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Brain Foods: The ADHD Diet & The Best Foods for the Mind!

Brain foods are essential to positive health and especially positive brain health. Brain foods are underrated for their importance for those struggling with ADHD. We highly recommend adding brain foods to your everyday diet to use as an additional tool to help successfully manage ADHD symptoms. Brain foods and the ADHD diet are an essential component of proper health and maintaining a healthy brain. 

Brain Foods and the ADHD Diet

brain foods for the ADHD diet

Research shows that “brain foods” have a positive effect on various ADHD symptoms and a well-balanced ADHD diet can be critical in helping to keep some those symptoms under control. 

Research continues to show that the foods we eat can affect certain aspects of our mental health, which includes areas of focus, concentration, memory, and overall mental acuity

ADHD diets and research continue to favor the positive effects that eliminating certain foods and adding various supplements can have on a person with or without attention deficit disorder. 

Essential brain foods and supplementation have been shown to help the brain to lessen symptoms of restlessness and lack of focus.


CLICK HERE to View 5 Essential, Yet Simple Brain Foods For A Healthy Brain & The Key Components To A Well-Balanced ADHD Diet


Research has continued to show that certain ADHD symptoms can either lessen or become worse from the foods that people are consuming. 

You can find more information about brain foods in the articles listed below. 

Please check back often and feel free to ask questions, comment, and/or share your own experiences with brain foods and the ADHD diet.

Research has gone a long way to show the positive and negative effects that something as simple as the foods we eat have on our overall cognitive functioning and brain health.

You will continue to find the latest information about the best brain foods to consume for a well-balanced ADHD diet. We will also share some of the more unexpected and unconventional brain foods that you may not know are an excellent addition to your daily diet. 


The Holistic Solution to ADHD

There are many basic holistic solutions to ADHD that are commonly ignored. However, by implementing some of these simple changes into the daily routine, a child or adult with ADHD will find it easier to manage their ADHD symptoms. 

There is a great video that discusses the holistic solution to ADHD and well worth watching! It discusses the impact that changes to diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and other factors can have on the daily life of someone with ADHD. It also helps sort out questions that many people have between ADHD medications and natural strategies. Overall, this video is a great tool to find the strategies and methods that will work best for you or a loved one struggling with ADD or ADHD. This is the type of resource you will find yourself coming back to again and again. I highly recommend it for the valuable knowledge you are sure to gain from watching!


Check Out Our 5 Most Recommended & Essential Brain Foods For a Healthy Brain and a Well-Balanced ADHD Diet



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5 Simple, Yet Effective Brain Foods For The ADHD Diet and/or Can Boost Brian Power! (See Below)

 Essential Brain Foods, The ADHD Diet, and Improving Overall Brain Health

Brain foods are essential to consuming a well-balanced, healthy overall diet. Eating the right brain foods can benefit you with a healthier and more focused brain. Brain foods are recommended for any and all people of all ages. However, certain brain foods are so effective in helping to control various ADHD symptoms and are considered essential to maintaining a healthy ADHD diet. 

brain foods for adhd


5 Simple Brain Foods and the ADHD Diet that Can Boost Brain Power


1.  Protein Brain Foods brain food protein

Brain foods that are rich in protein are used to make neurotransmitters, which are the chemicals that are released by the brain cells to communicate with each other.  Proteins can prevent spikes in blood sugar levels, which are known to increase hyperactivity.  

This is why well-balanced consumption of protein is an essential element of the ADHD diet

Start your day with protein in your morning breakfast and continue to eat snacks and/or protein supplements throughout the day!

Protein is one of the essential daily brain foods that everyone should consume daily and plays an even more integral role for those struggling with ADHD symptoms.


2. B Vitamin Brain FoodsVitamin B brain food

B vitamins such as Vitamin B-6 can increase brain levels of dopamine, which also improves alertness.

B Vitamins are an essential brain food. Many of us with ADHD are B vitamin deficiencies. B Vitamins are available everywhere and should be part of your daily vitamin intake.  

However, it can be more beneficial to find a multi-vitamin that also has an adequate amount of daily B-vitamins. An excellent multi-vitamin with the appropriate amount of essential B vitamins, specifically for children, is Children's Premium Complete Gummy Multivitamin by TerraPur.

For adults, I personally take and recommend the Vitafusion B Complex Gummy Vitamins for Adults, 70 gummies, Bottle (Pack of 3) to be taken on a daily basis. It is cost effective and satisfies your B-vitamin needs. 

The essential amount of B vitamins can be difficult to consume naturally through everyday brain foods. Therefore, it becomes necessary to supplement vitamin B to consume the most beneficial amount every day. 


3.  Fish Oil Brain Foods fish oil brain foods for adhd

Studies have suggested that some people who struggle with ADD and ADHD have a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids because they break down more quickly in those who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Fish oils are one of the most essential and under-consumed brain foods in our daily diets. They are a critical part of the ADHD diet. 

Adding more fish oils into your daily diet especially, cold water fatty fish such as tuna and salmon can improve overall cognitive function.

Retrospective studies continue to show that Omega-3 fatty acids and supplements are effective in helping to manage ADHD symptoms.

It is also difficult to consume the ideal amount of fish oils that we need each day through natural diet. Therefore, I have continued to use Dr. Tobias' fish oil supplement on a daily basis.

It is the highest-quality fish oil supplement that I have found in over two years of research and far more effective than the basic fish oil supplements I used to buy at the drug store that is simply too low in the amount of DHA and EPA you should be consuming. 

I cover this topic as part of some effective alternative ADHD treatments for children and adults.


4.  Ginseng and Ginkgo Brain Foods

ginseng brain food

These powerful “cognitive herbs” serve as a stimulant without any of the side effects!

Another one of the easiest and most essential brain foods to add to your daily routine. 

These herbs can help reduce impulsiveness and allow you to feel less distracted. I strongly suggest utilizing these two herbs in conjunction with one another, as it has made a difference for me.

Asian ginseng is commonly more potent and effective than American Ginseng.

The best Asian Ginseng that myself and others have had a very positive experience with and is also reasonably priced is aSquared Nutrition 100% Premium Korean ginseng.  


Best Ginseng

One of the absolute best Ginkgo Biloba supplements I have come across in the past couple of years is actually a mixed blend of premium Ginkgo Biloba combined with various nootropic supplements. Ultra Brain Boost Ginkgo combined with natural nootropics helps to extend concentration and focus for longer periods of time. 

Ultra Brain Boost not only contains premium Ginkgo Biloba but also includes highly effective nootropics, essential B-vitamins, and natural herbs like Ashwagandha, DMAE, Alpha GPC, omega-3 fatty acids, and even some of the most potent nootropics from the racetam class like Piracetam, Aniracetam, and L-theanine, amongst others. 

Ultra Brain Boost is one of the best-priced and most effective brain-boosting Ginkgo Biloba supplements on the market that significantly improves concentration and focus. 

The combination of Asian Ginseng and the Ultra Brain Boost Ginkgo Biloba have become a regular part of my routine and effective at combatting various ADHD symptoms. 



5. Balanced Brain Food Meals  brain foods

Make sure to balance the foods that you eat with each meal.

Balance is very important and can help minimize swings in moods and behavior. Consuming brain foods are great, but make sure you are taking in a balanced amount of these brain foods each day. It is essential to a healthy brain and a well-balanced ADHD diet. 

Try to always get a balanced meal that includes fruits/vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

This will help avoid changes in behavior that can be caused by a lack of a certain nutrient in the brain food diet.

The fiber will prevent blood sugar levels from spiking and dropping, which can also cause hyperactivity. A well-balanced meal will not only leave you feeling better all around but much more balanced in the brain and thought process, too.



One of my favorite ways to consume brain foods daily is in the form of a smoothie. My absolute favorite wedding gift that we received was the Nutribullet

Honestly, when we first received it, I thought it was the type of gift that was going to sit underneath our counter unused forever. However, one day I decided to go out and buy a bunch of organic fruits, added some power boosts like organic almonds and walnuts, and some super food

The NutriBullet for Brain Food

The Nutribullet is awesome! It is cost-effective, especially for all of the benefits that it delivers. I use it almost daily to make delicious fruit and veggie smoothies. The key is to use organic fruits and vegetables and be sure to blend fresh spinach or kale into half of the smoothie. At first, the vegetables may be an acquired taste for some, but you can always start off with all fruit and make up some extremely tasty and healthy smoothies that provide so much brain food goodness. 

The Nutribullet helps you to get into daily healthy habits and is a great way to start your day or even as the occasional meal replacement. 

Apparently, the newest Nutribullet Pro comes with a few extra bells and whistles and includes a 15-piece set. I personally have the older version and it serves me just fine and is a little more cost effective at about $100. However, if you want to check out the latest and greatest Nutribullet model, it is apparently a little more powerful.

Regardless of which one you choose, this is one of the most effective ways to get all of the essential nutrients from brain foods on a daily basis and makes a great addition to any diet and has helped me to control various ADHD symptoms and become a regular part of my “ADHD diet.”

Additional Information about Brain Foods at Focus Here and Now:

Check back often for more tips about great brain food that is simple to start implementing into your diet today! And as always, please feel free to share some brain foods that have worked for you.  I am always looking for new things to try.  Thanks and have a focused day!

What are the best brain foods that you have tried? What brain foods do you like the best and why? What brain foods do you have questions about? What are the most effective brain foods that you add to your ADHD diet? 

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