Do The (Best Brain Foods Contain Nootropics?) A truBrain Review

Do the Best Brain Foods Contain Nootropics? The New truBrain Brain Food Bar

The best brain foods help to improve cognitive functioning and promote overall brain health. However, I had never seen nootropic brain food bars until very recently. The nootropic brain food bar was designed to help boost cognitive functioning and overall body health.

It was developed by the same company that created the rather popular, potent, and powerful truBrain liquid nootropic drinks. The innovative team has now developed a different kind of healthy snack that they consider to be one of the best brain foods to conveniently consume daily. The nootropic brain food bars are meant to provide an additional mental boost in the morning and/or afternoon and contain some powerful nootropic ingredients. 

Considering that I had never even seen this type of nootropic supplement in the past, I was all the more curious to find out whether the new truBrain nootropic brain food snack bar would provide truly noticeable cognitive benefits. best brain foods

Product: truBrain Nootropic Brain Food Bars

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truBrain Brain Food Bar Review

TruBrain created the first nootropic supplement to come in liquid form. 


TruBrain also developed the first nootropic brain food bar.

Whether the brain food bar would end up producing results or not, I had to take my hat off to truBrain for always being one of the most innovative nootropic supplement companies out there. They certainly aren't afraid to try something different. 

They claim to have designed one of the best brain foods that can benefit cognitive performance in a number of convenient ways. However, I was a little skeptical about just how noticeably effective a brain food bar would be. Unfortunately, I didn't have much to compare it to outside of standard nootropic supplements. This could potentially work against my overall opinion of the product. However, I would test the nootropic brain food bar on its own without trying to directly compare it to other nootropic supplements. The bars seemed to be designed with a different purpose in mind. 

What is the truBrain Brain Food Bar?

The truBrain nootropic brain food bar is made with a combination of chocolate and peanut butter along with a little caffeine and fast acting, powerful nootropics. It is designed to be a healthy snack bar that is perfect for consuming in the morning or as a mid-afternoon snack to provide an extra pick me up.

TruBrain nootropic brain food bars were created by UCLA trained neuroscientists to help power through stress, mental blocks, and boost overall mental endurance. 

The brain food bars provide a source of healthy fats, caffeine, and nootropics made with natural, plant-based ingredients. 

Just like the truBrain nootropic drinks, the nootropic brain food bars also contain some of the more potent and powerful nootropic ingredients that are known for individually producing positive benefits.

TruBrain Brain Food Bar Ingredients trubrain brain food bars

The truBrain nootropic brain food bars are comprised of the following ingredients:

Active Nootropics (Noopept 20mg/Citicoline 250mg)

Noopept and Citicoline are nootropics that work synergistically well together. They can also help potentiate the individual effects that each nootropic may make you feel. The combination directly supports neural pathways. This causes neurons to fire faster and longer. These protein-like molecules are needed for better communication between neurons in your brain. 

Noopept is a very effective nootropic supplement on its own. It is known for improving focus, attention, memory, motivation, and reducing overall stress and anxiety. Noopept is a potent, powerful, and effective nootropic that produces consistent noticeable benefits. It is one of the most popular nootropics to add to customized nootropic stacks. Citicoline will potentiate the effects of Noopept to make them even more noticeably beneficial.

A choline source is necessary in most nootropic stacks. It compliments other nootropics well and also helps improve focus, memory, and mental clarity.

Healthy Fats

The average brain is composed of 60% fat. Healthy fats provide a great source of mental energy for the brain to operate at peak performance. Good healthy fats are some of the best brain foods you can consume. The truBrain brain food bar is packed with good fats from chia seeds, almonds, and peanuts. These healthy fats also satisfy hunger cravings and can be used as a potential meal replacement. 

Balanced Caffeine

There is a well known synergistic connection between caffeine and L-theanine. The combination provides a sense of clear, calm focus and relaxation. It can provide balanced alertness when paired with healthy fats and nootropics. The L-Theanine found in the popular nootropic stack helps turn the mental energy from the caffeine into an equally balanced sense of focus but without any of the jitters or crash that can commonly be associated with consuming caffeine alone. 

Should They Be Considered One of the Best Brain Foods?

TruBrain claims that their unique nootropic brain food can provide an extra cognitive boost. They say that regular consumption can upgrade your working memory. It is designed to help you juggle distractions and perform at your peak. The nootropic brain food is also designed to boost mental endurance. Plus, it can positively complement your regular nootropic supplement routine. 

It is supposedly packed with raw materials consumed by the brain to keep you sharp all day long. Finally, truBrain brain food bars are designed to help overcome mental blocks. The nootropic brain food bars are meant to improve memory and focus, allowing you to find the right words faster.

These are all benefits that most people would want to experience. I found myself hoping that the bars would provide a positive experience because I feel the concept is smart and innovative. However, I was also concerned that I may be setting the bar too high on expectations. 

My Experience Using truBrain Brain Food Bars

TruBrain nootropic brain food bars were pretty much exactly what I hoped they would be. trubrain review

I looked forward to starting my day with one of these brain food bars. They helped satisfy morning hunger and quickly provided a noticeable boost in focus and mental clarity. It was like the perfect cup of coffee without the jitters or crash.

I could definitely notice the addition of Noopept to the formula and felt benefits that helped me get through the morning a bit easier. You will notice the cognitive benefits that the brain food bars provide whether or not you add additional nootropics with it. It all depends on your particular cognitive needs and goals for a particular day.  

TruBrain has once again created a whole new category in the nootropics industry. I would almost guarantee they will have imitators trying to follow in their footsteps in the near future.

TruBrain nootropic brain food is essentially a protein or meal replacement bar that also contains some potent and powerful nootropics. It provides the perfect added pep in your step every morning or delivers an extra boost in the afternoon. 

I quickly started consuming 1 or 2 truBrain bars every day. They provided a better mental energy boost than a cup of coffee and I felt a calm, streamlined focus. It also worked synergistically well with the customized nootropic stacks I take. 

TruBrain Brain Food Makes the Perfect Nootropic Breakfast

I am always looking for the best brain foods that can be quickly and easily consumed. TruBrain nootropic brain food bars provide a great and healthy daily pick me up that I continued to enjoy more the longer I consumed them. They taste better and provide more desirable benefits in my opinion than most any other protein or meal replacement bar on the market.  

The bars not only support overall brain health and improve cognitive functioning but they also promote good overall health. It also contains a small amount of the popular nootropic stack of caffeine and L-Theanine which essentially provides the energy boost of a cup of coffee without any of the jitters or crash. The addition of L-Theanine helps promote a clean, calm, and steady focus. 

Did truBrain Create One of the Best Brain Foods?

TruBrain has developed one the best brain foods I have discovered in quite some time. It is also one of the most convenient and quick ways to consume a healthy dose of daily brain food

Nobody else has designed a healthy snack bar built to specifically to improve cognitive functioning as well as promote overall brain and body health. It is a creative, and a pleasantly different way to supplement additional powerful nootropics into your daily routine. TruBrain truly continues to innovate with new, unique, and effective nootropic supplements. 

The Nootropic Brain Food Bars include the addition of potent nootropics like Noopept. Noopept is arguably one of the best and most potent nootropics on the market. It is usually found in some of the best brain supplements. It helps to noticeably improve focus, concentration, attention, mood, memory, motivation, and overall cognitive functioning. However, it really didn't surprise me that the same company that created the powerful truBrain “think drinks” also used potent ingredients like Noopept in their nootropic brain food bars.  

Plus, the nootropic brain food bars are not only beneficial to cognitive health but they also make the perfect healthy snack to have around the home or office to help lose weight

How Do truBrain Nootropic Brain Food Bars Taste?

I found it similar to the taste of some other protein bars I have tried in the past. It is small enough, good enough, and easy enough to consume.

Personally, I like the taste but also recognize that everyone is different, especially when it comes to taste so I am sure not everyone will love it. However, it is chocolate and peanut butter flavor so they could have done much worse. The only reason I was a little surprised by the flavor choice was that it can potentially eliminate those with peanut allergies from being able to use the product. Perhaps, they will introduce additional flavor options in the future.

The bottom line:

TruBrain's nootropic brain food bars made me feel like I was starting my day in a healthy, motivated, and more productive way. I felt an almost immediate improvement in mental energy, focus, and a general sense of well being

The Bottom Line About truBrain Brain Food Bars

The bottom line is that trubrain nootropic brain food bars make an excellent addition to your daily routine. It is important to consume healthy brain foods on a daily basis. The bars contain multiple ingredients that make it one of the best brain foods that you can also eat “on the go.” Therefore, they are quick, convenient, healthy, and boost mental endurance. 

You can also eat truBrain bars while taking other nootropic supplements. They will only work even more synergistically with other nootropic supplements and stacks to help potentiate their overall cognitive benefits. 

Healthy brain food is an excellent component to developing healthy brain function. I like to eat truBrain nootropic brain food bars while also taking additional nootropics. I mainly found that the bars were the perfect way to start my day and/or the perfect added pick-me-up to eat mid-afternoon.

truBrain Nootropic Brain Food Bars Make a Great Daily Addition 

TruBrain nootropic brain food bars have quickly become a favorite addition to my nootropic supplement routine. They help immediately wake me up and allow me to focus in a calm and streamlined manner. It is potent, effective, and incredibly convenient, making it one of the best brain foods I have tried in a while. 

I feel it is worth giving truBrain nootropic brain food bars a try, especially while you can still get them for 25% OFF. I highly doubt you will regret it and with their 100% money back guarantee, you have virtually nothing to lose. These bars work and are worth having around the house or office as the perfect healthy snack that can not only help improve cognitive function but even help lose a little weight in the process. 

You can buy truBrain nootropic Brain Food bars for 25% OFF using our exclusive promo code, “FOCUSONBARS” at checkout. Please come back and visit after you have tried the unique brain food bars. I would like to know if you agree that it is one of the best brain foods that can be easily consumed on a daily basis. 

Have you tried truBrain brain food bars? What do you think are the best brain foods? Which brain foods have worked for you? Please leave your questions and comments below!


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