Brain Hacking Can Significantly Benefit the Mind, Body, and Soul

The Benefits of Brain Hacking

Brain hacking has many benefits. It improves the mind, body, and soul. There are multiple ways to take advantage of brain hacking. Some methods involve changes in behavior and awareness, others involve improving healthy habits, and there are also specific nootropic supplements that are noticeably effective. 

Brain hacking is also known as neurohacking. However, neither require a degree in computer science to take better control of your mental capacity and happiness. Brain hacking is the framework to experience-optimization applicable to nearly every walk of life. 

Educated brain hacking requires a balanced strategic use of your time and energy to level up all of the various things that contribute to your daily experience in proportion to one another. The strategic sense of brain hacking sense is critical. 

Brain Hacking the Mind

Meditation, practicing gratitude, writing, playing a musical instrument, and other activities can upgrade your mental wellness through the conscious discipline of your thinking. However, the best part about brain hacking is the vast majority of methods can be done with relative ease.

Percentages of Care for the Mind and Body

A percentage of wellness is dedicated to mind care. Therefore, this includes cognitive behavioral therapy, visualization, and the help of a potent and powerful nootropic brain supplement like Qualia. Qualia noticeably increases focus, attention, concentration, mood, memory, motivation, reducing stress and anxiety, improving mental energy, and overall cognitive functioning. It goes hand in hand with the other crucial components of mind care. Check out our Qualia review to learn everything you need to know about the supplement.

Body Care

Body care also depends on biofeedback and nootropics. However, a great amount of our wellness relies on gratitude practices, internal reflection, and creative expression. Sleep, nutrition, and movement are also critical to our overall wellness. The love of life and wellness also depends on the company you keep, the company you give, and the time you spend without company. Physical elements also come into play for our overall wellness. Therefore, this includes lighting, air quality, and sleep condition. 

The Mind

Upgrade your mental wellness through interventions that consciously discipline the quality of your thinking. Therefore, our sense of reality is operating within the subjective experience of self. Brain hacking occurs through subjective channels, which are assisted by any number of objective things. 

Body Care Importance of the Mind

Body hacks involve physical practices and primarily affect conscious experience through physiological pathways. This primes our physical conditions for an optimal mental experience. Therefore, it includes generally good nutrition, sleep, movement, and exercise. There are also cutting-edge body and brain hacks such as nootropic supplements, biofeedback, and transcranial stimulation devices. Attention to the body lays the foundation for energy, focus, and general health and improves other areas of focus. 

3 Key Brain Hacking Concepts brain hacking

Facets of Cognitive Well Being are Inter-Affecting


All facets of cognitive well-being are inter-affecting. Therefore, educated brain hacking requires a balanced strategic use of your energy and time. Trying to brain hack with this strategic sense of balance is critical. 

Brain Hacking has Many Expressions and is Relevant to Everyone

Don't let the word brain hacking or neurohacking intimidate you. You don't have to be a genius to take greater control of your everyday happiness and mental capacity. Most people engage the majority of brain hacks as part of their life strategy. Brain hacking is not really a culture. It is a framework for experience optimization applicable to nearly every walk of life. 

Understanding the Mind/Brain Interface

Your brain processes information to determine your behavior. The mind is the subjective experience of yourself and reality. Therefore, the relationship between the two is one of bidirectional influence. The dynamic interface between your physiology influencing your thoughts and thoughts influencing your physiology is called the mind/brain interface.

9 Foundational Brain Hacks

1. Prioritize Downtime

Here's the deal:

Productivity-oriented culture naturally deprioritizes downtime. The Association for Psychological Science indicates that brain activity is not engaging external tasks or duties. Instead, they indicate that brain activity in these states is correlated with socioemotional functioning.  

2. Set Goals

Living in a state of high daily fulfillment requires executing a plan. Setting clear goals is crucial to orchestrating an effective brain hacking plan. Merely setting goals, is a brain hack in and of itself, even prior to accomplishing them. Research Gate published a fascinating deep-dive into the power of goal-setting led by Dr. Elliott Berman of the University Of Oregon. They state that merely instituting goals in one’s life is correlated with significant increases in motivation, planning aptitude, effective socialization (motivated by shared goals), and self-control. Therefore, while the achievement of your goals may seem far away, realize that by merely clarifying them to yourself, you’ve taken a key step in mental wellness.

3. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is critical for happiness and cognitive function. Everyone experiencing little to no sleep feels a dramatic decrease of focus and clarity in virtually all tasks. During REM sleep, brain activity is similar to when we are awake. Brain research shows that during sleep various debris flushes out of the brain. This includes a protein that is associated with Alzheimer's Disease and other toxins associated with neurodegenerative disease.

Dr. Harvey B. Simon discovered a correlation between adequate sleep and our ability to learn and remember in Harvard Health Publications. Not getting adequate sleep of around 7-8 hours a night can cause serious cognitive impairments. 

4. Optimize Nutrition for the Body and Mind 

Here's the deal:

brain hacks

Supplements augment the primary nutrition one gets from food rather than replacing it or set a poor diet. Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which control mood and thought, are made from amino acids found in proteins. Nootropics like Qualia can supplement these factors to improve focus, concentration, attention, mental energy, mood, memory, motivation, productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost overall cognitive functioning. Read more about Qualia here.

Chemical transformations that take place in our body and brain, are mediated by vitamins and minerals found in a healthy diet. However, many processed foods contain chemicals that deplete key nutrients and can contribute to neuroinflammation and energy imbalances. A high-performance brain requires high-performance fuel. 

5. Movement

All adaptiveness comes down to movement. Therefore, the primary purpose of our brain is to inform our movement. The end of our movement is death.

The more dynamically we move, the more alive we become. Therefore, the more adaptive and capable our body and brain become. Exercise helps prevent every chronic disease known including Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, and anxiety. It positively correlates with longevity, increases productivity, cognitive capacity, and brightens the mood. Exercise provides critical physiological and cognitive benefits. 

6. Be Compassionate Toward Yourself

We all know how easy it is to be unduly hard on ourselves. However, while some constructive criticism can help us grow, the majority of our self-negativity does the opposite, both psychologically and physically. Self-criticism can cause the brain to trigger an increase in blood pressure and release cortisol. Therefore, to be a true creator and innovator requires trusting your own imagination and sensibilities enough to follow them. It also requires doing things that others have yet to do. Interpret failure as learning rather than defeat. Your love of what you want to create has to be stronger than any limiting ideas you might have about yourself. 

7. Help Others

There is a sense of fulfillment in helping others. Multiple studies show that altruistic behavior (such as volunteering) has a strong correlation in the sense of meaning derived from life. Therefore, having a social life does not take on the same qualitative sense of fulfillment as taking on aspects of giving in relationships around you. Giving is not just about benefiting other people's lives. However, it is also fundamentally linked to benefiting your own psychological health.  

brain foods


8. Eat Brain Foods

A healthy balanced diet is crucial to your mental health and cognitive function. Some brain foods include blueberries, green vegetables, protein-based foods, foods with B vitamins and even B Vitamin supplements, brain foods with fish oils like cold-water fish and also Omega-3 supplements, fruits, vegetables, fiber, etc. These foods serve as fuel to the brain and help keep your brain and body operating at peak performance. Therefore, a well-balanced diet is crucial to body and mind health.

nootropic supplements9. Nootropic Supplements

High-quality nootropic brain supplements significantly and noticeably boost your cognitive functioning. However, they are not all created equal. One of the best nootropic supplements that I have tested and reviewed over the past 5 years is called Qualia. Qualia has shown to effectively and noticeably improve focus, concentration, attention, mood, memory, motivation, productivitymental energy, reduces stress, and boost cognitive functioning. The Qualia review tells you everything you need to know about the supplement and how it works.

Practice these brain hacks on a regular basis and you will find happiness and fulfillment both physically and mentally. Brain hacking works and can make a significant difference in your life. I hope you will implement some of these brain hacks in your life!


Know any other brain hacks? What type of brain hacking has worked for you? Please leave questions and comments below!



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