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Nootropic Supplement Reviews: (Best and Worst of 2020-2021)

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Nootropic Supplement Reviews

The following nootropic supplement reviews reveal the truth about the overall quality of many different nootropic brain supplements. This includes the great, goodbad, and ugly nootropic supplements we have tested and reviewed for a minimum of 30 days at a time over the past 8+ years. 

Our MISSION ONE is to consistently provide the most unbiased, comprehensive, and overall best nootropic supplement reviews. Therefore, we want to keep you informed and make differentiating the supplements that truly work from those that produce nothing more than hype a lot easier to identify. We are frequently testing new supplements and consistently updating this page with the latest nootropic brain supplement reviews. Be sure to visit back often to learn about the latest nootropic supplements that continue to hit the market.

You may ask yourself:

What is a nootropic? Do nootropics work?

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Also, check out our picks of the 10 Best Brain Supplements that we have tested and reviewed over the past 5+ years. We are consistently updating this list based on our opinion and the feedback we receive from our readers. However, the list is constantly changing and evolving as new supplements are discovered. 

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Nootropic Supplement Reviews This Month!

Qualia Mind Review qualia mind

The sister supplement to the popular original Qualia formula is called Qualia Mind. It is a more compact formula contained in one supplement instead of two and requires fewer capsules to be consumed daily to reap the benefits. Qualia Mind has quickly gained a lot of popularity for providing noticeable cognitive benefits in its potent and powerful formula. 

Qualia Mind is designed to effectively and noticeably improve focus, concentration, attention, memory, mood, motivation, productivity, mental energy, alertness, learning capacity, and boost overall cognitive function. Both the original Qualia formula and Qualia Mind provide multiple cognitive benefits. It is all a matter of preference because they work in different ways. Qualia Mind will provide a little more mental alertness and energy than the original formula whereas the original formula may work better on focus, memory, productivity, and reducing stress and anxiety. Find out everything you need to know about the supplement in our Qualia Mind review. You can also go directly to the Qualia Mind website to check out what they have to say and download their free guide to brain hacking.

Qualia Life Reviewqualia life

Another premium nootropic supplement from Neurohacker, the creators of Qualia. However, it works in a much different way maintaining the youth of the brain, allowing you to be more productive. It is great for practically anyone. It boosts focus, attention, memory, mood, brain fog, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases cognitive functioning. However, take a closer look at what makes Eternus so unique and why it may be a nootropic supplement that can benefit you in our Qualia Life Review. Qualia life not only improves your cognitive abilities, boosting memory, concentration, focus, energy, motivation, and more. It claims to optimized aging as well and provides a great see of general well-being. 

Awaken ReviewAwaken mind power

Awaken caught me by surprise. It is one of the most recent nootropic supplements to hit the market. Awaken is comprised of a unique formula that aims to provide both short-term and long-term cognitive benefits. 

The Awakened Alchemy team was very confident and proud of the intense science and research that went into designing the Awaken formula. They claim their formula will noticeably improve focus, attention, concentration, mood, memory, motivation, productivity, and more.

There is no caffeine or stimulants in the formula but the potent and powerful ingredients inside Awaken are supposed to produce a noticeable boost in overall mental energy. 

The Awaken review explains everything you need to know about the new “premium” nootropic supplement on the block and details my experience using it for over a month. 

Will Awaken be a surprising addition to the 10 best brain supplements of 2017 or fall short of expectations at the end of the day? They provide both an all-natural and synthetic version of their product. Meaning, one formula is slightly more potent and powerful than the other. However, some people prefer the all-natural option and others are looking for the most potent and powerful capabilities of a supplement. 

Be sure to check out our Awaken review or visit them directly on the Awaken website. I would recommend reading our review before making a decision to purchase.


Dream (From Awakened Alchemy) get better sleep with Dream

The Dream nootropic supplement designed to dramatically improve sleep and leave you completely energized the next day was created by the same people who developed Awaken. It is meant to work synergistically with Awaken and taken at nighttime. However, it not only improves the overall quality of sleep. It actually works with Awaken to promote overall brain health and boost cognitive function. The dream supplement is an all-natural formula that promotes better sleep, improves focus, concentration, mood, memory, reduces stress and anxiety, and boosts cognitive health. 

The dream nootropic supplement is a unique formula that is designed to restore, repair, and replenish the brain. It allows you to get a natural restful night's sleep in a smooth and relaxed state of mind. It is unlike many other supplements on the market because there are not many others that serve a similar purpose. Especially, if you want to give Awaken or Awaken Gold a try, I would highly recommend taking a look at Dream. 

Find out everything you need to know about the Dream nootropic sleep supplement in our Dream Review


NitroVit Review: One of the Best Nootropics for those with ADD or ADHD? best nootropics

NitroVit has been said to be one of the best nootropics for ADD or ADHD. Well, we put it to the test with someone who has personally struggled with ADHD their entire life. The supplement was developed to improve the cognitive functioning of everyone. They claim it can noticeably improve focus, concentration, attention, mood, memory, reducing stress and anxiety, and boosting overall cognitive functioning. 

Our NitroVit review reveals everything you need to know about the supplement and our experience using it. Find out if NitroVit is right for you!

NitroVit made it to our top 10 best brain supplements of 2017-2021 for good reason. However, it is important to understand why and what makes it unique and effective. Check out the NitroVit review and then head over to the NitroVit website for more specific details about the product.


NootroboxNootrobox Review: Is This One of the Best All-Around Nootropic Stacks?

We recently reviewed the entire Nootrobox system. It consists of 4 unique nootropic supplements called Rise, Sprint, Kado-3, and Yawn. The purpose of the different nootropic supplements found in the stack is to work synergistically together throughout your day. However, you can also pick and choose the ones you want to use individually.

Nootrobox now called HVMN has been around for a while and we have received many requests to test and review them. Find out if Nootrobox produced the cognitive benefits they claim or if it is nothing more than hype.

Find out everything you need to know about each supplement in our Nootrobox review!

You can also go directly to the NootroBox website for further details but we highly recommend reading our review before making a purchase decision. I believe they were also featured on Shark Tank.


The Qualia Review: One of the Best Premium Nootropics or is it All Hype?nootropic

Check out our recent review of the latest nootropic supplement called Qualia. Neuorhacker, the creator of Qualia claim to have produced a very high-end, premium nootropic supplement. They seem to be mentioned all over social media these days.

Therefore, we had to find out what the hype was all about!

Our Qualia review examines the supplement and tells you absolutely everything you need to know about the product and my experience using it.

Qualia was designed to help noticeably improve focus, attention, concentration, mood, memory, motivation, mental energy, productivity, reduces stress and anxiety, and boosting overall cognitive functioning.

Is the premium price justified by a premium quality product or is Qualia nothing more than hype?

I've had a ton of people asking for our opinion on Qualia. 

Is Qualia truly the “Mercedes Benz” of nootropic supplements? 

Qualia had to live up to very high expectations to receive the green light of approval. Be sure to read this Qualia review before you buy it. You can also feel free to go directly to the Qualia website to check it out. However, be sure to click on products and then the “original stack formula” instead of “Qualia Mind if that is the formula you prefer to try. 


alpha brain reviewAlpha Brain Review

Alpha Brain was one of the first pre-formulated nootropics to hit the mainstream market. It is heavily endorsed by certain celebrities like Joe Rogen. However, we were curious about how effective Alpha Brain would actually be at especially addressing a noticeable improvement in focus and memory. Alpha Brain is designed to noticeably improve focus, overall memory, mood, motivation, attention, concentration, reduces stress and anxiety, and boost cognitive function. 

Here's the deal:

We not only break down everything you need to know about Alpha Brain and how well it does or does not work but we also arranged an exclusive opportunity for you to try Alpha Brain for FREE. You simply pay the price of shipping and handling and they will send you a full 30-day supply to test out the product and decide if it is right for you. 

Check out the Alpha Brain review to learn about it and for your exclusive opportunity to try Alpha Brain Free only at Focus Here and Now. 


weighted blanketsHarkla Weighted Blanket for (ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, and Other Mental Health Conditions)

The Harkla weighted blanket is unlike any other product that we have reviewed. It doesn't necessarily fall into the category of nootropic supplements but it can certainly help improve similar symptoms that nootropics we have recommended can do. The weighted blanket comes in all sizes and you choose your size based on size and weight. 

I test the 20lb. Harkla weighted blanket to see if it truly helps with my ADHD and anxiety symptoms. The results were pretty astounding and I am still using my weighted blanket today. Find out what makes this weighted blanket so special in our Harkla weight blanket review. I go into detail about my experience using it over the course of 30 days and I have continued to use it beyond. This one definitely caught me by surprise and became a product I simply couldn't leave off the list of reviews. 


truBrain Review (Updated New “Think Drinks” Formula: 2021) Must Read Before Purchasebest brain supplements

TruBrain is a product that we have already reviewed multiple times in the past. They are constantly tweaking their formula attempting to make their blend better for the masses.

Here's the deal:

The neuroscience team at truBrain went back to the drawing board to enhance their product again. Very few nootropic supplements we have reviewed contain the number of potent and powerful nootropic ingredients that truBrain does.

The recently updated truBrain review reveals whether or not these enhancements actually improved the product.

TruBrain's new formula includes the addition of potent and powerful nootropics like Oxiracetam, Uridine, Centrophenoxine, Noopept, and more Piracetam. However, sometimes more doesn't always mean better.

Find out if the newly enhanced truBrain formula is a winner or a loser!

You can also find additional information at the truBrain website and while there is some useful information there, we would highly suggest you read the truBrain review to help make an educated decision.  


Tremor Miracle Tremor Relief tremor miracle tremor relief

Nearly 300 million people worldwide suffer from essential tremors, a neurological disorder that causes uncontrollable tremors or shaking of the hands, head, legs, feet, and sometimes even the voice. It can sometimes be associated with anxiety disorders. 

Tremors are noticed when doing day-to-day activities such as eating, drinking, writing, reading, etc. It is not as well noticed without some sort of body movement. Not only do I personally struggle with essential tremors, which runs in my family. Therefore, I decided to test the product out on her, a variety of readers who struggle with essential tremors, and myself to see if it worked. 

Tremor Miracle is an all-natural nutrition supplement used to significantly reduce or even eliminate essential tremors altogether. Check out our Tremor Miracle review to find out if it delivers and put a stop to tremors. 


trubrain brain food barstruBrain Nootropic Brain Food Bars – 

The doctors and neuroscience team at truBrain have created another first in the nootropic supplement industry. They were the pioneers of designing the first-ever liquid nootropic stack with their signature truBrain “think drinks.” 


They have developed the first nootropic brain food. TruBrain claims the healthy snack bars not only benefit the brain and improve cognitive function but overall health as well. 

We recently tested and reviewed the new healthy nootropic brain food snack bar designed to improve focus, mental clarity, mental energy, and provide an extra pep in your step in the morning and/or mid-afternoon. 

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about whether or not a snack bar could truly produce noticeable cognitive benefits. However, they do not discourage using your regular or additional nootropic stacks while consuming their new “brain food.” The only thing I was certain about is that I had never seen or tried a nootropic stack like this before. 

Did truBrain produce one of the best brain foods with a new innovative product or fall short of providing effective cognitive benefits? Find out everything you need to know in our latest nootropic brain food bar review from truBrain. 


Mind Lab Pro Review: Does this All-Natural Nootropic Supplement Deliver? mind lab pro reviews

Mind Lab Pro consists of all-natural nootropic ingredients, including their own branded high-quality nootropic supplements. They spent a lot of time and research with a dedicated neuroscience team to perfect the formula. 

However, did Mind Lab Pro deliver the cognitive benefits they claim? Is this natural nootropic with a very safe profile potent enough to produce significantly noticeable positive cognitive benefits? Our Mind Lab Pro review reveals everything you need to know about it and dives into my experience using it. 

Visit the Mind Lab Pro website for an even better understanding of how their potent and powerful yet all-natural nootropic ingredients work. However, be sure to read our Mind Lab Pro review for an honest and comprehensive breakdown of our experience using the supplement for over a month. 


Nootropic Brain Supplement Scams – Nootropic Supplements to Avoid!brain supplements

Not all nootropic supplements are created equal.

They have proven to range anywhere from great, to good and bad.

Unfortunately, there are also some companies that are simply taking advantage of a growing market.

These are the brain supplement scams.

We have come across some products that not only fail to offer any type of benefit but also use deceitful marketing to sell their products under false claims and pretenses. 

Read about some of the worst brain supplement scams we have come across over the past 5 years.

It is just as important for you to learn about products you should avoid as it is to find the ones that may benefit you. Be sure to read our list of brain supplements to avoid.


Katy Review – Is Katy Really an All-Natural “Party” Smart Drug? Katy review

Katy and Chloe are unlike any other two nootropic supplements we have reviewed in the past. 

The overall purpose of Katy is to provide a natural and safe “smart drug” that is capable of delivering a euphoric feeling of “bliss” to the user.

They say it is comparable to the feeling some people get using harder party drugs like MDMA or “Molly.”

We put this unique supplement with nootropic ingredients to the test to reveal whether or not it truly delivered a feeling of “bliss” or a feeling of disappointment.

Read the Katy review to find out, here and now!

We also talk about another nootropic supplement made by the same company called, Chloe.

Chloe is meant to scrub the brain clean of any damage you may have done to it. It is supposed to rid the brain of toxins and even make the use of Katy more effective.

Did Katy and Chloe deliver or was it all hype?

You can also go straight to the Limitless Life website to learn some of the details about Katy, Chole, and Shea products. However, I would highly recommend reading our unexpected and completely unbiased review of these products before making a decision to purchase. 

NOTE: I have to admit, this company has greatly approved its approach. I will be re-visiting them to see if the actual products have improved by request of our readers. 


Addieup reviewAddieUp Review – An Alternative to Adderall?

I am never a fan of products that market themselves as being similar to prescription medications.

Adderall is a powerful prescription medication sometimes prescribed to those struggling with ADD and ADHD.

AddieUp uses word-play to perhaps attract an audience into believing their nootropic brain supplement was a perfect alternative to Adderall.

I tested the product and provide a comprehensive review detailing what you can expect from taking AddieUp. 

Read the AddieUp review. Find out why this one simply wasn't for me and does not fall into a list of nootropic supplements I would recommend to others. 


All-Natural Supplements to help Children with ADHD

focus formulaBrightSpark and Focus Formula Review: The holistic all-natural supplement for those with ADD or ADHD

Focus Formula and Bright Spark are not technically nootropics at all. However, they are holistic, all-natural supplements that claim to be the perfect alternative ADHD treatment for children and adults. As someone who has struggled with ADHD their entire life, I had to know whether or not it worked. It can be effective for adults but was designed as an alternative ADHD treatment for children. We had some of our friend's children help us out with the test. 

The Focus Formula and BrightSpark review break down all of the ingredients found in the formula and explain what they are supposed to do and what they actually did when we put it to the test!  


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New and Upcoming Nootropic Supplement Reviews in 2021


We always do our best to review the nootropic supplements that our readers request. I receive emails asking our opinion about new brain supplements, daily. I assure you that we are doing our best to get to them all. Please never hesitate to reach out with your own request or a customized nootropic stack recommendation. 

Below, you will find some reviews that were requested in the past, present, and others we will be covering soon. Find out if the supplement you are curious about has already been reviewed. 


What Nootropic Supplements Do You Want to See Reviewed?

If you would like to request a specific nootropic supplement to be reviewed in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us with your request. 

We put a lot of time, care, and effort into testing each and every nootropic supplement that is reviewed at Focus Here and Now.

Our mission is to be as honest and comprehensive as possible about our experience using each individual nootropic supplement. The goal is to help you determine the best fit for your personal cognitive needs and goals. Every nootropic supplement is tested for a minimum of one complete month. 

The process includes daily logs, as well as research and documentation regarding any changes and/or side effects that may be experienced during the testing period. It also includes interviews and research on the company to determine their intentions and process for quality control. We reveal everything you need to know about each product, what it was designed to do, and the results that it actually produced.

Not All Nootropic Supplements are Created Equal

Obviously, not all nootropic brain supplements are created equal. Therefore, there is a wide variety of different opinions about various supplements. We share the details of positive, negative, and all other experiences that fall in-between. 

We reveal everything you need to know about each product, what it was designed to do, and the results that it actually produced. However, not all nootropic brain supplements are created equal. Therefore, there is a wide variety of different opinions about various supplements. We share the details of positive, negative, and all other experiences that fall in-between. 


More Nootropic Supplement Reviews for 2021

Check Out Project “Noo You!” The very Few Boosting Cognitive Health, Overall Health and an Overall Sense of Well-Being

**UPDATE** NitroVit – One Of The Best Nootropics for ADHD?best nootropics

As someone who has lived with ADHD for their entire life, I can confidently say that Nitrovit is hands down the best nootropic supplement to help specifically address a variety of ADHD symptoms. 

It is safer than many of the ADHD prescription medications out there and effective on the very first day of use.

Nitrovit's newly enhanced formula is the best to date and quite simply has me saying, “Wow!”

If you want one of the best nootropics for ADHD and for anyone looking to improve focus, concentration, attention, and memory while reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, you need to check out Nitrovit.

Read the review and get a bottle. Then, be sure to report back and share your experience with us!

We have updated the Nitrovit review to talk about the new, significantly more potent nootropic formula they have developed.

NitroVit Upgrade?

Has Nitrovit improved with an updated formula?

Is Nitrovit one of the most effective nootropics for those struggling with ADHD?

Find out why the newly enhanced NitroVit cognitive nootropic is being lauded as one of the very best nootropics for ADHD!



trubrain reviewThe New truBrain Review

I was surprised to learn that truBrain had enhanced its formula yet again.

Since I always keep reviews up-to-date, I decided to revisit the liquid nootropics to find out if the enhancements to the formula truly improved the quality of the product. 

The updated truBrain review reveals the potent and powerful nootropic ingredients added to the formula. There is literally no other nootropic stack like it on the market. However, what makes truBrain work, and is it the best option for your specific cognitive needs and goals?

I discuss my entire experience using the “new and improved” truBrain. The latest formula is truly improved and utilizes some of the potent and effective nootropics on the market and was the first liquid-based nootropic supplement. They are also one of very few who utilize nootropics called racetams in their formulas, which many have reported to be quite beneficial, including me. 

Tons of Honest, News, Views, and Reviews for the 2021 Batch of the Latest Nootropic Supplements

alpha brain instant

Alpha Brain has become one of the most popular supplements on the market. It was one of the very first supplements that utilized nootropic ingredients as a primary component of their products.

After a ton of requests, we finally got around to reviewing it from top to bottom. 

Find out if all of the hype surrounding Alpha Brain is warranted.

They were one of the first pre-formulated nootropic supplements to hit the mainstream. Did they start a trend or just an idea that others perfected?

Find out everything you need to know in the Alpha Brain review. We talk about the original Alpha Brain Memory and Focus Formula, Alpha Brain Instant, and the latest Alpha Brain “New Mood” product that promotes overall rest and relaxation. 

NooCube contest


NooCube is an all-natural nootropic supplement. However, they claim you will start feeling the effects of their high-quality natural nootropic ingredients within the first 20-30 mins of taking it. It is also said to provide a noticeable boost to overall focus and mental energy.

Would it still work quickly and efficiently without any stimulants like caffeine? Find out how NooCube stacked up against both natural and synthetic nootropic supplements on the market. They claim to be one of the healthiest and effective options.

Use the exclusive promo code: “FHN15” and you can try it for 15% OFF your entire order. This offer is only mentioned here and now. You will not find it mentioned in the review so be sure to copy it if you are interested in trying it.

We will also be soon giving away up to 20 FREE bottles of NooCube away to random lucky readers. This stands through the whole month of June 2021! Therefore, keep an eye out for it being added to the review in the near future. 


Updated Nootropic Supplement Reviews Clinical (The First “Smart Drug?”)

modalert1. Modafinil Review 

We Review ModafinlStar to determine whether Modafinil and Armodafinil are TRULY the Most Potent Smart Drugs Available, Today! 

We spent over a month testing and reviewing 2 brands of Modafinil and 1 brand of Armodafinil offered by ModafinilStar. 

After months of inquiries and interest from our readers asking about Modafinil and whether or not we felt that the hype was warranted, I finally pulled the trigger and decided to test it out.

Modafinil and Armodafinil may not be for everyone.

However, anyone wanting to know more about Modafinil and what to expect from using it, NEEDS to read our comprehensive review!

Find out how effective we found Modafinil and Armodafinil to be and our overall opinion about whether ModafinilStar is the best place to buy Modafinil. 

Therefore, check out the long-awaited Modafinil Review


We have received a TON of requests asking about Lumonol. It has been described as a powerful nootropic supplement formula.

Researching the ingredients found in Lumonol, it was fairly obvious that the intent was to create a potent nootropic stack that was different from the others. 

Lumonol certainly has a unique formula and the fact that it is very different from many others has attracted the attention of many. 

However, while I was intrigued by Lumonol's nootropic ingredients, it was not the first thing that piqued my interest.

Lumonol has been mentioned in multiple forums and websites as a potential alternative ADHD treatment.

While I would never make this type of bold claim, it certainly caught my attention. I have struggled with ADHD my entire life. It will absolutely be addressed in the official review. 

The official Lumonol Review is coming very soon and while I don't want to spoil anything by sharing specifics quite yet, I will say that it is one of the more potent and effective nootropics we have tested in quite a while and I believe it will meet the cognitive needs of many people who are specifically looking for the benefits the product delivers.


CILTEP has been recommended by many celebrities and was sponsored by the WSOP champion in 2014, Martin Jacobsen.

This all-natural formula claims to be one of the most potent natural nootropics of its kind.

Check out the CILTEP review and find out if it would make a great addition to your nootropic stacks!  CILTEP is another natural nootropic supplement that packs a punch. It has been proven to produce noticeable and effective results for a wide variety of different people. Therefore, find out everything you need to know in our CILTEP review. 

 Click Here to View Our Previously FEATURED Nootropic Reviews Of The Month! 


Upcoming Nootropic Supplement Reviews for 2021: 

Upcoming nootropic supplement reviews will include a product that is certainly not afraid to “focus” on mental energy, the “smart drug” that literally EVERYONE is talking about and trying to get their hands on, a brain supplement created by an MLM company that got upset with our comment in a recent article that revealed various brain supplement scams, as well as the NEW and claimed to be improved, nootropic “think drinks.”

Brain Supplement reviews later in the month will include:

Reviews of the pre-formulated nootropics that make the biggest claims or that we have either had requests to review will be covered from top to bottom to figure out what may or may not work best for cognitive needs and goals. 

We are always open to new suggestions and recommendations so never hesitate to contact us with your specific requests. There is virtually nothing out there that I won't personally test and review!

A Nootropic Brain Supplement MLM Program

Nerium EHT – This was not a brain supplement that I had any intention of reviewing until I received some distraught feedback in response to our article about brain supplements to avoid, from members of the MLM company, Nerium, who were a little upset with the brief comments that we made.

Nerium EHT was not one of the products that we had actually tested, which was made clear in the article.

However, the comments were based more on negative feedback I had read about the company, as well as feedback received from former members of Nerium. In fairness, this still does not mean that the product or the company are scams, which is why I decided to keep an open mind.

I was contacted by a couple of very nice women who were representatives of the company and who were defending the product and the company.

They each had an admirable passion and therefore, I offered to conduct a formal review of the product and the company if they cared to send product samples. Well, they did and we will be sharing the completely unbiased results of our experience and research, later this month!


Customize Your Cognition At Focus Here And Now And Build Your Own Nootropic Stack For Your Specific Cognitive Goals and Needs:

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Want us to customize a nootropic stack for you for FREE? Just fill out the brief form and we will send you the best nootropic cognitive stack for your specific needs and goals. 


Featured Nootropic Supplement Reviews Of The Month At Focus Here And Now!

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Modafinil Review: (The Best Smart Drug Out There?)
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ALL Nootropic Supplement Reviews At Focus Here And Now:

Focus Here And Now: Nootropic Supplement Reviews 

Nootropic supplement reviews are necessary with so many nootropic supplements popping up on the market each month. We provide the most comprehensive, unbiased, and honest nootropic supplement reviews about the most popular nootropic supplements and pre-formulated nootropic supplements on the market, today. We are constantly updating more of the latest nootropic supplements to provide you with an honest and thorough opinion about the quality of each product and our personal experience from using each one! Be sure to visit back often!

top nootropics and nootropic supplement reviews   Focus Here and Now has dedicated over a year to testing and analysis of the most popular nootropic supplements to bring you the most comprehensive nootropic supplement reviews. You can rely on our nootropic supplement reviews to learn the truth about the latest nootropics that we have reviewed to find out the winners and losers that have been released in the nootropic supplement market.  Nootropics serve many different purposes. Before deciding on the nootropic supplement that may be right for you, you want to decide what your personal needs and goals are for taking nootropics.  You will find nootropics that can improve concentration, focus, attention, memory, overall mental acuity and more. First, decide what your personal goals may be and decide on the nootropic supplement that will best meet those needs and goals for you.

Nootropic Supplement Reviews

Nootropic supplement reviews seem to be everywhere these days. However, not all nootropic supplement reviews are created equally very much the same way that not all nootropic supplements are created equally! I am constantly receiving e-mails from new companies that would like us to add them to our growing list of nootropic supplement reviews on a daily basis. However, I tell them all the same thing. 

The Process of Nootropic Supplement Reviews

Just because we agree to test your product does not mean that we agree to test it positively. Therefore, if you are confident in your product and confident enough to put it out there and understand that it will be comprehensively tested and reviewed, by all means, I welcome you to submit. However, I will not and have never accepted any kind of upfront money or incentive for our nootropic supplement reviews.  My mission ONE is top maintain the integrity of our site and respect that our readers are coming to us for a trusted resource of nootropic supplement reviews that they can trust. We ALWAYS want to maintain that trust and reputation as the number one resource for reading comprehensive, honest, and unbiased nootropic supplement reviews and will never be for sale to compromise our procedures.  You can find all of the pre-formulated nootropic supplement reviews listed above.
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