ADHD: 20 Eye Opening Signs It Describes You or a Loved One

20 Convincing Signs That May Mean You or a Loved One Has ADHD

I have lived with and struggled with ADHD my entire life. However, it was much less understood when I was a child than as an adult. Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of people that still can't understand my ADHD brain but research has revealed more facts about the disorder that are helping more people understand it. 

Here's the deal:

Today, I am going to list some facts that may even be humorous signs that you live or a loved one has ADD or ADHD. I feel that those with ADD or ADHD will be able to relate to a lot of things mentioned on this list. Others may relate more than expected and question whether or not they could be diagnosed with ADHD. The purpose of this article is not to poke fun or make light of ADHD symptoms but rather point out some simple struggles that many of us face. 

But you know what?

While some of these examples may be humorous, it is also important to laugh at ourselves from time to time. I used to be ashamed of my ADHD and view it as a weakness. However, as I have grown older and dedicated the time, testing, and research to the topic of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, I have become more proud of the things that make me unique. The ADHD mind thinks differently than the “normal” one does and that can be a great thing. We have a distinct ability to think outside-the-box, accomplish great things, and see the world in a way that others cannot even imagine. 


Onto the list of the 20 convincing signs that may mean you or a loved one has ADD or ADHD. 

signs of ADHD

20 Signs That May Mean You Have ADD or ADHD

1. You purchase some kind of new organizing system to help organize your last 5 organizing systems. Anyone with ADHD knows the importance of at least attempting to stay organized. The problem is we also sometimes need organizers for our organizers!

2. You forget what you are doing while taking a shower or having a conversation on the phone. We can sometimes have such a plethora of thoughts running through our minds that we instantly forget the task at hand, no matter how simple. How many times has someone introduced themselves and told you their name but you were basically not even present to hear it. Your mind was focused elsewhere. How many times does that person re-introduce themselves but you continue to forget before it is too late to ask again? I can't tell you how many neighbors I refer to as “hey, what's up, or how are you,” even though they refer to me by name every time they see me. 

3. You can't see over the piles of paper, post-it notes, and/or clutter in your office or workspace. Sometimes I even feel like the days I can hyperfocus on cleaning and organizing, it is all for nothing because it will just return to a huge pile of clutter again before the end of the week.

4. You can't see your alarm clock on the nightstand over the pile of books, papers, and/or other clutter that you have stacked in front of it. Of course, you are viewing all of these books and/or documents all at the same time because you can't focus on one thing at a time and become easily distracted. A common symptom of ADHD. 


5. You may have ADD or ADHD if something as simple and involuntary as sneezing distracts you. You may have been in the middle of a sentence, a thought, or an idea but a simple sneeze ignites your ADHD into high gear and before you know it you have become completely distracted by it. 

6. Your partner asks you to grab something for them as simple as a glass of water but you instead wind up pre-occupied reading something or making yourself a sandwich. Again, distraction is a major component of ADHD!

7. Your planner is your life but sometimes you feel like you need a planner for your planner! We need a system and a routine and everything must be written out precisely for us. If it wasn't in the planner, it is as good as forgotten or never there in the first place!

8. You constantly set yourself reminders that you ignore. If you constantly set reminders on your phone for important dates or activities that you don't want to forget and constantly snooze or ignore them after you have viewed them, you may have ADD or ADHD. Sometimes our brain convinces us that the mere fact we were reminded means that we remembered. However, we don't actually remember when we don't act on the reminder!

You lose everything ADHD forgetfulness

9. You lose your pet in your own house. You know there are only so many places they could be and they definitely didn't get outside, yet for the life of you, you have no idea where they went. 

10. You forget where your significant other is after she reminded you numerous times where she would be or is going. If you find yourself frantically text messaging or calling your significant other to find their whereabouts after they not only told you but also wrote it in the universal planner you share, you may have ADD or ADHD. 

11. You spend almost an hour searching for your glasses before finally giving up and grabbing an old pair to wear before realizing the pair you were looking for was already on your face. 

12. You constantly have a minimum of 10 but more like 20 different tabs open on your Internet browser. Not only is this a sign of ADHD but you also easily get distracted by looking at the different tabs and find yourself clicking all over the place and never quite focusing on the original task you need to complete. You also check your email every 3 minutes. 

Distraction is a part of who we are 

13. You're reading a page about ADHD or that gives advice on it but can't focus long enough to read it! If I've already lost you, you just might have ADD or ADHD!

14. You may have ADD or ADHD if you are trying to submit something or accomplish a task and…

15. You can't remember the project you are supposed to be currently working on but you can quote a movie or TV show from 25 years ago. 

16. Your attention span resembles that of a 3-month-old puppy than that of a 37-year-old human being! Yes, that would be me! ADHD and attention spans are not like peas and carrots!

17. You ran out of fingers and toes to count all of the relationships, residences, or jobs that you have had in the past! This is why relationships and jobs are so difficult for someone with ADD or ADHD to keep. And we can never seem to stay situated in one location because of these constant changes!

ADHD symptoms

Our Minds Run on Hyperspeed

18. You constantly interrupt people for fear of forgetting what you are about to say but get annoyed and sometimes angry if someone interrupts you!

19. You enter into a state of hyperfocus when responding to an email and write a detailed novel in response to something that could be summed up in a few sentences. The same goes for text messages. I can't tell you how many times I have had to re-read my emails or texts and edit them down to a length that a “normal” human being would be able to read. 

20. You know you may have ADD or ADHD when you wait…what was I writing about again?

The Bottom Line About Signs That May Mean You Have ADD or ADHD

I could go on and on with plenty more examples that indicate you may have ADHD from my own experiences. Perhaps, I will continue this list one day but then again, I'll probably forget! However, being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD is not all bad. We have a passion and drive that goes unmatched by many. We are able to see the world in a different way and solve certain problems that other people cannot. While there may not yet be an official cure, there are some effective ways that you can manage it. 

Some people have found stimulant prescription medications to be the answer. However, they caused too many short-term and long-term side effects for me and only addressed some of my ADHD symptoms. There are alternative treatments for ADHD and we are discovering more of them every year. 

I have found that it is extremely important to live by routines, eat a well-balanced, healthy ADHD diet, meditate to relieve anxiety commonly associated with it, and I have found success with certain nootropic supplements. In fact, these are the top 10 best nootropic brain supplements I have tested and reviewed over the past 5+ years. They are essentially supplements or substances that enhance cognitive functioning and capabilities including focus, attention, concentration, mood, memory, motivation, productivity, reducing stress and anxiety, and boosting overall cognition.

Don't be Ashamed Of Your ADD or ADHD

children with ADHD

ADD or ADHD is nothing to be ashamed about. Instead, you need to learn to embrace it. Hopefully, your loved ones will be willing to help steer you in the right direction and practice these routines while maintaining as much patience as possible. There are great coaching programs and resources for parents of children with ADHD that you may not know about. Start putting these things into practice as early on in life as possible. However, if you are an adult with ADHD, it is not too late. The first step is recognizing that you may indeed have ADD or ADHD. Simply knowing can alleviate some of the stress and frustrations that come along with having it and you can start on a path to more effectively manage it. 

Many famous people, great minds, athletes, actors, inventors, entrepreneurs, and leaders have all lived with ADD or ADHD. You can read about some of them in my article about ADHD in adults


You are not alone and it is not uncommon to also struggle with other mental health symptoms when you have ADHD. These can also be effectively managed. People with ADD or ADHD change the world and the people around them every day. We don't always have the same filters that other people have and commonly tell it like it is which can be a good thing or a bad thing but more often than not, it causes people to think differently and creates positive change. You caused that change because of who you are as a person, imperfections included!

Embrace your condition and keep striving to improve on the things that may make life a bit more difficult for you. If you put in the effort, you will see progress and others around you will see it, too. However, don't completely change because it is also a large part of who you are as a person. Be proud of the person you have become and never stop striving to be even better. Use your ADHD to your advantage and show the world your full potential. You may not only impress other people but most importantly, you will impress yourself!

Do you have ADD or ADHD? Can you relate to the 20 signs on this list? What is the most frustrating part of your ADD or ADHD? What do you love or hate the most about having your condition? Please feel free to share any questions, comments, and/or experiences below! We would love to hear and learn from you!


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