Adult ADHD Treatments: Awesome Ones You May Not Know About!

What Are The Most Effective Adult ADHD Treatments?

The Adult ADHD Treatments that You May NOT Know About…

adult adhd treatments


I remember how frustrating it would be when I would explain to people that I have ADHD and they would look at me like I was crazy.

Why did I get these reactions?

Because there was a common misconception that ADD and ADHD were disorders that could only be diagnosed in children.

Most of these people had no intentions of insulting me, but many times I would find myself feeling that way.

However, the truth is that for quite a bit of time, ADHD was associated with rowdy children who just couldn't sit still.

This is simply an inaccurate stereotype of both ADHD children and ADHD adults.

Unfortunately, many people with adult ADHD, like myself, went undiagnosed for many years because of the misinformation and stigma that was associated with it.

There are still many adults who don't realize that some of their problems are a direct result of ADHD and therefore, never take the necessary steps to manage it.

ADHD may not have a “cure,” but it CAN be managed.

ADHD Can Be Managed Successfully

adult ADHD treatments


While, some people quickly turn to their doctors to have prescription medications filled, others are discovering alternative adult ADHD treatments.

I went down the road of prescription ADHD medications for quite some time.

Although, they may have helped in the short term, they also had their fair share of uncomfortable side effects.

I found that while some of the medications helped improve focus, the majority were also taking the “me right out ofme.” 

That's when I decided to research and experiment with alternative adult ADHD treatments.

Not only did I discover a wide variety of effective alternative adult ADHD treatments and remedies, but in many cases, I found them to be even more effective than the prescription medications.

Changes in routine, changes in diet, natural supplementation, nootropics, and meditation have proved to be incredibly valuable in helping me to more effectively manage my adult ADHD symptoms.

Sure, some days are better than others, but I always find that the days I struggle the most are a direct result of getting off course from the routines and dietary changes that I have implemented into my daily life.

Today, I am going to discuss some of the most effective adult ADHD treatments that I have used and that you can implement into your life, immediately.

4 Simple and Effective Adult ADHD Treatments


1. Fish Oil for ADHD fish oils for adhd

Various studies continue to prove that supplementing fish oils into your daily diet can provide a number of health benefits. 

More recently, studies have shown that using fish oil for ADHD can be an effective natural alternative that is being more commonly used for children and adult ADHD treatments.

Found mainly in cold water fish, fatty fish, like tuna, salmon, and sardines, contain omega-3 fatty acids that are believed to be important in brain and nerve cell function.

While these Omega-3 fatty acids seem to improve anyone's focus, recent studies have shown that the compounds may be especially helpful for those with ADHD.

Fish oils will not alleviate all of the symptoms of ADHD, alone. However, it has been shown to help dramatically improve focus and concentration, over time.

It's a supplement that you want to start working into your daily routine sooner than later. Fish oils also serve many positive benefits beyond brain and nerve function and is one of my highest recommendations to consider adding into your daily routine. 



free optimind supplements


Which Fish oils should I choose? ADHD thoughts

Based on research, doctors recommend that the fish oil supplements you use are about 1 1/2 – 2 times or more the amount of EPA to DHA. 

Fish oils are almost always necessary to supplement, as consuming the daily amount that would be beneficial to you daily, would be nearly impossible to consume purely through food intake.

Adults may take up to 5 grams each day and children should take about half of that. Not all fish oil supplements are created equal and it is important to know the difference.

Benefits of Fish Oils

Data from recent studies has specifically shown that those using fish oil supplements with higher ratios of EPA get a better response in adult ADHD symptoms and ADHD symptoms of children, including aggression and mood swings.

I have one particular fish oil supplement that I have found to be superior when compared to the common fish oil supplements that you may find at your local drug or grocery store. They are also more potent and therefore, more effective for those with ADD/ADHD.

I have noticed subtle, but noticeable improvements from taking a higher quality fish oil supplement that I have added as a daily component of my adult ADHD treatments. If you are going to add a fish oil supplement to your daily diet, Dr. Tobias is unequivocally the best fish oil supplement on the market and provides a variety of essential health benefits. 


omega 3 adhd
Although, the ratio is a little lower with these capsules, the quality is outstanding and there is much more to this fish oil that compensates for a slightly lower ratio of EPA to DHA.

They contain 4 times more of the important Omega-3's, the oils are purified through molecular distillation and are excellent all-purpose fish oils that provide many benefits. This is rated very highly among consumers and holds the highest independent quality category rating, out of 50 other brands.

The hundreds of reviews provide even more specific information about these Omega-3 Fish Oils.

Also, at the time of this post, they have temporarily, but significantly, lowered the price. It's a premium product that usually has a premium price tag.

However, right now, they are selling it for over 50% Off the regular price. Please, don't hate me if you clicked and it went back up to $75. As of today, it is still on a huge sale price of $28.97. Either way, you can't go wrong with either one of these two recommendations, as they are two of the best available on the market. 



2. Adult ADHD Treatments Can Be As Simple As Improving Balanced Nutrition To Your Daily Diet

I feel like I can already hear the groans while you are reading this one.

I know it probably doesn't sound like anything “ground-breaking,” but the lack of implementing a better-balanced diet majorly contributes to ADHD symptoms and is one of the most overlooked, yet incredibly simple and effective adult ADHD treatments. 

Choosing the “right” foods, as well as cutting back on the “wrong” ones, is a proactive way to avoid letting ADHD symptoms get out of control. As you start making a habit of these changes, they not only become easier, but you will notice a significant difference in how you feel. Dr. Edward Hallowell, advises his patients to break down their nutrition like this:


adhd balanced diet



Adult ADHD Treatments Through A Balanced ADHD Diet


  • Half the plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables 
  • One fourth should be your carbohydrates
  • One Fourth should be your proteins


This combination above is considered a well-balanced diet.

Feel free to check out the many different foods that I discuss, which are not only good for the brain but are even more specifically, excellent foods for a well balanced “ADHD diet.”

These are commonly referred to as, brain foods.

However, not all brain foods are boring, bland, and/or flavorless. Some of the more “unconventional” brain foods that may surprise and delight you!

Not all brain foods are created equally and while there are many good brain foods, “bad brain foods also exist and should be avoided.” 


healthy brain food supplement


Why is a Balanced Diet Important for those with ADHD? Effective Children and Adult ADHD Treatments Start With The Right Foods!

A well-balanced diet can control certain swings in behavior that may be caused by hunger, surges in blood sugar levels, as well as a potential shortfall or deficiency that we have with other essential nutrients.

Protein is especially important for those with ADHD, as it can prevent surges in blood sugar levels, which can cause or increase hyperactivity.

A well-balanced diet is one of the most overlooked, yet essential adult ADHD treatments and while, it is equally important for children with ADHD, more adults seem to “cheat' their diet more often than children. Perhaps, this is because parents have more control over their child's diet, but some parents who also have ADHD, need to be sure that they are practicing what they preach. 

A Well-Balanced ADHD Diet:

Always start your day with a protein-rich breakfast, followed by a fairly protein-rich, lunch.

These are simple things that admittedly, I would forget if I didn't take the steps necessary to make it an actual routine.

Here's the deal about a well-balanced diet:

We are creatures of habit and this is a healthy habit that will be beneficial in the short-term and long-term!

I am sure that I am not alone in being the only one with ADHD who has literally forgotten to eat for the large majority of their day.

I used to laugh and joke when my Jewish Mother who would say, “don't forget to eat.” 

ADHD diet adult ADHD treatmentsRiiiiiiight…..like I am going to forget to eat!?!?

Yet, I have come close to starvation more times than I am proud to admit. 

It isn't until I start feeling the weight of the symptoms that I realize my mistake.

Hence, it is IMPORTANT to get into a routine and make sure that includes the simplest things, like eating a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A well-balanced ADHD diet is one of the most obvious, important, yet typically overlooked adult ADHD treatments that exist.

It sounds like common sense because it is but a busy lifestyle and a wandering mind can easily procrastinate from following a proper ADHD diet. Make it a routine! You won't regret it!

3. Meditation For ADHDadhd meditation

The ADHD brain is almost always racing.

We try to explain it to people sometimes and they think they know what we mean, but really, many have no idea. 

Admittedly, meditation is something I constantly put on the back burner for a long time.

I would read about the many benefits that meditation can have on the mind, body, and overall health and that it was mentioned as one of the more effective adult ADHD treatments. 

The word meditation seemed to always intimidate me and I really wanted no parts of it. 

I had convinced myself that my wandering mind couldn't handle sitting still and silent for even ten minutes and wrote it off before I ever gave it a fair chance. 

However, I FINALLY decided to let go of my speculations and give it a go. Shockingly, it has literally become one of the most effective alternative ADHD treatments, for me.

Surprisingly, it has become one of my most common alternative adult ADHD treatments that I now recommend.

Just like the ADHD diet, you also need to make meditation a part of your regular routine. The more you practice, the easier and more effective it becomes. 

Meditation Can Be Life-Changing

At first, it may seem like a daunting task. You may even try to convince yourself that you don't have the time or patience for it. 

Put the excuses aside and put it into action because I assure you that you will not regret it!

Practicing meditation as a regular part of your routine is not as difficult as you may think. Once you experience the benefits that it can provide, you will even look forward to it!

Even just 10-15 mins a day can be a routine. I was personally shocked by how therapeutic and beneficial 10-15 minutes was for me and I believe it will be the same for you. 

I do 10-15 mins in the morning and then again in the evening anywhere from 5-7 days a week. However, even doing 10 minutes a day can make a world of difference when you first get started. 

As it becomes routine, you are going to notice that you like the way it makes you feel. You will WANT to meditate every day and look forward to it. 

Meditation can be one of the most effective adult ADHD treatments and it is also one of the easiest and most convenient things you can add to your daily routine. Remember, you can meditate on your own terms, your own time, and your own schedule. 

There are many different forms of meditation and meditation programs out there. 

Not All Meditation is Created Equally

However, just like nootropics and natural supplements, they are not all created equally.

If you are a technology buff and want to analyze your meditation, one of the more fascinating, innovative, new-age forms of meditation, involves what is called “iom technology.” 

The iom is about the size of an iPod with three fingertip sensors and connects to a PC or Mac via a USB port. The fingertip sensors transmit, in real-time, your levels of stress, tension, excitement or calmness. This sophisticated, yet un-intrusive technology, actually provides you with real feedback about your stress levels and takes you through meditation that is specifically customized for your needs.

Now, I am a bit of a technology nerd, but this was REALLY cool and more importantly, REALLY effective. This program will actually customize your meditation around your specific needs and provide you with real statistics to measure your stress levels. 

Wild Divine is something you really need to experience and check out to believe.  While it's not cheap, it takes meditation to the next level. They have a ton of different software options to go with it and amazing programs to walk you through the process comfortably and effectively. 

Wild Devine meditation for ADHD


However, if you want to simplify your meditation and have the ability to access your sessions virtually anywhere you go at any given time, I highly recommend checking out our exclusive meditation resource, absolutely FREE. I can't say enough positive things about it and I PROMISE you that it is truly a game-changer. I am so confident, I am giving away 10 FREE 10-minute sessions for you decide on your own!

Get FREE Meditation

Literally, ten minutes a day can change your life. Sign up today and get 10 100% FREE 10-minute meditation sessions absolutely FREE. No credit card information required. Free truly means, FREE!

The only thing I would appreciate back from you is some feedback. Please contact us or even comment below to let myself and others know about your experience. 

If you are not quite ready to jump in with two feet and try something like Wild Divine and want to get a better idea for what meditation is and how it can specifically help you or a loved one with ADD/ADHD, I would recommend starting out with something a little more simple. However, Wild Devine is something you truly need to experience. It takes meditation to the next level. 

Meditation for ADHD for Beginners:

Meditation Techniques for ADD & ADHD: Improve Concentration, Focus and Gain Control Over LifeADHD treatments is an EXCELLENT place to start. It's simple, effective and specifically geared to those with ADD/ADHD. They offer it as either an audio CD, which can be shipped to you OR you can simply download the MP3 files and get started immediately. It really hits home.

I felt I could instantly relate to the content and really like that it was developed to specifically address the needs of someone with ADD/ADHD.



4. Nootropics for ADHD and/or Cognitive Enhancementnootropics for adhd

You may have already read in previous articles on the site, that I have been putting nootropics, commonly referred to as, “smart drugs,” to the test.

I have compiled a list of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market and have been personally testing and reviewing each one of them. 

The Difference Between Nootropics 

a) There is a VERY big difference between a higher quality nootropic supplement and one that is well, not so high quality. This is evident while comparing my OptiMind Review to the Addieup review. There was a considerable difference between the two.

We have been fortunate to discover some of the most potent and powerful nootropics for cognitive enhancement on the market that are backed by extensive neuroscience research.

All-natural nootropics like CILTEP have been endorsed by a number celebrities and brilliant entrepreneurs like Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris who have claimed it is more powerful than the popular “smart drug,” Modafinil

Others, like Nitrovit, have been praised more specifically for playing a significant role in helping to alleviate certain ADHD symptoms and open the door to potentially develop more nootropics for ADHD in the future. 

I recently completed my truBrain Think Drink Review, which is the first nootropic drink of it's kind. The brand new formula is one of the most potent pre-formulated nootropic supplements on the market for improving focus, concentration, attention, and improving memory while reducing stress.

Unfortunately, not all nootropic brain supplements are created equally. Some have spent far more time and concern on hype-marketing and false advertising than developing an effective product. I recently wrote a comprehensive review that reveals the truth about the nootropic brain supplement scams that I would advise people to avoid and that give an industry with a lot of potential a bad name. 

Different Types of Nootropics

b) There are many different types of nootropics and nootropic supplements. While, there are many who have compounded nootropics into a single supplement, whether capsules or liquid form, there are also pure nootropics that exist and allow you to create your own formula that may work more specifically to your body chemistry.

I spent over a year testing and reviewing a large variety of nootropics from suppliers from all over the world in order to find the absolute best. ‘Nootropics City' at Focus Here And Now is proud to provide the absolute highest-quality, GMP certified, encapsulated nootropic supplements with full COA's. Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me personally if you need help to customize a nootropic stack that will work best for you. 

Little to No Side Effects

c) ZERO to no side effects should be felt with a quality nootropic supplement. In fact, it is one of my benchmarks for determining whether a brain supplement meets quality standards or not.

The ones that are jam-packed with stimulants or advertising false claims, are going to leave you light in the wallet and in the head. That is one of my main motivations for deciding to test out these smart drugs, myself.

I try to provide a real look at the effects of nootropics from the viewpoint of a regular guy with ADHD. Truthfully, I want to see the poor products off the market so that the quality ones can continue to develop and fine tune what is becoming a very effective supplement that I have added into my natural ADHD treatments. 


As always, I now open up the floor to you. I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, recommendations and experiences with any and all of the above methods, as well as any that you may have tried that have been working for you. The more we share, the more we can help one another. I look forward to discussing the adult ADHD treatments that have worked for you, in the near future. All the best!


Adult ADHD Treatments That You May Not Know About
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Adult ADHD Treatments That You May Not Know About
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