class and it is a cross between both an Ampakine and a racetam drug.

It is fat-soluble, is a very common racetam, and should be taken with both a hefty choline source and a fat-filled meal.

The meal will allow it to cross the blood-brain barrier properly and the CDP Choline source will both negate side effects and make the Aniracetam Capsules last longer.

Aniracetam acts on both the acetylcholine receptors and AMPA modulators of the brain.

It brings with it a special kind of mental stimulation and helps to alleviate anxiety. Aniracetam also tastes horrible, which is why we prefer to aniracetam capsules over drinking the powder.

Why Take Aniracetam Capsules?

Aniracetam is a unique nootropic drug that has anti-anxiety effects on its own and stacks very well with stimulant nootropics, such as Phenylpiracetam or Adrafinil.

The typical Aniracetam dosage is from 700mg-2100mg, with mega doses spanning from 2500-5000mg at a time.

Mega-dosing has long been thought to help get Aniracetam in one’s system faster, however, there has not yet been studies over the long term regarding this phenomenon. Typical Aniracetam side effects are, headache, if too much is taken without a choline source, headache, insomnia, hypersomnia, jitteriness, restlessness, and mild euphoria.

Chemically related to Piracetam, Aniracetam is considered the more powerful sister compound.

It is noted for increasing focus and attention, as well as possessing strong anti-anxiety properties.

Aniracetam Capsules Benefit:

  • Improves overall cognition
  • Boosts working memory
  • Increases mental energy and attention
  • Provides mood-enhancing and anti-anxiety benefits


Aniracetam Capsules Work: Aniracetam is on a totally different playing field of cognitive enhancement from other supplements. Promoting attentiveness as well as enhancing memory, Aniracetam puts you another step ahead of your competition.


MASTER YOUR MEMORY with ANIRACETAM CAPSULES: An even more potent memory boosting agent than Piracetam, Aniracetam helps you unlock the hidden potential of your memory. Knowledge is power, and the more we can retain, the further we can go in any field. Master your memory today!


LET YOUR BRAIN BREATHE w/ ANIRACETAM CAPSULES: Oxygen is vital to every tissue in the body, including the brain. Like Piracetam, Aniracetam promotes oxygen saturation in the brain, allowing it to operate at maximum capacity (

This is huge for of athletes, as well as students, or anyone looking to be at their best.



Like Piracetam, Aniracetam has a spotless safety record, with studies showing side effects, are virtually non-existent, even at higher doses. The most common reported side effect can be headaches caused by acetylcholine depletion, a problem completely eliminated by one of our choline and ALCAR products. Get your hands on one of our stacks to experience the synergy of Choline, ALCAR and, Aniracetam. 

Take your mental game to the next level!


Aniracetam is an ampakine and part of the racetam family. It has been reported to increase a sense of holistic and creative thinking, as it increases blood flow and activity

Aniracetam has been reported to increase a sense of holistic and creative thinking, as it increases blood flow and activity in areas of the brain responsible for this (association areas). Some also report an experience of enhanced visual recall. It is fat soluble and considered 2-3 times the potency of Piracetam.


Suggested Aniracetam dose:


700-1400 mg daily. It is suggested that aniracetam is consumed with food and also with a choline source for optimal results.


Possible side effects:


It is possible to experience headaches from choline depletion with excessive use. This can be combated by consuming sources of choline. In rare cases, individuals have experienced nausea.

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