How 4 Mental Exercises Improve Focus and Mental Clarity

4 Mental Exercises Improve Focus and Brain Health

How can 4 mental exercises improve focus?

There has never been a time in history that offered more distractions than it does in today's modern world. We are so connected with the world that sometimes it feels as if we are not really connected at all.  Checking our phones every 2 mins, engaging on social media, downloading apps, playing games, watching videos, etc. and before we know it, we haven't gotten ANYTHING done that we NEEDED to do.  

mental exercises improve focus

Focus Here and Now provides a lot of tips and remedies that you can use to focus better and keep your priorities in line.  

Mental Exercises improve focus.  

It's a fact and something that has constantly helped me and is extremely important to keep me on track.  I think many of these simple changes can help you too! Here are 4 simple mental exercises that may help you.

Mental exercises combined with the best brain foods and nootropics can result in a very healthy mind. 

Mental Exercises Improve Focus


1.  Replace Caffeine with Cardio  cardio for caffeine improves focus

I know this is not an easy one to swallow for you coffee lovers out there, but you will thank me later.  Caffeine may provide a quick fix (and a hard crash), but doing cardio will not only wake you up but provide much greater long-term benefits.  

Physical activity and exercise sharpen the focus on both people with or without ADHD.

It triggers chemicals in the brain that are said to affect learning and memory.  Exercise can improve your focus in the short-term AND the long-term. So, get that blood flowing and that brain going!

2.  Get Some SLEEP  sleep improves mental focus

This was a very difficult one for me because, for a long time, sleep and I weren't getting along.  It wasn't that I didn't like sleep, it's that sleep just didn't want to be with me, which made me sad. However, worse than making me sad, it dramatically affected my focus and performance on a day-to-day basis.  

If you find yourself regularly sleeping less than 7 hours, you are cutting into what is called the “delta phase” of your sleep pattern. This precedes REM sleep and is a time that cognitive functions consolidate and strengthen, according to research done at the New York School of medicine.

Consistently sleeping less than 7 hours a night can affect your ability to concentrate and therefore affect your performance. Try to get a solid, 7-9 hours a sleep a night.  This was a huge “wake-up” call (no pun intended) for me that proved that even the simplest mental exercises improve focus. 

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3.  Drink Plenty of Water water can improve mental focus

Even mild dehydration can affect our ability to focus.  This one is simple and one that I let get by me more often than not before I made the necessary changes.  Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.  

If you are like I used to be, you may only drink when you are thirsty.  

Instead of deciding when to drink based on your thirst, drink based on your ability to focus.  If you notice yourself losing the ability to focus, drink up some fine high-quality H2O!

4.  Be At Least Mildly Active

Even mild activities can help to improve our mental focus.  

Keep yourself active, even when you are not working or in school.  

Engage in some leisure activities, even if it's just going for a short walk, cooking, gardening, taking your furry friend to the dog park, cleaning, etc. You will find that this keeps your brain active and working, as well as improves memory.  An active person has an active brain.  mental exercises improve brain focus

Mental exercises improve focus and changes in our daily routine improve focus.  

These things have worked for me and I believe they will greatly help you too.  Please share some mental exercises you may do and as always, please feel free to comment below.

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