Brain Supplements: The Horrible Truth About The Scams!

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Brain Supplements – Everything You Need to Know!

Brain supplements are becoming more “mainstream” by the day. However, there are many different types of brain supplements and they are not all created equally. 

Personally, I could not have possibly been more skeptical when I started my journey into the world of nootropic brain supplements. 

The whole idea that these so-called “smart drugs” could truly enhance a person's mental capabilities was utterly ludicrous to me. 

Considering some of the outlandish claims being made in certain advertisements I was seeing at the time, who could blame me? 

However, as smart drugs continued to gain more attention, I continued to receive more emails from readers curious about whether or not they worked. Before I knew it, I found myself digging deeper into the world of these cognitive enhancers, which I would learn are more commonly referred to as “nootropics.” Nootropics and “Smart Drugs” are actually quite different.

I would also learn that this new world of brain supplements was far more complex than I initially assumed. I would experience the very good, the pretty good, the bad, and the flat-out ugly nootropic brain supplements. 


brain supplements

Do Brain Supplements Work?


It was a question I assumed that I would have an answer to rather quickly. 

I figured that it was probably a short-lived trend that I would maybe write an article or two about and move on. 

How interesting could the topic of brain supplements really be?

That was over 3 years ago…

The following is going to discuss the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to brain supplements. I am going to talk about the brain supplements you should avoid, as well as those that I have had a positive experience using. 

However, please feel free to check our ever-growing and the constantly updated section of nootropic supplement reviews. Here, I share my personal experience using the latest nootropic supplements that come to the market. I spend at least one month comprehensively testing and reviewing various brain supplements that hit the market. We try our best to keep up with all of the requests and address those that are generating the most hype. As you will discover below, sometimes the hype is nothing more. Other times, we have been pleasantly surprised. 

Let's first talk about the different types of nootropic brain supplements that you may read about online or hear about on social media.


The Different “Types” of Brain Supplements:

Brain supplements seem to fall into a few different categories. While understanding the science behind nootropics, may be a bit more complex, differentiating between the categories that these brain supplements may fall into is rather simple.


1. “The Brain Supplement Scams” – 

Brain supplements fall into a sub-category of products that are part of a larger industry, meaning it's a business.

While this is obvious to virtually everyone, not all of those companies conduct their businesses in an ethical fashion. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality of the business world in general, but in an emerging market that requires a lot of education for new consumers, even a few bad eggs can be detrimental to the entire industry.

Those taking advantage of the brain supplement industry view nootropics as nothing more than a “hip trend” that presents an opportunity to make a quick buck.  

Therefore, all of their efforts are concentrated on deceptive marketing strategies with very little, if any at all, on the actual quality of the product or satisfaction of their customers. 

2. “The 5th Place Trophies” – 

Brain supplements that fall into this category usually have positive intentions, but may find themselves imitating more than actually innovating.

In most cases, it appears that they believe in the concept of nootropics and have every intention to create a product that can deliver cognitive benefits to their customers. However, we find that the majority will fall short on being truly innovative. 

However, on occasion, we find that one of the “average” manages to create a successful product in terms of sales. I should mention that these “average” products are not necessarily poor products. They just don't have that “wow” factor. 

The Middle-of-the-road Brain Supplements

Many times, they may not be considered “top tier” in terms of delivering that “wow factor,” but behind strong marketing and a product that provides enough of a noticeable difference, they are able to achieve success.

A perfect example is a brain supplement that has been around for quite some time called, Focus Factor. It's essentially a multi-vitamin with a few additional components geared at improving brain health. While it may not deliver cognitive enhancement that I would consider significant, it provides a subtle, very slightly noticeable mental boost. I don't consider it a scam but I don't consider it to be anything special either.

Behind a massive marketing budget, they were able to not only produce a few late nite infomercials but eventually got shelf space in a few popular retailers that helped to significantly boost their overall brand recognition. However, they are what I would consider a middle of the road brain supplement and quite frankly, there are better and more effective ones out there. 

With that being said, the majority in this category will go home with a pretty blue 5th place ribbon and a proud mamma out there somewhere. 


free optimind supplements



3. “The Game Changers” – 

As I am sure you have already figured out, this category is reserved for the very best nootropic brain supplements that yield the highest quality. However, even more, impressive are the brain supplements that earned their way into this category due to creative innovations that are making a real difference in people's lives.

There are a vast amount of individual nootropics and pre-formulated brain health supplements that are helping people with struggles ranging from ADHD, memory problems, troubles with focus and attention, as well as an even larger audience that are looking to reach the full potential of their overall cognitive function and brain health.

These are companies fueled by a passion that drives the neuroscientific research, time, money and effort necessary to create the ideal nootropic brain health supplements that will make a significant impact that helps others and moves the entire industry forward.

The Nootropic Brain Supplements that Work

We also have nootropics that work and we have spent a great deal of time conducting nootropic supplement reviews to provide readers like you with insight about our experiences using them to help better guide you.

Corpina.com has been another excellent resource for various levels of brain supplements and have mentioned us on numerous occasions as one of the most reliable resources for nootropic supplement reviews. They also valued our opinion specifically about the best nootropics for memory on the market.

But here's the kicker:

Let's Talk about the Brain Supplements to Avoid

My motivation today is not to talk about the “Game changers” or the “5th Place ribbons.” I will mention a few but I want you to know about the brain supplement companies that can give the whole industry a bad name. 

In the past, I have conducted comprehensive reviews about the nootropic brain supplements that fall into one of these categories. 

And if you have been following along over the past few years, you know that I have always been firm, fair, and specific in those reviews. While some of those products may have been closer to earning a 7th or 8th place ribbon, they were still mostly respectable enough due to their positive intentions and efforts. 

Today is different.

Now, the gloves come off and we talk about the “bad eggs.” The products that are not only worthless but giving the entire industry a bad name in the process to those that may be instilling their trust in nootropics and brain health supplements in general.

Some brain supplements don't work and some of the actions by the people behind the products are reprehensible and need to be known…


Brain Supplements that DON'T Work 

We Revealed the TRUTH… and Some of Them Tried to Hack Our Site Because of it!

brain supplements

Just in case you were wondering, there are no “genius pills.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are brain supplement companies out there who are trying to convince people otherwise. 

SPOILER ALERT: There is no true “limitless pill.”

I have spent the greater part of the past three years testing and reviewing just about every type of nootropic brain supplement that you can imagine. While I have been fortunate and pleasantly surprised to come across some of the best brain supplements, I have also experienced my fair share of the worst. I fear that this list may also grow as the industry continues to gain popularity from those doing a great job. 

Here's the deal:

Some Brain Supplements are Better than Others

We have shared a lot of information with you over the past year outlining my experiences with some of the top nootropics I have tested. Some were better than others, but most served some sort of benefit that I felt could help our readers. We even talked about our top 10 best brain supplements that we have reviewed over the past few years. 

You might be wondering:

What about all of the nootropics I tested in between that time? I had contemplated whether or not they were even worth mentioning for a long time. However, the same way I want you to learn about the best brain supplements, I also want to make sure you are also protected from the worst. 

Without further adieu, here is a list of the worst:


Nootropic Brain Supplements Scams To Avoid!

nootropic scams 1. eVo Brain Supplement (Now called, Geniux)

You may have seen their ridiculous ads running on Facebook, Google and just about everywhere else during a stretch of six months or so. These guys are the worst of the worst.

This is what gives nootropics a bad name and damages the industry. The product was fueled by some of the most ridiculous claims and dishonest marketing I have seen in quite some time. I believe their claims became so ridiculous that they actually got themselves banned from Facebook advertising so there is a chance they have already started to fade away.

Here's the deal

eVo Now Geniux Make Tons of False Claims

Evo did not just market themselves as a brain supplement that could improve certain areas of cognitive functioning.

Instead, they used misleading claims and images, including a deceptive plug that tried to connect their product to the fictional NZT-48, which was the name of the “smart drug” in the movie, “Limitless.” 

Not only does the product not deliver the results that they claim, but they actually went as far as blatantly lying to the public to boost their credibility, claiming they have been featured on major networks and publications that include, CNN Health, NBC, The Daily News, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, amongst others. 

They have never provided one link or any other kind of proof to support the claims that they were actually featured by any of the networks mentioned. That is because they never were mentioned.

geniux reviews

Previously Called, eVo and Now hiding out as Geniux. Same terrible product, same dishonest marketing

These are flat out lies!

This company is built on lies and essentially, they have randomly thrown together some vitamins and bee pollen with little to no research behind it while making outrageous and deceptive claims about the results that you can expect from taking the product regularly.

It gets worse

The Money-Back Guarantee from Geniux is Also a Lie

They also seem to pride themselves on their “money-back guarantee.” 

Good luck! I tried to contact them for a refund with no success and apparently, I am not the only one.

This is more than likely the motivation behind having to change the name of the company and packaging of the product altogether.

Quite simply, they needed to “start over” again.

Unfortunately, they are playing the same dishonest tricks and selling the same crappy product. The only difference is they are now called Geniux.  

So keep an eye out for the eVo brain pill now being marketed and sold as, Geniux. I wouldn't trust ANY positive eVo brain pill reviews OR any positive Geniux reviews.

These are sites with an agenda that does not include providing people like you and me with honest information about the product.  Our Geniux review is honest and it is intended to protect not only YOU but the entire industry. Geniux is one of the brain supplements that set the entire industry back. One person's experience with Geniux can turn into a negative perception of all brain supplements, which is a shame because there are brain supplements that work well. 


healthy brain food supplement


The latest brain supplement to fall into a very similar category as eVo and Geniux are called Alpha ZXT. 

You may have read some Alpha ZXT reviews or have seen other websites claiming that Dr. Oz recommended it as a “trusted” nootropic supplement on his show. alpha zxt scam

This is completely false and immediately destroyed the credibility of the product for me.

Dr. Oz never makes any kind of mention, let alone recommends Alpha ZXT at any time, which you can see in the episode they are referring to where he discusses the dangers of Adderall abuse

Once again, it gets worse

Alpha ZXT Makes False Claims

Not only does Alpha ZXT make false claims about the praise the product received from Dr. Oz, but they also claim to be endorsed by other major celebrities that include, Denzel Washington, James Cameron, and Tiger Woods

These are not just a “spin” on a quote that they made about the Alpha ZXT supplement. They aren't even taken out of context. These are completely made up testimonials from a company that I am certain is headed down the same path as Geniux.

They are simply trying to make as much money as possible before they are forced to either cease and desist or change the name and packaging of their product altogether. 

Alpha ZXT Gets Worse

As if matters weren't bad enough, they also have inundated their own sales page with completely fake testimonials from “happy customers.”

I tried to leave a comment myself, but no surprise that all of the sudden, they are no longer accepting new comments.  These companies are not only having a negative effect on the customers they are ripping off but to the credibility of all brain health supplements

Alpha ZXT, like the eVo or Geniux supplement (horrible name, btw), are products that should be avoided at all costs. If their marketing is filled with nothing but lies, who knows what they are lying about when it comes to the actual ingredients and quality of ingredients inside their products. 


3. Addium –

Addium is yet another brain supplement that has relied on dishonest and misleading marketing practices to promote their product.

They went as far as copying and pasting a tweet from the popular smart drug movie, “Limitless” onto their fake Addium review site to deceive readers into believing that the tweet was a “thank you” to Addium for being the inspiration behind the idea for the movie. 


bad brain supplements
addium reviews

The website simply removed the background image of Bradley Cooper and pasted the tweet by itself in the middle of a review for Addium without giving it a second thought. 

Yes, it actually gets worse:

Many of the Addium reviews were just as deceptive. Fake “press releases” would trick people into believing the product was written up and featured on major networks like CNN. **Notice the website address says, instantcnn! 

Unfortunately, the Addium supplement is NOT the only product I have seen marketed in this deceptive manner. Check out the image below! Addium reviews


Be Aware! The Addium nootropic supplement and Addium “reviews” are plagued with completely fake, made-up news stories and plagued by false advertising. They have gotten so bad lately with their Facebook, Twitter and Website ads, I actually would put them a notch above Geniux and the fake Geniux reviews for sliminess. Some are very convincing and seem very legitimate. I assure you they are not.

For example, this FAKE Addium “News Story” with completely bogus references you see below. They have never been mentioned by any of these publications and the only reason you may have ever seen them mentioned is if one of those publications or networks give coverage to the Addium scam…
addium scam

Addium Was Late to the Party

Since the makers of Addium were a little late to the game in a growing market for brain supplements and nootropic stacks, they decided to virtually take their product label and slap it right on top of existing products and websites that were reputable in the marketplace. 

I only know this because when I was researching Addium, I noticed that they had virtually copied the exact same model and website design of a nootropic supplement that I had reviewed earlier in the year. 

Optimind is pretty much the opposite of Addium and has always been popular with many of our readers because they let you try it for free and decide whether or not it works before you commit to purchasing.

I guess the folks over at OptiMind and the other brain supplements they have tried to emulate should be flattered. The bottom line is you should stay away from these fly-by-night brain supplement companies that use deceptive marketing like, Addium. Most positive Addium reviews are also fake from publishers who have never even tried the product. 


trubrain free trial

LIMITED TIME ONLY! Try truBRain Think Drinks *(Regularly $50 trial boxes) for FREE!


Do Brain Supplements Work? Are Nootropics Effective? 


brain supplementDeceptive marketing and false advertising like the products mentioned above also make it more difficult to determine which brain supplements can be trusted.

I don't blame you because I felt the exact same way and sadly, I can't say that the three products I mention above are the only products that practice this type of dishonest marketing or simply produce extremely low-quality products.

Some of the other nootropic brain supplements that I have tested and reviewed that either “bent the truth” or fell far short of their claims also included:

Neurofuse (completely overpriced wannabe), Brainergy-X, Addieup, Brainalin, NeuroAlert, Adderplex, HyperFocus and even our pyramid scheme friends over at Nerium have released Nerium EHT.

The Problem with Nerium EHT

I can't imagine how much incorrect information and pushy sales people are going to start promoting Nerium EHT. While I haven't yet tested this supplement yet, I don't trust any company that runs a pyramid scheme so I would stay far away from this one. If I receive enough interest, I would be happy to personally test and provide another unbiased review.



Be really careful if you are searching for certain brain supplements on sites like Amazon. I have tested many of the products that have been getting unbelievable” reviews and now I know why they were so unbelievable

Many of the reviews of sub-par products are fabricated or written by close “friends” of the company. This does not apply to all of them, but more than a few very sub-par brain supplements have somehow received rave reviews that don't make much sense.

Nootropics that Work brain pill

The good news is that there are high-quality brain supplements and nootropics that can absolutely help improve focus, attention, memory, learning capabilities, mental acuity, overall cognitive functioning and brain health.

I have been fortunate and relieved to come across some brain supplements that provide significant and noticeable benefits.

Reviewing Nootropic Brain Supplements at Focus Here and Now 

I take a lot of time and care when testing and reviewing nootropic brain supplements to provide you with the most accurate account of my experiences.

We have done everything in our power to provide the readers of Focus Here and Now with exclusive offers and free trials for each and every one of the supplements that we recommend. I truly want to show people that it is still possible to find real, unbiased and honest reviews for products.

Here's the deal:

I know that each and every person is different and has a different brain and body chemistry. My positive experience or negative experience may not be the same for someone else. Therefore, if someone is going to take my recommendation, I want to help minimize their risk as much as possible and save them as much money as possible to allow them the opportunity to try it out and decide for themselves. 

I am confident that nootropics work.

This is not only based on my experience but the experience and feedback that I have received from many of you. It is also based on the past 2 years of research that I have done to discover the more than 40 years of research that has gone into testing nootropic ingredients in the neuroscience community. 

The bottom line is that I understand the skepticism.

Why I was skeptical about brain supplements

I was about as skeptical as a person can be and because of some of the dramatic and sometimes false or exaggerated claims made about some of the lower quality brain supplements. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings about the expectations people should have when taking nootropic supplements. 

They are not magic pills that will turn you into a genius like we saw in the popular movie, “Limitless.” However, many nootropic ingredients have been scientifically proven to improve various areas of cognitive function.

The Benefits of Brain Supplements that work

This includes and I have experienced improvements in focus, attention, working memory, concentration, reduced stress, learning capabilities, mental acuity, overall cognitive functioning, and brain health

Did you know that caffeine is a nootropic? It is one of the most widely used nootropics in the world. However, most people don't realize that one of the most effective ways to truly benefit from caffeine is to supplement it with L-theanine, commonly found in green tea.

Essentially, this combination provides a longer lasting energy while the l-theanine reduces stress and takes away that jittery feeling that we often experience from caffeine alone. This very simple nootropic stack is more effective and safer than your common cup of coffee and much easier on the stomach. 

Here's the deal:

The following are some of the reputable nootropics and other brain supplements that I have thoroughly tested and reviewed.

Not all of them were perfect and again, each and every person is different, but each of these supplements provided noticeable benefits in one way or another. I have yet to speak to anyone who said they felt no effects at all. I spoke about the nootropics and brain supplements you should avoid.


The good news is that through extensive testing and research, we have also learned that not all brain supplements are scams. There are more reputable companies that exist and help people in a number of different ways. Therefore, we have gone out of our way to convince many of these companies to put their money where their mouth is and provide our readers with exclusive free trials of the products to decide how well they work for themselves. 

Remember, the best way to keep up with our most recent brain supplement reviews is to frequently check out nootropic supplement reviews section. There is a very good chance that we have added MANY new ones to the list that are not even mentioned on this page since publishing this article. 

Here is a list of nootropic supplements that were created by more reputable companies: 


8 Comprehensive reviews of reputable nootropic brain supplements (no particular order):

optimind supplement review   1. OptiMind Review

Provides a 2-week Free Trial, including Free Shipping and Handling to allow you to decide if it is right for you.  OptiMind has continued to gain popularity and the inspiration behind its development came from the CEO of the company who lost his best friend to Adderall abuse and wanted to create something safer and more effective for college students as an alternative to Adderall. Is Optimind a more safe and effective smart drug for college students?



trubrain reviews2. truBrain Review

Exclusively providing a 2- Week Free trial (Normally $50/box) Free. You pay Only Shipping and Handling.  The first nootropic drink of it's kind. They also have a formula designated strictly for capsules. Our research shows that truBrain was truly developed and researched by a team of neuroscience professionals. However, would the high cost of this high-end nootropic brain supplement be justified?  



CILTEP Reviews


3. CILTEP Review – 

CILTEP may not be an everyday brain supplement, but it is said to complement other nootropic stacks very well and is very fast-acting. They also have a new “Brain Food” product that I am currently testing that claims to increase dopamine levels.  Are the endorsements from the World Series of Poker Champ justified?



4. Nexus Advanced Nootropic Stack & Mitogen Advanced Mitochondrial Support Reviews – nexus mitogen nootropic stacks

The creators of CILTEP started a brand new company that is primarily geared to achieve optimal cognitive enhancement.

We just finished a full 1-month test and comprehensive review of both of the first two products they have developed. Nexus and Mitogen from Axon Labs, certainly contain some of the most potent and powerful nootropic brain supplements on the market.

Did it live up to our incredibly high expectations?



natural nootropics5. Green Guru Nutrition
 (EXCLUSIVE ): Only at Focus Here and Now, you can try the ENTIRE line of Green Guru Nutrition's all-natural nootropic supplements absolutely FREE!

Yes, that is correct! We are extremely proud to have arranged something VERY special and exclusive to our readers. Check out the entire line of natural nootropics from Green Guru Nutrition and you can both  brand new nootropics that the company has released. It literally couldn't get easier! Yes, they require a credit card on file but only because too many people were taking advantage of only providing an email.

However, you also have FULL control over your trials. Meaning, once you sign up, you can access your account and at ANY time, you can cancel any type of subscription or future orders, even on the day that you order them. However, I don't think you will want to do that because the products are awesome and I would highly recommend trying them to see how well they work before making any decisions. 

Green Guru Nutrition has created the absolute best line of all-natural nootropics that I have tested to date. The fact that you can actually try up to all 7 natural nootropic supplements on them is nothing short of astounding! 

This could single-handedly be the best offer that we have gotten for our readers in the last two years and it is exactly as good as it sounds. Not only can you try up to ALL of their nootropics for free, but we have ONE more natural nootropic supplement geared at improving sleep that you can also try for free!

RestUp Review


6. RestUp Supplement Review – 

I recently reviewed a different kind of nootropic supplement. This supplement is specifically geared at improving the overall quality of sleep.

This new supplement from Alternascript, the same company that created the popular supplement, OptiMind, has developed a product that claims to not only improve the ability to naturally fall asleep but also allows you to wake up feeling more refreshed. 

Read the RestUp supplement review, but not only will you find out how well it works, but I was able to exclusively arrange the opportunity for you to try it out for FREE and Focus Here and Now is the ONLY place that you can get it free, here and now!


7.alpha brain instant Alpha Brain Review – 

Alpha Brain is one of the most popular nootropic brain supplements on the market. They are known for high-quality ingredients and have been around since the brain supplement craze started. We finally got around to review Alpha Brain and convinced them to exclusively allow our readers to try Alpha Brain's “New Mood” for FREE. Not only can you try the new Alpha Brain Instant, which is said to work more quickly and efficiently but you can now also try their new stress and anti-anxiety formula. The product is called “New Mood” and is designed to be taken in the evening to wind down stress and anxiety. 


Want to Create Your Own Nootropic Stack?



We provide the highest-quality nootropic supplements you will find anywhere, online. More than a year of research, testing and rejections went into the process before we finally found a supplier that could allow us to give our readers the highest-quality, GMP certified, safe encapsulated nootropics for accurate supplement dosages!

Check out our very own ‘Nootropics City' at Focus Here and Now and create your own effective nootropic supplement stack, today! We will even help you create a customized nootropic stack for FREE if you have no idea where to start.





Nootropic brain supplements continue to gain traction and the quality continues to improve with new scientific research being conducted every day in the neuroscience communities. However, not all brain supplements are created equally, as you can clearly see from some of the products mentioned earlier. 

I have tested my fair share of nootropic stacks and other brain supplements over the course of the past two years and experienced the good, bad and everything in-between. Nobody could have possibly been more skeptical than I was about the concept of nootropics and so-called smart drugs.

I now know they work.

The tricky part was weeding through the garbage to get to the good. 

They may not all be created equally, but the ones that put the time, money, passion and dedication into producing high-quality products are definitely doing something right because the benefits have been significant for me. I hope they will be significant for you, too and I would love to hear back from you to share your personal experiences. 


Have you tried any brain supplements? Do you have experience using nootropics or creating your own nootropic stacks? How have nootropics and/or other various brain supplements helped you with focus, attention, ADHD symptoms, memory, stress, mental acuity, and overall cognitive function?    Please share your experiences below and as always, feel free to ask any questions you may have. All the best!

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