Best Sleep Aids to (Improve Quality of Sleep): UnWind Review

Searching for the Best Sleep Aids: The UnWind Review

I have been on a mission to find the best sleep aids for quite some time. As someone who has struggled with sleep deprivation and even ADHD sleep disorder, I have tried a ton of different OTC sleeping pills. This has included many different types of sleep aids, natural sleep supplements, nootropics, and even prescription sleep medications. 

The UnWind nootropic sleep aid was designed to reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness, and most importantly, induce sleep. It is supposed to help increase a serene and calm demeanor. UnWind also claims to induce relaxation and deep sleep.

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem for many people throughout the world. Therefore, an effective sleeping pill that works for relaxation and sleep is in high demand.

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Is UnWind One of the Best Sleep Aids?

I was very skeptical about whether or not UnWind could produce results for someone who struggles with sleep problems, like myself. UnWind claims that it can help you fall you sleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and sleep more peacefully without being plagued with grogginess and/or brain fog the next day. 

While BrainStack (also created by Maven Labs) was designed to boost focus and productivity during the day, UnWind was designed to promote relaxation and deep sleep.

The overall importance of sleep cannot be understated.

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem that can have many negative effects on overall brain health and productivity. Lack of regular healthy sleep can have a major negative impact on our overall health. Serious sleep deprivation may truly require the help of the very best sleep aids to get a better sleep.

Therefore, Maven Labs created UnWind to promote better rest, relaxation, and tranquility to get a better sleep at night.

I would not be the easiest test subject for this type of supplement. However, I may also be the perfect type of person to determine just how well it truly works. Very few OTC sleep supplements have ever helped me fall and stay asleep. I feel like I have tried some of the most promising supplements that claimed to be the best natural sleep aids and prescription drugs that claimed to be the best sleep medicine. 

However, I have had very little success and I know that I am not alone. There are many people who struggle with sleep problems throughout the world.

UnWind Ingredients

Just like BrainStack, UnWind was transparent about the ingredients found in their formula. You will know exactly what you are taking and it is clearly labeled on the bottle. Transparency is important to me and shows that the company is not trying to hide anything. 

The UnWind ingredients are as follows:

Pyridoxine (5 mg)

This ingredient regulates the mood and brain development. Pyridoxine, a form of Vitamin B6 has been proven through research to play an integral role in the production of both serotonin and dopamine, necessary for nerve communication.

Magnesium Glycinate (250 mg)

The majority of the world's population has a magnesium deficiency. However, it has a dramatic effect on improving various aspects of memory and learning capabilities. Magnesium is also known for improving overall mood and reducing stress. This crucial ingredient is very important to the human body and brain and usually needs to be supplemented to attain adequate dosages.

L-Taurine (500 mg)

Taurine plays a very important role in creating new brain cells. Research has shown that taurine increases the growth of brain cells by activating “sleeping” stem cells. Taurine also increases the survival of new neurons, which ultimately increases the production of new brain cells. 

Valerian Root (100 mg) natural sleeping aids

Valerian Root is well known for its sedative qualities and the ability to relax the overall central nervous system. It has been used for hundreds of years as a natural sleep aid that especially helps those who have difficulty falling asleep due to anxiety or nervousness

Chamomile (75 mg)

It has been used for centuries for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile has been studied and proven to reduce anxiety. It works by relaxing the nerves and muscles in the body. Chamomile Tea has always been a very popular drink of choice as a natural anti-anxiety solution. It also works synergistically well with Valerian Root to help potentiate the overall effects. 

L-Theanine (75 mg)

L-theanine is an essential and effective nootropic ingredient that works well with other nootropics, especially caffeine. It is known for improving focus, attention, sleep, and the nervous system. L-Theanine even controls blood pressure. Many studies have proven L-theanine can reduce stress, boost overall mood, and improve cognition. It provides a calm yet alert mindset that eliminates any of the jittery feelings you may experience from stimulants. 

5-HTP (50 mg)

This ingredient is used to help with a variety of things. 5-HTP specifically relating to sleep benefits can help with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and addictive behavior. It increases the production of Serotonin levels. Serotonin levels in the nervous system are essential for helping us fall asleep. The 5-HTP found in UnWind is designed to take off the edge and make it easier to fall and stay asleep. 

Lemon Balm (50 mg)

Research has shown that lemon balm encourages a more restful sleep. Lemon Balm works especially well when mixed with Valerian Root and research has shown the combination of the two results in better sleep. 

Hop Flower (50 mg)

Traditionally, hop flower has been used to help treat nervous disorders as well as reduce anxiety while improving the quality of sleep. In some places, this herb is used as a traditional medicine to improve sleep due to its calming, sedating, hypnotic, and sleep-inducing effects. It is said to work very well with other herbs that help reduce stress and anxiety and/or promote overall relaxation. 

Passion Flower (50 mg)

This ingredient can provide relief from disorders of nervousness and/or insomnia. By boosting the brain's overall levels of GABA, it will help mellow a person out by lowering brain activity. Passion flower is well known for improving the overall quality of sleep

Melatonin (3 mg)

Several large analysis research studies have shown the various sleep-enhancing benefits that Melatonin can produce. Many studies have revealed that Melatonin can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for a person to fall asleep. It is also known for boosting sleep efficiency. Meaning, the amount of time someone actually spends in bed asleep. Melatonin has also been shown to increase a person's sleep duration.  


My UnWind Review and Experience best sleeping pills


Not only do I have trouble falling asleep, I also have trouble staying asleep at night. I am constantly waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes wired and disrupting my sleep quality. 

Even supplements that claimed to be the very best sleep aids were simply not delivering what I needed to help me sleep. 

Therefore, I will typically get a poor overall duration of sleep and wake up the next day feeling groggy and struggling with brain fog throughout the day. 

Getting a poor night of sleep can not only make you feel groggy the next day, it can leave you feeling lethargic and unproductive.  

I have tried a lot of different over-the-counter and/or natural sleep remedies with very little success. This has included very limited success using prescription sleep medication (which I no longer take).

Therefore, I was pretty doubtful that a formula like UnWind was going to make a significant difference.

What would make me consider this to be one of the best sleep aids?

UnWind appeared to be a well-rounded and balanced sleep aid supplement. However, nothing popped out on the list of ingredients that sounded particularly strong enough to help me sleep. 

How Well Did I Sleep While Using UnWind?

I took 2 capsules of UnWind about an hour before I wanted to fall asleep. However, I continued my regular routine before and after getting ready for bed. This included spending a little time on my phone, messing around with sports news and social media. The recommended dosage is only 1 capsule but knowing my tolerance and overall difficulty falling asleep, I chose to take two. 

Here's the deal:

I realize that it may be more difficult to help you sleep if you are looking at a small digital screen while lying in bed, but I wanted to keep it real.

I'm not always practicing perfect sleep habits. There are times that I don't follow some of the expert's advice on how to get a better night's sleep. At times, I would prefer to find the best sleep aids so that I didn't have to worry so much about falling and staying asleep. Therefore, I was going to test UnWind as if it was any other night. I wanted to know if the supplement worked on its own.

Was UnWind truly one of the best sleep aids on the market or nothing more than hype? I wanted to know if the UnWind brain supplement could help me sleep throughout the entire night.

I would know if UnWind was working.

If UnWind was working, I would certainly know it! However, it would take real results for me to categorize it as one of the best sleep aids I have ever tried. As I mentioned, I have tried a lot with minimal success.

Here is what happened after I took UnWind:

No less than 30 minutes after taking UnWind, I started to noticeably feel my eyes get heavier. My body also started to feel more relaxed. I felt my overactive mind starting to slow down and become more restful. It was an unfamiliar feeling of being tired at a fairly normal time of night. I couldn't believe that it wasn't even 10:00 PM, yet I started to feel like I might be able to fall asleep for the night.

Starting to UnWind

I continued to use my phone for another 10-15 minutes. Before I knew it, I opened my eyes only to realize that I had actually dozed off with my phone still in hand. When I suddenly woke up, I was shocked to honestly feel like I was ready to shut down the phone and go to sleep. I truly couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and I felt so relaxed that I wanted to let my head hit the pillow.  

I was quite surprised, to say the least.

There had literally been a 6-month stretch that I was taking a prescription sleep medication that never had me feeling as tired and ready to go to sleep as UnWind did at that moment. 

The medications usually took forever to start working, if they worked at all. UnWind subtly, yet fairly quickly, had me ready for bedtime. I started to wonder if this really was one of the best sleep aids. At this point, I could at very least say that it worked to help me sleep.

UnWind had at very least passed the first test to help me sleep. Now, I wondered if I would stay asleep and what potential effects it would have on me the next morning. 

UnWind best sleep aids

A Good Night of Deep Sleep

Staying asleep throughout an entire night is even rarer than it is for me to fall asleep in the first place. However, UnWind was able to help me sleep without interruption both comfortably and peacefully throughout the entire evening. 

But you know what was the icing on the cake?

I also didn't wake up feeling groggy and/or inundated with brain fog. Instead, I felt well rested and ready to start my day. Since I tested UnWind during the same period of time that I was using BrainStack (also created by Maven Labs), I would start my morning off with an extra boost of mental energy and motivation the next day. 

The Bottom Line About UnWind and Why it is One of the Best Sleep Aids

UnWind may be one of the best sleep aids I have ever tried. I have had success with so very few over the years that I was pleasantly surprised by the results I felt from using UnWind. It not only proved to work but it proved to also work for someone who has constant problems with sleep and sleep deprivation.

My experience says a lot about the overall quality of UnWind.  

The best part?

stayed asleep throughout the entire night without waking up at 3 AM having no idea what to do with my overactive mind. It felt great! The consistency of benefits I felt from using UnWind were quite surprising. I continued to use both full bottles of UnWind because they were so effective and I continue to use it, today.  

The best sleep aids help you sleep throughout the entire night without interruption and don't leave you feeling groggy the next day. UnWind definitely, falls into the category of all around, best sleep aids. 

I would recommend UnWind to anyone that has ever struggled with sleep problems. Even if you only use it occasionally, it is worth having a safe and natural nootropic sleep aid like UnWind to help you sleep when you need it. 

I would also recommend UnWind to those of you that may be taking stimulant ADHD prescription medications. One of the side effects I experienced while taking medications like Adderall, was difficulty falling and staying asleep at night. I believe a sleep aid like UnWind can potentially help those of you struggling with ADHD. UnWind is definitely a product I would bring up in the next discussion involving ADHD sleep disorder

Dosages of UnWind BrainStack review UnWind Review

UnWind allowed me to feel tired more quickly, fall asleep faster, stay asleep throughout the night, and not wake up in the morning feeling like a zombie throughout the rest of my day.

The neuroscience team over at Maven Labs really know what they are doing. They created a robust daytime nootropic supplement with BrainStack and followed it up by developing one of the best sleep aids I have ever used in UnWind

Give UnWind a try. I can all but guarantee it will make a significant difference in your overall quality of sleep. Sleep is incredibly important for the brain to function at optimal levels. UnWind most definitely helped me sleep!

When Should You Use UnWind to Help you Sleep?

As far as UnWind is concerned, it is the type of product I would recommend keeping around the house if you even occasionally struggle with sleep. You will be grateful to have a safe sleep aid around when you really need it. UnWind helps you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. The best part is you don't wake up the next day filled with brain fog or feeling groggy. If it can help someone like me fall and stay asleep, I truly believe that it is capable of helping nearly anyone. You should take UnWind anywhere from 30-60 mins before you want to fall asleep.

Overall, Maven Labs has produced two high-quality products at an extremely reasonable cost. Plus, they even go the extra mile by providing you with 2 full bottles for a price that most companies charge for one. You really get the bang for your buck when you buy UnWind.

Have you ever tried a sleep aid before? Did you find any sleep aids that worked well for you? Have you used UnWind? Do you agree that it is one of the best sleep aids? Please leave your questions and/or comments, below. As always, I would love to hear from you!

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