Own Your ADHD: 5 Interesting Facts About ADHD You May Not Know!


Own Your ADHD: Facts to Help Better Manage Your ADHD and Boost Your Brain Power!


own your adhd


People who either don't have ADHD or know anyone close to them who has it, have a stereotypical image of what ADHD is all about. 

Typically, they imagine a young child with pent-up energy that is ready to burst at the seams, bouncing off the walls, completely hyperactive and with little to no focus at all. Some are quick to judge it as a behavioral problem.

Here's the deal: 

There are many people with ADHD, especially adults with ADHD that are not hyperactive at all, as their hyperactivity wears down a little bit with age.

By the time a child with ADHD reaches adulthood, many of those that were hyperactive have at least calmed down on the outside. This is one of the primary reasons that a disorder that was once only associated with children is now being more commonly diagnosed in adults. The majority of adults with ADHD have had the disorder their entire lives but may have gone undiagnosed. 

Some people believe that ADHD is a highly over-diagnosed condition created by big pharmaceutical companies.

Believe it or not, there may be a little bit of truth in that statement but not to the degree that it sounds.  own your adhd

The Truth about ADHD

While I certainly DO NOT believe that ADHD is some “made-up” disorder, it has been shown to be commonly over-diagnosed. 

Some may argue, ADHD disorder is also mistreated because of the billion dollar business that has been created by amphetamine-producing moguls who have very methodically, created life-long customers

This has provided me with even more motivation to educate others about the many effective natural ADHD treatments that can be more effective than prescription medications alone. As an ADHD adult, my mission one is to further educate people about the truth of ADHD and how it affects us at different stages of our lives. I learned this later in life because ADHD was so misunderstood and undiagnosed when I was a child. However, research and science have revealed many new facts about ADHD and how you can better own your ADHD as a child, adolescent, and adult. 

As an ADHD adult, my goal is to paint a more clear picture of the disorder to help others gain a better understanding of ADHD in adults and children.

I have better control over my own ADHD symptoms today than I did when I was swallowing exorbitant amounts of stimulant prescription ADHD medications.

However, the bottom line:

One of the most important steps that you can take to effectively manage your symptoms is to own your ADHD!


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Difficult Adult ADHD Symptoms

own your ADHD


Upwards of 5% of adults are affected by ADHD symptoms. It is commonly the cause of struggles to keep a steady and consistent job and/or a relationship.

ADHD can cause constant lateness and forgetfulness. At our worst, we can frequently make important decisions too impulsively, only to regret them later. Many fall into self-destructive patterns and even fall victim to extreme depression and/or addiction. It is common for those struggling with ADHD to also have other mental health symptoms related to their ADHD. 

When ADHD symptoms are at their worst, we find it difficult to understand why we struggle so much more than “normal” people.

Sometimes hearing the actual diagnosis of ADHD can be a weight lifted off the shoulders of someone that has not been able to understand the reason for their struggles. You need to understand you have ADHD and acknowledge your ADHD symptoms if you want to truly own your ADHD. 

We can turn to the standard definition of ADHD and the typical theories about the potential causes and symptoms associated with it. However, there are some less common facts about ADHD that are less commonly known by even those who are diagnosed and more educated about the disorder.

Understanding some of these facts will help you own your ADHD more efficiently and manage your ADHD more effectively. 


5 ADHD Facts that You May Not Know or Thought About In The “Right” Way


1. ADHD FACTIt Takes MORE than Prescription ADHD Medications to Manage ADHD Symptoms nootropics for ADHD

Medications won't “fix” ADHD. There are times that treating ADHD with medications can help. It is usually the first suggestion you hear from the average physician, friend, or family member. However, make sure you explore all options before taking potentially dangerous, addictive prescription medications that can have short-term and long-term side effects. 

ADHD medications will almost never be enough on their own. There is other behavioral, physical, diet, and sometimes supplementation changes that also need to take place to own your ADHD.  

As someone who has struggled with ADHD their entire life, it is facts like this that provided much of the inspiration to start Focus Here and Now. My goal is to present additional and alternative options to help both those with and without ADHD. Meaning, some people may not be officially diagnosed with ADHD but still struggle with various cognitive issues or want to boost brain power in more effective ways. 

It's really not debatable. ADHD medications may help, but if you truly want to gain more control of your disorder, it takes more! Whether you are an advocate of ADHD medications or not, prescription medications only help to address some ADHD symptoms.

Manage and Own Your ADHD

If you want to not only effectively manage your ADHD symptoms, but also utilize certain aspects of your condition to showcase your unique capabilities to think differently and achieve exceptional goals, it takes more than prescription medications! There are certain aspects of ADHD that should be addressed and even provide a person with certain mental capabilities that others cannot achieve. Having ADHD is nothing to be ashamed about and there are plenty of highly successful, innovative, and helpful people who also struggled with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

The medications may help with focus, but what about the other ADHD symptoms? What about staying organized with the priorities in your life? How will you differentiate and make a constructive choice instead of a destructive one? What about the help that may be needed in critical and emotional moments? ADHD commonly triggers other mental emotions and if not properly managed, it can create more problems. 

People with ADHD need emotional support. They need to learn how to better manage their emotions, organize time and place, and learn how to harness that focus towards the most productive and important things.

A prescription may be able to help improve focus and attention, but there are many other ADHD symptoms that still need to be managed. Plus, not everyone takes well to prescription medications. Therefore, you need to be prepared to manage your ADHD in other ways if the medications are not the answer for you. 


own your adhd now

2. ADHD FACTNot All People with ADHD Have Trouble Focusing

What? You may have thought that a lack of focus is the only ADHD symptom that children and adults with ADHD experience.

The truth is that people, like myself, have trouble focusing on the “right” things. If you have ever been diagnosed and prescribed ADHD medications, like Adderall, Ritalin, or Concerta, etc., you may have found yourself fixated on one particular thing, but many times, it may not be the task that you actually need to accomplish. You are technically focused and distracted at the same time!

We commonly struggle with controlling what and where we harness our focus.

It Takes More than Prescription Medications

I remember in college, when I was prescribed Adderall, there would be many times where I would end up spending hours on a couple of pages or one particular topic. I would absolutely master that one concept or task, but before I knew it, I was incredibly behind on everything else. Hyperfocus can kick in and actually hold us back from getting things accomplished.

Hyperfocus can cause you to be so deeply fixated on something that it actually becomes debilitating to the rest of the priorities that you may still have. The worst part is after you snap out of your hyperfocus and realize how behind you are on everything you still have in front of you, it can cause other issues of stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional problems.

It can also become incredibly frustrating to the people that we care about the most.

Distraction in the Moment

I drive my wife nuts sometimes because when I am speaking to her, especially over the phone, I struggle to maintain focus. I constantly have to ask her to repeat what she said or forget it the moment it comes out of her mouth.

It's something that I have worked on and continue to work on and improve. It can be frustrating for both sides. I don't love or care about her any less, but the struggle is real, hard to explain and even harder for others around you to accept at times. ADHD can create “regular” distraction where it is obvious we aren't paying attention or distraction that appears like we are in the moment and staring right at someone listening but thinking about something totally different. This results in us missing whatever we were told. This is why people with ADHD have so much trouble remembering names, dates, and/or important activities. 

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I get the skepticism, especially if you have never meditated before. How is your ADHD mind going to slow down, breathe, and allow your body and mind to relax? Well, I am proof that it is possible!

Here's the deal about Meditation:

Try it out from the comfort of your home for Free and see if it is something that works for you. If it works, great! If not, try another Free meditation program and find one that works. Meditation is a great way to slow down the hyperactive mind and achieve a moment of clarity. You don't need an hour of your day or a large commitment to do it. You can start slow and try it just 2-3 days a week to experience how much it can help. 

There is zero pressure to sign up, but free is free and I am confident that those who decide to check it out are going to be hooked like me and won't be able to stop raving about it before it's all said and done. 

The benefits are endless and it is one of the best things I started to use to gain much greater control of my mind and it will play an integral role in taking huge strides forward to own your ADHD!

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3. ADHD FACTYour Intelligence has Absolutely Nothing to do with ADHD! 

As we discussed in our previous post about the best jobs for ADHD adults, intelligence is rarely an issue when it comes to ADHD.

Many doctors, lawyers, Harvard grads, professors, business owners, artists, and creative geniuses that include celebrities and innovators like, Einstein, Richard BransonJustin Timberlake, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Michael Phelps, and many others have struggled with ADD or ADHD.

One of the biggest struggles is how common it is for those with ADHD to also have other diagnosable mental disorders that include, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, addiction, etc. ADHD and other emotional disorders can often go hand-in-hand.  


The constant struggle with attention can aggravate other problems, which is why it is so critical to properly manage ADHD symptoms, beyond prescription medications. ADHD causes trouble with disorganization, forgetfulness, memory, hyperactivity, and many other symptoms. 

There are many natural ADHD treatments and remedies that many people don't know about. They involve changes in routines, methods, resources, diet, and even supplementation. They can all play a major role in helping to better manage and own your ADHD. 


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4. ADHD FACT – Own Your ADHD By Sticking to Healthy Routines and Habits 

I'm not saying this to discourage you. A lot of what we discuss here relies on healthier lifestyle habits that we have difficulty following.

At first, you may struggle to stick with these routines but they are crucially important to own your ADHD!

Take Inventory!

Take inventory of the things that you struggle with the most. For example, I have always struggled the most with irregular sleep patterns. Therefore, it takes extra effort for me to change and improve those habits. It's not always perfect, but the fact that I recognize it and put it higher on the list of priorities, I have been able to slowly but surely improve those sleep patterns over time. My improved sleep has helped alleviate some of my ADHD symptoms and made my life easier. Getting a good night sleep is not only critically important to those with ADHD but to overall brain health in general. 

Routines are incredibly important to successfully manage ADHD. Start simple, own your ADHD and you will find it gets easier over time. Take things one step at a time and make changes one step at a time and you will find you can better manage and own your ADHD. I have better control over my ADHD symptoms today than I ever had before in my life. It took time and practice but my loved ones and I have noticed a significant difference in various ailments that my ADHD used to cause.  


5. ADHD FACTOwn Your ADHD where you Thrive! own adhd

You know your strengths and you know your weaknesses and there is nothing wrong with recognizing it and focusing on the areas where you thrive. People with ADHD have a special ability to go “all in,” while thinking outside-the-box and accomplishing amazing things. Our ADHD can even bring out the best in others. We are often outspoken and don't hesitate to say what is on our mind. At times, this can truly help others hear the things they need to hear or spark ideas that nobody else would have thought up. 

When a person with ADHD finds their strength and harnesses their energy and focus towards a passion, there is literally nothing that can stop them! Do not limit yourself or let anyone else limit you from excelling in the areas that you are best.


The goal is not to completely change who you are but to help alleviate the aspects of your ADHD that hold you back or create problems. Other parts of your ADHD make you the amazing, creative, and brilliant individual that you truly are inside. You can harness the best parts of your ADHD when you own your ADHD. Put yourself in control more often and suddenly things will become more clear and you will find yourself having less trouble focusing. Again, it is not about “curing” ADHD, it is about managing it and using it to your advantage!

At the same time, don't be afraid to step away from or get help with things that you find to be more of a struggle. Many people with ADHD are naturally stubborn. It can be even worse for those of us like me, who happens to be a Taurus. ADHD symptoms can sometimes feel like a curse, but as you learn to more effectively manage ADHD symptoms, you will see that it can very well, be a blessing! I have set up links throughout this article that will lead you to areas that talk more specifically about ways to more effectively manage your ADHD. This means changing routines, habits, sleep patterns, meditating, proper diet, exercise, supplementation, and more. Use these tools to start owning your ADHD symptoms and harnessing the very best version of yourself without completely changing who you are. 


Natural ADHD Treatments and Remedies

There are many different natural treatments and remedies that can help to effectively manage ADHD without taking potentially dangerous, prescription medications that can have short-term and long-term side effects. I am not completely against prescriptions but I went that route and experienced both the short-term and long-term side effects before finding other ways to effectively manage my ADHD symptoms. Feel free to read and join any of our previous discussions below:


How do you Own Your ADHD? What ADHD treatments have worked for you or a loved one? Share your personal struggles with ADHD!


I'd love to hear from each and every one of you and learn about your experiences and share my own. I have struggled and been diagnosed with ADHD for the majority of my life and I am confident that we can help each other! All the best and remember that you CAN Own Your ADHD!

Own Your ADHD with these 5 ADHD Facts You May Not Know
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