AddieUp Review – The Best Adderall Alternative or Hype?

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   AddieUp Review


 The Best Alternative to Adderall?

  We review the Controversial Nootropic Stimulant Supplement


The AddieUp Stimulant and Nootropic Supplement – Put to the Test by Focus Here and Now

Product:  Addieup 

Price:  $59 per Bottle                   

Buy 2 Get 1 Free – $39/Bottle                  

Buy 3 Get 2 Free – $29/Bottle                  

$49/Bottle w/ Monthly Auto-Ship Option

Shipping & Handling: $5.99 for Single bottle/ FREE with ALL other options

Best Place to Buy: I found the best overall price WAS at Amazon for $49.95 Plus FREE Shipping. However, they have since removed the product from Amazon for what I believe was due to below average reviews from users.  

Size of Container:  60 Ct.  Guarantee: Unconditional

60-Day Money Back Guarantee 

My Rating: 2.9 out of 5  


The AddieUp Review – First Impressions

addieup nootropic pillsTalk about going from one end of the spectrum to the other. Addieup is in a category of it's own and very different from the Optimind nootropic supplement that I previously reviewed.  

First and foremost, let's go ahead and address the name of the product. I think it is safe to say that they certainly weren't trying to be subtle with their use of word-play around the popular ADHD prescription medication, Adderall.

Here's the deal:

I don't like the use of this type of wordplay, especially when it involves an ADHD medication that was prescribed to me for many years and has been shown to have it's fair share of short-term and long-term side effects. 

I felt that the name of the product alone was a sideways attempt at trying to get people to believe that it is “legal Adderall.”    

If you are absolutely set on finding a supplement that has been literally referred to as a legal alternative to Adderall, you may want to check out, AdderRx Some people have sworn by it, but Addieup will be the last “wordplay supplement” that I decide to try for quite some time. 

Many people seem to be convinced that they need to find a legal alternative to Adderall. However, I am quickly discovering that the right nootropics can prove to be a safer and more effective solution.    

The truth is that an Adderall alternative may not always be the best solution. As research continues in the neuroscience community, we are learning more about the longer term effects of theses ADHD medications while discovering safer ADHD treatments.


What is Addieup?

addieup reviews

I WILL say that the “Extremely Powerful” comment is certainly accurate…

Addieup is a “natural” herbal supplement that is said to improve overall mental clarity, focus, and energy. It was designed to help with common problems facing both college students and adults who have trouble focusing and/or who suffer from ADD or ADHD.


The most appealing thing I read about Addieup before testing it was that it was created by Dr. Mike Baker, who was also diagnosed with ADHD and had been taking common ADHD prescription medications, such as Adderall.

He developed the formula to create a natural alternative to Adderall and other ADHD prescriptions.  Whether or not this was the true motivation behind creating the product, it certainly had my attention.

However, unfortunately, Addieup didn't deliver in the way that we had hoped and quite frankly, there are better nootropic supplements out there that are less expensive and can provide better nootropic benefits, specifically for those struggling with ADHD. 


Addieup and Energy

Addieup is a combination of stimulants, antioxidants, and nootropics

Although, it contains some of the most common nootropics, it also contains more stimulants than any other nootropic supplement that I had tried. Meaning, you can expect it to dramatically increase energy levels.


Personally, I felt there was a little too much emphasis put into increasing energy and not enough put into elevating focus and overall cognitive function. I would suggest that if you have a sensitivity to stimulants, you may want to a closer look at nootropics like CILTEP, truBrain, OptiMind, or a most recent pleasant surprise called, Nitrovit, which is being recommended by many as a nootropic more specifically geared for those with ADHD

Here's the deal:

Addieup claims to offer a lot more than energy in a bottle. They claim it can dramatically improve cognitive clarity and mental focus.  I put this nootropic supplement to the test for a little over a week. However, you will more than likely know within the first few days if it is the right supplement for you.

Before I get into my personal experience with the product, as well as a comparison to the prescription drug, Adderall, let's break down the ingredients found in Addieup.

Addieup Ingredients and Effects best brain supplements

Based on experience, I have learned that a high-quality nootropic supplement can deliver astounding improvements to a person's cognitive abilities. Unfortunately, brain supplements are not all created equally. The following is a breakdown of the Addieup ingredients, which are separated into two categories: Stimulants and nootropics:


Stimulants found in Addieup: 

The stimulants found in Addieup include:

Yerba Mate, Guarana, Caffeine Anhydrous, and the controversial and potentially dangerous, DMAA:

Yerba Mate – A common stimulant that has been around for centuries. It is said to provide a calm type of energy that not only helps with overall focus but alleviates hyperactivity and nervousness. It has 24 vitamins and minerals and also functions as an anti-oxidant. This one is fairly common and harmless.   top nootropics

Caffeine Anhydrous – This is a known pharmaceutical grade caffeine that provides one heck of a kick to increase overall alertness, as well as prevent drowsiness throughout the day.  

Guarana – Like Yerba Mate, this is a natural supplement that provides energy, as well as endurance and has proven benefits that enhance mental alertness. 

DMAA – This is also known to help with energy and comes from geranium oil. However, there is some controversy surrounding DMAA.

DMAA has become a very popular dietary supplement used to improve focus and performance in athletes. It is distinguished from other supplements from a clinical and pharmacological safety database. 

There was some media hype surrounding the supplement in 2013, comparing it to the ingredients of amphetamines, like Adderall. 

Although, some of that media attention has died down a little bit, I can't say that I'm confident this ingredient won't eventually be banned. That is a bit of a red flag for me. DMAA has been recognized as potentially dangerous supplement ingredient by the FDA and after extensive testing of the product, I can certainly understand why. 


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Nootropic Ingredients: 

nootropic supplements

Choline – This is one of the most commonly used nootropics. It can help dramatically improve memory and overall retention, as well support cognitive functions and processes. 

Huperzine A – Known to support overall concentration, retention, and memory. It is a powerful nootropic agent that provides support to protect the brain from free radical damage.     

Ginkgo Biloba – A popular herb that is known to boost concentration, as well as enhance memory, and overall cognition with the presence of antioxidants.

Ginkgo is a supplement I would recommend adding to your daily routine, regardless of whether you take any type of nootropics. It has provided multiple benefits to the brain for centuries. One of the best all natural Ginkgo's on the market is by Nature's Answer. It is potent, administered sublingually, and is one I highly recommend. 


My Personal Experience with Addieup

Here's the deal:

I realize that my overall experience with Addieup may be completely different from somebody else. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences and how each person's body and mind reacts to any supplement.

First and foremost, I HIGHLY recommend starting with ONE pill the first time you take the Addieup supplement

I figured I would be fine taking the recommended dosage ofAddieup adderall alternatives two pills, but I was wrong. This stuff is STRONG

One of the main reasons I rated Addieup so low was because I felt it provided too strong of an energy kick. 

Two pills left me feeling hot and jittery on the first day. I had so much energy, it actually made it quite difficult to focus because it kicked my hyperactivity into high gear.

I blame myself. Usually, I take half the recommended dosage on the first day that I test a new supplement to gauge it's strength. This way, if there happens to be any type of side effects, I can keep them to a minimal.

If you are like me, two pills will more than likely kick your anxiety into high gear.

This is simply not the effect I was looking for in a nootropic supplement. The next day, I took one pill at 9 AM and found it to be a little more manageable.

Addieup took less than an hour to kick in with just one pill and I felt “better,” but I did not feel the increase in focus that I had hoped. Even the smaller dosage left me feeling a bit jittery. 


What's the bottom line about Addieup?

adhd anxiety The feeling from the stimulants was still outweighing any benefits that I might have felt otherwise from the nootropics.

The effects of the supplement lasted a long time. The effects lasted a good 8 hours.

I was very surprised that I didn't feel a horrible crash as it wore off, which was an obvious concern because of the stimulants.

However, I did notice a slight edge or anxiety during the entire week that I was testing the supplement. Unlike a supplement like Optimind, I couldn't wait for this testing period to be over. 

Oh, the things we do to provide an unbiased and honest review. 

Surprisingly, I did not build up a high tolerance for the pills. It is common to build up a tolerance to certain nootropic supplements and this was not the case with Addieup.

Be sure to check out the nootropic supplements that fell into our category of the 10 best brain supplements we have tried to date. 

addieup review

The bottom line is that this was not the supplement for me and unless you are looking for a real burst of energy and little improvement to focus, I doubt it will be the one for you.

What it delivered in terms of high energy, it lacked in providing better focus and mental clarity

Addieup did not deliver the results I was seeking. It did not give me an overbearing feeling of anxiety, but I found myself constantly getting up and sitting down and found it difficult to concentrate on my work, at times.

In my opinion, it defeats the purpose of taking a nootropic supplement.

I felt it actually mirrored some of the effects that I felt when I was prescribed Adderall, but without the focus.  

I realize the company was trying to create a legal alternative to Adderall, but I am not sure that they came close to the mark here. 


Best Alternative to Adderall?

If you are looking for something that is closer to a legal alternative for Adderall, you may want to check out AdderRx, but again, I still believe there are better, cleaner and more effective options that exist.

Personally, I don't really believe in brain supplements that try to emulate Adderall. There are much better, safer, more effective options out there.

Addieup and AdderRx simply don't fall into the category of effective nootropic supplements for me. 

Although, I am still in the process of testing the most popular nootropic supplements on the market, I still highly prefer the effects that I felt from OptiMind. It was a much more balanced supplement that provided multiple benefits.

Plus, we arranged an exclusive deal that lets the readers of Focus Here and Now try it out completely free. I am all for zero risk!


Where to Purchase Addieup?

If you still want to give Addieup a try to see if it is the right fit for you, go for it! Hey, each and every person is different and maybe what didn't work for me, may work for you or someone else.

However, I can't recommend this as one of the top nootropics available, today. 

Again, if you are looking for a nootropic supplement that is more focused on nootropic ingredients that provide a calm, laser-like focus, I would suggest signing up for the free trial of OptiMind to find out if it works for you. 


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Have you tried any nootropic supplements that have helped you? Have you ever tried Addieup? I would love to hear all about your  experiences and feedback. Please comment below!

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