10 Signs of (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects at least 5 percent of children. At least half of those children will carry their symptoms into adulthood, according to the American Psychiatric Association. The Center for Disease Control estimates that those numbers are even higher. 

Many adults have never been officially diagnosed and others did not get diagnosed until later in life when attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was more understood and recognized. Untreated ADHD can cause a number of mental and physical issues with relationships and cause everyday life to be difficult.

It is important to recognize the signs of ADHD in adults in order to get proper treatment. The following 10 significant signs of ADHD will help you gain a better understanding of adult ADHD symptoms. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

10 Signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


1. A Lack of Focus

One of the most common signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a lack of focus. However, it goes beyond trouble paying attention. It means finding it is difficult to listen to others during conversations, getting easily distracted, overlooking details, and not completing projects or tasks. However, the positive side to that can be hyperfocus.


2. Hyperfocus

While people with ADHD struggle with certain ADHD symptoms, they may also have something called hyperfocus. Many people with ADHD can become so absorbed in something that they become unaware of anything else around them. They are intensely focused on whatever task or thing has their attention. 

Hyperfocus can be positive or negative depending on the situation. It can be positive when it helps a person with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder get more accomplished and be more productive. However, the task or thing that is causing hyperfocus is not always productive. Therefore, it can also make those with ADHD lose track of time and ignore others around them. The latter can cause complications and misunderstandings in relationships.

ADHD time management


3. Problems with Time Management

Adults and children with ADHD have trouble effectively managing their time. They may show up late for important events, procrastinate important tasks or activities, and ignore assignments that may not hold their attention. 

People with ADHD are more commonly focusing on the now and have trouble focusing on the past and/or the future. 


4. Disorganization

People affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder typically lead a more hectic everyday life than others. Life can be chaotic for everyone at times. However, it is more constantly chaotic for those struggling with ADHD.

Adults can especially experience difficulty with organizational skills. They have a lot of difficulties keeping everything in its right place. 

Those with adult ADHD have trouble keeping track of tasks and working on them in a priority that is rational. 

I have personally struggled with ADHD my entire life and even as an adult with ADHD that has learned to gain better control over my ADHD symptoms, I still find it commonly difficult to remain organized. Disorganization also contributes to issues with time management. 


5. Anxiety and Restlessness

Children and adults with ADHD can commonly have difficulty shutting down their engines. Their constant need to move around and do something can lead to frustration when they can't immediately do what they want. This can cause restlessness, which leads to high anxiety and frustration or anger. 

ADHD and anger or other mental health symptoms can commonly be associated with one another. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder causes the brain to operate in different directions at random times. This can cause other emotions to surface and make relationships difficult at times. 


6. Forgetfulness adhd symptoms

Forgetfulness is a common part of everyday life for someone with ADHD. Everyone forgets things from time to time but the distracted ADHD brain forgets things on a regular basis. This can include forgetting important dates you needed to remember, routinely forgetting where you've put things, and/or even forgetting things that were said to you just a moment before. 

Forgetfulness is also a very frustrating symptom of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It can damage self-esteem and negatively affect various types of relationships!


7. Commonly Impulsive Behavior

People with ADHD can be impulsive in a number of different ways. 

Sometimes they may interrupt other people in the middle of a conversation. Other times, they rush through important tasks. Children and adults with ADHD can be socially inappropriate. They may commonly act without considering the consequences. 

I still find myself acting impulsively at times. Sometimes the mind of someone with ADHD has an idea or thought that literally bursts out of our mouths or through our actions. It can cause many issues and embarrassment to both the person with ADHD and the people that are with them.


8. Emotional Issues

ADHD symptoms correlate with other mental health issues more commonly than you may think. The fact is that life with ADHD can be commonly chaotic and cause emotions to become unstable. 

Here's the deal:

Even the smallest frustrations can cause depression and/or mood swings. ADHD can make these frustrations seem intolerable. 

ADHD can cause a person to become easily bored and suddenly go out seeking excitement. 

Many ADHD adults experience emotional problems as a result of their ADHD symptoms. It is imperative to treat emotional problems, as they can lead to serious difficulties with professional and personal relationships.


9. Poor Self Esteem attention deficit disorder

ADHD adults are often overly critical of themselves. This leads to low self-esteem. Much of this is caused by their inability to focus or concentrate. However, many other ADHD symptoms contribute to problems in relationships, school, and/or work. 

Many adults with ADHD view their difficulties with ADHD symptoms as personal failures. This results in a negative self-image and can even cause depression.


10. Relationship Issues

Adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have problems with relationships. This may include romantic, professional, and/or platonic relationships. The symptoms of ADHD adults can be overbearing to others. Inattentiveness, speaking over others, becoming easily and obviously bored can all be difficult on relationships. Some ADHD symptoms can make a person come across as insensitive, uncaring, and irresponsible. 

ADHD adults commonly experience difficulty holding a job, staying in romantic relationships, and/or sometimes keeping friends in their lives due to the way their ADHD symptoms make them appear to others.


Living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Living with ADHD can be difficult to both the person struggling with the symptoms of ADHD and the people who have some type of relationship with them. However, there are some things that you can do to treat and better manage ADHD.

Living with ADHD is also not always a negative thing. There have been many creative and successful people who have lived and continue to strive with ADHD. Many children and adults with ADHD are gifted and see the world in a unique and intelligent way that most “normal” people do not.

While there is no official cure for ADD or ADHD, research, science, and experience have revealed many new ways to treat and better manage ADHD symptoms. The good news is that we continue to discover and understand more about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and more people are accepting it as a real condition. 

How Can You Treat and Better Manage ADHD Symptoms? attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatments

We have shared a variety of ways that have been proven to better manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The following list contains some of the tools, resources, and supplements that have helped many people struggling with ADHD better manage their symptoms:









The Bottom Line About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

We continue to study, learn, and better understand attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). New research studies continue to reveal better ways to effectively treat and better manage ADHD symptoms. 

While living with ADHD can be difficult for those affected by the disorder and their friends and loved ones at times, children and adults with ADHD also have unique capabilities to see things differently and possess the passion to accomplish incredible feats. 

The bottom line:

The more people with ADHD, their loved ones, and friends understand the disorder, the more significant role they can all play to help alleviate the symptoms associated with the disorder. 

Making changes by creating and following routines, changing your diet, exercising, meditating, potentially benefiting from supplementation, and by putting more effort into recognizing your ADHD symptoms, will allow a person to better manage their ADHD.

Prescription stimulant medications are not the only answer to treat ADD and ADHD. While they can sometimes be necessary and help for a certain time period, they also commonly cause short-term and long-term side effects that can have a negative effect on your overall health. 

Many people were also not properly diagnosed with ADD or ADHD until later in life. Therefore, they have never attempted to treat their ADHD symptoms. Take advantage of the information, tools, and resources we now have available to gain more control over your ADHD. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed about your disorder. It is a part of who you are as a person and it helps mold the unique, creative, and many times brilliant mind that you possess. 

Do you have ADHD? What are some additional signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Have you had success with certain types of ADHD treatment for yourself or a loved one? Please leave your questions and/or comments below!


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