Adults with ADHD Are Amazingly More Common Than Many Think

We are discovering many more adults with ADHD than ever before. ADHD used to be primarily associated with a children's disorder. However, we learned that over time, those children eventually became adults with ADHD. Therefore, there is a need for ADHD treatments for adults.

Overall, those living with ADHD may go through a lot of the same struggles internally whether as a child or an adult. However, the challenges presented to them can be different. 

How do you cope as an adult with ADHD?

Being one of the adults with ADHD during the entire course of my life, I have organized some of the most effective methods for combatting ADHD symptoms. While there may not be an official cure for ADHD, it is possible to manage ADHD. Therefore, it is not hopeless for those living with ADHD. 

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 ADHD Awareness of Adult with ADHD

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Adults with ADHD

You are NOT Alone!!!


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Life can be overwhelming at times for adults with ADHD. However, being an adult with ADHD is not as easily explained.

We may frequently find ourselves disorganized, forgetful or absent-minded, and overwhelmed in a very different way than the average person. 

Therefore, if some of these things sound familiar, you may be struggling as an adult with ADHD. However, it is nothing to be ashamed of or fear. Recognizing the existence of life with ADHD is an integral part of learning how to more effectively manage ADHD, as an adult.

Control Life with ADHD

Fortunately, there are many ways to gain control of your life, but the first step in gaining that control is to get a better understanding of the disorder. 

You might be wondering:

Who am I? How could you possibly understand what I am going through? What makes you so special?

Well, first and foremost, I'm not special. However, I am just like you. Therefore, I have experienced and sometimes still experience, many of the same struggles that you do. I know exactly what you mean without having you explain it to me.

Yes, I…”get it.”

The ADHD Brain

I understand that there are times that your brain is going in so many directions that you can't explain what's “wrong” if you tried. Therefore, these things are understood because I have spent the majority of my life living with ADHD, just like you. 

The primary motivation behind creating Focus Here and Now is to help others who are going through many of the same struggles that I have and to help you to more effectively manage your life with ADHD. 

No Cure for ADHD, Doesn't Mean No Hope


The fact remains that there is no “cure” for ADHD. However, there are many ways that we can more effectively manage our disorder. Therefore, the section below includes a variety of articles, discussions, methods, routines, and supplementation that has helped me to manage my personal struggles with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Therefore, this section will continue to be updated regularly and you should always feel welcome to comment and share below or on any of the pages throughout the site to talk about your own personal struggles with ADHD or the struggles with ADHD of a loved one. 

Research Continues

Fortunately, as research and science continue to make great strides forward, we are learning that we have many more options than we had in the past. Therefore, ADD and ADHD used to primarily be associated with children. However, we now know that adults with ADHD is a far more common thing. 

Understanding Life With ADHD

Many adults with ADHD can feel embarrassed or ashamed. A lot do not understand what was “wrong” with them.

Therefore, they may have never considered that they lived with ADHD because they were also convinced it was a “child's” disorder. However, logic, testing, and research tell us otherwise. If there is no cure for children with ADHD, those children would eventually become adults with ADHD. 

Therefore, here we are. The good news is that we are gaining a better understanding of what we can do about it. 

Adults and Children with ADHD: ADHD Statistics

Nearly 60% of children with ADHD will become adults with ADHD, which also equates to nearly 5% of the entire population of the world

Adults with ADHD are far more common than many people recognize. We continue to learn more about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and we are realizing that it is less of a stigma and more help is available now than ever. 

ADHD Sleep Disorder

ADHD sleep disorder is also very common. Therefore, we are finding more with ADHD treatments and natural remedies that are available to help us get a more restful night sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning. 

Very recently, our RestUp supplement review talked about a new and natural nootropic sleep aid that can help you to not only fall asleep more naturally but also allow you to wake up feeling far more refreshed!

Own Your ADHD!

The section below will only continue to grow. My hope is that you will also continue to grow and gain the knowledge and confidence to embrace your ADHD, Own your ADHD, and learn to more effectively manage it. 

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, add comments, make requests and get comfortable. Focus Here and Now, relax and stay awhile. I would love to hear from you. All the best and remember, you are NOT alone!


Focus Here and Now on Adults with ADHD

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