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The Best Pre-Workout Supplement For The Brain: Green Guru Nutrition – CrossEnergizer Pro Review  

What is the best pre-workout supplement for enhanced cognitive functioning and brain health?

We have discussed how important exercise can be to improve overall brain health in a number of ways. Until recently, I had not tested any nootropic supplements that were designed to improve mental energy and physical energy for working out. 

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OK, now that the explanation of the offer is out of the way, let's get to our second product review from Green Guru Nutrition called, “CrossEnergizer Pro” to determine if this is the best pre-workout supplement for improving your workout and enhancing brain power. 

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CrossEnergizer Pro Review

CrossEnergizer Pro was not only designed to be a pre-workout supplement but it is comprised of natural ingredients and designed to be the best pre-workout supplement for enhancing cognitive functioning at the same time that it boosts energy for an optimal workout. 

I did a lot of research to understand how it worked.

While I have tried some pre-workout supplements in the past, I had not yet tried one that was developed with so many natural nootropic ingredients and that had such potential to boost brain power. 

I don't typically review pre-workout supplements because this is not a workout-related or weight-loss oriented website. We have always provided information and reviewed products that are designed to enhance cognitive functioning or improve brain health in one facet or another. 

causes ADHD

What is CrossEnergizer Pro Made of?

Every product developed by Green Guru Nutrition was designed with two common components.

It is made with all-natural ingredients and includes nootropic ingredients for boosting brain power and enhancing cognition.

Considering that exercise has become a more regular part of my routine to not only improve overall health but specifically improve brain health, I was intrigued by a natural supplement that was designed to help with both. 


CrossEnergizer Pro is the only nootropic supplement in the Green Guru Nutrition product line specifically developed to be the best pre-workout supplement of its kind.

It is also the only product in the line that does not come in capsule form but instead is a powder to be mixed in with a liquid. 

How to Take CrossEnergizer Pro Pre-Workout Supplement

One thing that is very important to know and I will elaborate on is to make sure you mix it with your favorite juice, smoothie, or drink.

Trust me, it does not taste good only mixed in with water. However, it is virtually tasteless with very little consistency when mixed in with your favorite flavored beverage of choice. Therefore, a Vitamin Water, Gatorade, and/or Smoothie are some of the best choices to get the most out of the supplement without taste becoming a factor. 

So what is CrossEnergizer Pro? What is in it? What was it designed to do and how can it possibly help you? Do you need to use it before working out?

What is CrossEnergizer Pro?

CrossEnergizer Pro was designed to be the best pre-workout supplement to be used prior to your workout to promote a sustainable and clean energy, along with optimal mental focus. 

Here's the deal:

CrossEnergizer Pro was designed to be used before workouts. However, the bottom line is that the ingredients make it a product that is geared almost equally as a brain health supplement. Therefore, it is designed to provide physical energy but also enhance mental energy and focus, too. 

How Does it Work As a Pre-Workout Supplement?

As a pre-workout supplement, it is developed to create a mind-muscle connection by supporting mental focus. The increase in physical energy is designed to allow you to workout harder and for an extended period of time with an enhanced focus on your workout routines. 

The theory is that by fighting fatigue and boosting endurance, your workout efficiency will increase. The noticeable boost in clean energy will then maximize your workout performance. Therefore, it is designed to be the best pre-workout supplement first and foremost.

I would recommend taking a look at some of the other natural nootropics more specifically developed for the mind if you have no intentions of working out with this pre-workout supplement. 

What are the Ingredients that Make Up CrossEnergizer Pro?

Perhaps one of the reasons that Green Guru Nutrition claims to have developed the best pre-workout supplement is because it is definitely unique when compared to other supplements like it. 

I had nearly left this one product out of my reviews of Green Guru Nutrition's product line but as I realized how many of the ingredients were geared toward brain health and saw it more similarly to other brain enhancing supplements, I realized that it was worth including. 

This didn't mean it would work. This merely meant that it was worth being included. So, what was found inside the CrossEnergizer Pro pre-workout supplement?

CrossEnergizer Pro Pre-Workout Supplement Ingredients:

  • Essential Natural B-Vitamins

Cross Energizer pro pre-workout supplement includes the essential B vitamins. These are the B vitamins that we have some of the greatest common deficiencies. This includes Niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12.

While these are not ground-breaking ingredients by any means nor what makes this pre-workout supplement incredibly unique, each of these B vitamins is crucial to overall brain health.

How so?

  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) Brain Vitamin Benefits – 

Known to help with cognitive functioning and help improve cognitive deficiencies including ADHD symptoms, memory loss, depression, alcohol dependence, Alzheimer's, Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome and others. 

  • Vitamin B6 Brain Vitamin Benefits –

Known to be one of the most important brain vitamins and I could take up an entire article talking about the brain benefits of Vitamin B6. However, some of the most essential and common benefits of brain vitamins of B6 include mental energy, focus, mental clarity, improved memory, concentration, quality of sleep, and overall brain health

  • Vitamin B12 Brain Vitamin Benefits – 

B12 plays a key role in boosting mental energy and proper functioning of the brain. The most key brain benefits include overall mental energy and mental clarity, as well as overall focus and alertness. B12 is a commonly recommended essential vitamin to fight with chronic mental fatigue

natural nootropics ingredientsCrossEnergizer Pro pre-workout supplement contains a heck of a lot of ingredients so, I will try to only provide a brief explanation of each and include the key elements that may help explain why each compound was used attempting to create the best pre-workout supplement for enhanced physical and mental performance. 

  • Beta Alanine (As Carnosyn) – 

The main benefit of this brain health supplement is to improve overall athletic endurance and decreasing physical and mental fatigue.

It is also known for increasing lean mass volume during workouts. Many report enhancements of both physical and mental energy, providing a caffeine-like boost in energy in natural form. 

  • Cordyceps Sinensis Extract (Mycelium) – 

This is an all-natural supplement said to improve mental and physical recovery time after a workout. It exhibits strong antioxidant effects. 

  • L-Citrulline – 

The body uses this natural amino acid to form proteins. This helps to reduce mental and physical fatigue due to workouts. It is said to support muscle growth and improve overall growth hormones.

It creates more oxygen in the brain which is said to improve more clear thinking. It also improves short-term and long-term memory as well as memory recall

  • Grape Seed Extract – 

This natural supplement provides nootropic brain benefits. It is said to improve overall cognitive functioning, reduce oxidation, and exhibits neuroprotection qualities and helps to prevent cognitive decline

  • Beet Root Powder – 

Beets are naturally high in nitrates which convert into nitric oxide in the body. This is known for improving oxygen, nutrients, and overall physical and mental energy. Nitric Oxide is also known to increase the efficiency of mitochondria, which are your brain energy's powerhouses.

Beet Root Powder is also known for improving overall mental health and has been used in various treatments of depression

  • Black Pepper (BioPerine) – 

Piperine is an active compound in black pepper. It helps to break down the calming of the neurotransmitter, Serotonin. It has even been used in the treatment of some mood disorders. It can also help stall the brain's aging process and has been known to help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Bioperine has also been shown to improve spatial attention. The main benefit as a workout supplement is the fact that Black Pepper Extract known as BioPerine helps improve the absorption and utilization of daily nutrients.

Therefore, if you are dieting properly and consuming the best brain foods, BioPerine helps your brain and body use them most effectively. 

The ingredients and natural nootropics listed above are the most essential to improving overall performance. Therefore, this will boost your workout performance more physically than anything. The following ingredients are more centered around boosting energy and focus. Energy focus is critical for optimal physical and mental performance. 

  • L-Tyrosine – 

L-Tyrosine is commonly used in only the best pre-workout supplement. It has a number of cognitive benefits that include boosting your overall mood and general feelings of well-being. It helps improve and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

When exposed to stress, it also helps to increase overall cognitive functioning. It helps to boost attention and alertness. It is also said to help boost deficiencies of the dopamine transmitter. This is why you will see it such a commonly included ingredient in energy drinks.

However, I would not recommend high sugar and caffeine energy drinks for a number of negative effects to your overall health and side effects commonly associated with them. 

  • AlphaSize – 

AlphaSize is essentially the same exact thing as the nootropic supplement, Alpha GPC. It is known for being the most efficient choline providers and works more effectively than other choline sources that have less bioavailability.

Alpha GPC helps to significantly increase acetylcholine levels in the brain. It is known for being one of the most effective nutrients for the brain and AlphaSize works synergistically with the other ingredients found in CrossEnergizer Pro, helping to potentiate their effects.

As a workout supplement, it is known for the mind to muscle capabilities, increasing muscular output and sharpening agility, while at the same time decreasing mental fatigue, allowing you to extend your time and go harder in the gym. 

rhodiola rosea adaptogen herb

  • Rhodiola Rosea – 

Rhodiola Rosea is my favorite nootropic in the adaptogen class. This all natural herb provides a number of cognitive benefits and has even been used as a natural ADHD treatment.

Rhodiola Rosea is known for reducing physical and mental fatigue, boosting concentration, alleviating stress, and enhancing overall mood.

Users of this natural nootropic and adaptogen have also reported that it is effective for eliminating depression and stress while boosting overall mood.

It also has stimulant-like effects to improve overall physical and mental energy while boosting alertness. Studies have also shown that it can help improve overall cognitive functioning

  • Green Tea Extract – 

Green Tea Extract is one of the primary sources for the effective and popular natural nootropic called, L-Theanine. It helps to promote energy and alertness without the jitters and anxiety side effects.

It helps increase the blood flow to the brain and enhance memory. The natural nootropic also helps support overall mood and increases feelings of well-being. It is a common nootropic ingredient in many nootropic supplements because of how effectively it works with other nootropics.

It is also known for helping to improve and speed up the weight loss process

  • Huperzine A – 

Huperzine A is an effective brain health supplement and one of the best natural brain health supplements. It is known for enhancing learning capacity and memory formation. It also helps prevent memory loss that is age-related.

It has neuroprotective properties and has antioxidant effects. It is a favorite natural nootropic supplement for providing the capability to adapt, learn, and for memory formation.

It also helps heighten memory recall. An excellent overall nootropic for boosting energy and focus and providing and essential energy focus that works well for both physical and mental activities. 

The bottom line about CrossEnergizer Pro Ingredients:

As you can see, CrossEnergizer Pro is a bit of a “super” natural nootropic stack. It contains a ton of ingredients and is geared toward significantly boosting physical and mental endurance.

This caught my attention because of all the nootropic supplements I had tested and reviewed in the past, I had not come across one quite like this one that equally addressed physical endurance as well as mental stamina. 

But, here's the thing:

I have come across plenty of nootropic supplements in the past jam packed with ingredients to give off the impression that it must mean they are potent, powerful, and work the way it claims. 

The Focus Here and Now team have a ton of experience and even more passion for nootropic and cognitive enhancement.

We have talked about the brain supplements that don't work as much as we have discussed the nootropics that work. Therefore, we take everything into consideration during the testing phase and while it is a crucial part of our research to understand the ingredients that make up a particular supplement, we are fully aware that they may not all work as well as we may hope. 

Did CrossEnergizer Pro deliver? Could it and/or should it be considered the best pre-workout supplement?

I was going to find out with another full 30-day test of Cross Energizer Pro.

The bottom line is we spent over 6 months researching, testing, and comprehensively reviewing ALL 7 natural supplements by Green Guru Nutrition

My Experience Using CrossEnergizer Pro Natural Pre-Workout Supplement best pre workout supplement

best pre workout supplement
Testing a product like CrossEnergizer Pro to determine whether it was the best pre-workout supplement couldn't have come at a better time. best pre workout supplement

I had just started getting back into a regular workout routine a couple weeks prior to taking the supplement. Meaning, I probably needed a supplement that could provide the benefits that it claimed more than ever at the time I was testing it.

Since I had just gotten back into a regular workout routine, I was pretty sore and tired. I was at that stage during the first month of working out again after you had taken some time off that you either keep going or flat out quit. I won't lie, I was barely hanging on by a thread. 

How to Take the CrossEnergizer Pre-Workout Supplement 


One of the most important things that I can't stress enough if you decide to buy or try CrossEnergizer for free, definitely mix it with your favorite beverage of choice like juice, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, and/or smoothie. 

My favorite thing to use and was by far the best wedding gift I received last year is the Nutribullet Pro. It is easily the best $100 you will spend. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, you get the shipping free. (Another must have for anyone that buys from Amazon more than a few times a year.) The Nutribullet is one of those things that you think you will never use but then quickly can't live without. It is absolutely incredible for creating a great super food or brain food drink of choice. 

Having said that:

You do not need to have a Nutribullet to mix or use CrossEnergizer Pro. You can simply mix it with whatever beverage you choose. This makes the powder completely flavorless. Other than a slightly thicker consistency in your drink, it will taste the same as always. If you only mix it with water it is chalky and kind of gross so do yourself a favor.

How Did Cross Energizer Pro Natural Pre-Workout Supplement Make Me Feel?

You have the option of taking a 1/2 scoop or a full scoop of CrossEnergizer Pro before your workout. Since I have a lot of experience using nootropics and have at least some level of tolerance, I chose to start out with a full scoop. If you are new to using nootropics, I would recommend starting with a 1/2 a scoop to gauge your tolerance levels. 

I started feeling the effects of CrossEnergizer Pro within the first half hour. The first thing that I noticed was a boost in energy. Not only did I feel a boost in physical energy, but I felt more mentally focused as well. I surprisingly agree with Green Guru Nutrition's description of the type of energy felt as being a “clean” energy. 

What do I mean by “clean” energy?

When you take a heavily stimulated energy supplement or energy drink, you will also feel a bit jittery or shaky. It is intense for the first 20 minutes or so but the rest of the experience is typically downhill from there.

This was not the case with CrossEnergizer Pro. It was a clean energy and focus that had me feeling motivated and even-keeled throughout my workout and beyond. 

I felt that I had more stamina during my workout and not only felt my muscles able to continue pushing through but my mind as well. I guess this makes sense as our brain controls our body and tells us what we can and can't do, when we are tired and when we are not, when we feel pain and when we don't.

My motivated mindset helped compliment my body's physical ability to press on and unlike other nootropic supplements I have used in the past, it was as clean and clear

I also found myself able to stay focused on my workout and actually completed my workout in a shorter period of time. Not because my body was tired but because I was able to stay focused and motivated on the task at hand. I felt like I had a notebook of my workout regime at the forefront of my mind.

I felt great throughout my workout and even better following the workout. 


Since I had only started regularly working out again a couple weeks prior and only a few days a week, I still felt some soreness after the workout but it was diminished. I don't know if this was because the pre-workout supplement improved my physical recovery time or if I had simply reached that stage in my exercise routine.

However, either way, I felt great. Mentally, I absolutely recovered more quickly. I even returned home and got more work done because I didn't feel like I was ready to pass out right away. 

The Bottom Line About Cross Energizer Pro Pre-Workout Supplement best pre-workout supplement cross energizer

The bottom line:

CrossEnergizer Pro was the best pre-workout supplement that I have ever tried. Not just the best natural nootropic pre-workout supplement but actually the best pre-workout supplement that I had ever used. 

I used to workout all the time. It is something I am trying to get back into now on a regular basis. While I can't say that I have used a ton of pre-workout supplement's in the past, I have used at least 3-4 to compare it to in the past and found this to be the best. 

Why was Cross Energizer Pro the best pre-workout supplement I had used?

I think the number one reason is the fact that it is made with all-natural ingredients but not for this fact alone. It could have been used with natural nootropics and ingredients that didn't work but what I liked about CrossEnergizer Pro is that I could actually feel that it was used with natural ingredients.

I kept noticing how clean the product felt. 

A clean physical energy, clean mental energy, clean focus, boosted memory, clear thinking, heightened motivation, and noticeably improved mood made Cross Energizer Pro the best pre-workout supplement I have ever used.

I didn't rate it a 5 out of 5 because I wouldn't call it the best nootropic supplement I have ever used but that has more to do with overall preference. It was, however, one of the best natural nootropics I had used with Mind HD, also by Green Guru Nutrition being right there next to it.

This is an excellent combination of ingredients as a pre-workout supplement with natural nootropics. 

Try Cross Energizer Pro For FREE

There are two things that I absolutely love about Green Guru Nutrition products. 

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It gets better:

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How Long Can You Get The Best Pre-Workout Supplement for FREE?

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Have you tried any of the natural nootropics from Green Guru Nutrition yet? Have you tried the CrossEnergizer Pro pre-workout supplement? Do you agree that it is the best pre-workout supplement that you have tried? What are some of the best natural nootropics and pre-workout supplements you have used in the past? Please share your questions, comments, and experiences below about this or the best pre-workout supplement you have come across!


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