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There are more ADHD treatments available to those struggling with the disorder than many know. Today, I am going to share some simple and effective ADHD treatments to help better manage your ADHD symptoms. They will not only help those struggling with ADD or ADHD but also those struggling with focus, concentration, and overall cognitive functioning.


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The purpose of this site is to help everyone and it stretches far beyond focus! However, today we are going to focus on Child and Adult ADHD treatments to help people struggling with the disorder to Focus Here and Now. However, this includes, those who may not suffer from ADD/ADHD, but have certainly had those moments where they lose their focus. They lose sight and drive to achieve and accomplish their goals and work towards their passions.

Focus Here and Now is a platform that provides information to help support a healthy brain and help YOU focus on your goals and dreams.  I believe we all have “ADD moments” in our lives. Some of us, like myself, actually suffer from the diagnosed condition. However, as more information comes out, we are starting to learn that it is not necessarily a chemical imbalance in all cases.  This means many people are potentially being misguided and mistreated for their problems focusing. Treating ADHD starts with the basics, no matter how “obvious” they may sound, many have difficulty putting them into action. We are creatures of routine. Make these simple treatments of ADHD part of your daily routine.  

There are many ways to take back control and focus better. You need to exercise your brain the way that you would any other muscle.  There are methods to stay the course, focus, and get better at everything you do in life. Focus Here and Now is the centralized place to read about and put into practice the best methods.  Methods that have worked for me and many others.  




7 Treatments of ADHD To Help All Ages



1. Write Yourself a Message  ADHD treatment tips

Something simple for better focus today. For Example – In order to better focus on the task at hand, write yourself a note. It is one of the more simple ADHD treatments but highly effective. If you are preparing the first draft of a research paper, write something like “this is only my first draft and does not need perfect sentence structure.” Write it somewhere that is visible to you while you are writing your paper.  


2. Make a List

If you are like me, you sometimes find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand because you have so many other “tasks” on your mind. I know this seems like one of the oldest and most common ADHD treatments you hear, but it's because it works! Therefore, write down the tasks that you need to do and once it is on paper, you don't need to worry about remembering everything.  You will find it easier to focus.  This used to be a killer of mine.  Now, I am old school. I prefer the pen and the pad because I like to make my list and cross things off as I complete them.  Not only does it keep me focused on one task at a time, but it gives me a better sense of accomplishment.  

Confidence is also healthy for focus. Anxiety, depression, and general apathy seem to fade away when I'm more confident. Now, of course, you can also download the myriad of “to-do” list apps that are available on your smartphone and have your list with you at all times right in your pocket.  Some really good ones that are free that I've tried are Google Keep (also available as an app on your PC, which is nice), Evernote, Wunderlist, and plenty of others.  Just do a search in the app store of whatever platform you use and you will find plenty of Free To-Do list options that work great! Making lists are effective ADHD treatments.


3. Narrow down your line of sight ADHD Treatment

Quite simple.  Keep what you are working on in front of you and in your line of sight and get everything else, out of your line of sight.  It sounds simple and it is simple. However, how many times have we been trying to work on something with the TV on in front of us? I know I was a culprit. Therefore, stay focused on keeping what you are focusing on doing and keeping the rest out. Some ADHD treatments can be quite simple if we discipline ourselves. 


4.  Avoid Self-Criticism

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Don't criticize the work that you have done while you are still working on it. Wait until you have completed it and then go back and make any necessary changes.  Keep moving forward or you will hold yourself back by your own perfectionism and/or start to become very overwhelmed by how much work you still have left.  This was a KILLER of mine for a long time and it dramatically affected my time management abilities.  I worked longer and harder, but definitely not smarter.  Keep moving forward and trust me, it will be easier to go back and make adjustments than spending hours trying to get your first task completed. This is one of the very effective ADHD treatments that is commonly overlooked. 

5. Take time to exercise…for your brain's sake!  Exercise is a Crucial ADHD Treatmentbrain exercises

Exercise is one of the best and most overlooked ADHD treatments and ways to promote long-term focus.  Take the time to even do minor exercises.  If you are like me, time may be very limited so take a 15-minute walk or stretches, push-ups, or sit-ups. Just do some sort of physical activity. Exercise sends more oxygen to the brain.  It stimulates the release of nutrients and neurotransmitters, as well as other agents that optimize brain function.  I GUARANTEE you WILL notice a big difference when this becomes a regular part of your routine. Regular exercise can be one of the most effective ADHD treatments.


6.  Know Your Own Limitations 

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Don't try to do too much or take in too much at any given time.  If you are reading or learning about something, writing a project or a proposal, it's OK to step away and just clear your head for a few moments.  If you constantly try to push yourself or rather FORCE yourself to get through tasks, you will resent even looking at it the next time you approach it.  Therefore, respect yourself and your condition and go at things at a pace that will be most effective and productive for you. Sometimes 30 mins of truly focused, good work, can be better than 3 hours of distracted, agitated, and unfocused work. These types of simple ADHD treatments are often overlooked.

7.  Set Goals  


If you have goals that are in line with what you are passionate about and excited about, you will virtually move mountains to stay on task and get the job done.  No matter what the task or job at hand, set goals for yourself to achieve that are realistic and productive. The more you achieve these goals, the more excited you will become. This makes the task easier and will continue to become easier in the future! I have always found this to be one of the most effective ADHD treatments.



This is just a small simple list that I hope can help you or the ones you love. These are ADHD treatments that have helped me and I look forward to sharing many more in the near future.  

ADD/ADHD may be conditions that do not technically have a cure at this point, but they CAN be effectively managed. There are quite a few natural and effective ADHD treatments that help manage your symptoms. My goal is to help others effectively manage their ADHD. My goal is to simply improve their overall cognitive function, brain health, and quality of life by sharing the tips, tools, and resources that have worked so well for me over the years. As more studies and research are conducted, we continue to discover more effective ADHD treatments. Give these simple tips a try and you may be surprised. 

Personal experience and comprehensive scientific research have gone into developing and creating this resource for everyone. Please never hesitate to ask questions or request specific information. That is what I'm here for and I want to help. Please feel free to check out some of these other resources about naturally managing ADHD treatments and improving concentration and focus!


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What are some things you have done to improve concentration and focus? Have you found ADHD treatments that work well for you? What would you like to learn more about? Please share below! 


Hey, I'm Howie and I am the Creator and passionate founder of Focus Here and Now! You should know that this site was developed BY someone who has struggled with ADHD FOR others struggling with ADHD, but it is really so much more... My hope is that my experiences, struggles and discoveries that have allowed me to effectively manage my disorder can help others going through the same struggles with ADHD symptoms. I continue to learn from so many of you and have developed a true passion for improving my ADHD, brain health and overall mental acuity! You will find the latest tips, tools, and resources about ADHD treatments, ADHD symptoms, ADHD facts, and so much more as we continue to grow together. However, Focus Here and Now has become so much more over the past year, as we have expanded to provide the latest news, views, and reviews about improving focus, concentration, cognitive function and overall brain health, as well as a comprehensive look into the world of nootropics and individual pre-formulated nootropic supplements, as well as the many benefits of brain foods! My goal is to help identify safer, healthier and more effective alternatives to prescription medications with potentially dangerous side effects. Focus Here and Now is truly for EVERYONE! This includes children and adults with ADHD and those simply looking to improve focus, memory, concentration, reduce stress and anxiety, mental acuity, cognitive function, boost brain power and overall brain health. Please never hesitate to reach out or comment. I look forward to getting to know you and hope you will benefit from the many great resources and people. So, focus here and now and...stay awhile! ;)

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