Nootropics – Interesting New Formula: iQ2 Nootropic Review

The iQ2 Nootropic Supplement Review: A Different Approach to Nootropics

I recently came across a new product that takes a different approach to providing premium nootropics to the public. IQ2 premium nootropics include an ingredient that they claim is the key to improving long-term cognitive functioning and overall brain health. 


iq2 nootropicsMany nootropic supplements have a similar combination of ingredients to one another and therefore, produce similar results. Therefore, I was curious to find out if the iQ2 nootropic supplement had something different to offer that would also provide sustainable results over time. 

Product: iQ2 Premium Nootropics 

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iQ2 Premium Nootropics Review

I have researched, tested, and reviewed many nootropic supplements that contain very similar ingredients and ultimately produce the same results. Many of these nootropics contain higher amounts of caffeine to give the impression that they are “working” very quickly. Therefore, I was intrigued to learn about a new nootropic formula that focuses on providing more long-term and sustainable results. 

Here's the deal:

There are many nootropic brain supplements out there that can give the illusion of working quickly to boost cognitive functioning. However, there are very few that have been able to deliver a product that will not only continue to work well into the future but actually continue to work better over time. 

This was the claim of the iQ2 team and I was eager to put it to the test. 

How the iQ2 Nootropic Supplement Works

The folks over at iQ2 Labs coined their premium nootropic supplement as the “smarter smart drug.” One of the primary reasons for this claim is that it is not only designed to help boost cognitive functioning and improve brain health immediately but actually continues to work better as the user continues to take it over time. Meaning, you should consistently notice improvements to your overall focus, memory, alertness, concentration, and overall optimal cognitive performance

One of the key ingredients that help make this possible is the addition of a high-quality, unprocessed raw cacao to their formula. This is not a common ingredient that you will find in other nootropics but may be the key to iQ2 delivering an effective and sustainable supplement that continues to work well into the future. 

Supposedly, the raw cacao used in iQ2 works synergistically with the other ingredients to help potentiate their effects and boost cognitive performance. 

So, what can you find inside the unique iQ2 nootropic supplement formula?

The iQ2 Ingredients raw cacao nootropicsraw cacao nootropics

  • Cacao – 

The “secret weapon” of the iQ2 formula. Cacao is known as nature's most powerful antioxidant and it provides a variety of health benefits to the body and brain. Cacaoraw cacao nootropics is one of the greatest brain foods you can consume. It is said to benefit the brain on its own by improving memory, mental stamina, and concentration. Unprocessed raw cacao also helps to expand the arteries, allowing the other ingredients found in the iQ2 formula to be more easily and readily absorbed. The claim is that this key ingredient plays a fundamental role in allowing the effects felt from the iQ2 nootropic supplement to continue improving over time. 


  • Choline – 

Choline is an essential nootropic ingredient that allows for efficient communication between neurons in the brain. It also works synergistically well with other nootropic ingredients. Choline helps to improve memory, learning, and overall concentration. It also provides neuroprotective qualities that help the brain recover from age-related memory loss. A high-quality choline nootropic is essential to nearly any effective brain supplement.


  • Vinpocetine – 

One of the best natural brain health nootropics. It helps to improve alertness and attentiveness, as well as boosts short-term and long-term memory. Vinpocetine
helps to enhance overall blood flow to the brain and therefore, increases the production of mental and physical energy. My personal experience using a high-quality vinpocetine supplement on its own has been an overall improvement in focus and memory. Combined with the right nootropics, it can help potentiate their overall effects. 


  • DMAE – 

DMAE is known to improve focus, memory recall, and overall mental energy. It is most commonly found in fish, which many are considered as an essential brain food. High-quality DMAE can also help to improve the overall quality of sleep. It has also been shown to improve overall cognitive functioning and provides neuroprotective qualities, especially in the elderly. DMAE is also known for its stimulatory effects and capability to boost overall mental and physical energy. 

huperzine a nootropics


  • Huperzine A

Huperzine a is also considered to be one of the very best natural nootropics. It provides a wide variety of benefits on its own that includes improving overall memory, learning, and neuroplasticity. Huperzine a is also known for enhancing overall executive functions in the brain. It improves age-related memory loss and provides neuroprotective qualities. The natural nootropic supplement works synergistically with other nootropics to help potentiate their overall effects. 


  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) – 

It is known for improving mental fatigue and overall alertness. ALCAR has also been shown to boost focus and has even been reported to improve ADHD symptoms in some individuals. It also provides antioxidant protection while improving circulation in the brain. Meaning, ALCAR should theoretically work especially well with the raw cacao nootropics found in the iQ2 formula. It is also known to help boost overall mood and enhance the body's production of energy. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is also known for working synergistically well with other nootropic ingredients.               


  • Guarana –   

A highly effective source of natural caffeine. Guarana is known for improving overall mental clarity and increasing energy. It is also known as a mood booster that helps to alleviate mental fatigue and improve mental sharpness. Guarana is considered more effective and cleaner than your typical caffeine and most users do not experience any sort of “crash” from it. 


  • Vitamin B Complex – 

Many people seem to underappreciate the value that B complex vitamins can especially provide when added to an effective nootropic stack. The B-complex vitamins found in the iQ2 nootropic supplement are meant to help all of the other ingredients absorb more effectively. They are essential to effective communication between cells in the brain. The B Complex vitamins also directly help boost overall mental energy and focus


My Experience Using iQ2 Nootropics iq2 nootropics

I really wasn't sure what to expect from the iQ2 formula before trying it because it is so different from many other nootropic supplements I had reviewed in the past. This is the first nootropic supplement that I tried that uses raw cacao as one of the primary ingredients. 

Here's the deal:

The iQ2 nootropic supplement also impressed me in a different kind of way. First and foremost, it certainly separated itself from the brain supplement scams that we had revealed in the past. This is a nootropic that works.

IQ2 nootropics proved to show some immediate benefits as well as provide benefits as I continued using it. 

Immediate Benefits of iQ2 Nootropics

It took less than an hour to start feeling the subtle, yet noticeable effects of the iQ2 formula. My focus boosted in a calm and even manner. While my mental energy seemed to increase, I also felt a reduction of overall stress

The first week using the iQ2 nootropic supplement remained consistent. My energy and focus elevated and I was getting more accomplished each day. However, the immediate benefits were not what I found to be most impressive about the brain supplement. 

Long-term Benefits of iQ2 Nootropics

One thing that I have consistently noticed with other nootropics is that with time, I typically start building up a tolerance to the supplement. Usually, this is why I recommend that you cycle the usage of most pre-formulated nootropics by taking 2-3 days off without using them. However, the iQ2 brain supplement works in the opposite manner. 

As I continued using iQ2, it was abundantly clear that with each day using the supplement, the benefits actually continued to improve. The cumulative effects of iQ2 included a continuous and steady flow of increased mental and physical energy, better memory recall, improved verbal communications and abilities, better mood, and lower levels of stress and anxiety

The iQ2 formula is the first nootropic brain supplement that I have experienced continuous improvements of benefits throughout the usage period. It left me wanting more because I felt confident that the nootropic benefits will continue to improve over time. 

Want to Try the iQ2 Nootropic Supplement for FREE?

I always work hard to arrange the best possible exclusive opportunities to provide our readers when conducting nootropic supplement reviews.

Here's the deal:

We have arranged an exclusive offer from iQ2 ONLY being extended to the readers of Focus Here and Now. You can try iQ2 for FREE for up to 3 weeks. 

You can sign up to try the iQ2 premium nootropics for free and decide whether or not it works best for you. You have up to three weeks to try the supplement and you can cancel at any time. Meaning, you can literally order and cancel the same day if you wanted. However, I truly believe you will find this product to be very useful. I am extremely confident in the product and the company. 

We test any and all free trial offers ourselves before offering them to our readers and iQ2 is a legitimate and trustworthy as it gets. 

However, I don't know how long the offer will last so if you are even in the slightest bit curious about whether or not iQ2 will work for you, be sure to sign up for a FREE trial, today!


The Bottom Line about iQ2 Nootropics

cognitive performance

iq2 cognitive performance

The bottom line about iQ2 is that it is one of the safest, most reliable, and effective nootropics that I have used that provides both immediate and long-term benefits to boost cognitive functioning and overall brain health. This is the type of supplement that you can safely add to your daily supplement routine and have the confidence that it will not only continue to work with usage but actually continue to produce better results over time. 

Remember to try a FREE trial of iQ2, today!

I have tested a ton of nootropics over the past 2 and a half years. Meaning, I have experienced a wide variety of the different cognitive effects that nootropics may or may not provide. The iQ2 nootropic supplement will now be added to a small list of the top pre-formulated nootropics that I can confidently recommend to our readers.

You can buy iQ2 nootropics with confidence. I believe it meets the needs of many people and I truly appreciate the fact that it proved to be a nootropic supplement that kept on giving. This may just be one of the rare occasions where I will choose to revisit the product again, as I would like to experience the effects over an even longer timeframe of 4-6 months. 


Have you tried iQ2 premium nootropics? We would love to hear from you so please feel free to share your experiences below. Do you have experience with nootropics in general? What have your experiences been like? Have they been positive or negative? What are you looking for in a good nootropic supplement? Please share your questions, comments, and experiences below!

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