10 Best Brain Supplements to Boost Brain Power in 2017

Discovering the 10 Best Brain Supplements            *Updated September of 2017 10 best brain supplements

Finding the 10 best brain supplements did not happen overnight. We have been testing and researching many different products for nearly 5 years. Meaning, we have experienced the great, good, bad, ugly, and all nootropics that fall in-between. 

The industry is growing and there are consistently new brain supplements hitting the market. Some brain supplements are much better than others.

The list is not only based on our own opinion but also the positive feedback we have received from our readers over the years. 


The time we have invested testing and reviewing a large variety of brain supplements have allowed us to accurately differentiate the level of overall quality of each nootropic supplement. 

Brain Supplements that Work

These are the 10 best brain supplements that have produced noticeable positive cognitive benefits. This may include improvements in focus, attention, concentration, memory, eliminated brain fog, mental energy, learning capacityreduced stress, and anxiety, and/or overall brain health. They provide a noticeable difference in the overall quality of cognitive functioning. The best brain supplements have been consistently reported to work. 

It has been a long journey discovering the 10 best brain supplements on the market. 

Time has allowed us to find some of the best nootropic brain supplements. However, it has also allowed us to uncover some of the biggest losers in the industry.

Revealing the Brain Supplement Scams 

We have revealed some of the biggest brain supplement scams that you want to avoid. It is just as important to inform you about the products that don't work. These are the companies that use deceptive marketing and claims that their product can not accomplish. 

At the end of the day, we want to make your decision a little easier.  Hopefully, this list will help narrow down your selection and help you avoid wasting time and money on brain supplements that don't provide noticeable benefits. Many of them may also use false advertising to promote their products. The list of brain supplement scams we discover will be updated the same way the list of the 10 best brain supplements will be.

The 10 Best Brain Supplements are All Unique

We separated our list of brain supplements by their unique capabilities to help cognitive health in multiple ways. Different nootropic brain supplements benefit people in different ways.

The most effective brain supplements have contained different types of nootropic ingredients. If you want to know more about nootropics, I suggest reading one of our past articles on the topic. These explain what nootropics do and how they work.

The top 10 best brain supplements we chose are all effective and unique. Meaning, they may work in different ways and produce different results. Choosing the best brain supplement depends on your personal cognitive needs and goals. 

The Order of the 10 Best Brain Supplements

Since each nootropic brain supplement on the list works in a different way and contains different ingredients that help people in unique ways, it is nearly impossible to provide a distinct order from the top of the list to the bottom.

Therefore, number 10 may be just as effective as number 1. It depends on what your particular cognitive needs and goals may be. I would recommend taking the time to read the review that compliments the brain supplements that sound interesting to your needs for a better understanding of how it works.

Without further adieu…

The Top 10 Best Brain Supplements  

**NOTE: The following list is not in any particular order from best to worst. These are just what we consider to be the top 10 best brain supplements, overall! 


nootropicQualia is a premium nootropic supplement that also comes at a premium price. However, we found that there were some valid reasons for the higher price. This includes the fact that you receive two separate nootropic supplements as a part of a two-step system. Our Qualia review reveals everything you need to know about the potent and powerful formula. It has been one of the most popular nootropic brain supplements according to the positive feedback we continue to receive from our readers. It also impressed us as one of the best brain supplements we have tested and reviewed in nearly 5 years.

Consider Qualia like the “Mercedes Benz” of nootropic supplements. You may be paying a little bit more but you also get extra bang for your buck. Qualia is unlike any other nootropic supplement that I have tried over the past 5 years. It is designed to improve focus, concentration, attention, memory, mood, motivationreducing stress, learning capacity, productivity and boosting overall productivity.  

Be sure to use our exclusive promo code “focusnow” to receive 10% OFF your entire order.

The Qualia Review

Our Qualia review provides a thorough understanding of what this potent and powerful nootropic stack can do. I explain my personal opinion and experience using it as well as the feedback I have continued to receive. You can also go directly to the Qualia site to learn more. 

Qualia is not for everyone and probably not one that I would recommend to a beginner. However, if you are looking for something potent and powerful that produces noticeable cognitive benefits, you should consider it as an option. Remember, more potent does not mean that it will have you bouncing off the walls with energy. While mental energy will noticeably improve, there are many other benefits that you can experience while using Qualia. It remains one of our top picks of the best brain supplements on the market and absolutely earns a warranted spot as one of the top 10 best brain supplements. 


One of the most unexpected and pleasant surprises came from a recent test and review of a new premium nootropic supplement called Awaken. It combines a unique formula that is caffeine and stimulant free but still includes some of the more potent and powerful nootropic ingredients that provide noticeable cognitive benefits.

Awaken designed a nootropic stack that is different than the majority of their competition. 

The bottom line:

Most of the supplements that made it to this list are unique and proved to produce noticeable benefits in different ways through unique formulas.

My expectations for Awaken were not all that high when I first received the product. However, I quickly remembered why you shouldn't judge anyone or anything before you get to truly know and understand them. 

Awakened Alchemy developed the Awaken nootropic brain supplement behind a highly qualified neuroscience team that designed a very meticulous nootropic stack that not only improved various elements of cognitive functioning but also created a very good sense of overall well being.

What Awaken Can Do?

Awaken is designed to improve a large variety of cognitive benefits. This includes focus, concentration, attention, mood, memory, motivation, productivity, eliminating brain fog, reducing stress, and boosting overall cognitive functioning

Find out exactly what made Awaken land in our list of the top 10 best brain supplements. Either read the latest review of Awaken or go straight to the Awakened Alchemy website to read more about their product and philosophy. I have a feeling we will start seeing and hearing more about Awaken in the near future, as they are still very new to the market.

Don't forget to visit our review to take advantage of the exclusive promo code for 20% OFF your entire order. I did my best to arrange the most trials and/or discounts on every nootropic brain supplement that made it to the list of the top 10 best brain supplements. 

More of the Best Brain Supplements

Nitrovit has been called one of the best nootropics for ADHD. It was designed by a neuroscientist with the purpose of relieving various ADHD symptoms. The addition of a nootropic called noopept helped to produce more enhanced results. 

Helping others truly seems to be the top priority of the NitroVit team. They go out of their way to not only provide a high-quality product but also individually answer questions people have about the product or their personal brain health. I also like how well they understand the ADHD community.

NitroVit continues to be one of our most highly recommended nootropic brain supplements. The feedback we have received from readers is almost always positive. It has certainly earned it's spot amongst the 10 best brain supplements.

How NitroVit Works 

NitroVit includes some of the more potent and powerful nootropics that work well to help boost focus, attention, concentration, mental clarity, mood, reducing stress and improves memory. It also makes an excellent “base” supplement for any of those who may have a high tolerance to nootropics and prefer building their own customized nootropic stacks. You can easily and safely add a variety of individual nootropics and help potentiate the overall positive effects felt by the other ingredients found in NitroVit. 

Find out why Nitrovit is included as one of the 10 best brain supplements on our list.  The NitroVit review discusses much more about what makes it so unique. You can also feel free to go directly to the NitroVit website for more information. Be sure to visit the review to take advantage of the promo code discount we were able to arrange for you to purchase NitroVit. 


One of the First Nootropic Supplements Remains Effective

    • Nexus and Mitogen advanced nootropic supplements were designed by the same people that created CILTEP. However, the biggest difference is that they were developed with some of the more potent and powerful synthetic nootropics.

      The Nexus and Mitogen nootropic stack have been considered the top choice by many of our readers. It contains powerful ingredients that you won't find in other formulas.

      The two supplements work synergistically to potentiate the overall effects felt from each product. These are two of my personal favorites and they were clearly developed by a neuroscience team that understands nootropics. 

      The Nexus and Mitogen stacks include powerful nootropics from the racetam class like Aniracetam. Aniracetam is one of our personal favorite individual nootropic ingredients. Alone, it does an excellent job at boosting focus, relieving stress and anxiety, improving attention, memory, and overall mood.

      Nexus and Mitogen Stack

      Nexus and Mitogen work best when used together as a nootropic stack. They work extremely well to improve focus, concentration, memory, mood, motivation, learning capacity,  productivity, cognitive functioning, and significantly supports overall brain health. They are two of the most underrated nootropic brain supplements that we have tested to date. 

      There is a good reason this stack falls into the 10 best brain supplements on our list. Check out the Nootropic stack review to get a better understanding how and why they work so well together and get a discount on any order.

      You can also check out the products directly at the Axon Labs website. While Nexus and Mitogen may be a bit more powerful stacked together, you can expect to still feel noticeable benefits by using either supplement individually as well.

      alpha brain instantAlpha Brain 

    Alpha Brain developed a number of nootropic brain supplements over the years. This includes their standard Alpha Brain Memory and Focus Formula, Instant Alpha Brain, and their “New Mood” supplement. 

    Alpha Brain is one of the most popular nootropic brain supplements in the industry. Our tests revealed some interesting results. It has been endorsed for years in the health supplement industry by celebrities such as Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss.

  • The Bottom Line About Alpha Brain

  • The bottom line is that Alpha Brain has earned their solid reputation in the industry. They were one of the first companies to bring nootropic supplements to the mainstream and they continue to upgrade their existing formulas and design new supplements regularly. My experience using Alpha Brain included a noticeable boost to moodmemory, motivation, cognitive functioning, and focus. Alpha Brain is an extremely high-quality and well-balanced formula. It did an excellent job keeping me sharp and productive throughout the majority of my days.

    The latest “New Mood” formula is an excellent way to diminish stress and anxiety at the end of your day. Check out the Alpha Brain review to find out more details about what else put Alpha Brain on our list of the top 10 best brain supplements. We have continued to receive nothing but positive feedback about Onnit products over the years. You can also directly view their products on the Alpha Brain website.  

Nootropics You Can Try for Free

optimind reviewsOptiMind was one of the first brain supplements we tested at Focus Here and Now. It impressed us right from the jump and continues to receive positive reviews from the vast majority of our readers.

OptiMind utilizes high-quality nootropic ingredients to formulate a unique nootropic brain supplement that earns it a spot amongst the 10 best brain supplements. They seem to have a primary focus on the overall quality of their ingredients and go the extra mile to prove their product works. 

OptiMind provides our readers with a 10-Day free trial to try it and decide whether or not it is right for you. Therefore, you don't have to take anyone for their word. You can try it and eliminate any risk or guesswork. It is the type of supplement you will have a clear idea of how well it works within the first few days you use it. Therefore, 10 days is plenty of time to find out if it works well for you!

It is known for helping to eliminate brain fog, boost mental energy, memory, motivation, and enhance focus. Check out the official OptiMind review and access the free trial. You literally have nothing to lose when it comes to OptiMind. You can also go ahead and try OptiMind for FREE, right here,



Trubrain is a very potent and powerful liquid nootropic brain supplement. It is one of the only nootropic brain supplements that come in liquid form. TruBrain also includes a variety of nootropics that you will not find in many other formulas. They are backed by one of the most brilliant neuroscience teams and doctors in the country. The formula was created over many years of real scientific research and data. 

Trubrain is quick and noticeable at improving focus, attention, concentration, mental energy, moodreducing stress and anxiety, improving memory, and overall cognitive functioning.

Try truBrain at Virtually No Risk

They really don't hold anything back by including some of the most powerful nootropic ingredients in the formula. Plus, you can try 10 truBrain “Think Drinks” for only $10 to see if it is right for you. I was able to arrange a couple exclusive offers only available through our review. Whenever I come across supplements I recommend, I try my best to save you the most money possible!

TruBrain uses some of the most potent ingredients on the market. They are consistently upgrading their formula and creating new innovative nootropic based products. Check out the official truBrain Review and be sure to use our exclusive promo code mentioned in the review to get 25% OFF your entire order! Remember, even if you go directly to the truBrain website, make sure to take advantage of the promo code. TruBrain is also one of our most highly recommended brain supplements. I would also highly recommend taking a look at truBrain's brain food bars. These nootropic snack bars are a phenomenal way to start your day or provide a nice boost midday. They taste great and work perfectly to stack with other nootropics. You can even stack truBrain nootropic brain food with truBrain think drinks to potentiate the cognitive benefits you experience throughout your day. 

The Best Natural Nootropic Brain Supplements

CILTEP has CILTEP Reviewsbeen widely respected by a number of celebrities including Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, and others who have even compared it to the potent nootropic smart drug called Modafinil. Modafinil is the first-ever, “confirmed” cognitive enhancing “smart drug.”

The natural supplement is one of the best brain-boosting supplements to improve focus and overall motivation. CILTEP helps noticeably improve productivity. It also has a long half-life, lasting upwards of 8+ hours with a single dosage.

Don't be fooled by the limited amount of natural ingredients found inside CILTEP. It packs a punch and it works very quickly to provide a noticeable boost to overall mental energy, focus, mood, motivation, and mental clarity. It is also known for significantly improving both short-term and long-term memory as well as memory recall and speed. CILTEP also works great as a “base” nootropic to use as a foundation with additional nootropic supplements to create your own customized stack, which we can help you build for free. 

More on CILTEP

It is already reasonably priced and a 1-month supply will truly last as long as they claim. Read more about CILTEP and Natural Stack's unique CILTEP stack in our official and comprehensive review.

If you go straight to the CILTEP website, make sure you check our review first for any promo codes we may have available that can save you money on your order.

CILTEP is the type of nootropic supplement you always want to have around the house. It works well on its own and/or synergistically well with other nootropics. It makes a great addition to virtually any nootropic stack. Natural Stacks also produces some additional natural brain supplements that can be effectively combined with CILTEP to experience even more cognitive benefits. This includes their very effective dopamine brain food for laser attention and focus, motivation, mental drive, mental clarity, and reduced brain fog. Also, serotonin brain food, which supports and improves overall mood, promotes calmness and sense of well being and relieves stress and frustration. Finally, the GABA supplement promotes rest, relaxation, and improved quality of sleep.


While NooCube contains no caffeine or stimulants, it works a lot faster than you may expect.

It is a great way to improve memory, focus, concentration, mood, motivation, learning capacity, and attention. The effects are subtle, yet noticeable and will easily carry you throughout the day in a safe and effective manner. NooCube is one of the best natural nootropic brain supplements on the market.

Fortunately, even the most potent and powerful nootropic supplements I have recommended above are not loaded with a ton of caffeine or stimulants. Potent and powerful does not mean you will feel jittery or anxious. However, if you are sensitive to any type of stimulant, yet you want to noticeably improve your overall focus, concentration, mood, motivation, and productivity, NooCube may be the perfect solution for you.

Safe User Profile

It carries an incredibly safe user profile and has become one of the few all-natural nootropics to make it to the list of 10 best brain supplements. 

You can use our exclusive promo code “FHN15” to get 15% OFF NooCube! This is exclusive only to our readers and not even mentioned in the review so be sure to copy the code if you choose to give NooCube a try!

Check out the NooCube Review for one of the best brain power vitamins we have tried. And even if you go directly to the NooCube website, don't forget to use the promo code so you save some money! 

Try a Full 30-Day Supply of iQ2 Premium Nootropics for an Entire Month

The neuroscience team over at iQ2 Labs took a different approach to create a unique nootropic supplement. They use nootropic ingredients that are less commonly found in most other brain supplements on the market. 

The use of a high-quality raw cacao powder not only helps deliver short-term but also long-term cognitive benefits. It makes a great option for those concerned about improving their overall brain health. IQ2 not only helps improve cognitive functioning today, it also has many neuroprotective capabilities to help prevent cognitive decline and diseases. 

Here's the best part:

We were able to convince them to allow our readers the exclusive opportunity to try a full 1-month supply of iQ2 for FREE. Therefore, you really have nothing to lose if you decide to give it a shot. They will give you a full one-month supply for FREE. They only ask you to cover the $4.95 cost of shipping and handling. A 30-day supply is usually priced from $54.95-69.95 per bottle. This is the only place you will find the opportunity to try a full 1-month supply of iQ2 for free but I can guarantee it will only be available for a limited time.  

Read the comprehensive review of iQ2 and find out how you can try it free for an entire month. You will not find the free trial offer for iQ2 anywhere else. However, I can't guarantee how long it will last. 

IQ2 proved to improve focus, attention, memory, mood, motivation, cognitive functioning, and overall brain health. It is definitely worth a try, especially while the free trial offer lasts. 

Natural Nootropic Sleep Aids That Work

RestUp waRestUp supplement Reviewss specifically designed to help improve the overall quality of sleep. This unique nootropic brain supplement not only helps you fall asleep faster but it allows you to wake up feeling more refreshed. It was one of the first nootropic sleep aids to hit the market and many people are giving it a shot and they are currently offering a limited time free trial offer.

Sleep deprivation is a major problem throughout the world and while we all seek out supplements that will provide us with exponential mental energy, it is equally important to be sure you are receiving adequate rest each night and allowing your brain to recharge. 

RestUp was developed by Alternascript, the same company that created OptiMind.

They are also providing our readers with an exclusive free trial of RestUp to try. Check out the RestUp Review for everything you need to know about this unique supplement. I would recommend trying both RestUp and OptiMind for free to decide how well I personally feel it works before committing to a full purchase.

If you ever have trouble falling and staying asleep or you take other sleep aids that leave you with brain fog the next morning, I would absolutely recommend at least trying RestUp.


Another High-Quality All-Natural Nootropic Supplement

 Mind Lab Pro Review:mind lab pro reviews

If you are specifically looking for an effective all-natural nootropic supplement, Mind Lab Pro might be right for you.

They claim to have created the most potent and powerful all-natural nootropic supplement. Mind Lab Pro proved to be an excellent surprise that surpassed expectations. As one of the more recent brain supplements we have reviewed, we continue to receive positive feedback about the supplement almost daily. 

Mind Lab Pro also contains no caffeine or stimulants. However, it still produces a heightened, clean, and calm noticeable increase in overall mental energy.

Mind Lab Pro Team 

Mind Lab Pro has a dedicated neuroscience team that designed the formula with meticulously tested high-quality nootropic ingredients. They even branded some of their nootropics because they claim to have developed certain nootropics with higher purity and overall quality levels.

I spent 30-days testing and reviewing it to learn if it would live up to their claims. Mind Lab Pro proved to be an excellent option. It was hard to believe that the product only contained natural nootropic ingredients.

I experienced a smooth, noticeable boost in focus, concentration, mood, motivation, memory, and overall cognitive functioning. Mind Lab Pro can also serve as an effective base to stack with additional nootropics to create a customized stack.

Read the Mind Lab Pro review to get the full scoop about a product that surprised me at the end of the day. It holds an extremely safe user profile and provides many cognitive benefits. It is perfect for beginners and those looking for all-natural ingredients.


Nootropics on the Cusp that May be Perfect for Beginners:

BrainStack and UnWind are two very effective nootropic brain supplements worthy of mention. While they essentially serve two completely different purposes, Maven Labs created each formula behind a highly educated and experienced neuroscience team. 

BrainStack is meant to be taken during the day and provides a subtle yet very noticeable boost in focus, concentration, mood, motivation, memory, and productivity. It consistently provided positive cognitive benefits throughout our testing period. BrainStack starts working quickly and lasts throughout the majority of your day.


UnWind is a different type of nootropic supplement. It is designed to help significantly improve the overall quality of sleep and is the only other nootropic sleep aid that was just as effective as RestUp.

I was incredibly surprised at how quick and effective UnWind worked. This is saying a lot coming from a guy that has struggled with sleep deprivation and ADHD sleep disorder for the majority of my life. 

I also like the fact that a single order of BrainStack and/or UnWind includes 2 full bottles of product. You are essentially getting two bottles for the price of one.

I continue to use both of these supplements for various reasons.

BrainStack makes an excellent “base” to use for a customized nootropic stack. UnWind was very effective at helping me fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up without the dreaded brain fog. You can also read more about both products on the Maven Labs website


modafinil reviewFor Experienced Users Only! First Ever Confirmed “Smart Drug” –  Modafinil Review

First, make sure that it is legal to purchase Modafinil and/or Armodafinil in your state or country before jumping online to place an order. There are restrictions in some places. However, we would be doing a disservice to leave Modafinil off the list of the 10 best brain supplements.

This is one of the few high-quality places we found to buy Modafinil products.

Modafinil and Armodafinil are extremely potent and powerful “smart drugs.” They are not meant for everyone and probably pack the strongest physical and mental energy boost of any other brain supplement mentioned on this list.

Earlier this year, Modafinil was officially announced as the first ever scientifically proven cognitive enhancing “smart drug.” 

Modafinil and Armodafinil

Both Modafinil and Armodafinil are without question powerful but they are also not for everyone. They pack a punch but I would not recommend them to anyone who is sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants.

Both of these smart drugs have proven to provide a significant and long-lasting boost to alertness and wakefulness, focus, attentiveness, concentration, and overall mental energy

Just keep in mind that more power does not automatically mean it is the best option for your particular cognitive needs. Therefore, be sure to read the details of the Modafinil review before trying these smart drugs. 

DO NOT buy Modafinil or Armodafinil before you have read my review. I have tested a variety of suppliers to find the most reliable, safest, high-quality, and reasonably priced Modafinil provider. They are not all created equal. This is high-quality, discreet shipping, very reasonably priced Modafinil and Armodafinil.

The 10 Best Brain Supplements Can Change

The list we have provided comprises the top 10 best brain supplements based on our own personal experience and the feedback we have received from our readers. These are the best brain supplements based on over 4+ years of testing and reviewing many different variations of pre-formulated nootropic supplements. However, the list is constantly changing and being updated as more nootropic brain supplements continue to hit the market. 

In fact, we have already added and even subtracted a number of nootropic supplements from this list.

Why No Particular Order?

Again, keep in mind that they are in no particular order from best to least. These are just our picks of the overall top 10 best brain supplements. The reason for not placing them into a specific order is because different people have different cognitive needs and goals. We all have different brain and body chemistry. Meaning, what may work great for one person, may not be as effective to another. However, we are confident that this list provides you with a great place to start your search for the best brain supplement to meet your specific cognitive needs and goals. These options provided the most significantly noticeable positive benefits.

It is safe to say that you can find a nootropic brain supplement from this list to improve your overall cognitive functioning and brain health. I would at very least recommend taking advantage of the free trial offers while they still last. 

The Top 10 Brain Supplements Will Be Updated

We will continue reviewing the latest nootropic brain supplements that hit the market and keep you informed about the ones you may want to consider and the ones you may want to avoid. There are many new innovative breakthroughs being made in the industry, allowing for more effective and efficient products to be developed. For this reason, I expect the current list of the 10 best brain supplements to be forever updated and changing over the years. 

We will always keep you informed about the best brain supplements you may want to try, as well as the worst brain supplement scams you should avoid. It is always just as important to inform you about the brain supplements you should avoid as it is to tell you about the ones that work. 

Reviewing What You Want

We are also always open to testing and reviewing new products that may interest you. Therefore, please never hesitate to contact us with any recommendations of nootropic brain supplements you would like to learn more about and we will more than likely test and review them for you.

These were the best brain supplements that caught our attention and produced real results for our readers and for us. We are confident that you will find the best brain supplement for your needs and goals on this list. Please share your feedback and experiences with us if you decide to try one or more of the products that we have suggested above. 

Stacking Brain Supplements

I realize that some of you may be more experienced taking nootropic supplements. Therefore, keep in mind that some of the best pre-formulated nootropic supplements mentioned above can also serve as an excellent “base” or foundation to create an even more potent and powerful nootropic stack.

Some of these brain supplements also work synergistically well with potent nootropics from the racetam class and others like Noopept, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam, Piracetam, Adrafinil, from our Nootropics shop

If you are interested in creating a more potent nootropic stack by adding certain nootropic supplements to one of the best brain supplements mentioned above, we will customize a nootropic stack for your cognitive needs and goals for FREE!


Finally, which of the top 10 best brain supplements have you tried in the past? Most of all, which are you most curious to try? What has your experience been with nootropics and other types of brain supplements? Share your questions, comments, and experiences, below!


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