Alternative Treatments for ADHD: They Can Be Stupid Simple!

 Alalternative treatments for adhdternative Treatments for ADHD Can Be Extremely Simple

Alternative treatments for ADHD can actually be quite simple.

However, those of us struggling with ADHD, seem to have an uncanny ability to overcomplicate even the simplest of ideas.

I have struggled with ADHD for the majority of my life. However, I have learned that sometimes things are exactly as simple as they seem.

Like I said:

We have a tendency to over-complicate everything. It's just the nature of the beast that is our brain and our disorder. 

You know what is simple for us?

Getting easily overwhelmed and quickly disorganized!

Anyone else have 16 browser tabs open and find it difficult to see their monitor beyond the sea of post-it notes?

It's OK, raise your hands…

We also share a tendency of trying to do too much to a point where it seems like we almost want to do too much.

Of course, this also proves to be counter-productive.  

funny ADHD dogOur brains can become jam-packed with a million ideas about things that we would like to do or that we “need” to do.

I would feel so overwhelmed and find it extremely difficult to organize the long lists that piled up in my mind. My attempts would usually result in doing a little bit here and a little bit there, but never truly getting anything done. Again, it was counter-productive. 

At the end of the day, I would often feel as though I had accomplished nothing and this unpleasant feeling, would only cause more mental stress.


Alternative Treatments for ADHD To Help Effectively Manage ADHD

So what did I do about it and what can YOU do about it? 

Doing” is exactly what I did.  

I can't stress enough how important the simple task of writing things down can be for someone with ADHD. 

Here's the deal:

How many times have you told yourself to start writing things down, only to follow this advice for 2-3 days before diving head first, back into your old bad habits?

Where is that adorable puppy with his hand raised?

Staying organized can be a remarkably challenging task for both children and adults with ADHD.

Write it Down.  

Remember, alternative treatments for ADHD do NOT need to be over-complicated in order to be effective!

Write down a realistic list of goals that you want to accomplish each day. No matter how small or large, they go on my list and then I take that list and prioritize it. 

The most important thing to remember before creating your list is to K.I.S.S. 

Keep it simple, stupid or Keep it stupid simple!


make a listKeep a separate ongoing list that you will create each day by writing down the things that you would like to do, but that are not on your list for the current day.

In other words, stay focused on your goals for today!

I know, telling people with ADHD to simply, “stay focused,” may sound like a paradox of some kind. However, just keep it stupid simple!

In other words:

Work On One List

You are only going to work on things from ONE list.

The other list is for all those random thoughts and ideas about other tasks that enter your mind. This list is going to help you build your list for the following day while helping you to maintain focus on your priorities for the current day.

This will help to reduce stress and allow you to more effectively manage those millions of thoughts that pop into your mind throughout the day.

When you get distracted, remember another task or have an idea, put it on the secondary list.

The secondary list will be ongoing. When you review the list at the end of the day, you will notice that you can even eliminate some items.


Because you will realize that some of these ideas are not priorities at all. You will be glad that you wrote it down and moved on, instead of wasting more time with it, earlier. 

You might be wondering:

Isn't this just procrastination?

Not at all and here's why it is quite the opposite…

The Truth about “Procrastination” and ADHD 

Procrastination occurs when you get away from your responsibilities and start focusing on something other than what should be, your priority.

I know my people with ADHD can relate to the frustrations we feel when people who don't understand the disorder and make the assumption that we are simply, chronic procrastinators. 

The difference between the “procrastination” of people with ADHD, as compared to others, is that we don't have much control over our “procrastination” as some may tend to believe. 

We don't choose procrastination.

This might sound crazy to “normal” people:

But it usually isn't “procrastination” at all! 

Here's the deal:

There is a difference between simply avoiding a responsibility because you don't want to do it, as opposed to unintentionally avoiding a task, due to distraction and/or mental overload. 

Being able to differentiate the two can be frustrating for children and adults with ADHD, as well as their loved ones, who are dealing with plenty of frustrations of their own.

The second list can help avoid conversations and frustrations about procrastination all together! Make it a habit and before you know it, you have a new routine. The second list can prove to be your new best friend!

ADHD routines


It's even difficult for people like us to get distracted when we're on auto-pilot!  

Alternative treatments for ADHD start with the basics. Meaning, they can be SIMPLE!

You will be amazed by how something so simple can help achieve such astounding results!

free nootropic supplements 

One of the Best Alternative Treatments for ADHD is to “Just Do It!”  

procrastination and adhd

Children and adults with ADHD commonly experience many racing thoughts. Thoughts that usually enter a person's mind and are quickly dismissed by the “normal” brain are instead, put into piles and quickly start stacking up in our brains. 

This frequently causes ADHD anxiety, which is why it is so common for those struggling with ADHD to also have anxiety disorders.

As we continue to take a mental inventory of every thought that enters our brain, no matter how important or mundane, we become overwhelmed.

ADHD Can Make Us Overwhelmed

This creates emotions of worry, which causes anxiety and can sometimes, also result in ADHD anger issues. 

Again, this is the reason why it is so important to make SIMPLE changes and to create new SIMPLE routines!

ADHD and routine go together like peas and carrots. When we create a routine, we just do it!

It is difficult for even the worst case of ADHD to get distracted from good old fashioned, habit! So, create positive habits and just do it!

Changing your mindset by changing your routines, can be one of the most valuable alternative treatments for ADHD.

Remember, ADHD symptoms stretch far beyond a simple lack of focus. It is crucial to address ALL ADHD symptoms and sometimes the simplest changes can help alleviate those symptoms. 

Very Simple Adjustments

However, we must take that first crucial step. Keep in mind that these very simple adjustments can eliminate a world of frustration later down the road!

As the “Great One” (Wayne Gretsky) once famously said, “you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take.”

Every time we complete a task, even the small ones, some of that anxiety gets lifted. Some of that inventory is finally allowed to “exit the building.”

That feeling of being overwhelmed will start to dissipate. As the anxiety starts to lift and the piles of mental inventory start to shrink, your ADHD symptoms will improve.

As someone who also suffers from ADHD anxiety disorder, I had to learn this the hard way before realizing that one of the best alternative treatments for ADHD was to take simple actions that resulted in significant positive changes.

  healthy brain food supplement

Alternative Treatments for ADHD Start with You

Getting and staying organized can be very challenging for someone with ADHD. There are many organizational tips that can help people with ADHD improve the overall structure of their lives.

Remember, keep it simple, stupid or was it keep it stupid simple!? 

I think I will go ahead and put that on my secondary list, right after I put a check mark next to, “publish post about alternative treatments for ADHD.”

Please comment below with your thoughts and comments about the information we shared here, today. What are some alternative treatments for ADHD that have worked for you? Please feel free to ask any questions, comment, and/or share your story below. I would love to hear from all of you and a simple comment can be the exact thing that someone may need to hear that helps them better manage their ADHD, today!


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