A Powerful Nootropic Stack or More Hype? Axon Labs Review

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 Axon Labs: Potent and Powerful Nootropic Stack Or An Exaggeration?   

Axon Labs recently developed two nootropic supplements designed to work synergistically well together as a new potent and effective nootropic stack. Nexus and Mitogen certainly didn't include ingredients that you commonly see in pre-formulated nootropic stacks. I was curious to find out just how potent and powerful the nootropic stack was and whether or not it lived up to the bold claims made by Axon Labs. 

Axon labs are founded by the same people who created the all-natural nootropic supplement company, Natural Stacks that created the popular natural nootropic called CILTEP. However, Axon Labs is focused on creating more potent and powerful stacks by using some of the more effective nootropic ingredients. 

While I was impressed by the ingredients used to create the two formulas, I also developed higher expectations. The latest nootropic stack from Axon Labs would have to significantly and noticeably provide cognitive benefits.

The Nexus and Mitogen Supplement Review from Axon Labs

A nootropic stack geared at taking cognitive enhancement to the next level?

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Nexus and Mitogen Supplements from Axon Labs

One nootropic stack can greatly vary from another. Different supplements are developed to improve various areas of cognitive function geared toward specific cognitive needs and goals, 

Axon Labs is a subsidiary of Natural Stacks, a company that created an effective natural nootropic stack that we reviewed late last year called, CILTEP.

CILTEP not only gained popularity and praise from the general public but also from a number of celebrities like Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris, who even claimed that it was more powerful than the prescription smart drug, Modafinil

Here's the deal about Axon Labs:

Natural stacks develop all of their products using natural nootropic ingredients. While they have produced some very effective and powerful nootropic stacks, the synthetic nootropics used in Axon Labs products are typically more potent and provide the opportunity to improve additional components of cognitive function that natural nootropics may not be capable of achieving. 

Axon Labs wanted to create a nootropic stack that would maximize cognitive enhancement by using some of the most potent nootropic ingredients. 

The Inception of Axon Labs

Axon Labs was officially born with one primary goal in mind…cognitive enhancementmexus and mitogen supplements

Roy Krebs, his partner Ben Hebert, and Biohacker, Abelard Lindsay spent a lot of time developing Axon Lab's first two potent nootropic supplements called, Nexus and Mitogen

Each nootropic supplement was developed with different cognitive enhancement goals in mind. However, they are specifically formulated to work synergistically well with one another to potentiate the effects of each nootropic ingredient.

Creating the Most Potent Nootropic Stack from Axon Labs

Combining Nexus and Mitogen would ultimately create a more potent and powerful nootropic stack. 

Stacking various nootropic supplements provide the user with the ability to target multiple cognitive needs and goals. 


It is important to understand that not all nootropic supplements should be stacked together. This seems to be a common misunderstanding, especially with those who are just learning and experimenting with nootropics. 

Some nootropics work extremely well together, working synergistically to potentiate the effects of one another. However, it takes specific combinations to maximize the effects of a nootropic stack.  

Nexus and Mitogen Nootropic Stack Ingredients: What Are They Developed To Do?

Axon Labs was created with one goal in mind…

Maximize cognitive enhancement.

Over two and a half years went into the development of Nexus and Mitogen.

Some pre-formulated nootropic supplements have a slight stigma because unfortunately, there are brain supplement scams that have taken advantage of the public with hype-marketing and false advertising claims. 

You might be wondering:

What's inside each of the Nexus and Mitogen nootropic stacks? How does the combination of both of these supplements potentially deliver a more potent nootropic stack?


Nexus Advanced Nootropic Stack

Nexus was developed to enhance cognitive performance and maximize long-term cognitive functioning. 


Nexus Advanced Nootropic Stack Ingredients: advanced nootropic stack

  • Aniracetam 

Aniracetam is a favorite nootropic from the racetam class. It is extremely effective yet not commonly found in other pre-formulated nootropic stacks. The Nexus nootropic stack includes a pharmaceutical grade aniracetam, tested by a 3rd party lab that issued a COA to ensure potency and purity levels were optimal.

Aniracetam Benefits:

  1. Hundreds of studies have been done over the past decade proving that aniracetam enhances both short-term and long-term memory.
  2. Aniracetam also promotes working memory and overall enhanced cognition.
  3. Known to boost affability and motivation
  4. Increases attention and boosts mental energy
  5. Also known for mood-enhancing effects and works to reduce stress from its anti-anxiety properties

Aniracetam is also known to work quickly, making it far more potent and faster-acting than most nootropics in the racetam class, such as Piracetam. It is also known to regulate the Dopamine and Serotonin neurotransmitters, which are two essential chemicals in the brain that help elevate mood.

  • Pycnogenol

Known as the most potent and purest extract in the world, derived from French maritime pine bark.  It is a very powerful antioxidant, said to fight aging mechanisms. It has not only been used to treat circulation problems but has also gained popularity as a natural treatment for attention deficit disorders like ADHD. 

Pycnogenol Benefits: 

  1. nexus nootropic stack ingredientsKnown for improving both spatial and numerical working memory. Spatial memory refers to memory recall of spatial information such as geographical layouts, remembering how various items may be positioned, and/or even learning how to navigate through a maze. Numerical working memory refers to the working memory in relation to numbers and mathematics. 
  2. Studies show that Pycnogenol has helped students prepare and take exams
  3. Pycnogenol has a multitude of other health benefits. It is said to promote healthy skin, lower blood pressure, improve asthma symptoms, and even help diabetics with long-term control of blood-sugar levels.
  • CDP Choline & Phosphatidylserine 

CDP-Choline is a supplement that I recommend always integrating with any nootropic stack that contains any nootropics from the racetam class.

  • It not only works synergistically well with racetams but also potentiates the effects of nootropics from the racetam class. This is why you will so frequently see choline and racetams mentioned together.
  • CDP Choline also helps to prevent potential mild headaches that can occur from taking nootropics like aniracetam, piracetam, oxiracetam, amongst others. 
  • Phosphatidylserine is known for protecting the brain and preventing cognitive decline and works extremely well with CDP Choline to maintain a balance and optimal brain function. 

CDP Choline & Phosphatidylserine Benefits:

  1. Enhances memory, learning, and attention
  2. Both help to diminish stress and are essential for short-term memory and brain acceleration
  3. Known to Inhibit cognitive decline and protecting the brain

My Experience Using The Nexus Advanced Nootropic Stack 

Nexus nootropic stackBefore testing the Nexus and Mitogen advanced nootropic stacks together, I wanted to formulate a concise opinion about their overall effectiveness, individually.

Considering how much time and research went into developing the Nexus nootropic stack, I was a bit surprised to see that it only had 4 main active ingredients. 

However, it also made me think about CILTEP, which I found to be incredibly effective and only has 5 main active ingredients.

But here's the kicker about the Nexus Supplement:

I believe the benefits I experienced while using Nexus were actually more effective because it only included 4 potent and powerful primary ingredients.

Here's the deal about other pre-formulated nootropics:

Some pre-formulated nootropic supplements can “over-stack” their product with unnecessary ingredients. 

Nexus only includes the most potent and important ingredients, which helps take out the guesswork and at the end of the day, produced a more effective nootropic stack. 


Nexus Advanced Nootropic Stack is one of the most potent, yet well-balanced nootropics that I have tried. 

The Nexus advanced nootropic stack was potent and significantly improved my overall mental energy, which should not be confused with physical energy. 

Mental energy includes things like focus, mood, confidence, motivation, and productivity.

I experienced noticeable improvements in every aspect of mental energy, including an overall positive mood.

It allowed me to more easily engage in both business and social settings, which helped boost my confidence and provide an overall feeling of well-being. 

Nexus ingredients seemed to work together methodically…

The improvements to my overall mood and confidence noticeably heightened my overall state of focus. The more calm focus I would experience, the more motivation I gained. 

The more motivation I gained, the more productive I became. 

The more productive I became, the more cognizant I was that my short-term memory recall had improved. 

It was at that moment that I realized I was actually feeling the Nexus nootropic stack working synergistically. Meaning, I could actually recognize how the nootropics were working with one another.

While I have tested a wide variety of pre-formulated nootropic stacks over the past couple of years and understood the concept behind nootropics working synergistically, I have never been able to actually pinpoint it.

I have reviewed pre-formulated nootropic stacks positively in the past and could clearly explain the positive effects that I may have experienced, but they were usually from an overall perspective. 

With the Nexus advanced nootropic stack, I not only felt the positive effects but felt the ingredients systematically working together, which was truly fascinating!

The Nexus advanced nootropic stack absolutely gained my approval and recommendation. It is a simple, yet unique nootropic stack that produced noticeable positive effects. It was effective at improving focus, attention, concentration, mood, memory, motivation, and overall cognitive functioning

After a straight week using the Nexus nootropic stack, I took two days off and moved on to the Mitogen nootropic stack, which claims to provide advanced mitochondrial support.


What's Inside The Mitogen Nootropic Stack With Advanced Mitochondrial Support Mitogen nootropic advanced mitochondrial support

Mitochondria supports and sustains higher levels of cognitive functioning for your brain cells.

The theory behind the Mitogen nootropic stack is based on scientific research that suggests optimal levels of mitochondria can be essential to enhance overall mental performance.

The research also suggests that the compounds that makeup Mitogen can improve brain cell function and support neuronal stimulation. Therefore, improving overall brain health. 

Mitogen Nootropic Stack – Advanced Mitochondrial Support

Mitogen was developed to promote the mitochondria's production of cellular energy to optimize overall mental performance. I would spend the next 7 days taking Mitogen by itself. 


Mitogen Advanced Mitochondrial Support Nootropic Stack Ingredients:

  • Sulbutiamine & Vitamin B5 

Sulbutiamine is derived from Vitamin B1 and provides a key element in converting glucose into energy. It is said to have a positive effect on the Dopamine neurotransmitter, which is involved in our sensation of pleasure and rewards our learning system. Sulbutiamine also works synergistically with Vitamin B5, which is known for helping to reduce stress and anxiety

Sulbutiamine & Vitamin B5 Benefits:

  1. Known to have a positive effect on overall mood.
  2. Commonly referred to as an effective and natural combination that reduces stress and anxiety. It is widely known to be beneficial in treating more serious mental ailments like chronic stress and anxiety disorders
  3. Sulbutiamine is also widely known for the ability to increase levels of thiamine, which is known to enhance cognitive functioning and improve focus. Japanese researchers have identified it as a key element for improving intelligence. 
  4. Vitamin B5 is also known for helping a variety of other disorders including, asthma and respiratory problems, heart disorders, hair loss and improving allergy symptoms. 
  • R-Lipoic Acid & Vitamin C – 

R-Lipoic acid is supported by intense studies that indicate it's strong neuroprotective capabilities and its ability to neutralize potentially damaging effects of oxidative stress. The combination of R-Lipoic acid and Vitamin C are known to help prevent free radical damage to the brain. It has also been shown to even reduce brain damage after a stroke. 


  • Idebenone & BioPQQ® – 

The combination of Idebenone and BioPQQ is a unique nootropic stack that was studied for years in order to perfect the optimal enhancement of mitochondria to produce ATP energy.

  • Idebenone specifically works as an antioxidant that targets free radicals in the brain and throughout the rest of the body. It helps to attack these free radicals and flush them out of the system. This not only helps to reduce the damage to the brain but also a variety of organs throughout the body. It has even been said to help lower the risk of cancer. Idebenone plays a critical role to increase the “Nerve Growth Factor,” involved in the growth, generation, and overall health of nerves within the brain.  

Idebenone also works synergistically with BioPQQ, which was recognized as an ingredient backed by the best science. It is known for being one of the most effective supplements for protecting and improving the number and function of the mitochondria while protecting it from damage. 

Clearly, the Mitogen nootropic stack was designed to provide enhanced Mitochondrial support. 

However, this was an element of improving overall cognitive functioning and brain health that I never put much or enough thought into the potential overall importance. Apparently, this was an oversight because it provides a crucial element for supporting overall brain health.  


My Experience With The Mitogen Nootropic Stack  mitogen nootropic stack mitochondrial stack

One of the most noticeable cognitive improvements also involved my overall mental energy. However, it was a little more subtle than I had experienced with the Nexus nootropic stack. 

However, one main difference was that I felt more mentally focused and physically energetic while taking Mitogen.

Mitogen on its own provided consistent effects throughout the entire week. While it shared some similarities with the Nexus stack, there were also some effects that were noticeably different as well.

Along with a pleasant boost in mental energy that helped me stay alert, it also seemed to be offset by the anti-anxiety properties. Meaning, it was not a jittery boost in energy. 

Here's the deal:

I have taken a variety of nootropic supplements in the past that have provided a boost in mental energy. However, some mental energy boosts are not always pleasant.

In my opinion, one of the least favorable effects can be an uncomfortable boost in energy as if you mixed 5 Red Bulls with the rest of the stack. The spike in this type of stimulated energy can cause anxiety that interferes with any improvements to focus.  

Mitogen seemed to provide a well-balanced increase to both mental and physical energy that promoted a very good sense of overall well-being

By the end of my first week using the Mitogen nootropic stack on its own, I was also experiencing noticeable improvement to my memory recall. Overall, my mental performance felt sharp but it was almost difficult to put my finger on the specific areas of improvement. 

I felt the mental and physical energy peaks, but in a very nice calm state of mind that allowed me to be productive while feeling relaxed at the same time. 

To put it in perspective, I have experimented with various nootropic stacks in the past that improved my productivity but that left me feeling very drained and stressed by the end of the day.

This was not the case with Mitogen and by the end of the week, I was extremely curious about how effective both Nexus and Mitogen nootropic supplements would stack with one another. 


How Nexus and Mitogen Work As a Combined Nootropic Stack nexus mitogen nootropic stacks

Considering the benefits that I had experienced using the Nexus and Mitogen nootropic stacks individually, my expectations about how they would work together were fairly high.

Here's the deal:

According to Axon Labs, the two nootropic supplements were designed to work best when taken together.  

My experience using each supplement individually was positive, but the overall benefits of each supplement were potentiated and truly reached their fullest potential when used together.  

The Nexus nootropic stack seemed to provide the fuel that produced an intense overall focused state of mind that I most clearly recognized by my improved ability to think on my feet more quickly. 

I felt an improvement in mental energy and creativity that allowed me to be more productive throughout the day because I found myself able to process more information effectively. 

A Potent and Powerful Nootropic Stack

When combining Mitogen with the Nexus nootropic stack, I felt a noticeable improvement in the sustainability of that mental energy and ability to process information effectively throughout the day. The stack combined nootropic stack helped noticeably boost concentration, focus, attention, memory, mood, reduced stress, increased learning capacity, and overall cognitive functioning.

The overall result of the Nexus and Mitogen nootropic stack was a comfortable and sustainable improvement in overall cognitive functioning that did not leave me feeling anxious or jittery.

The best way to describe it would be an overall positive sense of mental well being that allowed me to maintain focus and remain productive consistently throughout the rest of the testing period. 

Without question, the positive effects and benefits that each nootropic stack provides individually are potentiated and most effective when stacked together. 


This does not mean that I feel it is necessary to stack them together.

I tested them individually to understand how each of them worked and whether or not they would be effective alone. My experience proved to be positive with both products individually but was further optimized when stacked together


The Bottom Line About The Nexus and Mitogen Advanced Nootropic Stacks

It is clear that Axon Labs dedicated the time, research, and resources into developing unique and effective nootropic stacks geared specifically to optimize cognitive functioning. Nexus and Mitogen prove to be a noticeably effective nootropic stack that provides multiple cognitive benefits. 

Instead of imitating the competition with small variations of common pre-formulated nootropic supplements that have been done time and time again, they went a step further to include some of the more potent nootropic supplements, such as Aniracetam to help people achieve a level of focus that is not as frequently available by other pre-formulated stacks. 

Axon Labs was developed to remove the limitations that stood before them with products that contained nothing other than all-natural nootropic ingredients like they created with CILTEP in order to take cognitive enhancement to the next level. 

The Nexus advanced nootropic stack and Mitogen advanced mitochondrial support stack, clearly show what Axon Labs is capable of achieving and leaves me excited to try additional products they develop in the future.  

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As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read this comprehensive review about the Nexus advanced nootropic stack and Mitogen advanced mitochondrial support. Please feel free to comment below and share your experience using either of these products or with any questions that you may have about these unique and potent nootropic stacks.


Have you used Nexus or Mitogen nootropic stacks? Tell us about your experience or any other positive or even negative experiences you have had with nootropic stacks, whether they are pre-formulated or ones that you may have customized. Please comment below…


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