ADHD Anxiety Disorder: Frustrating But Easily Treatable

ADHD Anxiety Disorder – Facts and Treatment for Anxiety and ADHD Disorder Combination

ADHD Anxiety Disorder is far more common than many people may realize. The addition of anxiety to an already overactive brain can be debilitating but also makes sense at the same time. When your mind is racing a million miles an hour, it can almost be expected that anxiety will follow. I know that has been the case for me personally, throughout the majority of my life. 

ADHD anxiety disorder


The combination of ADHD and Anxiety disorder can be flat out debilitating.  I know this from personal experience. A lot of people don't understand exactly how common it is for those suffering from ADHD to also suffer from other anxiety disorders or ADHD anxiety disorder.

Here's the deal:

40-50% of children and adults also have ADHD anxiety disorder.

Unfortunately, it can make ADHD treatment more difficult because the combination is commonly overlooked and therefore, many times, those struggling with ADHD don't necessarily understand their anxiety or how to treat it. 

It can leave you feeling helpless, scared, lost, and alone.

I went through some vicious cycles battling ADHD anxiety disorder because consequently, one disorder made the other one worse.  

ADHD Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Anxiety can intensify ADHD.

When anxiety takes over, it has a very profound effect on allowing us to attend to information effectively.

It can make it seem impossible to Focus Here and Now.

The anxiety creates extra noise in our brains, which directly challenges our ability to focus and process information.

Our focus is tuned into our anxieties and it is for this reason, our existing challenge to be attentive and organized is disrupted by static.

It is important to recognize signs so that you can determine when it may not just be ADHD

ADHD Symptoms can Lead to Anxiety Which Can Lead to ADHD Anxiety Disorderanxiety and adhd

And so the vicious cycle continues. ADHD symptoms often lead to a lot of stress and therefore, anxiety. This was certainly true in my experience. 

I used to get mocked and sneered at for being easily distracted, forgetful, and impulsive both in the workplace and at home.


I have a sense of humor and can typically brush these things off…at least, on the surface.

ADHD Anxiety can make you become self-conscious

However, inside I would become very self-conscious about it. It made me anxious and for a period of time, I didn't want to be around anyone.

I wanted to be alone and away from everyone.  

My inability to focus made me feel ineffective both socially and in the workplace, which caused me even greater anxiety.

Unfortunately, people can react negatively to common ADHD symptoms and their reactions can also create anxiety.

ADHD and Anxiety are similar

Genetic research suggests that anxiety and ADHD may share a similar genetic base.

Research conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital found that approximately 30% of people with OCD and other anxiety disorders also have ADHD and that there is a common link between the two.


ADHD Anxiety Disorder Treatments ADHD anxiety disorder

It is crucial to both understand and treat ADHD and any anxiety disorder simultaneously.

ADHD anxiety disorder must be treated as it's own condition. If one is neglected, it will continue the vicious cycle and progress for either condition will become unmanageable.  

Both conditions must be addressed at the same time.

ADHD stimulant medications can often make anxiety symptoms worse. I often experienced this while on Adderall and even saw my minor OCD issues amplify from the medications.

Natural Treatments for ADHD Anxiety Disorder

This is one of the primary reasons you will see me sharing natural ADHD treatments that have been highly effective in alleviating both ADHD symptoms and symptoms of anxiety disorders.  

Sometimes it is best to treat the more impairing disorder pharmacologically and the other disorder with behavioral practices and natural remedies. Although I would still recommend speaking to your physician, it is beneficial to know and understand your options.

Transitioning to natural remedies, proper ADHD diet, and behavioral therapy was most effective for me.

Multiple Strategies to Implement

The good news is that there are multiple strategies that can be implemented to treat ADHD Anxiety disorder.  

We are also now learning that meditation for ADHD anxiety disorder can also be very helpful.

It is a lot more simple to access and engage in meditation privately these days and more and more people are starting to take advantage. 

I highly recommend meditation for anxiety, meditation for stress and meditation to help alleviate various ADHD symptoms as well!


How Can You Treat ADHD Anxiety Disorder Effectively? adhd anxiety disorders


  • Understand How ADHD and anxiety relate to each other and give each the attention it deserves.

It is always wise to consult a physician to gauge the severity of your conditions. However, be careful about potential medications that may be prescribed and how they can potentially potentiate the symptoms of one another.

A study that was released from the Boston Children's Hospital discovered that only 5 of the 20 approved ADHD drugs focused on safety in their trials.

This was an alarming fact.

Techniques to Combat ADHD Anxiety Disorder

  • Developing relaxation techniques, like deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation, is very helpful in reducing physical tension in the body. This is where meditation for ADHD anxiety disorder can also help tremendously. 


  • Behavioral Therapy – Therapy can do wonders for some people and a behavioral specialist can provide expertise in developing a tolerance for anxiety and managing ADHD symptoms. Biofeedback therpay training with neurofeedback is making significant progress to help with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and anxiety. 


  • Attending to the basic elements of health are also extremely important.

Basic Health is Often Overlooked 

Basic health is often overlooked and can make a world of difference for anyone suffering from ADHD, Anxiety, and/or ADHD anxiety disorder.

This played a major role in allowing me to get my condition under control and get my life back. 

Eating a well-balanced nutritious diet, getting adequate amounts of sleep and regular exercise are crucial in treating both anxiety and ADHD.

There is substantial and extensive research about the positive effects that food, sleep, and exercise habits have on anxiety and ADHD symptoms. As obvious as it may sound or easy as it may seem, these common elements of basic health are all too often ignored. 

Important Things to Consider with ADHD Anxiety Disorder

  • Surround yourself with supportive people and positive environments. Negativity adds to your stress. It's a simple fact and I've seen one person's negativity stress out the happiest of people. Therefore, create a positive social circle.


  • Consider effective natural supplementation such as, Focus Formula or nootropic supplements, which has helped many children and adults reduce stress while increasing focus and attentiveness. I found Nitrovit to be one of the best nootropics for ADHD and anxiety, helping those with ADHD anxiety disorder. 

 adhd anxiety treatments

  • Accept that you have ADHD anxiety disorder. Have a sense of humor about it. There is nothing to be ashamed about and there is truly nothing to fear. Keep things in perspective, understand your condition and that you need to do something about it.

Don't Avoid Anxious Thoughts

Do not try to avoid an anxious thought. Thoughts cannot be prevented and the more we try to push it away, the more intrusive they become.  

Accept the thought and recognize that you do not need to react to them. The more we accept them, the more we can manage them and cope with them.  

Don't Create More Stress than you already have

Trying to avoid it, creates more stress than the thought itself.

Until I accepted that my conditions were a reality, I was debilitated.

You simply cannot make progress without acceptance. This is also something that is commonly preached with meditation for anxiety disorders.  

It is also tremendously important to get a good night's sleep and practice good sleep health habits to help diminish ADHD anxiety disorder. 


The Bottom Line About ADHD Anxiety Disorder

Remember, take a deep breath, keep daily planners, expand your time management, remember to dedicate personal time for yourself, and practice good basic health.  

Most importantly, understand that although this will not go away overnight, it is treatable.

Having ADHD and anxiety is common and by understanding the conditions and making certain changes, as well as seeking the appropriate therapy, if necessary, will allow you to get your life back.

There are MANY others out there just like you, starting with me. I'm here to listen and help however I can.

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What are Your Experiences with ADHD Anxiety Disorder? What treatments have worked for you or loved ones? Please comment below and share your experiences with ADHD anxiety disorder. Please share the things that may have helped you or even the struggles you have experienced. 


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