Best Natural ADHD Treatments for Kids? Focus Formula Review

Focus Formula Review and BrightSpark Review 

Natural ADHD Treatment Supplements

Focus Formula and BrightSpark are unique homeopathic medicines that are used as a natural alternative to help treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. While they are most commonly used for children with ADHD, ADHD adults can also use these formulas. 

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Focus Formula Review:

Focus Formula falls into a category of homeopathic medicines and used by many as a natural ADHD treatment. The 100% natural supplement takes a holistic approach to combat symptoms of ADHD for both children and adults.

Could this be the natural solution that parents with ADHD children have been seeking?

It comes in liquid form and one dropper is a full dosage of Focus Formula. However, I found that you can experience the fullest benefits of Focus Formula by using it at the same time as BrightSpark. 

Personally, I didn't have very high expectations about Focus Formula or Bright Spark and I highly questioned whether or not an all-natural holistic ADHD supplement could truly help alleviate ADHD symptoms. 

There is No Cure for ADHD, but it Can be Managed

It is important that I make clear that there is no actual cure for ADHD. However, there are a number of treatments available that can help alleviate the symptoms that are associated with attention deficit disorders like, ADHD. Natural supplements like Focus Formula and BrightSpark provide natural ADHD treatment options for both children and adults that stray from the more traditional prescription ADHD medications. 

The ADHD symptoms that adults and children experience can be debilitating on their ability to focus and accomplish their goals. I have talked a lot about different methods and alternating diet regimes, imposing the ADHD diet in order to help alleviate symptoms of ADHD.

Many ADHD prescriptions are not safe, ineffective, and can result in dependency for both children and adults. This is why I have always looked for the most effective natural ADHD treatment to help me focus without sacrificing the possibility of numerous side effects.

A Popular ADHD Alternative Treatment

What has become a very popular ADHD alternative treatment is Focus Formula, by Native Remedies. Focus Formula is an herbal remedy that supports mental focus, concentration, and attention span in children and adults.

When I first decided to give some homeopathic medicines and herbal remedies a try, I was a big skeptic.  I was really no different with this one, but it was one of the first I tried after saying goodbye to the prescriptions and I figured it couldn't hurt. I really wasn't sure that there were natural ADHD medications for my condition. However, many parents and adults like myself had asked about Focus Formula and BrightSpark and how effective they may be to help alleviate ADHD symptoms. 

My Focus Formula review confirmed that it is safe and non-addictive. It is designed for people of all ages to improve concentration, attention span, motivation, and memory. It is also said to balance energy levels and mood. It’s safe for adults and children alike.  

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients that are found in Focus Formula:

Focus Formula Ingredients:

  • Nettle – improves overall circulation.  Ginseng and ginkgo for the brain
  • Chamomile – helps with sleep, anxiety, and depression.
  • Ginkgo biloba – helps memory loss and forgetfulness by increasing circulation to the brain.
  • Gotu kola increases blood flow to the brain, thus improving mental clarity, memory, and mood.
  • Green oats – reduces nervousness and irritability.
  • Rooibos – promotes improved function of the brain and nervous system.
  • Skullcap – aids relaxation, calmness, and a healthy mental attitude.

How Fast Does it work?

Most users have reported improvements within 3-6 weeks. However, some people, including myself have experienced improvements in far less time. I personally noticed a difference after the first few days using this product. The majority of users I have spoken to have reported experiencing benefits from using Focus Formula, BrightSpark and/or the combination of the both of them in as little as two weeks. 

Apparently, I was not the only one experiencing positive effects from the supplement.  

It has been written about favorably in People Magazine, Woman's Day, and Woman's World publications.  It has also been featured on The View and the CBS Early Show. Most importantly, customers, including myself have been very satisfied with the product and rate it a 4.5/5.  User satisfaction has been high and it is becoming more widely known as an effective natural treatment for ADHD.

However, I noticed the best effects from Focus Formula when I combined it with BrightSpark. The combination of the two seemed to most directly address my symptoms of ADHD. 

BrightSpark Review: brightspark

BrightSpark is another homeopathic medicine that is designed to temporarily alleviate symptoms of ADHD. It is supposed to be effective for both children and adults to use. BrightSpark definitely improved my ability to concentrate and did so in a calm and subtle, yet noticeable manner. The best part about Brightspark was how quickly it seemed to work. It left me with an overall great sense of well-being. The mood stabilizing effects were definitely noticeable. 

Combination of Focus Formula with Brightspark

The combination of both Focus Formula and Brightspark left me feeling calm, confident, and focused for a number of hours and I found myself more easily getting the job done. I found that it was easier to retain new information because it was easier to focus on the things in front of me in a very calm and clean manner. The brain fog was lifted. 

While BrightSpark has continued to receive positive reviews as an alternative ADHD treatment for children, I was surprised how effective I found it to be an adult with ADHD

All of the ingredients that comprise BrightSpark are both GMP Certified and FDA approved. Meaning, BrightSpark has an extremely safe user profiles and is safe to give to both children and adults with ADHD. 

So what exactly is BrightSpark?

BrightSpark Ingredients:

Hyoscyamus – 

Hyoscyamus is derived from all components of the plant and contains the hyoscyamine and scopolamine alkaloids. They contribute to the production and positive cognitive benefits of acetylcholine. Citicoline is also known for a number of positive cognitive benefits on both focus and memory. It is also a natural anticonvulsant. 

Arsen Iod – 

Aids in the promotion of emotional stability and helps to control restlessness and irritability in both children and adults. 

Tuberculinum – 

Contributes to a positive boost in mood. The mood enhancing properties also help to curb irritability in both children and adults. 

Veratrum Alb – 

Comes from a member of the lily family. Known to help reduce irritability, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. 

Overall, BrightSpark is designed to do the following:

  • Improve concentration
  • Increases attention span
  • Works as a mood stabilizer
  • Reduce impulsiveness and hyperactivity
  • Known to help reduce behavioral problems in children 
  • Promote oxygen flow to the brain

The bottom line is that BrightSpark is effective. I found it effective and noticeable as an adult and have heard nothing but positive feedback from our parents of ADHD children. However, like Focus Formula, BrightSpark is still a homeopathic medicine. You should not expect that it will work overnight and each and every person is different. It is important to give it at least 2-3 weeks to start noticing the full effects that it can provide. I personally noticed benefits from both Focus Formula and BrightSpark within a few days and found that they complimented one another perfectly. 

By combining some of the natural ADHD remedies and keeping in mind the methodology we have spoken about here to “own your ADHD,” I believe that you can find a lot of success using Focus Formula and BrightSpark as a safe and natural ADHD treatment that will benefit both children and adults alike.


Native Remedies is a highly reputable company that offers high-quality products and has a loyal customer base for one reason and one reason only.  Their products work! Anytime I see a supplement like this get such positive reviews from its users, I know it is probably one I can trust.  

Plus, they offer a very rare to come by, one year guarantee. When a company stands behind their products to this degree, it gives me confidence, and it should for you. It gave me enough confidence to order and I'm glad that I did because it has become a supplement I use daily and find myself frequently recommending.  

They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I believe this company will continue to see positive reviews and continue growing it's already large customer base. Our Focus Formula review revealed what seems to be a winner among natural ADHD medicationsNatural alternative adhd treatment

I hope you enjoyed this Focus Formula Review. If you would like to leave a comment or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.  

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Want to give Focus Formula and BrightSpark a try? Get a full bottle of each for $38.95 or buy 2 and get the third free for well over a 1-month supply of the homeopathic solutions from Native Remedies. Click Here to try Focus Formula and/or BrightSpark, today!

Focus Formula and BrightSpark are excellent examples of the growing research and science that is producing all-natural ways to treat ADHD. Try the all-natural ADHD treatments today and tell us about your experience. 

Also, find out all about nootropics. Do nootropics work? What are nootropics? What are the best nootropics for ADHD?

Buy Focus Formula and/or Brightspark today to see if it will make a significant difference in your child or adult life. 


Have you reviewed focus formula? What experience have you had using focus formula? Was it positive? Negative? Please share below and let us know what you think! 



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