Ciltep Review: One of the Best Natural Nootropics for Focus?

CILTEP Review 

Everything You Need to Know about the Popular Nootropic Supplement

Does CILTEP Work and is it Right for You?


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CILTEP Nootropic Supplement Review 

does ciltep workIf you have been following my brain supplement experiment, you know that I have made it my mission one to test and review the most popular nootropic supplements on the market. 

My goal is to determine which of these supplements, if any, will truly improve overall mental performance. 

CILTEP is one of the more popular nootropic supplements that continues to generate significant buzz.

Therefore, I set my expectations fairly high from day one.

You may have seen it endorsed by the 2014 World Series of Poker Champion, Martin Jacobsen, Joe Rogan, and other celebrities.

The Difference Between CILTEP and Other Nootropics

CILTEP is a little bit “different” from other nootropic supplements. It is comprised of a unique blend of all-natural nootropic ingredients that are not as commonly found in other brain supplements.

Unlike many of their competitors, CILTEP does not simply jam-pack as many nootropic supplements into one compound as possible to make it sound more potent. 

Instead, they focus their efforts on comprising the most effective and potent components that will work synergistically together to achieve optimal cognitive benefits. 

Here's the deal: 

I personally tested and reviewed CILTEP over the past month with great care.

We will discuss exactly what CILTEP stands for, what it claims it can do, the ingredients found inside, how it should be taken, and finally, my personal experience using CILTEP. 

Famous celebs like Joe Rogan and inspirational entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss went as far as stating that CILTEP was more effective than the popular “smart drug,” called Modafinil


What is CILTEP and What Does it Do? 

ciltep reviewCILTEP is an all-natural nootropic supplement. The formula includes artichoke extract and forskolin to naturally induce what's called, long-term potentiation.

Long-term potentiation or LTP is a neuroscience term, which is the strengthening of synapses based on specific patterns of brain activity. It is also the subject of clinical research

CILTEP claims to be a healthy way to stay focused, improve memory, stay consistently alert while enhancing mood and motivation throughout the day.

It is supposed to be a fast-acting nootropic that is sustainable throughout the day with just one dosage. 

CILTEP claims that you should feel the effects of the nootropics for at least 8 hours. 

What Can CILTEP Do?

  • Improving and increasing mental performance and overall motivation
  • Improved concentration and long-term memory
  • Increased ability to retain information and concentration
  • Improvements to your overall mood and ease of social environments

Many of these benefits coincide with some of the common ADHD symptoms adults experience on a daily basis.

However, these benefits would help anyone who was looking to gain a mental edge and improve overall cognitive abilities. 

Many brain supplement companies make similar claims about their product's capability to significantly improve mental abilities.

My goal was to find out if CILTEP was one of the companies that backed up their claims.

Unfortunately, as I have experienced in the past, some companies put more time, money, and effort into marketing hype than they do to the quality of the actual products.

I wanted to find out exactly where Natural Stacks focused their efforts when developing CILTEP. 

Now that we have a better understanding of what CILTEP claims it can do, let's take a look under the hood at the ingredients that constitute, CILTEP.


CILTEP Ingredients  

Artichoke Extract – This is one of the main ingredients found in CILTEP. CILTEP ingredients

What is artichoke extract?

It is a superior quality extract derived from the leaves of the artichoke plant.

Artichoke Extract dates back to ancient times and was prized as a delicacy by ancient Greeks and Romans.

It has been said to aid and protects against many health risks that may include, cancer, liver dysfunction, heart disease, digestive health, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

The artichoke has been considered a superfood, long before it's nootropic benefits and properties were understood. 

It took a little bit of research to comprehend how the artichoke extract in CILTEP, works.

However, I will do my best to explain the science behind artichoke extract in the simplest way possible, as I think it is important to understand how it specifically works in CILTEP.

Artskolin (artichoke extract), is made up of two major components: 


  • PD4E Inhibition

This is an enzyme that breaks down cAMP molecules, which are messenger systems that will relay signals to the brain. PD4E will block the breakdown of cAMP (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cyclic AMP), which increases the levels of cAMP within the brain.

This can create significant nootropic effects, which include an overall increase in cognition, improved memory, and alertness while providing neuroprotection.

Artichoke extract is considered to be one of the most effective and safest PD4E inhibitors. CILTEP includes 900 mg of high-quality Artichoke extract per serving.

While more research continues, no known negative side effects have been reported from artichoke extract by itself or as part of the CILTEP formulation. 

  • Augmenting cAMP – 

Forskolin (Found in the roots of the Plectranthus barbatus plant, also known as the Coleus Forskohlii plant), is the only supplement known to increase cAMP levels, naturally.

It activates the enzyme called, “adenylyl cyclase,” which increases intracellular levels of cAMP. CILTEP uses a premium Forskolin and contains 4 mg per serving. 

The combination of these two components, work in synergy to generate Long-Term potentiation (LTP).

It results in an overall improvement to cognitive function, particularly for retaining new information and memory

Still with me

Yes? No? Maybe? Hang in there…

Neuroscience can sound complicated.

Probably because in many cases, it is kind of complicated. However, it very important to learn, understand, and share with you, the neuroscience behind the development of a nootropic supplement that I am actively testing and reviewing. 

ciltep supplement

Summary: PD4e Inhibition + Augmenting cAMP = (creates), Long-Term Potentiation (LTP), which equals an overall improvement in cognitive function, particularly the retention of new information and memory


Other CILTEP Ingredients and the Connection of LTP and Dopamine


LTP and Dopamine

The components that make up this regimen make dopamine metabolism more effective at generating learning, memory, and motivation processes.

However, the chemical dynamics of the dopamine system are retained.

You may be wondering about CILTEP:

Why is this significant or what does that even mean!?

It means that it avoids the negative side effects that are typically associated with common dopamine stimulation from prescription medications like, Adderall or Ritalin.

CILTEP's main ingredients are supplemented by L-PhenylalanineAcetyl L-Carnitine, and Vitamin B-6.

The following briefly explains how the intention of adding these ingredients was to keep the brain well equipped with the building blocks of dopamine



CILTEP's Additional Ingredients Provide the Building Blocks of Dopamine to the Brain

This is an essential amino acid that is one of 8 other amino acids that must be supplemented through diet because the human body cannot synthesize it on its own.

In the body, it is converted into another amino acid called, L-Tyrosine, which is ultimately used by the brain to create dopamine, which works in synergy with Forskolin and Artichoke Extract.

The end result is aimed at an overall enhancement to mood, focus, and motivation.  

This is another form of the amino acid, Carnitine. The elevated levels of cAMP caused by the Forskolin, also increase acetylcholinesterase (an enzyme found in the brain).

This increase will actually lead to a reduction in the levels of acetylcholine ( an organic molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter), which can potentially decrease energy levels and affect short-term memory.

The addition of Acetyl L-Carnitine to the formula alleviates the increase in these levels and maintaining optimal levels of acetylcholine. 

  • Vitamin B6 – B6 is an essential vitamin in the B-vitamin complex.

This was added to the formula aid and adds that extra capacity to L-Phenylalanine to regulate and maintain balance to dopamine levels



The Bottom Line about CILTEP Ingredients 

CILTEP was designed to increase dopamine levels in a natural way without interfering with its metabolism, as well as eliminating the common side effects felt from prescription stimulants that also target dopamine levels. 

CILTEP natural ingredients


The CILTEP Review – My Personal Experience with CILTEP

Now that we have gotten all of the science out of the way, let's talk about whether or not CILTEP actually works.

Research, studies, and neuroscience are all important factors, but it still doesn't guarantee that it will be one of the nootropics that work for you.

I spent a full month taking CILTEP. 

The only thing that I supplemented with CILTEP was my other natural ADHD treatments, which include my daily routines, meditation, creating lists, organization techniques, a daily multi-vitamin and a fish oil supplement. Eventually, I would also stack Dopamine Brain food, Serotonin brain food, and Gaba brain food with the CILTEP stack. 

CILTEP only took a few days to arrive on my doorstep. 


First Impressions of CILTEP


CILTEP modafinil

I personally found the two nootropic supplements to be very different, but Tim Ferriss is not the first to literally live by CILTEP and claim it's superiority to the popular smart drug, Modafinil.

Transparency From The Natural Stacks Team

One of the first things that I noticed was that all of the ingredients and amounts were clearly listed on the bottle. 

I have seen quite a few other nootropic supplements that have “proprietary blends” and do not provide a specific breakdown of the amount of each ingredient in the blend.

CILTEP is also unique being an “open-source” nootropic compound that you can add additional nootropics to “stack” with this supplement. 

The recommended dosage is 2-3 capsules on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning when you wake up. 

I went ahead and took 2 on the first day and settled in to get some work done. It is best to take 2 in order to gauge your sensitivity and get a feel for the effects. 

Is CILTEP more effective than Modafinil, as the claim has been made by entrepreneurs moguls like Tim Ferriss? 

Personally, I find CILTEP and Modafinil to be very different.

They serve different purposes and are both effective in different ways. 

How CILTEP Made Me Feel

What felt like no more than 30 minutes later, I was feeling very alert. My mood was also noticeably boosted.

I felt like I could get a lot of things accomplished with my day and within that first hour, I honestly felt more motivated than usual to do it. 

While testing my first few nootropic supplements, I would always keep the potential placebo effect in mind and test supplements out for at least a week to make certain that the effects were genuine.

What Does CILTEP Do?

My experience has allowed me to quickly, confidently and accurately identify when a nootropic supplement is working and when it's not.

This was definitely working and I was being productive and getting more done with my days!

CILTEP had a different feel than some of the other top nootropics that I had tested and reviewed in the past. It significantly increased my alertness and energy but didn't leave me feeling jittery.

I felt more awake and alert using CILTEP than I had with others, but the energy was pleasantly complemented by a streamlined focus that helped me get more done and increased my confidence levels throughout the day.

Don't be fooled by thinking that the natural nootropics won't provide noticeable cognitive benefits. I experienced a noticeable increase in focus, attention, mental energy, clarity, memory, mood, motivation, and overall cognitive functioning

CILTEP is one of the most potent natural nootropic stacks I have ever tried. The effects and benefits were significant and noticeable. Plus, they lasted throughout the entire day. CILTEP will help you be more productive!


Stacking CILTEP with SMART Caffeine ciltep reviews

CILTEP also provides the option to stack their “Smart Caffeine” for those looking for an added boost of mental energy. 

The Smart Caffeine formula is made up of one of the safest and most common nootropics. It combines natural caffeine with the amino acid, L-Theanine to provide the alertness that coffee provides, but without the jitters or upsetting your stomach.

Many users have reported that the Smart Caffeine in combination with CILTEP gives a significant boost to its overall effects.

They also offer a combo pack of both CILTEP and a 60 Ct. bottle of SMART Caffeine for $52.90, which knocks a good $10 off the price of purchasing them separately.

Pros and Cons of CILTEP


  • Pros and cons of CILTEPSignificant increase in alertness and attentiveness
  • Improvement in overall focus
  • Increased Motivation
  • Superior Retention of Information 
  • Improvement to Overall Mood 
  • Improved Memory 
  • Better Productivity



  • Tolerance of CILTEP – 

It is important to cycle your usage of CILTEP. Use it for 4-5 days and take 2-3 days off. This will help avoid building a tolerance, which may be possible if you are using the natural nootropic supplement daily. 

  • Sleep Difficulties – 

If you take CILTEP too late in the day, you may find some difficulties falling asleep. Especially, if you are stacking CILTEP with any type of caffeine, you want to make sure you are taking it early enough in the day.

It provides an intense alertness and attentiveness, which is great, but keep in mind that the effects can last anywhere from 8-12 hours. Try to plan your day accordingly so that you can make sure you are taking it at a time that won't interfere with sleep.

If you find that it may be too late, you may want to use that day to take a break and start taking it again earlier in the morning. I wouldn't try to compensate for missing a dose earlier by taking it later in the day or you may find yourself wired all night.

  • Serving Size of CILTEP –  

Each bottle has 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is 2-3 capsules daily and not to exceed 3 a day. Especially, if you are supplementing CILTEP with their Smart Caffeine, you may want to only take 1-2 per day.

If you take 3 each day, you will have enough from one bottle to last you 20 days or 20 total servings.

Taking 2 a day will leave you with enough for 30 days/servings.

This is another thing to keep in mind and is actually one of the main reasons that I would recommend getting the “Smart Caffeine” to stack with it. 2 CILTEP with 1-2 Smart Caffeine capsules each day should more than easily get you through a full 30 days.

Dopamine Brain Food and Serotonin Brain Food

Natural Stacks recently released two new unique and natural brain food products that create a nootropic stack that can potentiate the effects of CILTEP. I have tested these supplements out and will be following up with a more formal review. However, there is some information about each product worth mentioning. 

I was incredibly surprised by the noticeable effects felt from Dopamine Brain Food, especially when stacked with CILTEP. dopamine brain food

It really does exactly what it says. I found that it provided a nice subtle, but noticeable boost in motivation, a smooth increase in overall mental alertness, and an improvement to the overall feeling of well-being

We have discussed the importance of various brain foods and achieving a proper balance of dopamine levels in the brain.

When levels of Dopamine are too high or too low, it can have drastic and undesired effects.

Dopamine Brain food allows you to achieve an ideal balance, especially when stacked with CILTEP.

If you want to learn more about their all-natural Dopamine Brain food, click here

Levels of Serotonin are also critical in maintaining a healthy brain and achieving the right balance will provide the best feeling of mental well-being.

This is a key neurotransmitter that is frequently depleted and responsible for those suffering from depressionserotonin brain food

Serotonin Brain Food balances a lot of things out that you simply don't find in many pre-formulated nootropic supplements and stacks. 

You will notice an improvement in your overall mood and social capabilities. The better mood you are in the easier social anxieties and concerns are to handle.

I personally noticed a significant decrease in overall stress and anxiety, while finding that my sleep was improving. That is saying a lot coming from a guy that is consistently struggling with sleep deprivation. 

The same way that I feel CILTEP should be cycled, I found that cycling Dopamine brain food and Serotonin brain food supplements were very much the same. These brain food supplements are great for further improving overall brain health and function. 

The overall importance of brain foods cannot be understated. It is a topic that we discuss frequently. 

At times, it is not always as easy as we would hope to attain all of the benefits from brain foods through simple diet alone.

These two supplements are an excellent addition to supplement on those days where you are struggling to consume all of the brain foods that you need. 


Final Verdict on CILTEP 

I have never taken a brain supplement that made me feel as alert and attentive as CILTEP that didn't also make me feel jittery.

Other nootropic supplements, such as Addieup, claim to be the most effective Adderall alternatives, which provided the energy, but also made me feel like my heart was about to jump out of my chest.

CILTEP really surprised me. I expectedCILTEP this to be a run of the mill, mid-level nootropic stack and nothing more. 

The bottom line is that CILTEP works. It carries a very safe user profile and provides a wide variety of cognitive benefits. 


CILTEP vs Modafinil and Prescription Medications

I continue to see posts and comments online, where people have been comparing CILTEP to ADD/ADHD prescription medications like Adderall and Ritalin.

It is most frequently compared to the Modafinil. Modafinil is a medication that is frequently prescribed for people with various sleep disorders, like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, etc. 

While I can't really speak to the comparisons with Modafinil, I can see where some people may draw a comparison to Adderall or Ritalin (both of which I was prescribed at different times), especially when it is supplemented with caffeine.

However, the biggest difference between CILTEP and these medications was that CILTEP didn't leave me with that same uneasy edge. It also didn't leave me feeling so fixated on one task that if I got distracted, my intense focus was being directed at the “wrong” things.  


CILTEP is one of the Top Nootropics

The CILTEP nootropic stack not only delivered the benefits that it claimed but the effects were unique and distinguished.

It was different from other nootropic supplements that I had tested and is one that I would absolutely consider one of the top nootropics available today.

CILTEP provided a positive energy that kept my mood elevated and my mind motivated and focused.

Remember, if you decide to try CILTEP, take a break here and there for a couple days. You want to cycle nootropics by using them for 3-4 days and taking 2-3 days off. This will balance your neurotransmitters and keep your tolerance in check.

I think you will find that the break allows the supplement to work at peak performance when you start taking it again. Also, don't take it too late, as you may have trouble sleeping.

I have seen some other nootropic supplements advertised as lasting for 8 or more hours but found the effects wearing off much more quickly. CILTEP really will get you through the entire day motivated and more productive. 


CILTEP is Not for Everyone

The CILTEP nootropic stack worked for me and it may work for you. However, that does not mean it will work for everyone. Every person is different and so is their brain and body chemistry. Unfortunately, nootropics are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. 

What may even work for many people, may still not be ideal for you. It depends not only on your individual brain and body chemistry but also on your particular cognitive needs and goals. Keep that in mind when deciding which nootropic supplement will be best for you.

It's easy to get pessimistic or skeptical if the first one or two that you try don't end up being the ideal nootropic stack for you. However, I am a firm believer that nootropics work. It is just about finding the nootropic stack that works best for you and your cognitive needs and goals.

The Difference Between Brain Supplements

I not only wanted to find nootropic supplements that work for me but also provide you with as much information as possible to make an educated decision before deciding on the brain supplement that you feel would fit you best.

It is incredibly fascinating to test and feel the difference from one nootropic supplement to the next.


Where can I Buy CILTEP? 


LIMITED TIME – Get a FREE Sample of SMART Caffeine with ALL CILTEP Purchases!

Purchase CILTEP directly on their website by Clicking HERE. It's the lowest price you will find and they have some pretty decent, discounted offers if you decide to purchase CILTEP with the Smart Caffeine or any of their other package bundles.

You can also save money if you decide to sign up for their auto-ship program. They will send you a new bottle of CILTEP each month at $34.95, instead of $42.95.

CILTEP is a more reasonably priced nootropic stack.

Most high-quality nootropic supplements will run at least $50 a bottle.  




As always, please feel free to comment below with any questions, comments and/or experiences that you may have had using CILTEP and/or any other nootropic supplements. Also, I would love to hear from you regarding the following:


What nootropic supplements have you tried? Please tell us about your positive and negative experiences. Let us know if you have tried CILTEP. I am always taking requests and quick to answer, order, test, and review. Please comment below!

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