Natural ADHD Treatment They Don’t Want You to Know About!

Natural ADHD Treatments That They Don't Want You to Know About

We used to be told that natural ADHD treatment was a “myth” and that alternative ADHD treatments didn't exist. However, there may have also been a hidden agenda by big Pharmaceutical companies to push their prescription medications on those struggling with ADD or ADHD.

Here's the deal:

There are some situations where prescription ADHD medications may be helpful or even necessary. My goal is not to convince the world that nobody should be taking stimulant prescription ADHD medications. However, I would like to help educate people about the alternative ADHD treatment options that are also available to them. Stimulant medications that can be addictive and produce short and long-term side effects are also not the only option for treating ADD or ADHD. 

I have lived with ADHD my entire life and I have experience treating my ADHD in many different ways over the years. This includes treatment with stimulant ADHD medications as well as using natural ADHD treatment options that I discovered later in life. 

Natural ADHD treatment used to be considered holistic voodoo. 

However, science does not lie.

Continuous research and newly acquired knowledge have helped prove that alternative ADHD treatments can work. Today, more children and adults with ADHD are turning to alternative ADHD treatments to help better manage their ADHD symptoms. 

Compelling research studies in the neuroscience community are also proving that some natural ADHD treatment options may not only be safer than stimulant prescription medications but potentially more effective, too! At the end of the day, it is important for those struggling with ADD or ADHD to understand all of the options available to them.  


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ADHD used to be primarily associated with children. We have now discovered that ADHD in adults is far more common than once believed. 

Expectations have changed: 

Many of those ADHD children who were expected to “grow out of it” are now adults that continue to struggle with a multitude of adult ADHD symptoms.

ADHD is not something you simply “grow out of” and research continues to prove that with no official cure for ADHD, most people will not suddenly grow out of it. 

It's not a disorder that magically goes away, but the big pharmaceutical companies may have known that all along. We may not have a clear definition of what causes ADHD but as we get a better understanding of ADHD, we are recognizing more potential ADHD treatments.

Have We Be Sold ADD and ADHD?

As a result of an intense campaign to virtually “sell” the disorder, ADHD pharmaceutical companies like Shire (Creator of Adderall and other common ADHD medications), may have had the intention of creating a lifetime customer. Meanwhile, prescription medications like Adderall continue to become part of an epidemic across the globe. 

There have been limited ADHD treatment options made available to ADHD children, adults with ADHD, and parents of ADHD children.

We used to have a very limited amount of information and resources about ADD or ADHD made available to us. Therefore, we became accustomed to treating ADHD with a prescription bottle.

Knowledge about natural ADHD treatment and alternative ADHD treatment options have only been made available to those struggling with ADD or ADHD more recently. Thankfully, research continues to reveal more about attention deficit disorders. This is leading to new discoveries about how we can treat ADHD. 

Dr. Keith Conners delivered some cold hard truth about the “selling of ADD/ADHD” in an eye-opening article published in the New York Times. ADD and ADHD are real disorders but the theory is that it has also been one of the most marketed disorders in history. 


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How Common is ADHD And Other Attention Deficit Disorders?
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Nearly 8 Million adults in the United States, meaning 1 out of 25 have a form of attention deficit disorder such as ADD or ADHD. Nearly 60 percent of children with ADHD will eventually become adults with ADHD as stated by the ADAA.

I am personally part of this statistic and not in the least bit ashamed about it. 

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and continue my life more effectively managing my ADHD symptoms while sharing the reality and humor that accompanies my life as an adult with ADHD

The Difference with Adult ADHD

The biggest difference between my life as a child with ADHD and as an adult with ADHD is the way that I now manage my ADHD symptoms.

I treat my ADHD differently today as a result of some trial and error. Most importantly, the education that I have gained over the years that has allowed me to discover more natural ADHD treatment methods.

There may not be a cure for ADHD but there are many ways that it CAN be managed.

The bottom line:

Prescription stimulant medications are not the only effective ADHD treatment. There are a number of ways to effectively manage the disorder, including natural ADHD treatment. While prescription medications may work best for some, they may not be the best option for others. As an adult with ADHD, I have discovered different ways to manage my symptoms. I no longer rely on stimulant medications.


The Reality of Natural ADHD Treatment

Natural ADHD treatment is commonly overlooked and undervalued because the big pharmaceutical companies have done an excellent job convincing us that their medications were the only way to effectively treat ADD or ADHD. 

ADHD Prescription Medications

I used to swear by my prescription bottles until I started to experience the side effects.  Unfortunately, there was a limited amount of information readily available to me at when I was younger. I had no choice but to turn to some trial and error to find alternative ADHD treatments that would work best for me.   

Many of these stimulant prescription medication companies seem to casually disregard the myriad of potentially deadly side effects and/or additional mental disorders that these drugs may cause. They seem to ignore that it is becoming more commonly abused for recreational purposes and has shown to be addictive. 

It seemed that the older I got, my dosage of ADHD medications would increase. I started to experience both short-term and long-term side effects from the medications. Therefore, it was time to find a natural ADHD treatment that would be safer and effective to help me manage my symptoms. 


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Learning How to Treat Attention Deficit Disorders

Some people believe that the problem lies with doctors over-prescribing and misdiagnosing ADD and ADHD. However, it is a bit more complicated.

Although, natural ADHD treatment is often overlooked by the medical community and some may argue that too many children and adults are being prescribed ADHD medications, there are still many people unaware of their disorder and not treating it at all.

Many adults with ADHD are misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and/or learning disabilities. It is actually common for those with ADD and ADHD to also experience the symptoms of other mental disorders because of their ADHD symptoms

adults with adhdI had personally struggled with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

But here's the kicker:

It takes much more than prescriptions to help manage these problems and it wasn't until I was in my late twenties that I recognized it. Prescription medication “cocktails” only took me so far before they eventually made matters worse. 

What the ADHD Medications did to me

I became somewhat of a zombie.

My family and friends didn't know who I was anymore. I became void of emotion. Meaning, I wasn't sad, I wasn't happy…

I just “was.”

Fortunately, I had the love and support of family and friends. They were able to sit down with me and point out the changes in my personality.

Of course, I became angry and defensive at first. But, it wasn't long before I looked myself in the mirror and recognized that they were right.

That's when I started doing research…

Not just reading, but literally experimenting with different ways to manage my ADHD. As I discovered more effective methods to manage my ADHD, I found more relief from other mental disorders, too.

Natural ADHD treatment helped me to alleviate more than just my ADHD symptoms. It allowed me to get a better grasp on my overall well-being, mental clarity and improve my cognitive functioning.

One thing I want to make clear is that I am not completely against all prescription medications or advocating that everyone who is taking them should throw them away.

I think certain medications serve their purpose and can be effective for some people. However, I know from personal experience that there is a lack of information being communicated about natural ADHD treatment options.

The epidemic problem that we have been facing in this country is due to the narrow options we have been provided to treat attention deficit disorder.

The good news is that most natural ADHD treatment can be implemented while you are still taking these medications.

This can allow ADHD children and adults with ADHD to make a smoother transition and become less reliant on the prescriptions, alone.

adhd medication side effectsSide Effects of ADHD Prescription Medications

Prescription ADHD medications can commonly have side effects.

Some of these side effects may include:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches
  • Changes in mood
  • Ticks that are also commonly associated with paranoia
  • Hallucinations and mania, as outlined on WebMD.

Some of these side effects are more common than others.

I have personally experienced at least 5 of those side effects at one point or another, while I was prescribed various ADHD medications.

However, I did not want to allow my ADHD symptoms to take control of my life. Therefore, I took it upon myself to explore natural ADHD treatment options. 



Natural ADHD Treatment –  What Are The Best Natural ADHD Treatment Options?

natural ADHD treatment

The lack of information and resources about natural ADHD treatment helped motivate me to research, test, and learn more about alternative ADHD treatment options that may help others.

Natural ADHD treatment has included changes to my diet, natural supplementation, sleep, and meditation. 

Changes to your daily diet routine and the consumption of “brain food” can be one of the most simple and effective natural ADHD treatment options.

Brain foods are not necessarily an ADHD “cure.” It is important to supplement changes in your diet with changes in your daily routines, as well. 

Technology has also come a long way and the neuroscience community continues to make groundbreaking discoveries about natural ADHD treatment through the use of modern technology. Biofeedback therapy training with the use of neurofeedback technology is believed to hold the potential key to finding an actual cure for ADHD. 

Changes in Daily Routines

  • Changes to your daily routine can be a simple natural ADHD treatment.
  • Remember to Keep it Simple. Some of the most effective natural ADHD treatments can also be the most simple. We tend to overcomplicate things when it is not necessary!
  • Don't diminish the value of a good night's sleep. ADHD Sleep Disorder is quite common.


Natural ADHD Treatment with Natural ADHD Supplements – What Are The Best Nootropics For ADHD?

There are supplements that can improve ADHD symptoms.

However, not all of these supplements are created equal.

I have experienced my fair share of “sugar pills” and elixirs. However, I have also discovered some very effective ADHD supplements that have helped alleviate certain ADHD symptoms.

First, you should be aware of the bad brain supplements that I would recommend avoiding. Trial and error meant that I would also find products and supplements that didn't work. It is just as important that you know about the scams as it is for me to share the best brain supplements I experienced with you. 

You may not hear as much about natural ADHD treatment from the medical community because prescription medication companies are their main clients.

The following is a short list of some natural ADHD supplements that have been shown to help people better manage their ADHD symptoms.

Focus formula natural adhd treatment

Native Remedies created multiple all natural ADHD supplements that have continued to become more widely used and accepted by the ADHD communities.

Not only are they all natural formulas, but they have been shown to noticeably improve focus, concentration and attention spans in children and adults. 

1. Focus Formula – 

Focus Formula is appropriate for all ages and has been proven to help improve focus and concentration.

The supplement helps immediately address the issue of focus, concentration, and other ADD and ADHD symptoms.

You can read more about how it works in our comprehensive Focus Formula review. This natural ADHD treatment has been shown to noticeably improve attention, concentration, mood, motivation, and memory. 


natural adult adhd treatment2. Focus ADDult – 

Focus ADDult is a more potent version of Focus Formula that is meant more specifically for teenagers and adults. It provides a noticeable improvement to focus, concentration, attention, mood, motivation, and memory. 

While some remain skeptical of natural ADHD treatment options, I have personally found that supplementing a formula like Focus ADDult with other simple ADHD management techniques, allowed me to more effectively manage my ADHD symptoms. 


 Natural ADHD Treatment Designed For Adults

Adults with ADHD may experience a different type of difficulty and stress while trying to manage their ADHD symptoms.

I have put together a complete list of alternative ADHD treatments that adults can implement immediately.  

There are many different types of natural ADHD remedies that can be effective for both children and adults with ADHD.

Nootropic supplements helped change the game for me and have allowed me to better manage my ADHD symptoms. 

There are many different types of nootropics on the market. Fortunately, I have done a lot of personal testing and research to find the nootropics that work best for those struggling with ADD and ADHD.

The Best Nootropics for ADHD best nootropics

What are nootropics? Do nootropics work? 

The nootropics that work can help improve overall focus, concentration, attention, memory, reducing stress and anxiety, boosts in mood, motivation, productivity, and improved cognitive functioning. 

More about Nootropic Supplements

I tried some nootropic supplements that I would consider the best nootropics for ADHD. However, each of us is different and have different brain and body chemistry. Therefore, the nootropics that may work best for one person, may not work as well for another. The top 10 best brain supplements that I have tried provided noticeable cognitive improvements. 

I continued to learn so much about nootropics that I consistently write nootropic supplement reviews that talk about the most popular and newest supplements to hit the market. 

The bottom line is that nootropics work. However, they don't all work the same. There are high-quality nootropic supplements and then there are the imitators that make grossly false claims and provide sub-par quality products. The key is doing your research or using the research we have done to help determine the nootropics that may work best for you.

At the end of the day, I have had a lot of success using nootropics and never experienced a fragment of the side effects that I did from prescription medications.  

Natural ADHD Treatment: Focus and Mood Ultra Formulas for Children and Adults 

natural ADHD treatment supplements


Natural ADHD Treatment Combo Packs for Adults:

ADHD adults have found success boosting overall focus and mood by using the all-natural Focus & Mood Ultra Pack for Adults.

The combination has shown to improve focus and concentration, support a sense of pure calm, clarity, mental attention, and overall concentration. Plus, it is an all natural ADHD treatment that is safe to use. 

This formula pack includes the all-natural, Triple complex ADHD brain tonic, Focus ADDult, and the Pure Calm formula, which naturally supports tranquility and the central nervous system.  


Natural ADHD Treatment Combo Packs for Children:

The FocusPlus Combo Pack for children includes the Focus Formula and BrightSpark. I speak about both of these formulas in detail in the Focus Formula and BrightSpark review. Many parents of ADHD children swear by their ability to naturally relieve ADHD symptoms. 


The Bottom Line About Natural ADHD Treatment 

Alternative ADHD treatments are being discovered daily. It is important to change your daily routines, eat specific types of food, practice meditation, and consider certain types of supplementation. 

Hopefully, you have discovered some additional resources and tools that can help you better manage your own ADHD or the ADHD symptoms of a loved one.  

These tools, resources, information, and reviews are based on personal experience, scientific research studies, and information shared with me by others who have struggled with ADHD. There are additional ADHD treatment options available to you. 

ADHD stimulant medications are not the only option to effectively treat ADD and/or ADHD.

I have found that natural ADHD treatment to be far more effective at helping me better manage my ADHD symptoms. As research continues, we will continue to discover new treatment options. The key is understanding all of the ADHD treatment options that are out there and finding what works best for you and/or your loved ones. 


Please feel free to comment below with any type of natural ADHD treatment options that you have tried. I look forward to discussing this further with all of you! What are some natural ADHD treatment options you would like to know more about? 

Natural ADHD Treatment They Don't Want You to Know About!
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Natural ADHD Treatment They Don't Want You to Know About!
ADHD Prescription Medications have become the standard, but Did You Know that Natural ADHD Treatment Can Be Even More Effective for Managing ADHD symptoms?

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