Adult ADHD Symptoms: Effective Ways to Manage Your ADHD!

5 Simple Tips for Managing Adult ADHD Symptoms

adult adhd symptoms


Adult ADHD Symptoms can be debilitating and frustrating. However, symptoms that an ADHD adult can also be managed.

You may be wondering…

Great! But…how!?

If you are an adult struggling with ADHD, you have probably heard plenty of the so-called “experts” (usually, just regular people), who claim that all you need to do is focus on what is really important in order to eliminate your adult ADHD symptoms.

It would certainly be nice if it were really that simple, right?

The fact is that adults with ADHD cannot simply “will ” their wandering minds away.

Here's the deal:

Making some manageable changes and implementing various simple strategies can allow those struggling with adult ADHD symptoms to effectively manage their disorder and improve focus, concentration, and attentiveness as well as become a better listener in the process.

While, there may not be a cure for adult ADHD, adult ADHD symptoms CAN be effectively managed!

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How Can You Manage Adult ADHD Symptoms? 



1. Eat Smart With The Right Brain Foods! brain food

There is some validity to the saying, “you are what you eat.” The foods that we eat, play a pivotal role in determining our overall cognitive functioning and mental performance, which plays an equally essential role in defining who we are and/or who we will become.

Our consumption of various foods directly affects our overall mental energy and ability to focus. These “brain foods” not only support and improve cognitive capability but also help to enhance and balance our overall general well-being.   

A healthy and balanced daily diet is imperative for improving adult ADHD symptoms. It is particularly essential that those with adult ADHD start their day by consuming a breakfast that contains a slightly higher amount of protein.

When we find ourselves only eating carbs in the morning, it is quite common to experience a sluggish crash by mid-afternoon that makes it far more difficult to concentrate. 

You might be wondering:

“Isn't eating a well-balanced, healthy diet sort of bland and boring?”

We sometimes associate healthy eating with boring, tasteless salads or flavorless foods. However, the reality is that we have a delicious variety, including some very tasty unconventional brain foods that support overall health and can also help to alleviate adult ADHD symptoms.  

brain power foods  I highly recommend “Power Foods for the Brain,” an excellent, cost-effective, and Best-Seller loaded with TONS of additional Power Brain Foods!


And Don't Forget…  

Limit the amount of processed foods and sweets that you eat throughout the day.

They are metabolized too quickly, which causes blood sugar levels to spike and then drop back down just as quickly. This can aggravate adult ADHD symptoms and significantly diminish focus and concentration.

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2.  Find YOUR Comfort Zone To Improve Focus And Eliminate Distractions!  

It is imperative to create a workspace with minimal distractions. Nothing aggravates adult ADHD symptoms quite like obvious distractions. So, take a look around and eliminate the most blatant ones.

Avoid areas that have TV's or radios frequently playing.  

Adult ADHD symptomsThere is nothing wrong with utilizing some sort of background noise to eliminate other distractions, but take some time to find the ones that are truly effective for you.

I find that white noise or background that doesn't interest me in the least bit is most effective. Familiar or interesting backgrounds can actually cause adult ADHD symptoms to worsen. 

Finding Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, I set up a playlist of mainly instrumental music that plays in the background and helps reduce other potentially distracting sounds around me.

I now frequently work from home and live close to a major highway. You would think this would be a bad thing, but the static and consistent noise of cars passing by in the background is more pleasant than you may think and has not only improved my focus but has even allowed me to sleep better.

Other times, silence can truly be golden, too. Find what works best for you, but this simple change can prove to be more effective for controlling adult ADHD symptoms than you may think!

Modern technology has lended itself many different apps that you can download to your smart phone to simulate a variety of white noise options and even binaural beats.

One of my favorites is called, “Relax M.S.P,” which is free and can be found in whichever app store your phone uses.

It is important to recognize adult ADHD symptoms like these and do what works best for you to find YOUR comfort zone at home and in the workplace.  



3.  Prioritize By Creating A List! adult ADHD symptoms and treatments

You will hear me reiterate this VERY simple practice over and over again at Focus Here and Now. I am redundant about this for a reason…

It works and is something I can't stress highly enough, as becoming a part of your regular routine.

Multiple tasks looming ahead of you can prove to be one of the most overwhelming adult ADHD symptoms.

We typically try to do too much, which is why, like me, you probably have about 15 tabs opened up on your Internet browser, right now!

It's OK! I won't judge you if you don't judge me…deal?

It is one of the more debilitating adult ADHD symptoms that can spike your stress levels.

High Stress is Bad for Your Brain

The higher your stress, the worse your condition may become.

Stress is one of the biggest culprits for aggravating adult ADHD symptoms.

Simply write down the tasks that you have for the day in front of you in order of priority.

It will make those tasks seem less daunting and also keep things in perspective, allowing you to wrap your head around each and every step you need to complete.

Don't worry if you occasionally stray from that list. Remember, it will take some practice and time to see improvement and you should not and will not be perfect. However, it's all about getting into better habits. You are slowly creating a routine. The more you put these simple strategies into practice, the more they will become routine. We are creatures of habit and routine. The more they become routine, the better you will become at following those routines each day. 

Make sure to ask yourself what is truly important and a priority that must be completed that day.

Try to spend the most time on one or two main tasks that you must complete and separate your list by priorities for that particular day.

You can also order them in terms of simple to more difficult tasks. Go ahead and knock out the simple ones first.

It will get them out of the way and help you to get going.

It will provide a sense of accomplishment that can help you better manage, adult ADHD symptoms.  



4.  Breath Deeply and Exercise To Help Alleviate Stress Associated With Adult ADHD Symptoms

Meditation can help significantly depreciate adult ADHD symptoms. I regret being reluctant to the idea for so long, considering the noticeable results I have experienced with my own ADHD symptoms. I have become such a firm believer in the profound effects, we will be dedicating an exciting new section to Focus here and Now on the topic.

I regret being reluctant to the idea for so long, considering the noticeable results I have experienced with my own ADHD symptoms. I have become such a firm believer in the profound effects, we will be dedicating an exciting new section to Focus here and Now on the topic.

Taking the time to meditate and practice various breathing techniques can absolutely improve your ability to focus.

Here's the deal:

adhd symptomsBlood doesn't always flow to the part of the ADHD brain where important decisions are made.

More blood flows to the ADHD brain and allows it to function better.

As I mentioned, meditation is something I never thought I would adapt into my daily routines but has quickly become an integral part of my alternative ADHD treatments

Over the past few months, I have spent time comprehensively testing and reviewing an extremely effective program called, “iAwake.”

However, it gets better:

You know I always like to remove as much risk as possible and allow our readers to try before they buy or purchase at significantly lower rates than they will find elsewhere. In this case, don't take my word or their word for it! 

I wanted to share an exclusive link to this free 20-minute track from iAwake Technologies. This is a great sample of the many types of tools they provide that will deepen your meditation immediately and save you years on your practice trajectory of becoming a successful and transformed meditator.

This sample is from the opening track of iAwake's flagship product, the Profound Meditation Program 3.0. It is called the iAwake Experience and it is 100% FREE to try for yourself. 

I rarely get this excited about meditation online-based meditation programs like this, but they have an extensive catalog that truly has something for everyone and I strongly believe will help with adult ADHD symptoms.

Learn More and Download the iAwake Experience!

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Don't Take Our Word OR Their Word For It. Try it FREE, Today and YOU Decide!


So, take the time to breathe deeply and allow the blood to flow and the stress to dissipate.

Also, add exercise into your regular routine to improve adult ADHD symptoms.

People with ADHD usually have a ton of energy and we find that our brains need just as much, if not more exercise than our bodies.

Exercise allows us to let out some of that energy and the blood and oxygen to flow to allow us to enhance focus and attention at home and work.  

If time is an issue, take 15 mins out of your day to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing and I assure you, it will make a difference!  


5.  Natural ADHD Remedies  adult adhd treatment

Some natural ADHD remedies can help tremendously and they are much safer than many of the prescribed alternatives. However, more choices can make the deciding on the ones that are right for you a more daunting task.

Even better are the new pills they advertise on Facebook saying it will make you be able to use your brain like the main character from the movie, “Limitless.”

Kind of sad that they are selling energy pills and promising it will make people become geniuses. It was ads like those that lead to my extensive testing and reviewing of various nootropic supplements to find out if they provided any benefit at all.

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top 10 best brain supplements that we have reviewed over the past four years!

Natural ADHD Remedies

Synaptol ADD/ADHD Symptom Relief has continued to be praised as an effective supplement being used by those with adult ADHD symptoms.  

I have received great feedback from people after they have used it and have had positive experiences, myself. It's natural, safe, and very reasonably priced.

One of the most noticeable differences I experienced from this supplement was that it really seemed to relieve me of stress.  

I have had my share of extremely high pressure, tight deadline jobs and ESPECIALLY with ADHD, my stress was through the roof.  

Synaptol, not only made me focus better, but i noticed my anxiety levels definitely dropped. Everyone is obviously different, but another thing that I was really surprised and happy about was that it worked quickly. I noticed a difference within the first day or two using the product and it is equally safe for both children and adults.  

However, I have continued to have the most success managing my own personal adult ADHD symptoms with the use of various nootropic supplements. Some of these have been pre-formulated nootropic supplement stacks, many which I have conducted extensive testing and comprehensive reviews about.   

Creating your own nootropic stack provides the best ability to customize your supplementation around your own personal needs and goals.

This lead to the development of our own nootropic supplement shop. Nootropics City at Focus Here and Now provides you with everything you need to create your own effective nootropic stack to perfectly customize your own supplements around your own adult ADHD symptoms. 


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Have Faith and Remember That You Can Manage Your Adult ADHD Symptoms! 

Remember, there may not be a “cure” for ADHD, but ADHD disorder CAN be effectively managed by taking action and making certain changes in your daily routines.

You don't need to feel helpless or lost and these are things you can start doing immediately!

These tips are all simple, all manageable and doable for each and every one of us and makes managing adult ADHD symptoms, far more realistic. Before we change our diets or add supplementation into the mix, it is very important to change certain habits in order to manage our adult ADHD symptoms. Give it a try and I am confident you will see it makes a difference.



What has helped you more effectively manage the adult ADHD symptoms that you and/or a loved one have experienced? What are some of the struggles you have experienced as an adult with ADHD? Please comment below and never hesitate to contact me personally with any questions or comments, as well! All the best!


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