Modafinil Review: Is This The Best Smart Drug Out There?

Modafinil – Guide To A Potent and Powerful “Smart Drug”

A Look at ModafinilStar

I tested and reviewed a nootropics merchant that is said to provide a variety of high-quality Modafinil and Armodafinil. We take a look at ModafinilStar and I share my personal experience using each product they offer. Modafinil and Armodafinil are typically for those with narcolepsy or ADHD. However, many people especially use it to promote wakefulness, attentiveness, mental energy, focus, concentration, and boost overall cognitive functioning. 

I finally decided to put the well-known smart drug to the test to find out if the hype was real.


Products: Modafinil and Armodafinil – 3 Main Varieties Modafinilstar

  1. Modalert – 100 and/or 200 mg – Click for Modalert Prices
  2. Modafil – 100 and/or 200 mg – Click for Modafil Prices
  3. Wakalert – 150 mg – Click for Wakalert Prices

Prices: Product Prices Range from $85.00 – $275.00 depending on brand and quantity. See price breakdowns for each brand & quantity of Modafinil by clicking on the links above.

Shipping & Handling: FREE Shipping on ALL orders w/ Satisfaction Guarantee.

Sizes: Modafinil quantities range from 60-packs to 300-packs.

Cheapest Place To Buy: 

My Rating: 4.7 out of 5 – 4.8 out of 5 for those with a high tolerance for stimulants

Is Modafinil the First True “Smart Drug?”

Before I dive into my overall experience with ModafinilStar, I want to provide a clear understanding of what Modafinil is supposed to do. It is important to understand what you can expect from using the world's first ever confirmed cognitive enhancing drug. 


While Modafinil is technically the world's first validated cognitive enhancing drug, it is not technically the only drug and/or nootropic supplement that has been shown to enhance cognitive functioning. 

Personal experience and extensive research within the neuroscience communities have also revealed a number of nootropic supplements that have proven to enhance brain function. However, there are some technicalities and since Modafinil is an FDA-approved pharmaceutical drug, it was rewarded the title of being the world's first confirmed “smart drug.” 

Regardless, this is great news for the future research and development of cognitive enhancing drugs and the nootropic supplement industry.

Here's the deal:

Unfortunately, as more people have continued to become fascinated with nootropics, the idea of cognitive enhancement, and the nootropic supplement industry has continued to grow, it has also attracted some greedy and dishonest brain supplement companies.

However, I have made it my mission one to not only continue sharing my positive experiences with various nootropic supplements I have tested but also warn you about the dishonest, brain supplement scams that you should avoid. 

The Modafinil Review:

What is Modafinil? buy modafinil

Modafinil was originally developed to diminish extreme sleepiness often associated with narcolepsy and other sleep disorders including sleep apnea

The brand name of Modafinil that is often prescribed by doctors around the world is called, Provigil. 

In the United States, Modafinil is also sometimes used as an alternative ADHD treatment or as a type of off-label “smart drug.”

The brands of Modafinil that I tested from ModafinilStar are generics of Provigil and Nuvigil and like most generics cost less but serve the same purpose. 

Here's the deal:

Modafinil and Armodafinil are potent and powerful stimulant smart drugs. Therefore, I would suggest that you avoid it if you have a sensitivity to caffeine or stimulants. If not, it will keep you very alert and energetic throughout the day so make sure you take it first thing in the morning as it carries a fairly long half-life.

What Does Modafinil Do?

Just like common amphetamine ADHD medications such as Adderall and Ritalin, Modafinil stimulates the brain to promote alertness and wakefulness.

While the exact process of Modafinil is unknown, it is believed that it works by increasing dopamine levels.

Modafinil has also been proven to provide a number of cognitive benefits. This includes an increase of overall alertness, focus, concentration, attentiveness, motivation, productivitymood enhancement, mental energy, and overall cognitive functioning. It is also known for promoting a general sense of well-being. Many users have also reported noticeable improvements with mental focus and enhancements to memory recall and retention

While Modafinil is not the only nootropic smart drug that increases dopamine levels, it is known to be one of the most potent with a much longer half-life than others.

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a nootropic supplement that most closely mimics the effects of Modafinil but most people agree it is not as potent. Adrafinil is a prodrug of Modafinil. Meaning, the supplementation of Adrafinil increases overall absorption of Modafinil in the body. However, your liver actually converts the Adrafinil into Modafinil. 

Like Modafinil, Adrafinil provides similar cognitive benefits, reporting improvements in overall mood, alertness, motivation, and mental energy levels, also, without heightened anxiety or “jitters.”


Adrafinil vs Modafinil adrafinil vs modafinil

The majority of users agree that Modafinil is noticeably more potent than Adrafinil, lasts longer, and provides more significantly noticeable benefits.

However, unlike Modafinil, Adrafinil is not regulated in nearly as many places throughout the world.

In some countries, Modafinil is only available through prescription. Therefore, you may want to check the regulations in your state and/or country before deciding to buy modafinil. 


One of the most significant differences between Adrafinil and Modafinil is how they are processed by the body.

How is Adrafinil Different? 

Adrafinil needs to be broken down by enzymes in the liver and is then converted into Modafinil.

Therefore, it typically requires a larger dose of Adrafinil that often vary depending on the gender, weight, and the overall tolerance of an individual.

Since Modafinil does not go through the transformation process in the liver, it typically requires a smaller dose to achieve optimal effects.

This is why I recommend that most people start with a smaller dose of Modafinil and allow their body to get acclimated and determine their ideal dose. 

While Modafinil is more potent and typically allows the user to achieve optimal cognitive benefits, it can also be too potent for some, making Adrafinil a nice alternative option for those who may be too sensitive to stimulants. 

Modafinil Reviews Of Products At ModafinilStarbuy modafinil

ModafinilStar offers three different brands of Modafinil and/or Armodafinil.

Before ordering from ModafinilStar, I noticed that they seemed to pride themselves on certain guarantees.

  • FREE Shipping & Handling – ModafinilStar has a guarantee that it includes 100% buyer protection, risk-free shipping, and free global tracking.

I researched the company and chose them because of the overall positive reviews and experiences that I read from others that had used them in the past. They had also received mention from some well-respected publications like Huffington Post, VICE Magazine, BBC News, and WIRED, amongst others. Plus, I have tried other Modafinil suppliers that provided low-quality products.

  • ModafinilStar Packaging & Delivery –

Along with their GPS door-to-door tracking system and high-quality guarantee, ModafinilStar delivers their products in discrete and plain packaging for those that may be concerned with privacy. 

  • Speed of Delivery – While the speed of delivery will vary, depending on where in the world you may be ordering, shipping was much faster than I expected. I received my package within just a couple days of ordering and can understand the high praise about their speed of delivery and packaging.


Modafinil Reviews – 3 Main Modafinil and/or Modafinil-based Products From ModafinilStar

modafinil review


While each type/brand of Modafinil and Armodafinil essentially provide similar benefits, the onset of the effects, as well as the duration of those effects may vary. 

I reviewed 3 main Modafinil and Modafinil-like products that ModafinilStar offers to explain my personal experience and the differences that I experienced between them. ModafinilStar also produces their own pure Piracetam tablets which are a common and effective nootropic supplement. Piracetam was actually the first-ever synthetic nootropic developed over 40 years ago. Modafinilstar offers potent 900mg tablets of Piracetam that proved to be effective. 

Modafinil and Armodafinil Reviews from ModafinilStar

modalert 1. Modalert Review

Product: Modafinil

Brand Name: Provigil

Description Of Modalert:

They claim that you should start feeling the effects within 1-3 hours and it should generally last for anywhere up to 6-8 hours. 

Modalert Prices & Packages: 

*Prices as low as $0.89/tablet

100 & 200mg Prices:

  • 60 Tablets – 100mg – $85.00 / 200mg – $89.00
  • 120 Tablets – 100mg – $137.00 / 200mg -$142.00
  • 180 Tablets – 100mg – 185.00 / 200mg – $190.00
  • 240 Tablets – 100mg – $230.00 / 200mg – $235.00
  • 300 Tablets – 100mg – $267.00 / 200mg – $269.00

My Experience Using Modalert:   

I decided to start using Modalert Modafinil by taking half the recommended dose the first time to gauge my overall tolerance levels. 

Therefore, I broke a 200mg tablet in half and started with 100mg. You can also simply purchase the 100mg tablets if you feel more comfortable starting at a lower dosage altogether. 

I would recommend that anyone trying a potent nootropic like Modafinil also gauges their own tolerance levels when first taking it.

Tolerance and Modafinil

Regardless of your typical tolerance to nootropics, it is still a good idea to allow your body to get acclimated to a new substance. 

Remember, you can always add more when it comes to supplementation, but you can't go back and take less. 

While the claim is that you should expect to feel the effects from Modalert within the first 1-3 hours, I started noticing some of the effects in a just over an hour. However, it took about 2-3 hours to experience more optimal benefits. 

Modafinil Benefits

The first significant benefit that I felt from Modalert was an unmistakable boost in my overall alertness and mood.

Modalert modafinilHowever, I quickly understood why they recommend taking Modafinil early in the morning. Between the time that it takes for the effects to onset along with the long half-life, it can easily carry you throughout your entire day. 

The boost to my overall mood was quickly complimented with increased motivation and alertness. A positive mood and heightened motivation is a great combination that had me excited to get rolling to have a very productive day. I noticed an improvement in my overall focus, attentiveness, and overall cognitive functioning as well.

I typically work long hours and I was feeling pretty sluggish that morning so it was particularly useful. 

Here's the deal:

I have lived with ADHD my entire life. Anyone that also struggles with ADHD knows that the days you are feeling particularly lethargic are even more difficult to stay focused and find the motivation to stay on track throughout the day. 

How Modalert Modafinil Made Me Feel

Modalert had me wide awake and as I continued my work throughout the day, I felt myself getting into a great “zone.”

I felt focused and organized, swiftly multi-tasking with ease.

Now I can understand the claims of people who have praised Modafinil as an effective treatment for certain ADHD symptoms. Typical distractions from my ADHD seemed to be non-existent. I also did not feel the same wave of anxiety that I commonly experienced using ADHD medications like Adderall.  

Modalert remained effective for about 5-6 productive hours and I would say lasted around 6–8 hours in total.

A couple of those hours were spent allowing the effects from Modalert to onset and allowing my body and mind to get used to it. However, 5-6 productive hours allowed me to get an amount of work done that would have normally taken me 8 hours or more. 

Modafinil Dosages

I continued using 100mg for the first 3 days before increasing the dose to 200mg. 

The effects were felt a little more quickly and that the overall benefits were a little more intense. However, Modalert wore off in around the same amount of time. I went back and forth between the 100 and 200mg during the test period.

At times, 200mg was a little too potent and at others, 100mg was not enough. Every person is different so take the time to find the ideal dosage for you. As I got more familiar with the effects and had a better idea about expectations, I was able to take the ideal dosages from one day to the next based on how I felt when I started my day. 

The Bottom Line About Modalert

Modalert may have been my favorite of the three I tested. However, that may also be related to my specific personal needs.

I found that Modalert was particularly effective in helping to manage ADHD symptoms. It kept me alert, motivated, focused, attentive, improved mood, memory, and cognitive functioning throughout the most important parts of my day. 

I would highly recommend easing into Modalert and starting with a low dose of around 50-100mg to gauge your tolerance and intensity of the effects after the first couple of hours.

200mg is the recommended dose, but depending on a number of factors, more or less may be ideal for you. 


Keep in mind that if 100mg of Modalert is providing you with adequate benefits, you can use it to your advantage. Ultimately, you can be doubling the amount of Modalert you have and turn a 60 tablet 200mg package into 120, making it last twice as long. 

Final Thought on Modalert Modafinil

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with Modalert. The cognitive benefits that I experienced while using Modalert were noticeable and significant.

Modalert and Modafinil, in general, is a potent nootropic smart drug. However, it may not be for everyone. I can see it being too potent for some who may want to consider less intense, but effective alternatives like Adrafinil

While Modalert was very effective, I don't believe I would recommend taking it every day unless you have specific mental disorders it was designed for, like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome and some cases of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, like ADHD. Feel free to “cycle” your usage by using it 3-4 days on and 2-3 days off. It will also help curb your tolerance. 

If you are using Modafinil for the cognitive advantages that it can provide, I would suggest only taking it on the days that you really need an extra boost and know that you will be working a long day. Not only will this be a safer way to take it, but it will also allow you to more effectively manage tolerance levels. Don't take it too late in the day or you may have trouble falling asleep at night. 

The bottom line:

I can see why Modafinil has been called the first official cognitive enhancing smart drug approved by the FDA. It definitely provides significantly noticeable results. 

My Rating of Modalert4.8 out of 5

2. Waklert Review

Product: Armodafinil waklert armodafinil

Brand Name: Nuvigil

Waklert Prices & Packages:

*Prices as low as $0.89/Tablet


  • 60 Tablets – 50mg – $90.00/ 150mg – $95.00
  • 120 Tablets – 50mg – $142.00/ 150mg – $147.00
  • 180 Tablets – 50mg –  $190.00/ 150mg – $195.00
  • 240 Tablets – 50mg – $235.00/ 150mg – $240.00
  • 300 Tablets – 50mg – $269.00/ 150mg – $275.00
  • Waklert (50mg and 150mg) Tablets 

Description Of Waklert From ModafinilStar: 

Waklert is a generic form of Armodafinil, which is more commonly known by the brand name, Nuvigil. 

Armodafinil is a stimulant drug that is very similar to Modafinil but while many people will take Armodafinil for the same purposes, there are some slight differences. 

It is also said that while the two stimulants can be used to treat the same symptoms, there are certain symptoms that one treats more effectively than the other.

Armodafinil is not approved by the FDA like Modafinil and is fairly new to the Modafinil industry. Over the past few years, extensive research shows the potential ability to also treat things like jet lag, schizophrenia, and depression

While, Armodafinil can also be used to help with conditions like ADHD, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders, Modafinil (Provigil) is still believed to be the preferred method of treatment. 

At the end of the day, it may simply come down to preference. Several studies have shown that there is no significant difference in their overall strength or effectiveness. 

My Experience using Waklert: waklert review

First and foremost, let me be perfectly clear that I would recommend making certain that you ONLY take Waklert, Nuvigil, and/or any other kind of Armodafinil, early in your day.

The average person should find no problems with one tablet of Waklert lasting for the duration of a 1012 hour day

I felt the effects of Waklert in just over an hour and I started to experience some of the cognitive benefits from Wakalert more quickly than I did with Modalert or Modvigil. 

The first noticeable effect was definitely a significant boost in overall alertness and attentiveness. This helped me get my day started a little more quickly`. 

However, one fairly significant difference that I noticed was that I did not experience the same noticeable boost in mood that was present from taking Modalert.

While my mental energy and motivation were significantly increased, there seemed to be a slight lack of balance without this benefit. 


I should mention that my reasoning for rating the Waklert Armodafinil the lowest of the three products was based more on my own personal preference for the effects that were ideal for me. Waklert was a little too strong for my preference but may be perfect for others who have a higher tolerance to stimulants. 

Does Waklert Work?

There is no debate about whether Waklert Armodafinil works.

It was the most potent and powerful of the three that I had tested. Therefore, if you have a high tolerance for stimulants and are looking for the strongest Armodafinil that lasts for the longest period of time throughout the day, Waklert Armodafinil may be the best option for you. 

I had personally felt that Waklert was a little too potent at times for my typical needs. However, it was also great to have the option of using it on extra strenuous days that I knew I would be working long hours.

I found it to be most useful on days that I knew I would be working at least 10-12 hours and that I needed to consistently maintain my mental stamina. However, I did not find it ideal when I was working more conventional 7-8 hour days because I found it difficult to slow my mind and body back down when I wanted to relax. 

People are Different

That is why it is also important to keep in mind that each and every person is different and has different needs and goals.

The way that not every nootropic stack will work the same for everyone or provide the same overall benefits goes the same for a nootropic like Modafinil or Armodafinil. 

Since I have ADHD and general problems with anxiety, I am not sure that Armodafinil was ideal for my particular needs. Some days I found it more helpful than others. 

Waklert lasted a very long time. While this can certainly be beneficial for someone that has an extremely long day that starts early in the morning, it may not be ideal for someone who is starting their day at 9:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM. However, Waklert was still effective at noticeably boosting various elements of cognitive functioning, including focus, concentration, attention, memory, mental energy, reduced brain fog, and increased wakefulness.


Conclusion About Waklert:

Without question, Waklert provided a significant boost to mental energy, motivation, alertness, and seemed to noticeably improve memory recall

However, I found Waklert was a bit too potent for my typical needs. My energy was through the roof with just 150mg and after I was done for the day, the Armodafinil was not. 

As I continued to feel the effects after I was done work, I found it to be a little more difficult to unwind and relax. 

Don't Take Armodafinil too Late in the day

I can all but guarantee that if you take Armodafinil (Wakalert) too late in the day, you will find yourself awake for the majority of the night. If you have an ADHD brain that naturally likes to race around, the experience can put your thoughts into overdrive. 

Waklert would not be my first personal choice of the three, but for others, it may be exactly what they need. Again, once I had better knowledge and expectations for how Waklert Armodafinil would affect me, I also knew when it was best to use it. I liked having the option to use Waklert on the days I felt it was more needed

Overall, I liked having 60 tablets of all three products because as I gained a better knowledge and expectations for how each product would make me feel. It was easier to pinpoint which would be ideal for my upcoming schedule and workload each day. 

Think about your situation and take this information into consideration to determine whether or not Armodafinil will meet your personal needs and lifestyle. If you are looking for the most potent and powerful of the three options, Waklert is for you!

My Rating Of Waklert: 4.6 out of 5                


3. Modafil Review modafil review

Product: Modafinil

Brand Name: Provigil

Modvigil Prices & Packages

*Prices as low as $0.89/tablet

  • 60 Tablets – 100mg – $85.00 / 200mg – $89.00
  • 120 Tablets – 100mg – $137.00 / 200mg – $142.00
  • 180 Tablets – 100mg – $185.00 / 200mg – $190.00
  • 240 Tablets – 100mg – $230.00 / 200mg – $235.00
  • 300 Tablets – 100mg $267.00 / 200mg – $269.00


Description Of Modafil From ModafinilStar:

Modafil is another popular generic form of Modafinil (Provigil). It also promotes wakefulness and alertness and is commonly used for combatting chronic-fatigue syndrome, narcolepsy, shift-work disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, and attention deficit disorders like ADHD. 

Like Modalert, you can expect to feel the effects felt from Modafil within the first 1-3 hours and can last anywhere from 6-8 hours. 

My Experience Using Modafil: 

Since I now had realistic expectations and this was the last of the three forms of Modafinil I was testing, I started right away with 200 mg of Modafil.

I started noticing the effects of it in just over an hour and started experiencing some of the cognitive benefits within the first 2 hours, which was a little more quickly than my experience with Modalert. 

How Modafil Made Me Feel

I experienced noticeable improvements in alertness, focus, attention, mood, productivitymental energy, and motivation. While I felt these effects a little more quickly than I did with Modalert, I would describe them as slightly less intense.

However, this may be ideal for some people and on certain days, I felt that the overall potency of Modafil was a perfect balance.

Just like Modalert, I felt an unmistakable improvement in my overall focus.

However, it was a little more smooth and streamlined than it was with Modalert. While working on certain projects that involved more reading or analysis, I preferred more of a subtle boost to focus. However, on days that involved more writing or typing, I preferred a little more intense focus. 

The Bottom Line About Modafil:

Overall Modafil was very effective. It helped provide a noticeable boost to mental energy, alertness, wakefulness, memory, focus, and overall cognitive functioning.

It only lasted about 6 hours and the overall intensity was a little more subtle than Modalert and a lot more subtle than Armodafinil, but on some days, Modafil was a perfect balance that allowed me to be productive, yet still shut down at the end of the day. Modafil is probably the most well-balanced option of the three for those looking for something that noticeably works in a slightly less intense manner. 

My Rating Of Modafil: 4.7 out of 5


modafinil reviewsConclusion About Modafinil and Armodafinil From ModafinilStar

First and foremost, make sure that you are aware of the regulations in your country and/or state. You can potentially be assuming some risk if you choose to buy Modafinil if it is not permitted where you live. 

There has probably been more hype about the world's first confirmed smart drug, Modafinil, than any other nootropic that I have researched and tested in the past.

I was hesitant for a long time before finally deciding to test it out because it requires a prescription in many places throughout the world.

Therefore, I couldn't decide whether or not I felt that it could or should be warranted as a common nootropic supplement like the many others that we have tested and reviewed in the past. 

Why a Modafinil Review?

At the end of the day, I received so many inquiries and questions about it, along with my own curiosities that I figured I would go ahead and try it out for myself and share my experiences. 

Remember, if you can't buy Modafinil or Armodafinil where you are located, there are many other effective options. You can find an effective alternative amongst our list of the top 10 best brain supplements.

I am also constantly updating our nootropic supplement reviews with the latest supplements you have requested or have recently hit the market. 

Modafinil is not for everyone

The bottom line is that neither Modafinil nor Armodafinil is for everyone and really shouldn't be taken by everyone. They may be too potent for certain people. 

However, if you are looking for the most potent and effective nootropic smart drug that we have tested to date, look no further. I believe those that can handle it will find it to be extremely beneficial in optimizing their cognitive functioning and capabilities!

Others have preferred all-natural nootropic supplement alternatives like, CILTEP, Mind Lab Pro, and/or NooCube which we reviewed in the past and found to be very effective as well.

Here's the dealadvanced nootropic stack

There is a reason that Modafinil and Armodafinil have received such high praise from users. 

Many students, professionals, and entrepreneurs around the world have continued to sing their praise for the significant cognitive benefits. People have enjoyed the advantages that it has provided to allow them to be more effectively productive throughout their long working days. 

Modafinil and Armodafinil work.

They may not work the same for everyone. The most potent doesn't always mean the best. Therefore, I would urge you to consider your particular situation when deciding whether or not you want to buy Modafinil. 

Since each brand of Modafinil that is offered by ModafinilStar is a little different, you may find that it is in your best interest to try just 60 tablets of each. This will help you decide which variety is best for you and your specific cognitive needs and goals. 

Like the majority of other prescription drugs, both Modafinil and Armodafinil come with their fair share of potential side effects. This is a large reason that I prefer nootropic supplements that carry a fraction of the side effects that are common with most prescription medications. 

However, overall, all three products proved to be very effective.

Are Modafinil and Armodafinil Effective?

Modalert, Wakalert, and Modafil provided the most clearly noticeable effects that I have experienced from any other nootropic that I had tried up to this point.

Many of the claims made about these products are absolutely true. 

There is a reason that Modafinil and Armodafinil have attracted so much attention and become so commonly used by young professionals and even students. 

Buy Modafinil From ModafinilStar

If you should decide to give one or all of these products a try, ModafinilStar proved to be one of the best distributors that I have dealt with for any nootropic supplements.

They were extremely helpful and quick to answer all of the questions that I asked. The shipping and handling are not only free, but it is unbelievably fast and sent in a discrete manner. I was literally able to track the package from the moment my order was processed until the minute it reached my doorstep. 

IMPORTANT NOTE About Side Effects of Modafinil and Armodafinil:

It is important that you make yourself aware of the potential side effects that can be experienced from using any of these smart drugs.

The only side effect that I felt and seemed to be more consistent from one product to the next was a little bit of dry mouth.

However, the Wakalert caused me to have a bit of anxiety at times. If you decide to try one or all of these products, use your best judgment and discontinue use if you notice any of these side effects consistently.

If you choose to give Modafinil or Armodafinil a try, I would highly recommend you buy from Modafinilstar.


As always, please feel free to ask any questions and/or comment below. I would love to hear feedback from anyone that has used Modafinil and/or Armodafinil in the past. Good or bad, I would like to hear the experience of others. Please share your questions, comments, and experiences about the world's first confirmed smart drug, Modafinil, below!


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