Parenting ADHD Children: 2 Awesome Moms Who Understand!

Parenting ADHD Children – Effective Combined Training and Coaching

ImpactADHDParenting ADHD children are no easy task. Being a parent of an ADHD child can be just as difficult, if not more difficult that struggling with ADHD symptoms on your own. Unfortunately, there have been a limited amount of useful resources to help with parenting ADHD children. 

However, that has now changed in a major way. Elaine and Diane have dedicated their lives to their 6 total ADHD and/or autistic children. They developed some of the most effective strategies that have allowed their kids to achieve astounding success.

Now, about Impact ADHD:

These two Mothers are sharing their secrets with other parents of ADHD children to help them achieve the same success that their children and they have experienced and the results have not only been equally amazing but truly heartwarming, too. 

So, what exactly is the ImpactADHD program and how does it help parenting ADHD children?

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Program: ImpactADHD Parenting & Coaching Programs

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Elaine and Diane are two moms who have been there and know how to help the whole family by helping you as a parent!

Two Mothers Understand the Challenges of Parenting ADHD Children

parenting adhd children

The BEST Resource for Parenting Children with ADHD…PERIOD!

Over time, most kids eventually learn to manage all aspects of their lives, but that can be complicated when a child has ADHD. Parenting ADHD children can be a very difficult task.

I have spoken to so many parents who are seeking guidance to not only help their children but gain crucial knowledge and information that can be difficult to find, especially in one place.

As parents, you feel the need to teach your children good self-management skills. But, truth be told, we often don’t really know how to help them help themselves.

Parenting ADHD Children

This is where it is easy to feel lost while parenting ADHD children. Learning tools and skills to manage ADHD, make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in how effective you may be parenting ADHD kids because for many of us, managing ADHD is definitely something we have to learn to do! 

As you will hear me repeatedly emphasize throughout the resources on this site, we cannot and do not have a “cure” for ADHD, but we CAN effectively manage it!

For me, it took some trial & error and a ton of research to finally come up with various systems, routines, changes in diet, supplementation, and more to effectively manage my ADHD.

It is no different for a child. I only wish that a resource like Impact ADHD was available to my parents when I was younger. I have a feeling that certain aspects of childhood into young adulthood, would have been far more manageable. 

Here's the deal:

ADHD Parent Management
As we see it, PARENT Management is the MISSING LINK in ADHD Treatment. There are far more effective methods that can be implemented when parenting ADHD children.

These methods can provide them with the tools and support that has proven to be the ADHD treatment that children can carry with them into adolescent and adulthood. Parenting ADHD children to effectively manage their ADHD is a crucial element to their future. It goes like this:

  1. ADHD is an ongoing issue requiring management
  2. Kids cannot manage their ADHD alone
  3. Parents need training & support in managing ADHD, as well
  4. Coaching helps parents apply that training to real-life


Parenting ADHD Children

ImpactADHD, offers a combination of training and coaching that helps you learn critical skills and apply them to your family’s experience. Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster created this program and as they explain, are parents of 6 “complex” children between them that have ADD/ADHD and other challenges.

They have lived through the frustrations of parenting ADHD children without a road-map and identified the imperative need for guidance.

Elaine and Diane most recently developed one of the most unique and effective programs that provide PROVES that the art of parenting ADHD children is MUCH easier than you think! The award-winning program called, “Sanity School” reveals proven methods for turning your child's chaos into calm!

ADHD is both a challenge and a gift and although I truly wish that a program like this had existed when I was a child and I am truly grateful and appreciate the passion and dedication that has gone into creating this program. This program not only delivers results, but it delivers results fast! 

Here's the thing about ImpactADHD:

I hate sounding like an advertisement for the program, but ImpactADHD is truly the most effective resource for parenting ADHD children available on the market, today. You don't have to take my word for it, though. Take a listen to the replay of the free ADHD webinar that Elaine and Diane put together a couple of months ago. 

The guides, tools, community, and resources they have created are praised both inside and outside of the medical community, as well as, by thousands of parents who have had great success with treating ADHD children.

I had the opportunity to speak with many parents about the personal struggles they faced parenting ADHD children while conducting a ton of research to find the best tools and programs out there, based on feedback from real parents who have had REAL success.

Child ADHD Stories

I listened to stories about the good, the bad and the ugly, regarding various programs and resources that were available and tested by parents of children with ADHD.

I was surprised to learn how limited the availability of true quality resources and strategies, were to them. I empathized, as I continued listening to their stories to soak in the perspective of parenting ADHD children in their individual households.

ImpactADHD has something for virtually every kind of ADHD child and they have worked with their communities to allow it to fit into any budget. The ImpactADHD programs and products continue to grow monthly based on feedback received from parents of ADHD children.

parenting adhd children


I have been diagnosed with ADHD for almost my entire life, but admittedly, a lot of that time was spent stressing out or worrying about how I felt. I remember feeling hopeless at times, like nobody would ever understand me or what was truly wrong with me.

I would just be that kid who had to take medicine to keep from bouncing off the walls. I would sometimes find myself wallowing in my own self-pity or blaming others, including my parents, because of mounted frustrations I could not properly manage.

However, what I did not take into consideration was how my disorder may also be affecting the people around me, ESPECIALLY, my parents.

I now have a much better understanding of their struggles and emotions as parents. They were in this struggle with me, whether I recognized it at the time, or not.

After speaking with one parent after the other, I started to recognize that many of the feelings I felt growing up, may have been very similar feelings and struggles that my Mother and Father were feeling at times, trying to parent a child with ADHD. Even worse, there was less information and resources available at that time.


The ImpactADHD Program Helps Parenting ADHD Children

adhd childrenImpactADHD was the only resource that I received positive feedback about, every single time I spoke to a parent who found and utilized their programs. Not just positive feedback, but rave reviews about how life-changing it was for both their children and their families.

They have created one of the most unique, hands-on, relevant, and easily applicable resources and communities for parenting ADHD children with non-medical strategies that add tremendous benefit to treating children with ADHD.

With support from a coach or expert, they truly help you turn information into action! ImpactADHD's resources have become a well-respected authority for effectively parenting ADHD children. 

ImpactADHD covers nearly every situation that may arise in a household that is trying to effectively treat and manage their child's ADHD.

Say, for example:

The atmosphere in your home is not what you’d like. Maybe there is too much screaming or not enough talking. They offer a teleclass called, “Less Chaos, More Calm,” to help you figure out how to create what you want, and make it happen! How to help You and Your child effectively manage their ADHD.  

So, bottom line: wherever you go on ImpactADHD, you’ll find tons of information provided within a coaching context that helps you to make changes that last!

Effectively managing ADHD is the best thing that you and your child can learn for today and for the future. This is one of the best resources available online for parenting ADHD children.

A lot of research, incredible resources, people that TRULY care and most importantly, understand your situation and are filled with incredible insight that you can apply to help your child more effectively manage their ADHD, too.  

Feel free to comment below if you have had experience with Impact ADHD and/or any other ADD/ADHD programs that you have found effective for you, your children and your family. What are the most effective tools you have found for parenting ADHD children? Have you tried any of the ImpactADHD products or programs for your child?  I look forward to discussing this very important topic with you, soon!

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