The Greatest Nootropic Or is it Hype? The Qualia Review

Does This Nootropic Deliver the “Goods” OR is it Hype? The Qualia Review

There has literally not been a nootropic supplement that I won't try, regardless of whether it is an individual nootropic or a pre-formulated nootropic supplement stack, I will put it to the test. Over the years, I have come across some of the very best and very worst brain supplements that the industry has to offer.


When I came across one claiming to be a particularly high-end, “premium” nootropic supplement, I knew that a lot of people would be curious about whether or not it truly worked. After learning about these claims from many of our readers, I was very curious to try it myself. This was not the first time I had come across a nootropic brain supplement that claimed to produce amazing cognitive benefits. Therefore, I was a little skeptical but still keeping an open mind. 

Qualia is definitely not one of the cheaper nootropic supplements on the market. However, it technically comes with two different types of nootropic supplements to make a nootropic stack that is jam packed with various cognitive enhancing ingredients.

I sincerely couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this one. The result would either be a glowing review or I would be forewarning my audience about another new potential nootropic scam.

So how did Qualia pan out?

Product: Qualia by NueroHacker qualia review

Price: $129.00/Monthly Subscription OR $149.00 for Single Purchase

Shipping & Handling: Based on destination of shipment *($5.85 was my cost to ship to NJ)

Exclusive Discount Price: Use Promo Code “focusnow” to receive 10% OFF ANY type of order

Cheapest Place to Buy: neurohacker.com

Size of Containers: Step One – 66 Capsules / Step Two – 132 Capsules *(Both Steps included in each order)

Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee

My Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Qualia Review

There are not a ton of Qualia reviews online quite yet. However, I assume that there will be in the near future. Whenever a new product is released, especially at a premium price, it catches the attention of a wide audience. Many people start to wonder if it is worth spending their hard earned money on a nootropic that claims to help significantly boost focus, memory, attention, mental energy, alertness, reducing stress and anxiety, improving overall cognitive functioning and brain health. 

Here's the deal:

I was wondering the exact same thing

It took me a minute to wrap my head around the price. However, I also realized that they were essentially providing two nootropic supplements in their nootropic stack system and if it actually provided the benefits they claimed, I was less concerned about the price, anyway. 

The folks over at NeuroHacker, who created Qualia, felt that a lot of other nootropic supplements only focused on a single aspect of improving cognitive functioning. Therefore, they claim that their goal was to address the entire brain and provide all of the tools necessary to enhance cognition. 

Qualia is a two-step nootropic system. Meaning, it involves two different nootropic supplements that should be consumed at specific times. 

I am going to spend a little time on each “step” in their overall formula. I will explain what each step is supposed to do, take a look at their ingredients, and then share my experience using them. 


Qualia Step One nootropic

Qualia is a simple two-step process. It comes with a two-step system of administering their nootropic compounds. They are designed to biologically and physiologically improve cognitive functioning. This includes things like better focus, attention, memory, less procrastination, more motivation, and overall, helping you to accomplish more with your day. 

The Qualia review started by consuming step one on an empty stomach upon awakening, as suggested. 

Qualia Step One Ingredients

I am going to cover the most important ingredients in Step One and discuss what they do. You can always take a look at the full list of ingredients found in both steps of Qualia by taking a look at the official Qualia formulation

I am personally familiar with the majority of ingredients found in Qualia and other nootropic supplements from experience. We even sell many of these nootropics individually in our nootropic shop. Purchasing these ingredients individually would probably cost a lot more than buying an all-in-one nootropic stack like Qualia. However, the right quality and quantities of those ingredients would ultimately determine how effective it would be.

Step One ingredients that have the biggest impact include:

  • Artichoke Leaf Extract 500mg – 

    This is a nootropic that has been popularized when used in combination with the Forskolin nootropic, which is also included in the Qualia step one stack. Artichoke extract is most well-known for improving various elements of the memory. It helps to especially improve overall memory recall. Artichoke Extract is also good for the liver in proper dosages and can improve overall focus and energy when combined with Forskolin. 

  • Coleus Forskohlii (20% Forskolin) 10mg – 

    The well-known sister to Artichoke extract that helps to potentiate the overall effects. You may remember the benefits of this type of addition and long-term potentiation from the CILTEP stack. The difference here is that it is only a part of this monster stack. Forskolin also helps overall memory and especially memory formulation. It helps to retain new information more easily. nootropic supplements

  • Rhodiola Rosea 300mg – 

    Rhodiola Rosea is a natural nootropic and adaptogen. It has been shown to improve mental performance specifically to concentration and focus. Rhodiola Rosea helps improve energy while reducing stress and boosting the overall mood. It is one of my favorite natural nootropics. 

  • DL-Phenylalanine 300mg – 

    This is an essential amino acid that the body is unable to produce naturally on its own. It helps to make proteins in the body and must be either supplemented or consumed through various foods. This is needed for normal functioning of the central nervous system and is said to help reduce depression and in some cases, even pain. Phenylalanine has many positive effects that include reducing anxiety, boosting overall mood, increasing focus and concentration, and improving motivation

  • Centrophenoxine 250mg – 

    Centrophenoxine is one of my favorite nootropic supplements. I have taken it time and time again as part of many individual nootropic stacks that I have created. It is known for noticeably improving overall memory, enhancing cognitive functioning, reducing cognitive decline, improving mood and motivation, as well as focus and concentration. Centrophenoxine is one of the best-known choline supplements and stacks very well with other nootropic supplements. 

  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) 250mg – 

    This is another great nootropic that I have used in many of my own personal stacks. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) is like the journeyman of nootropic supplements. It is known for its ability to enhance focus and boost overall motivation. NALT is also known for enhancing cognitive functioning, especially when under stress. It improves memory and mental energy as well. 

  • Pure Energy (Pterostilbene bound to caffeine) 209mg

I questioned this ingredient a little bit until I got to understand it better. Instead of simply throwing a bunch of “regular” caffeine into their supplement, there is more than meets the eye with this type of energy add-on. It is a compound that binds caffeine with the powerful antioxidant Pterostilbene. The Pterostilbene slows the absorption of the caffeine which helps to extend its half-life. This means that it extends the effects up to 30% more than normal caffeine but greatly reduces the “crash” feeling that you would normally get from a supplement that included caffeine. 

  • L-Theanine 200mg – 

    L-Theanine is an absolute must-have to nearly any type of nootropic stack. It reacts and works with caffeine better than any other nootropic supplement. L-Theanine takes away the jitters and the crash and helps to improve the overall focus that you feel from it. It helps reduce stress and anxiety while improving focus, concentration, and overall mental clarity. L-Theanine works excellent with the right combination of other nootropics. 

  • Noopept 30mg – 

    One of my absolute favorite nootropics is Noopept. It has a myriad of benefits and works so well in certain stacks and had a noticeable effect on the Step One Qualia stack. Noopept promotes better memory and cognitive enhancement. It has also been shown to reduce anxiety. Noopept helps with memory recall and retention, as well as focus and concentration. It works very synergistically well with the right combination of other nootropics to help potentiate their overall effects. Noopept is probably the most common nootropic that I recommend adding to the nootropic stacks of readers who ask me to help them customize their own. 

  • DHEA 20mg – 

    DHEA is another nootropic supplement that is commonly stacked with other nootropic compounds. It helps to improve mood and memory and also has some anti-aging benefits. DHEA helps to reduce overall cognitive decline and works synergistically well with other nootropics. 

  • BioPQQ 10mg – 

    This is a molecule that has potent antioxidant and neuroprotective effects on the brain. It helps to increase the production of mitochondria. It is known for improving sleep and reducing overall stress

OK, I have to apologize…

I said I was only going to cover some of the ingredients in Step One but other than leaving out Vitamin B12, which most of you may know helps improve energy production, I ended up including them all. 

The bottom line is this is an impressive starter stack of nootropic ingredients to start your day.

nootropic supplementQualia Step Two

Let's move the Qualia Review on to Step Two of the process.

You take Step One on an empty stomach, wait about 30 mins to eat and then take Step Two with a full meal. This can even be breakfast.

I recommend waking up in the morning, taking Step One, do your morning routine and then take Step Two with your breakfast before heading out the door. 

Qualia Step Two is a totally different nootropic stack. It involves taking 6 pills. Step one was only three but it really wasn't all that bad for me. I'm used to consuming supplements. I have created my own stacks that consist of way more than 9 total pills. So, for me, taking 9 pills to consume the full stack was no problem. I am looking at the big picture at the end of the day. Does the Qualia nootropic stack actually work? We will get to that answer shortly. 

First, let's take a look at what is inside Qualia Step Two so you have a better understanding about what you would be consuming if you try this nootropic stack. 


Qualia Step Two Ingredients

Here are some of the ingredients that we find inside Step Two of the Qualia “super” stack. Again, you can find more detailed information about it by checking out the Qualia formula page. You can also get a better understanding of the process that went into creating Qualia by checking out the Qualia approach

First, we have some of our essential vitamins. These include the following: Vitamin B5, B6, D3, and C. These are considered some of the essential “neuro-vitamins” that will work synergistically well with the nootropic ingredients as well as provide overall health and brain benefits. Cognitive benefits of Step Two include increased mental energy, mood, and alertness

For a complete breakdown of how these “neuro-vitamins” specifically play a role in the Step Two nootropic stack and help even potentiate the effects of that stack, please check out the neuro-vitamins section at Qualia. 

Nootropic ingredients include:

  • Bacopa Monnieri (45% Bacosides) 300mg – 

    Bacopa is one of the most commonly used nootropics and considered by many to be one of the best natural nootropics you can consume. It has been proven to help boost memory, cognitive functioning, and enhance overall brain health. Bacopa also works synergistically well with other nootropic ingredients to help potentiate their effects. It has been shown to boost focus and concentration as well. 

  • Cognizin (Citicoline) 100mg – 

    CDP-choline is also a common and necessary addition to most any nootropic stack. While Centrophenoxine provides choline in Step One, the citicoline in Step Two is essential to work synergistically with the Step Two stack. Citicoline is essential for its neuroprotective capabilities and it also helps to reduce overall cognitive decline. It is also known for helping to enhance learning, memory, and overall attention spanqualia review

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 50mg – 

    Many of you may have already heard about Ginkgo as it is a natural adaptogen that has been used for centuries. It is known for improving overall memory, boosting attention, and helps delay the brain's aging process. Gingko is known for delaying cognitive decline while improving overall short-term memory. It also works synergistically with the other ingredients found in the nootropic stack. 

  • Hordenine HCL 20mg – 

    Hordenine is not one of the more common nootropic compounds found in many pre-formulated nootropic stacks. It can be found in barley grass. Hordenine helps to potentiate PEA, otherwise known as Phenylethylamine, a natural chemical found in the body that is also found as a nootropic compound. PEA is known to help boost mood and overall cognitive enhancement. It works synergistically with the other ingredients found in the Step Two stack, helping to potentiate their overall effects. 

  • Huperzine A 50mg – 

    Huperzine A is also considered as one of the best natural nootropics you can consume. It has many cognitive benefits including improvements to overall memory. Huperzine A has even been used to combat certain neurological ailments, such as Alzheimer's Disease. It has also been used to help those with learning deficiencies and memory loss problems. Huperzine helps to increase overall acetylcholine levels in the brain and the compound can help improve mental clarity, boost concentration, and help a person to process data more efficiently. I love Huperzine A and it is a nootropic supplement that works, which is why it is so commonly found in many pre-formulated nootropic supplements on the market, today. 

  • Mucuna Pruriens (98% L-Dopa) – 

    This was literally the most intriguing nootropic compound that I noticed right away in the Step Two formula. Like Noopept and Centrophenoxine, I love the effects that I have personally experienced when using Mucuna Pruriens or sometimes referred to as L-Dopa. Mucuna Pruriens is actually a natural adaptogen. It helps to enhance overall mood, even reduce symptoms of depression, and enhances overall focus. It also helps to boost overall motivation and works very synergistically well with other nootropics. L-Dopa helps to regulate levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. I have written entire articles on the benefits of this one nootropic adaptogen alone and it makes a great addition to the Step Two nootropic stack. 

  • Phenylethylamine HCL 500mg – 

    As I briefly discussed before, Phenylethylamine provides multiple cognitive benefits. It helps boost overall cognitive enhancement, increases mood, and even does well in helping to control and lose weight. Phenylethylamine is often supplemented and used as a concentration aid to help boost overall attention and focus. It is naturally released in the brain in the form of norepinephrine and dopamine, both of which are involved in attention and alertness. It is sometimes humorously referred to as the “love drug” since it is the same chemical that is released when we have feelings of “romantic love.”

My Experience Using the Qualia Nootropic Stack

Now that I have broken down both “Steps” in the Qualia review, it is time to answer the questions that you probably first arrived here to find out. 

Does Qualia work? Is Qualia worth the premium price?

Never before in a review have I been able to so succinctly say “YES” to both of these questions before even explaining why. The bottom line is that the Qualia experience was unlike any other pre-formulated nootropic supplement I have tried in the past. It is the cream of the crop and the premium quality matches the premium price tag. 

You must be wondering:


First and foremost, the positive benefits and overall experience justified it for me. Remember, you are essentially getting two supplements when you invest in Qualia. Most supplements will individually cost upwards of $60 each so the subscription price and the individual price, especially when you use our exclusive promo code “focusnow” for 10% OFF can help justify the price. I recognize that you are paying a premium price but you are also getting a much bigger cognitive kick from the overall stack. 

Purchasing Qualia's ingredients individually to create your own version of the stack would easily run you into the $100's. 

How I felt from Qualia Step One

Qualia Step One was the perfect way to start off my day. It only took a matter of 15-30 mins for me to start experiencing some noticeable differences. This included a boost to my overall mood and motivation. The combination of potent and powerful nootropic ingredients found in step one had me energized, focused, and motivated to start my day. 

It is rare for me to feel this positive from a pre-formulated nootropic supplement so soon out of the gate. 

But you want to know the best part?

My overall cognitive functioning only continued to improve each day I was taking Qualia. It benefited me so much that I would absolutely continue to use Qualia when I am not testing and reviewing other nootropic supplements. 

How I felt from Qualia Step Two

Step One got my motor running and the engine was revving. Step two seemed to balance out everything else. It kept me on a level plane. My anxiety never got too high and my energy and focus stayed heightened and steady

Step Two seemed to really balance out my body as well. Therefore, I not only felt an overall sense of well-being in my brain, but I felt it throughout my entire body as well. I believe that has a lot to do with the creative and effective blend of vitamins and nootropic compounds that were used in Qualia's Step Two product. 

Qualia is a Premium Product qualia nootropic review

Qualia is truly a premium product. It was consistent from the moment the gorgeous packaging and bottles arrived on my doorstep throughout the experience of using the supplement each day. You may be paying a more premium price, but you are also getting a more premium experience.

This is like the BMW or Mercedes Benz of pre-formulated nootropic supplements. 

I personally love the fact that I experienced so many positive cognitive benefits from taking one overall supplement stack. There was no need to guess or experiment by trying different nootropic stacks. And the experience continued to improve each day that I used the product. 

The Bottom Line About Qualia from NeuroHacker

I have not been this excited about a pre-formulated nootropic supplement in quite some time. This was the type of product I couldn't wait to tell other people about because I wanted to know if they had the same awesome experience that I did. There is truly not any other pre-formulated nootropic stack like this on the market, today. I have tried a TON of different products so that is saying a lot!

Overall, I had experienced noticeable improvements to my overall mood, mental energy, focus, attention, memory, overall cognitive functioning, and a great general sense of well-being.

More about Qualia 

This was one of my longer reviews for a couple of reasons. Qualia works and here is why it took so long to explain it!

First, I really think it is important for my readers to truly understand what is inside a product like this and what each component is supposed to do. As much as I could have just skipped over those details and got right to my experience and opinion, I truly believe it is important because each and every person is different. I have said it before and will say it again. One person's experience with a nootropic supplement or nootropic stack may be the complete opposite as someone else. While I try my best to keep all different types of people in mind when reviewing these products, I also understand that my experience may be different than yours. 

Not everything was totally positive about Qualia. Of course, I wish that it wasn't necessary to swallow a total of 9 fairly large capsules. However, if you have trouble swallowing pills, you can always open the capsules and mix it with a liquid of your choice, instead. I guess 9 pills is a small price to pay for so many quality ingredients. The pay off was worth it for me. 

How to Buy Qualia

Qualia is worth the little extra coin if you are truly looking for a pre-formulated nootropic stack that noticeably works. You can buy Qualia here. Whether you choose to subscribe to Qualia or make a one-time purchase, make sure to use our promo code of “focusnow” to receive 10% OFF your entire order. Keep in mind that it might be worth signing up for the subscription instead of the one-time purchase. Why? Because you can cancel the subscription at any time and you would be paying $129.00 instead of $149.00. Plus, you could still use our promo code.

I am only asking one favor from you. If you choose to buy Qualia, please return to this Qualia review to share your experience with us. Many others would also like to hear from you and learn about your experiences using the product. 


Comment below to share your questions, comments, and/or experiences about Qualia and I will be happy to personally respond to each and every one. Thanks and all the best!

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