The 7 Best Jobs ADHD Adults Are Most Successful at Doing!

The 7 Best Jobs ADHD Adults Most Commonly Succeed

Finding jobs ADHD adults can excel at is not as challenging as some may believe. It is all about using your disorder and skills to your advantage!


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What are the best jobs ADHD adults seem to achieve the most overall success? The fact remains that 60% of children with ADHD become adults with ADHD. 

The problem is that many people currently struggling with adult ADHD were unaware or went undiagnosed as children. They may be only officially learning about their disorder more recently and therefore, also recently learning how to more effectively manage it. 

The good news is that having knowledge about your disorder can allow an adult with ADHD to understand problems that they may not have previously been able to pinpoint, which can be quite frustrating. 

I am a firm believer that with proper treatment, an adult with ADHD can succeed in virtually anything.  

However, there are certain jobs ADHD adults can find more success doing than others by simply taking advantage of their unique qualities.  

Restlessness, inability to focus and disorganization can all be common symptoms of untreated ADHD that can potentially prevent us from landing or holding a job.  

The following is a list of jobs ADHD adults have most commonly found success, by turning their “disabilities” into an advantage by capitalizing on their unique strengths. 

Jobs ADHD Adults Will Achieve The Most Success 


1.  Successful Doctors and Nurses Sometimes Have ADHDadhd symptoms adults

Many people with ADHD will thrive in a high-intensity, fast-paced, type of environment and many adults you would never suspect have ADHD, work in these types of environments.

The long hours and stacks of paperwork may not always play to the strengths of someone with ADHD, but with a supportive staff, colleagues, and by taking appropriate actions, it can and has proven to be the perfect profession for more people than you may have previously thought. 

2.  Many Successful Firefighters and Police Officers Have Adult ADHD


Not only are Firefighters and Police officers constantly busy, but no two days are ever the same.

ADHD adults thrive and take pleasure in constant change because a routine can become tedious and aggravate adult ADHD symptoms.jobs adhd adults succeed

These environments can provide a stimulating setting where they have to change, adapt, and analyze. 

The most difficult part for adults with ADHD symptoms is the training and tests.

Work with a mentor to change certain habits, as well as put the effort into managing your ADHD and this is a career that has proven to be one of the jobs ADHD adults find rewarding and fulfilling.


3.  Many Famous and Innovative Artists and Entertainers Have Adult ADHD

adhd and creativity

An industry and profession that may become exhausting for others can be one of the best jobs ADHD adults can flourish.

Some of the most creative and innovative people in history were diagnosed with ADHD and much more than you may know are diagnosed today.

The high energy, creativity, and drive can turn into a successful career and is one of the more common jobs ADHD adults find a lot of success.

4.  Many Wildly Successful Salespeople Have Adult ADHD

adhd sales jobs

Many people with ADHD enjoy talking to other people. 

It is a great way to harness the natural energy of ADHD adults and demands constant action. ADHD adults can become frustrated without human interaction and become easily distracting or even “annoying” to fellow co-workers.

A job that is dependent on one-on-one communication, like sales, is one of the jobs ADHD adults can find a lot of success, doing. 

ADHD adults can become frustrated without human interaction and become easily distracting or even “annoying” at times to fellow co-workers.

A job in sales that is dependent on one-on-one communication can prove to be one of the jobs ADHD adults can be wildly successful doing! 

5.  Many Successful Entrepreneurs Have Adult ADHD

jobs ADHD adults succeedMost people find this suggestion perplexing, considering the independent work, organization, and planning that goes into starting and operating your own business. 

However, when people with ADHD work on things that they are highly passionate about, we absolutely flourish. 

Finding the right business opportunity is not an easy task.

I had “shiny object” syndrome, wasting a lot of time and effort on uneventful online and offline business opportunities. Some of them turned out to be downright scams.

It took a lot of trial and error before I FINALLY found a legitimate resource to start my own business.

ADHD Adults make great entrepreneurs

In a few months, I was earning a living, writing and discussing topics that I am both knowledgeable and passionate about. The more passionate I became, the more knowledge I gained and the more I was able to expand my business into something that I truly love doing!

This website is a perfect example. I developed this site to help people who may be going through the same struggles with ADHD that I have experienced throughout my life.

There was an immense amount of research I had already done about overall brain health and cognitive functioning because of some unfortunate events that unfolded over the years with family members. This allowed me to expand on the topics covered here. 

Every day, I participate in one-on-one conversations, forums, emails, groups, research, studies, and write various pieces of content, sharing my experiences, techniques, resources, and the occasional recommendations for particular products that have helped me along the way.

Yes, I make a small commission if someone purchases one of the products that I recommend.

If I can do it, anyone can!

However, it is not something that I feel guilty about and neither should you. I only recommend products that I have personally had a positive experience using.

We also discuss the products that people should avoid. When I have a negative experience with a product, I want my readers to know just as the same as when I have a positive one! 

It's not about making money. You must always have positive intentions and integrity to truly want to HELP your audience and provide value. 

I have found that by always keeping my reader's best interest in mind, the rest has fallen into place.

There was very little I knew about developing my own website. However, everything I needed for training, tools, support, community, and resources, were all in one place. Honestly, I was lucky to stumble upon something that was not simply trying to upsell me every five minutes to buy more and more products and/or services. jobs ADHD adults are successful

You don't have to take my word for it, though. Try it out yourself for FREE for a full week. They don't require any credit card information or commitment to anything.

You get access for a full week to decide if it is right for you. 

I chose to seek out a legitimate business opportunity because I was absolutely certain that after 15 years, the corporate world was not for me.

Finding the Right Business Opportunity

I had fallen for other “business opportunity” scams in the past, so I proceeded with extreme caution. 

This needed to be something legitimate. I was not interested in MLM nonsense, where I would have to harass every person I have ever known to sign up for some program or product to make money. This was me simply looking to start a real business. 

I found myself unexpectedly out of work just before I found this business opportunity.

In the beginning, I had very little knowledge about website development or internet marketing.

However, in just 3 months, I was making more money utilizing the tools and community of this online business program than I was making in salary from the job that laid me off.

I'm not special at all. I found things I was passionate and knowledgeable about and turned them into my business and my life. It extends far beyond this website.  

I love what I do and it all started by creating a simple website intended to help others manage the same struggles I have gone through my entire life.

It has also allowed me to meet some amazing people that have helped me just as much in return.

Regardless of whether you do what I did or seek out another opportunity that may fit better for you, the bottom line is that entrepreneurship is one of the jobs ADHD adults can absolutely shine!adhd mechanics jobs

6.  Many Highly-Skilled Mechanics Have Adult ADHD  


Working on a variety of vehicles, whether it be cars, boats, and/or motorcycles, requires hands-on physical work. 

It is also one of the jobs ADHD adults enjoy because it is constantly changing from one day to the next, which can be the ideal circumstance for adults with ADHD.

Mechanics require critical thinking and a lot of one-on-one interaction.

If you love solving problems and don't want to be trapped behind a desk, this is one of the great jobs ADHD adults should consider exploring.

7.  Adults With ADHD Find Success In Construction 

Adult ADHD jobs in constructionWorking construction typically keeps a person busy with physical labor throughout the majority of their work day.  

It is another one those jobs ADHD adults find intriguing for the constant variations of job requirements, responsibilities, and working environments.

However, it also frequently involves distinct guidance and instructions about the job that needs to be done each day.

As soon as one part of the job is complete, it often involves moving on to a new task. This helps keep the job interesting and avoids many ADHD adults from feeling as though the job is mundane or boring.  

As long as the adult with ADHD can work well with authority figures, construction is a job ADHD adults can find success and enjoyment in as a career.

The Perfect Career for an Adult with ADHD

There is another resource that I recommend for finding the perfect career for someone with ADHD. “The Perfect Career for ADHD” video shares the knowledge of experts to help find an adult with ADHD the perfect career. It helps teach you how to turn your strengths into success! 

Here's the deal:

ADHD adults have a greater risk of being fired, earn less money, go bankrupt, quit a job, and being underemployed. However, this does not have to be the case! These videos help you narrow down the best choice of career that will fit you. It will help the adult with ADHD learn how to focus and build on what really works for them. This is a game-changing video that has the answers for anyone with ADHD who is struggling with their career options. I highly recommend watching it!

Understanding ODD

However, some adults with ADHD may also struggle with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). ODD involves persistent patterns of irritability, anger, arguing, defiance, etc. toward authority figures and is often present as a child or young adult and upwards of 5% of those diagnosed with ADHD may also suffer from ODD. 

ODD involves persistent patterns of irritability, anger, arguing, defiance, etc. toward authority figures and is often present as a child or young adult and upwards of 5% of those diagnosed with ADHD may also suffer from ODD. 

However, Oppositional Defiant Disorder was not initially defined until the early 1980's and less research, resources, knowledge, and treatments were available to help those struggling as children with what has been defined today as a disorder that is present in as high as 16% all children and teens and 40% of children with ADHD also develop oppositional defiant disorder. 

Therefore, obvious reasons would indicate that someone that may struggle with ODD, may not do best in jobs that require more involvement with authority figures. 

As always, feel free to share your experiences dealing with ADHD in the workforce and/or suggestions for jobs ADHD adults can thrive!


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