How to Improve Concentration and Focus in 5 Simple Steps

5 Simple Steps to Improve Concentration and Focus!

How to improve concentration? It is something we can all use some help with from time to time. People with ADHD can relate to this more than most.



How to improve concentration and focus can seem a lot more difficult than it actually needs to be!

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How to Improve Concentration and Focus!


Many people, both with and without ADD/ADHD, want to know how to improve concentration and focus.

Here's the deal:

Inattentiveness and lack of focus are common signs of those struggling with ADHD symptoms, it is a common problem for many.

While inattentiveness and a lack of focus may be common problems specifically relating to those struggling with ADHD symptoms, it is also a frequent dilemma for many people in general around the world.

The short animated video that you see above shares some very simple and effective methods that can help you improve concentration and focus.

Below, I have expanded on some of the ideas shared in the video above.

Please watch the video showing how to improve concentration and focus and read below. 


how to improve concentration


1. Foods – Brain Foods

The foods we eat can have a significant effect on our overall mental clarity, mood, memory, and ability to concentrate and focus. The foods we eat play an integral role in how to improve concentration. 

There are MANY brain foods that provide a boost to our overall mental focus and play an essential role in how to improve concentration. A few examples are as follows:

  • Blueberries

  • The antioxidants found in blueberries stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain to keep the mind fresh, focused, and healthy. 

  • Green Tea

  • Two things you can find in most green tea’s are caffeine and L-Theanine, both which happen to fall into the most common, yet effective nootropics categories. 

  • L-Theanine is actually an amino acid that helps increase alpha wave activities and in combination with caffeine can be an effective way how to improve concentration, mental focus, and attention.

  • Leafy green vegetables –

  • Loaded with essential B-vitamins that are scientifically proven to help with your memory, focus, and overall brain health. A regular diet that includes leafy green vegetables is a great habit and solution for how to improve concentration. 

  • Whole Grains –

  • The brain cannot properly function without energy. One of the most important ways how to improve concentration and focus is reliant on a proper, consistent, steady supply of energy, which is provided in the form of glucose in our blood that is delivered to the brain.

    Whole grains will release glucose into the bloodstream slowly, which keeps us more mentally alert and focused throughout the day. 

  • Oily Fishes –

  • The most essential and effective fatty oils and Omega 3's exist in oily fishes as, EPA and DHA.

    The main source of these fish oils come from fish like trout, salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, and others. Essential fatty acids and Omega 3's are commonly supplemented because it is difficult to consume the most effective amounts on a regular basis. 

Consuming an optimal amount of daily fish oils without supplementation can be difficult. However, just like nootropics, not all fish oils are created equally and supplementing a low-quality fish oil is virtually useless.

Therefore, I recommend one of the best Omega-3 fish oil supplements on the market. Dr. Tobias' Optimum Omega 3 Fish Oil has thousands of rave reviews for good reasons and has become the only fish oil supplement I will personally use, let alone recommend. 

Brain foods are a topic that we commonly discuss. They are a consistent and effective answer how to improve concentration, focus, and overall mental clarity, but also support our overall health. 

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2. O = Organize Your Objectives! don't multi-task

As mentioned in the video above, multi-tasking can essentially be the enemy of focus.

There are some people who may be great at multi-tasking or who may think they are great at it. However, multi-tasking can do more harm than good in many instances. 

While I understand certain situations and jobs require the ability to multi-task, it is very important to manage our tasks effectively and avoid multi-tasking when possible.

In reality, multitasking can interfere with our overall productivity

While we may claim to have the ability to focus on multiple things at once, the SCIENTIFIC TRUTH is when we attempt to accomplish multiple things at once, NONE of those tasks are truly being completed at an OPTIMAL LEVEL!

Multi-tasking is not a good thing

Constantly switching between tasks, takes away from getting the other done. 

As someone that has struggled with a variety of ADHD symptoms for their entire life, I found that many times I would unintentionally be multi-tasking throughout my day. 

This is quite common for those struggling with ADHD and many times, we don't even realize we are doing it. 

Quite often, this lead to getting a little of this and a little of that actually done.

I was essentially pulling myself in a hundred different directions while hampering my productivity and by the end of the day, I felt like I got nothing accomplished.

This is not a good feeling. It is a feeling that fuels stress and stress is bad for our brains. Stress is the enemy and one of the biggest reasons most people struggle with concentration and focus.  

Prioritize and organize your tasks and then go at them ONE at a time.

Harness your energy on that ONE task until it is complete. You will not only get more done, but you will be getting it done at a higher level and feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

The feeling of accomplishment can play a fundamental role in alleviating stress. 

Don’t look at productivity as a quantity thing, but more of a quality thing!

Your progress will be more significant and you will reduce your stress and less stress is a key component for how to improve concentration and focus!



3. C = Connect…by Dis-Connecting! disconnect to connect

Our constant technological “connection” with the world has become one of the primary elements for causing greater inattention and overall problems with focus. 

Many of us have mini computers in our pockets and in our hands everywhere we go every day.

Disconnect the obvious distractions that are around you.

By simply eliminating this common distraction, you will find how to improve concentration and focus more easily.

If your job or what you need to be giving your attention towards, requires computer use, try to partially disconnect. Stay within the confines of what you actually need to do.

Shut off the phone or put it on silent. Don’t check email, FB, twitter, etc. 30 times per hour when you need to be focusing on the project or task at hand. 

How many of you, especially with ADD or ADHD, have a hundred tabs open on your computer at all times? Yes, me too! Don't feel bad, but do something to correct it! I have learned to start closing them down when I need to get something done.

I have learned to start closing them down when I need to get something done.

It helps…a lot!



4. U = Unwind…with Physical Activity physical activity improves focus

Physical activity is a great way how to improve concentration. It absolutely improves attention and focus.

It may sound obvious, but it is also more commonly and frequently ignored than you may realize. However, it is still a fact.

Physical activity provides you with a mental boost and enhances your cognitive performance.

Use an App to Help You Out!

There are even apps available that help very easily guides you through a simple, yet effective 7-15 minute workout, each day.  Simply search “fast or simple exercises” in the app store of the smartphone you may use and you will discover many. You can also do a simple Google search and find the same. Print them out and use them at your convenience. 

Get the blood flowing, engage in some physical activity and feel the difference. It does NOT need to be intense.

You want to exercise just enough to get the juices going and the blood flowing to the body and the brain. Find the amazement of the difference that you feel when you make this a regular part of your routine!




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Conclusion About How to Improve Concentration

There are some simple, yet effective ways how to improve concentration that you can start implementing into your life, immediately! 

These tips may sound like common sense.

However, many of us are not taking these simple first steps to boost our overall cognitive functioning and mental clarity.

I am confident that by taking these steps, you will effectively improve concentration and focus, almost immediately.

There will be more videos like the one above, in the near future with simple, effective tips to help improve cognitive capabilities, relieve ADHD symptoms and boost overall brain health. I hope you will find them useful.

What About YOU? Have you discovered what the best ways are to improve concentration and focus?

What has helped You to improve concentration and focus? Have you had things work? What has not worked? Tell us the single Biggest challenge or distraction that disrupts your focus and concentration?

Please comment below and share your experiences, questions, challenges, and ideas! I look forward to learning more about you and helping one another. My hope is that these simple tips have provided you with some insight on how to improve concentration and focus more effectively!

How to Improve Concentration and Focus in 5 Simple Steps
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How to Improve Concentration and Focus in 5 Simple Steps
How to Improve Concentration and Focus in 5 Simple Steps, Today!

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