Do Nootropics Work? Can They Unlock the Brain’s Potential?

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Focus Here and Now's Top Nootropics That Work

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One of our consistent favorites. OptiMind delivers consistent delivery of calm, laser-like focus. Like Adderall without the side effects AND You can Try it FREE!

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Said to be one of the best nootropics for ADHD, Nitrovit delivers! Check out our Nitrovit Review of this unique nootropic supplement created by someone with ADHD!

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A PhD of Neuroscience, developed truBrain, the world's first high-quality, effective nootropic "Think Drink." Plus, you can Try truBrain for FREE!

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Build your own nootropic stack and customize your cognitive enhancement at Nootropics City at Focus Here and Now with the safest, best, Nootropics City at Focus Here and Now, online!

Do Nootropics Work? How To Unlock the Full Potential of Your Brain!

Do nootropics work? Will these so-called “Smart Drugs” really make me smarter?

Do nootropics work?

It's a question I am asked at least a few times a week and one that more people are asking themselves as they continue to hear and see an abundance of ads, news, and information about these so-called “smart drugs.”

You may be wondering exactly what is a nootropic?

Many of the more widely-known prescription ADHD medications are also sometimes referred to as, “smart drugs.”

Some of the most familiar smart drugs like Adderall and Ritalin have become more frequently “prescribed” to students on college campuses throughout the country.

I have spoken to an alarming number of people who have told me they may not have gotten through college if it weren't for the help of prescription ADHD medications like Adderall and Ritalin. However, they are not always safe and for every student that uses it for study purposes, there is at least, one more using it for “party” purposes.

But do nootropics work for everyone and do nootropics work the same for everyone? How do you find the best nootropics for your personal cognitive needs and goals?

Before we can answer a question like, do nootropics work, we have to understand what nootropics were designed to do and exactly why they are supposedly able to enhance cognitive functioning.

The following will help you answer the majority of questions you may have about nootropics and I hope it will help you determine whether adding nootropics to your life will benefit you in the ways that you specifically need. 

do nootropics work

My journey into the world of nootropic supplements begins…

smart drugs

I was very skeptical at first about nootropics, brain enhancement supplements, smart drugs or whatever term was being used to market them that day. 

When I first started my research, I had only expected to spend a very short period of time learning about nootropics and discussing them.

I never expected the world of nootropic supplements would be so large and fascinating.    

But here's the kicker:

I not only gained more knowledge about nootropics but before I knew it, found myself continually testing, comparing, and reviewing nootropic supplements. 

Fascination with Nootropics

My fascination with nootropics eventually shifted into a more extensive analysis that included much more comprehensive nootropic supplement reviews that involved in-depth conversation and insights from some of the brightest and most innovative minds in neuroscience.

I continued to gain a more distinct understanding about nootropics by speaking with brilliant and innovative minds like, Dr. Andrew Hill, a neuroscience PhD, who created the first official nootropic “think drink,” called truBrain. 

“I did a huge amount of neurofeedback, consumed nootropic supplements, and changed my brain… I basically eliminated my ADHD.”

Dr. Andrew Hill

He claims that he virtually eliminated his ADHD through extensive personal research involving biofeedback therapy with neurofeedback technology and the consumption of nootropics.

Testing Nootropics and Learning More About Nootropics


I was also becoming more familiar with the type of people and experiences people were having with nootropics by getting more actively involved with the nootropic communities and forums. 

The journey was far from perfect and I hit plenty of bumps in the road along the way that revealed some of the most abhorrent brain supplement scams from companies that I wouldn't hesitate to classify as flat-out thieves.

I found it frustrating to see companies taking advantage of something that could be so beneficial to many people in a multitude of ways and diminishing their credibility through false advertising and exaggerated claims. 

Brain Supplement Scams

However, it was these same scams that motivated my mission to uncover the truth about as many nootropics as possible to provide a definitive answer about whether or not nootropics actually work.

While, this mission uncovered some harsh realities about companies like “eVo,” now operating under the name “Geniux,” who we learned were flat-out stealing money from many of their customers, as well as others like “Addium,” that were telling bold-faced lies in their advertising “efforts,” it also fortunately lead to the discovery nootropic supplements that are breaking new ground in helping to provide people of all ages a multitude of cognitive benefits. Do nootropics work? Yes, but they do not all work the same and they are not all created equally.  

I would soon learn that nootropics are not only capable of providing cognitive enhancement benefits but also for preventing cognitive decline.

These are the types of benefits that can potentially pave the way for new discoveries and developments for treating serious brain diseases like, Alzheimer's disease and Dementia. Some nootropic supplements are already being used to help treat various cognitive and mental health disorders. 

It took a lot of time, patience, learning, and experimentation, but I could eventually feel confident in answering that common question…

Do nootropics work? top nootropics

The good news is that in the simplest terms, I can say, “YES, they do!

However, they are not all created equally, they do not all work the same and unfortunately, some nootropics don't work at all.

So, unfortunately, whether or not nootropics work, can depend on a case-by-case basis.

My goal is to help you more clearly differentiate the nootropics that work from the brain supplements being fueled by persuasive marketing campaigns.


There are two reasons why a nootropic supplement may not work for you.

It is either because:

a) We are all different and have different brain and body chemistry and what may work well for one person, may not for another.

This does not mean that nootropics don't or won't necessarily work for you. It may just mean that a different nootropic supplement or stack may be more effective for you and meet your needs, goals, and expectations differently than it does for someone else. Sometimes, it can take a little experimentation to find an ideal nootropic stack for your specific cognitive needs and goals. 


b) Unfortunately, it could be because the people behind the product, never really cared if they worked for you or not. In some cases, they may have sold something that focused on marketing hype rather than well, focus! 

The good news about the first example is just because one particular nootropic supplement or individual nootropic stack did not work for you, does not mean that they all won't work for you.

We Customize Nootropic Stacks for FREE

In the nearly every instance that I have spoken to readers about something that did not work for them, we were able to more specifically address their needs and goals to eventually, find a nootropic supplement or stack that was more effective for them. This is why we now customize an ideal nootropic stack for our readers for FREE. We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly where to start and therefore, we will help take the guesswork out for you. Get a FREE customized nootropic stack from our expert team, today!

Here's the deal:

Why we review nootropics

One of my main purposes for testing and reviewing various nootropic supplements and stacks is to help others determine what their individual needs and goals may be, in order to help them find the nootropics that will work best for them.

It is also to help deter you from wasting time, money and aggravation with nootropic supplement companies that are nothing more than a scam and that give the industry a bad name, while taking people for their hard-earned money. 

I have been fortunate to gain a much more comprehensive knowledge about how nootropics work and why nootropics work. My hope is to continue helping others gain a better understanding to help them determine the best nootropic supplements or nootropic stacks for their individual needs and goals.

Many times, we are able to pinpoint it on the first 1-2 attempts. Other times, it requires more patience. However, my personal experience and observations of other people's experiences, allow me to remain confident that patience pays off! We have been successful at building the best possible nootropic stack for the majority of our readers and they continue to experience the benefits of those stacks, today. 

Smart Drugs and Marketing Hype

You may have taken notice to the increasing number of brain supplement and smart drug ads that have been appearing on social media sites like, Facebook and Twitter.

While some are straightforward, others promote their products as if they are capable of delivering the same kind of unbelievable advantages we saw in the hit sci-fi movie, “Limitless.”
limitless nootropic supplements

If you have not seen the movie, the very simple account of the plot is about a new illegal designer “smart drug” that can make virtually anyone a genius for the duration of its half-life. It has recently been made into a weekly tv-series

Nootropics are not like the movies

For example, the smart drug that was called, “NZT-48,” would allow a person to fluently learn a new language in just a few hours, providing someone with “Limitless” power and a brain enhancement capacity that is without limitations

Here's the kicker:

I would later realize that it was the people behind this type of false advertising that also created a lot of skepticism about nootropics.

People were outraged by the useless products they spent upwards of $80 a bottle to buy and who could blame them?

Fortunately, there are companies producing high-quality nootropics that have been proven to provide a variety of benefits.

I was just as skeptical, if not more than the next person until I personally tested experienced them for myself. However, I sometimes wonder how far I would have continued my journey if I had not discovered one of the nootropics that worked, earlier on in my experimentation.

However, during my journey, I have experienced the good, bad, and everything in-between.

Nootropics that work

While there are some unfortunate brain supplements that I would strongly recommend you avoid, there are also many that have proven to provide a variety of significant benefits.  

This includes nootropics that can and have been reported to be beneficial for those struggling with ADHD, help prevent various brain diseases and cognitive decline, while improving focus, concentration, memory, mental acuity, and learning capabilities while reducing stress and anxiety. These are the types of benefits that a wide variety of the general public would find useful. Nootropics can be a life changer and help you reach the fullest potential of your mind's true capabilities. 

These are the nootropic supplements that have provided substantial benefits that present a tremendous amount of hope for the future research and development of nootropics. If research continues with positive intent, the potential benefits that future nootropic supplement can provide could potentially be astounding!

Nootropic Stacks

There are MANY different types of nootropic formulas and combinations of nootropic supplements that can work synergistically and in some cases, even potentiate the effects of one another, known as “nootropic stacks.”

Nutraceutical and brain supplement companies have developed compounded nootropic formulas in an attempt to create the “perfect nootropic stack” in a compounded and concentrated formula that can be easily consumed by simple daily dosages.

Some of the nootropic supplements we have previously reviewed can be found below and as you will read, we found some to be far more effective than others. 

If you want to stay up-to-date with our latest nootropic supplement reviews, be sure to check back often and please, never hesitate to contact us, if there is a particular nootropic or “smart drug” supplement that you would like to see reviewed in the future. We will always be comprehensive, unbiased, and thorough with our experience, but it is important to remember that it is still only our opinion.  

Nootropic Supplement Reviews (Pre-formulated Nootropic Stacks Reviewed)


optimind reviews

1. OptiMind Review (formerly Alleradd)

Claims to provide a laser-like focus, retention while eliminating brain fog, and enhancing overall cognitive abilities. *(OptiMind FREE Trial – Originated and originally exclusive through Focus Here and Now. We ALWAYS try our BEST to make companies put their money where their mouth is!)

addieup review




2.  Addieup Review – 

Claims to dramatically improve alertness and focus, as an all natural alternative to Adderall. Did it live up to the hype? Should Addieup truly be considered an Adderall alternative?




trubrain review3. truBrain Review (Does the truBrain Think Drink work?) – * (FREE truBrain Think Drink Trials  Limited Time) 

One of the pricier nootropic supplements, backed by a claim of being distinctively higher-quality to justify the higher price. They have developed the first true nootropic drink they coined as “think drinks” and that have received a lot of attention.

Backed by their own research they publicly display and neuroscience professionals, they claim their nootropicstack dramatically improves cognitive function, reduces stress, enhances focus and memory and provides a mental edge. Is the higher price warranted by a true higher quality?



CILTEP Reviews

4. Ciltep Review – 

Find out why CILTEP is a go-to nootropic supplement for those that need energy, focus and to boost their mental game, now! Endorsed by the 2014 WSOP champion, Martin Jacobsen.




best nootropics


5. Nitrovit Review – 

Could Nitrovit be the best nootropic for ADHD? This supplement was created by someone struggling with ADHD to help control and better manage their own ADHD symptoms. While, they cannot make a claim that it is a cure or direct treatment for ADHD, this was the initial buzz I heard about it that enticed me into trying it. After multiple requests, we find out if this is the best nootropic on the market for helping to control and even alleviate ADHD symptoms. 



brain supplements

6. Nootropic Supplement Scams to avoid – 

The reviews above include a small sample of the many nootropic supplements that we have tested and reviewed. We discuss the positives and negatives of each in a comprehensive and constructive way to help you make a more informed decision before purchasing.

Many more will be published in the upcoming weeks and months and we will continue to update this list. However, we have also encountered some nootropic supplements run by companies that are nothing more than a scam. These are ones that were so bad, I questioned whether they were worth mentioning.

However, we feel it is just as important to inform you about what to avoid as it is to provide you with the positives and negatives of legitimate products. We go into detail about the nootropic brain supplements that should be avoided altogether and dissect these supplement scams from the inside-out. 


In the near future, we will be publishing more Brand New nootropic supplement reviews of the most popular supplements that YOU have specifically requested! See the list of upcoming nootropic supplement reviews, here.


nexus mitogen nootropic stacks

7. Nexus Advanced Nootropic Stack and Mitogen Advanced Mitochondrial Support Nootropic Stack From Axon Labs – 

The creators of the popular supplement, CILTEP have developed a subsidiary company that removes the limitations of being all-natural in order to target some of the more potent and powerful nootropics. I reviewed their first two products.

RestUp supplement ReviewsThe Nexus advanced nootropic stack and Mitogen Mitochondrial support stack are two of the most potent I have tested to date. But are they for everyone?

Find out in our Nexus and Mitogen review



8. RestUp Supplement Review – 

The first nootropic sleep aid. We test and review a unique new sleep aid created by Alternascript, the same company that developed Optimind. RestUp uses a unique combination of nootropic ingredients to help with an essential component of overall brain health…sleep! Find out what we thought about it and how you can even try it for FREE!

Mind HD brain power supplements9. Mind HD Natural Nootropic Supplement – 

Green Guru Nutrition surprised us with their all-natural line of nootropics. All of the ingredients that comprise their products consist of natural ingredients and natural nootropics. Not only are we reviewing their products one-by-one, but for a limited time, they are allowing our readers to exclusively try up to all 7 of their natural supplements for FREE!

best pre workout supplement

10. CrossEnergizer Pro All-Natural Pre-Workout Supplement – 

We don't usually review weight loss products or pre-workout supplements, but the CrossEnergizer Pro formula from Green Guru Nutrition was designed to benefit the brain as much as the body. You can try CrossEnergizer Pro for free and even try any of their other 6 natural nootropics for FREE!

But here's the kicker about nootropics:

alpha brain instant11. Alpha Brain –

One of the most popular and first nootropics supplements to hit the market. We finally got around to testing it to find out what all the hype was about and even arranged an opportunity for our readers to try Alpha Brain “New Mood” for FREE. Alpha Brain may not be for everyone but it delivered in quite a few areas and you can try it for yourself to decide whether or not it is for you. 


Overall and in the simplest terms, there are three types of nootropic supplements and companies that manufacture them.

Understanding the differences between them may help to provide you with better guidance in choosing the most appropriate place to start or continue your journey using nootropics. 

12. NooCube Review – NooCube contest

NooCube was one of the bigger surprises considering how fast they claimed it would work without the addition of any caffeine. This all-natural nootropic supplement is unique in many ways you will want to read about. Plus, we purchased an additional 20 bottles of NooCube to give away to our readers. So, you can sign up for the contest and see if you can win one of the free bottles we are giving away. 

nootropic supplements13. Qualia Review

Qualia is one of the most high-quality, premium nootropic supplements on the market in terms of ingredients and neuroscientific research behind the development of the product. Find out what I thought about my Qualia experience over the course of 30 days. Did this high-end nootropic supplement live up to the hype and price of their product? You won't want to miss this comprehensive review of the pre-formulated nootropic supplement that everyone is talking about on social media right now. 

14. Mind Lab Pro – mind lab pro reviews

Check out the Mind Lab Pro review. They claim to be the most potent and powerful all-natural nootropic supplement on the market. I will admit that they certainly put together their ingredients with high-quality control. However, find out if it delivers the positive cognitive effects that they claim in the comprehensive review of Mind Lab Pro. We answer everything you want to know from their branded nootropic ingredients to the intensity of the benefits that it delivers. 



3 Nootropic Supplement Categories and Sub-Categories


a) Customized Nootropic Stacks (Purchase individual nootropic supplements separately to create your own personal stack)

This option is typically more popular and practiced by those who have a little more experience and/or knowledge with nootropics. 

piracetamOne of the most appealing benefits is that it allows you to specifically customize your nootropic stack around specific individual goals and needs.              

While this approach provides the user with more options and flexibility, all individual nootropic supplements that can be used to create a customized stack are also not all created equally.

        1. Buy Bulk Nootropic Powders

There are some that understandably want to get the biggest bang for their buck and who won't hesitate to take the extra effort, time and space necessary to mix various nootropic supplements in powder form to create their daily nootropic supplements of choice. 

Most people that prefer using nootropic powders will do so to save money and the savings are certainly there for the taking.  

However, you want to be cautious when purchasing bulk nootropic powders from sources that seem to be offering prices that are a little “too good to be true.”

I've heard stories from multiple consumers who have purchased from these resources, experienced very odd side-effects that are not common if the type of nootropic is truly high-quality and high-purity levels. 

For example; a medical student who started experiencing increased blood pressure from taking Piracetam. If you take a truly high-quality Piracetam supplement that is GMP certified with COA, like the one we provide here, you should never experience these types of side effects. 

The problem with some nootropic powders

And I hate to sound so biased, but we spent a lot of time and put a TON of effort into extending our testing and research over the span of an entire year to assure that when and if we were going to offer nootropic supplements here, they would ONLY be of the highest-quality. I am proud to confidently say we have accomplished this goal.

In the example above, this person, unfortunately, chose significant savings over quality and found that the lack of quality in the product, completely off-set the unbelievably, low price that he paid for it. I can't say I blame him. Incredibly low prices and savings are attractive to virtually everyone and in his defense, of course, he was not expecting a product that delivered below expectations.

Some of these companies are now getting slick and trying to follow the precedent that only a select few, which now includes Focus Here and Now, have taken to not only provide high-quality supplements but also offer encapsulated nootropics.

The only problem is that in many instances, they are still filling their capsules with the same low-quality product, which makes the process of finding good products more difficult and frustrating for people like you.

Sometimes the price is “too good to be true”

Here's the deal:

Many of these low-cost nootropics are priced remarkably low for a reason and the quality that you may be sacrificing to save a few bucks won't mean much if the product is not delivering the fullest potential of cognitive benefits and falling short on your expectations. 

Nootropic supplements in powder form can also be more difficult to gauge for quality assurance purposes. Not only are purity levels and other elements concerns with many of the cheaper powders, but it is also more difficult to accurately measure and administer proper nootropic dosages.

To make matters more frustrating…

There are also certificates that can look genuine but do not tell the entire story. 

This means that some certificates can make the product appear to be of a higher purity level than is the actual reality.

The hassle of nootropics powder…

Especially for those who may have different nootropic stacks that they use from morning to evening and/or from one day to the next, properly measuring your dosages using digital scales and various liquids can sometimes prove to be difficult and time-consuming.  

However, if you eventually work your way up to a fairly heavy regimen of various nootropic supplements and have the patience, along with a high-quality resource for nootropic powders, the savings may be worth it for some. 

My objective is not to try and convince you that the only way to go is encapsulated nootropics that we supply. That would be misleading and dishonest and it's a matter of preference, which we understand. 

You Can Save with Nootropic Powders

Granted, the fact remains that you can save a considerable amount of money purchasing bulk nootropic powders.

I recommend that once you decide on the best combination of nootropics that work for you and determine a specific ingredient or two in your stack that you use most often, you may want to consider purchasing those specific supplements in bulk powder form to save a little money. 

So, if you have the confidence, time, and patience, where should you purchase bulk nootropic powders?

  • Peak Nootropics remains one of the most consistent, trusted, and well-respected resources that provide high-quality nootropic powders in bulk. Their prices are not only more than reasonable, but their purity levels are very respectable and clearly displayed in their Certificate of Analysis (COA), which compliments the majority of their product descriptions. There is literally no other resource I would recommend more highly for purchasing nootropics in bulk.
  • This eliminates any guesses about the level of purity and overall quality that compliments their prices, which is why they remain my number one recommendation for purchasing bulk nootropic supplement powders. They operate with integrity and truly seem to have their customer's best interest at the forefront of their minds and it shows in the way they operate and with the quality of products they produce.


2. Buy Nootropic Supplements in Capsules

PramiracetamThe idea of receiving, mixing, measuring, weighing and safely dosing nootropic supplements in powder form can make the whole idea of creating your own nootropic stack seem like a daunting task.

It's understandable and I can certainly relate.

I personally avoided creating my own nootropic stacks for quite some time for the simple reason that I didn't want to turn my kitchen into a chemistry lab and have strange white powders and digital scales laying all around my place, making me look like I was more interested in attempting to become the next “Scarface” or “Walter White,” as opposed to someone trying to improve their cognitive function. 

All kidding aside, it doesn't mean that I am completely against nootropics in powder form.

However, I do believe that it involves a little more time, knowledge and experience to be used safely and effectively.

I have heard more than a few stories about people who didn't understand the basics of proper measurement and you really don't want to experience the potentially dangerous side effects that can occur when you accidentally mix up mgs for grams. I assure you that you aren't going to feel well if you take ten times the recommended dosage of Piracetam.

Finding the Perfect Nootropic Supplements that Work

It was for this reason:

I made it my mission one to find a way that I could help alleviate some of the fears that many of our readers had been expressing to me about nootropic powders by providing them with accurately measured, high-quality, encapsulated nootropic supplements to create stacks around their own individual needs and goals.

Many people explained to me that they liked the idea of creating their own stacks, but that there seemed to be very limited options for encapsulated nootropic supplements. 

After a year of extensive research, we are very proud and pleased to officially open, “Nootropics City” at Focus Here and Now.

We hope that our wide-variety of high-quality, GMP certified, encapsulated nootropic supplements will open the door for those who have been interested, but hesitant in attempting to create their own nootropic stacks. Now, you don't have to guess about your dosages or worry about purchasing digital scales.

Your feedback is always welcome and please check back often for new nootropic supplements being added, regularly.  

Benefits include:

  • Accurate nootropic supplement dosages – There is no guessing. All of our nootropics are pre-measured, bottled with COA in the NC GMP certified manufacturing facilities and can be taken in simple daily doses.
  • No mess, no powders, easy to take on-the-go, and even easier to find the idea nootropic stack for your specific goals and needs. 
  • We offer the most competitive prices for the highest quality nootropic supplements you will find anywhere, online.


free optimind supplements



nootropics scam

b) The Fraud Nootropic Supplement Companies

Unfortunately, not all companies manufacturing these nootropic supplements are created equal or have the best intentions.

Like many businesses, there are always a few that are simply trying to cash in on a market, while it's “hot.”

However, these companies are not only closed-minded and callous in their actions, but also in their narrow view about nootropics in general. I don't believe that nootropic supplements are a “fad.”

As research continues from companies and individuals with good intentions, the quality, and development of nootropics will only improve over time. 

Some companies mislead consumers

As I have already experienced, some of these companies are manufacturing glorified energy pills and random herbal blends, throwing them in a bottle, sticking on a misleading label, and using some underhanded marketing techniques to sell their products.

My hope is that I can help shed some light for you about the brain supplements that not only fail to deliver on their claims but in some cases, can even be dangerous.

Other than the unethical practices of these companies, they also give a bad name to the entire industry.

My goal is to separate the hyped up fraudulent nootropics that are jam packed with ingredients to spike your energy, but without providing any true value to overall focus, memory, and cognitive function, from the ones that can provide positive benefits and offer real value. 

I will break the news to you now. There is no “real limitless pill” and Denzel Washington nor Tiger Woods take or have ever even heard of whatever crap some random company bottled up last week out of nowhere.

I am going to be revealing more than one of the frauds that we have come across during this experimentation period.

Believe it or not, they get much worse than Addieup and I want to make sure you know just as much about the bad nootropics, as you need to know about the good nootropics!


high quality nootropics

c) Pre-formulated Nootropic Supplements and Nootropic Stacks

Based on the research and testing I have already done, I have discovered that there actually are some “smart drugs” that deliver exactly what they claim.

The good news is…

There ARE nootropics that work that are pre-formulated, as well as individually customized stacks!

These are the companies that put their hearts and souls into developing their products.

The ones that put countless hours into research and development to create a high-quality nootropic supplement.

They are the ones backed by true neuroscience and research that allows them to continue developing the most effective and safest brain supplements. These are the ones producing nootropics that really work and their passion continues to drive improvements to their products and helps the entire industry.

Different pre-formulated nootropic stacks serve different purposes and we discuss them in great detail and outline our experience using them.

Some unique nootropics can be used in conjunction with others, but should also not be used every day and we explain why. 

So…What are Nootropics?

The bottom line is that like you when I started this experiment, I wanted to know, “do nootropics work?”

Are these so-called smart drugs for real or just hype in a bottle? What benefits can they provide to me and others like me? Perhaps, you are still unclear about what nootropics are and how nootropics work.

Well, let's try to define nootropics. Understanding nootropics can help us better understanding and answer the question to figure out, do nootropics work?

what are nootropics


Defining Nootropics – What are Nootropics and What Do Nootropics Do?

In the simplest terms, nootropics are cognitive enhancing supplements that claim to improve overall brain health, boost concentration and improve memory.

They are said to improve attention span and help individuals focus more effectively. They are also said to be excellent study aids.

Wikipedia says that nootropics are smart drugs, memory enhancers, cognitive and intelligence enhancers.

One of the most intriguing and interesting facts about nootropics is that they are reported to have very little to no side effects.

This really grabbed my attention when I first started my research about nootropics.

They are sometimes said to have the ability to increase a person's intelligence.

Do Nootropics Work? 

While I'm not sure I can believe that nootropics can directly improve a person's intelligence, I can say that when your overall cognitive function, focus, and mental energy improve, you are certainly capable of reaching your fullest intellectual potential.

Nootropics are cognitive boosting substances with a very low toxicity that can be taken for long-term use.

Many people who suffer from ADD/ADHD are claiming to get the same results from the RIGHT nootropics that they did from taking prescription medications, such as Adderall, Ritalin, etc, but without all of the side effects.

I was on Adderall and other prescription medications for years to treat my ADHD. However, the side effects associated with these drugs eventually outweighed the benefits for me.

I no longer felt like myself when I was taking them and I eventually, I stopped taking them completely.

But do nootropics work? Can they improve my focus, calm me down, help me concentrate?

Do nootropics work the same way that prescription medications do?

Alpha Brain nootropic supplement

The Nootropic Supplement Experiment

Testing and Reviewing the Top Nootropics

I decided that there was only one way to find out if there were any nootropics that work.

I would need to test them out for myself and for you!

I feel like there are many people out there like me, who are also curious about whether a brain enhancing supplement can actually benefit them, but they are either afraid to try or simply don't want to spend the money going from one product to the next, trying to find out.

All you want to know is do nootropics work?

It can get expensive to simply take a stab in the dark, so I am hoping that the information that I provide here will significantly cut into the trial and error period for you.

I will pass my experience and knowledge on to you so that you can make the most educated decision possible before deciding which nootropic supplement is right for you.

I look forward to this journey, which has already started by putting the following popular nootropics to the test.

This is a journey that started nearly a year and a half ago and I have returned here to continually update this page with progress. As you can see, it has immensely grown:

Read ALL Pre-formulated Nootropic Supplement Reviews by Clicking Here.


Upcoming Nootropic Supplement Reviews: about nootropics

*(The links below provide the information about these products. Our comprehensive review will help provide clarity about whether they are nootropics that actually, work.)

  • Lumonol – We received a TON of requests asking about Lumonol and after learning about it's bold and potent nootropic formula, it was time to pull the trigger and find out if the hype surrounding the supplement was warranted or not. A comprehensive review will be published soon. 


Updated Nootropic Supplement Reviews


  • ** UPDATED Review Live – Mitogen and Nexus by Axon Labs 
  • A unique combination of two brand new nootropic stacks created by the same company that developed CILTEP. This one peaked my interest immediately with their addition of one of our favorite individual nootropics to add to our stack, Aniracetam. I've never seen any other supplements come close to the ingredients of these stacks. We discuss whether or not they deliver and the price is justified. 


  • ** Updated Review Live – Modafinil – YES! I FINALLY caved to the endless amount of requests we have received, asking about the nootropic that has gained a lot of media attention recently, as being the first scientifically proven “smart drug.” This review is now live! Check out the Modafinil review, here and now!


  • *Update Review LiveRestUp Review – The nootropic sleep aid that works? We test and review a nootropic specifically geared toward improving the overall quality of sleep and allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. 


        While, I believe that it is still much safer and legal in far more jurisdictions to supplement the more cost-efficient and effective nootropic supplement called,                       Adrafinil, I went ahead and tested FOUR different varieties of Modafinil and will provide a very detailed breakdown to outline the experience using each of them.

  • Nerium EHT – Some of the folks over at Nerium were upset at my “jab” in our article about brain supplements to avoid. While I was clear about the fact that I had not yet actually tested the supplement, they were upset by my assumption. My assumption came with reason, but a very nice representative of theirs was nice enough to send out some product for an official review, which I will do in the kindest, most honest way possible. We will examine the supplement and the business plan. 

More Nootropic Supplement Reviews

  • *Updated Review Live – The “New” and Improved? truBrain Think Drinks – We just received a full month supply of the new truBrain formula and I will be updating the review later this month. Find out if we think the new formula is truly improved!
  • *Updated Review Live – Mind HD ReviewAn all-natural nootropic supplement from a company that comprises all of their products with natural ingredients and natural nootropics. These nootropics work effectively and surprisingly potent for all-natural ingredients. You can even try it for free, along with every other product in their natural nootropic supplement line. 
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Let the Journey Continue…

The journey has begun and has already delivered some interesting results, to say the least. 

Like me, you want to know how do nootropics work and what are the nootropics that actually work.

My goal is to continue getting all us closer to those answers.

This experiment has already taken me down a road I never expected. As I continue testing and reviewing products, I believe we will have a better understanding about what works and eventually determine which ones can be considered among the best brain supplements.

Do nootropics work?

In short, YES…but they are NOT all created equally and my goal is to provide you with the most accurate information and outline my personal experiences using these supplements so that you can make the best decision on which nootropic supplements might work best for you and your personal needs and goals.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions that you may have about any of the nootropics I have tested or even general information about nootropic “smart drugs.” We are also always up for discovering new supplements to test and review at our own expense.

Please feel free to comment below if you have had any experience with any type of brain enhancing supplements, as I would love to hear your experiences, too! Check back often and I look forward to continuing this journey with you! What are your favorite nootropics? What pre-formulated nootropic stacks have you tried? What nootropics have worked for you? What nootropic stacks failed for you? What nootropics would you like to see tested and reviewed? Do nootropics work for you? Ask, share and discuss below!


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