Child ADHD

Child ADHD – The Struggles of Both ADHD Children and Parenting ADHD Children

Child ADHD can be frustrating for both children and parents alike. It is incredibly important that children diagnosed with child ADHD have the support network necessary to thrive and overcome some of the daily challenges of living with ADHD. 

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ADHD used to only be associated with children. It was known as Child ADHD and was very commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed. We have come a long way to gain a much better understand of ADHD symptoms and learned that a child could not simply “grow out of” ADHD disorder.

An adult with ADHD, once had child ADHD, whether they knew it at the time or not. 

Some of us were aware and began treating it at a young age while others of us did not recognize it until it became adult ADHD. 

We are very fortunate that research and science have continued to develop and allow us to gain a better understanding of child ADHD.

The more we understand ADHD, the more effectively we have learned to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The earlier that we address child ADHD, the more effective treatment can be provided. 

While, sometimes it may be necessary to intervene with prescription ADHD medications, there are more options that continue to become available for children with ADHD to help them more effectively manage it at a young age and potentially become less reliant on prescription ADHD medications for the majority of their lives. 

Below you will discover some of these methods.

We talk about the struggles that ADHD children experience to have a better understanding and also discuss the ways that we can help them gain control over their ADHD and more effectively manage it now and in the future. 

Remember, even though ADHD may not have a cure, it CAN be managed…

Focus Here and Now 

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Parenting ADHD Children Does not HAVE to be Difficult Impact ADHD gives parents of an ADHD child the necessary tools to not only help their children, but maintain their own sanity. 

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Child ADHD

Child ADHD

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