Natural Herbal Supplement w/ Advanced Nootropics: Nitro Mind Review

An All Natural Herbal Supplement with Nootropics from the “Green Guru” of Nutrition?

A new natural herbal supplement with nootropic ingredients has hit the market. It is a different type of natural nootropic from Green Guru Nutrition. We are breaking it down to determine exactly how it works and whether or not it delivers what it claims. 


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Nitro Mind Review

Nitro Mind was the 3rd of 7 all natural herbal supplements with nootropics that we have reviewed from Green Guru Nutrition. They provide the first product line that is comprised of 100% natural, Earth grown ingredients that we have tested so far. My goal is to determine whether an all natural herbal supplement like Nitro Mind and the other natural nootropics from Green Guru nutrition would be potent and powerful enough to provide the cognitive boost that most people are seeking. 

What is Nitro Mind?

Nitro Mind is a natural herbal supplement with natural nootropic ingredients that claims to provide a subtle but quite noticeable boost to overall cognitive functioning. Nitro Mind claims to naturally boost focus and increase overall productivity. 

Nitro Mind is also caffeine-free, which eliminates the possibility of caffeine “acting” as a cognitive boost when it may just be a standard kick from the caffeine. Personally, I like this approach and it makes it easier for me to determine how well the actual ingredients of this natural herbal supplement are working. 

One of the main active ingredients found inside of Nitro Mind is called, Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola Rosea is sometimes used as a natural herbal supplement for helping to alleviate symptoms of ADHD

What other ingredients comprise the Nitro Mind formula?

Nitro Mind Natural Ingredientsrhodiola root natural herbal supplement

  • AlphaSize – AlphaSize is virtually the same as the top choline source, Alpha GPC. It is the premier source of choline due to the maximized bioavailability that it provides. It helps to significantly increase acetylcholine levels in the brain. AlphaSize is considered to be one of the most effective nutrients for the brain in the world. It is frequently used in clinical studies around the world involving various aspects of improving and maintaining memory. AlphaSize also helps create a delay to mental fatigue, resulting in improved mental energy and stamina.


  • Rhodiola Rosea 

    – One of my favorite nootropics and adaptogens that provide a variety of cognitive benefits. This is an amazing natural herbal supplement that provides many health benefits. This includes moderately reducing feelings of stress. Along with the reduction in stress, it also reduces symptoms of depression while boosting a positive overall well-being. Studies show Rhodiola Rosea can be useful for those struggling with ADHD, providing a mild but noticeable stimulant effect that boosts alertness and mental energy


  • Gingko Leaf – 

    Gingko has been around for thousands of years for a reason. It is highly effective and used in medicine and remedies to treat a variety of disorders and boost cognitive functioning. It has been shown in studies to help improve cognitive decline and even help Alzheimer's patients. One of the most widely known cognitive benefits from Gingko is the positive effects that it has on memory, both short-term and long-term. It also helps to increase overall blood flow and circulation to the brain. Gingko helps boost cognitive functioning and contributes to an overall sense of well-being. 


  • bacopa monnieri

    Bacopa Monnieri – 

    Studies continue to show Bacopa as one of the best natural health supplements for the brain. You will find it frequently recommended for the variety of bacopa natural herbal supplementbacopa natural herbal supplementcognitive benefits that it provides. Bacopa also improves short-term and long-term memory while supporting better focus and attention. This natural herbal supplement increases Serotonin levels and helps to regulate dopamine levels, too. 


  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) – Acetyl-l-carnitine, also known as ALCAR has a wide variety of benefits. It is a natural amino acid shown to reduce fatigue and improve mental energy. ALCAR can also potentially reduce symptoms of ADHD and boost overall focus. It is known for anti-aging benefits and helping to reduce cognitive decline. It also serves to protect the brain from free radicals. 


  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – 

    ALA is a natural fatty acid that works very well in conjunction with nootropic supplements. Alpha Lipoic Acid, ALA, provides antioxidant effects to produce anti-aging benefits to the brain. It also supports the mitochondrial producing an improved mental energy


  • vinpocetine natural herbal supplement

    Vinpocetine –

    Vinpocetine is a natural herbal supplement that helps to boost overall mental energy. It is also used to treat cognitive decline and slows down the brain's aging process. Some studies have shown that Vinpocetine can improve both short-term and long-term memory and is known for antioxidant benefits that it provides to the brain. 


  • BioPerine – 

    A natural herbal supplement derived from black pepper extract. It is used in the treatment of certain mood disorders. It has also been proven to improve spatial attention. One of the main benefits of this natural herbal supplement is how it allows the body and brain to consume other nutrients in the body. It utilizes the body's main nutrients most effectively throughout the day. Consuming the best daily brain foods in combination with Bioperine will allow the body and brain to capitalize on the essential nutrients

huperzine a

  • pTeroPure –

    This is a natural herbal supplement with strong antioxidant factors. The right dosage of pTeroPure can be a key component to extending the life of essential brain cells. It has been shown to improve overall cognition and becomes more effective with longer term use. pTeroPure has also been shown to regulate mood and reduce feelings of anxiety


  • Huperzine A – 

    One of my favorite brain health supplements. This natural herbal supplement has been shown to enhance learning and memory. It is used to enhance executive function and even improves age-related memory loss. It has neuroprotective and antioxidant effects that protect and enrich the brain. Huperzine A is extremely effective and a key component of this natural herbal supplement stack. It works synergistically with the other ingredients, helping to potentiate their effects. 

How Does Nitro Mind Work?

Nitro Mind contains one powerful natural herbal supplement after the other. However, I wondered how potent and noticeable the effects of the supplement would be. 

The formula is designed to maximize brain enhancement and function. It was developed to improve focus, manage stress, and make the overall brain function more efficiently. They used natural herbal supplements with nootropics to develop a formula that would help the mind focus and relax at the same time but would it deliver?

My Experience Using Nitro Mind Nitro Mind

One of the first things that surprised me about Nitro Mind was how effective it is as a mood booster. I felt an overall sense of well-being and calm with a smooth and steady focus. My energy was improved but not in a jittery or typically caffeinated type of way. This was a balanced sense of focus with a subtle but noticeable reduction in my overall stress levels. 

I was also surprised how quickly I experienced the effects of Nitro Mind. I could feel them settling in and my productivity improvement within the first hour of consumption. I also noticed myself far less distractible, which may be due to the well-balanced Rhodiola Rosea that was blended into the natural herbal supplement formula. 

Overall, the benefits were subtle yet noticeable throughout my experience taking Nitro Mind. This is the type of supplement I think will benefit many people looking for a boost in focus but a mild decrease in overall stress and anxiety. It was very effective in helping to enhance my productivity throughout usage. 

Nitro Mind works and it may work differently for some people than others.


The Bottom Line about Nitro Mind

Brain power supplements

Try Nitro Mind for FREE!

The bottom line is that Nitro Mind is worth a try.

I have no doubt that it will benefit many people who have been looking for a natural nootropic solution like this one to meet their cognitive needs. The fact you can try it free is a bonus. 

Keep in mind that while they ask for a credit card for the free trials, nothing is charged. This is simply the only way that they can keep people from taking advantage of the offer with only an e-mail address. You can literally cancel at any time and they provide an account manager panel that makes the cancellation process as easy as one click of a button. So, if you try Nitro Mind and decide it is not for you, simply sign into the dashboard and click cancel and you're done. Literally, the easiest and most simple process for a free trial that I have come across yet. 

Nitro Mind is the perfect blend of natural herbal supplements with natural nootropics and brain vitamins to provide a noticeable improvement in cognitive functioning.

This is one of the safest and healthiest products I have tried to date. 


Have you tried Nitro Mind? Is this the type of natural herbal supplement that you would try? What types of other natural nootropics have you tried? Please feel free to leave your questions, comments, and stories below!


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