TruBrain Review: Is This One of the Best Brain Supplements?

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What Are The Best Brain Supplements?

The Best Brain Supplements: Is The Newly Enhanced truBrain One of Them? 

The truBrain Review 


The best brain supplements stand tall above their competitors. They exude high-quality in the same way that a fine wine or luxury car does. However, while the exterior of truBrain may look like it could be the Lexus of brain supplements, I was much more interested in learning about what was under the hood. 

In my opinion, this would truly determine whether or not truBrain should be considered a luxury brand and amongst the best brain supplements.   

TruBrain added more Piracetam and other elements to their formula to make it more potent.

Our updated review of truBrain examines the new formula and whether or not it should be considered one of the best brain supplements on the market, today.

Andrew Hill, Ph.D. in Neuroscience and creator of truBrain, asked us to test and evaluate the newly enhanced, more potent truBrain formula. 


trubrain reviews


Is the New truBrain One of the Best Brain Supplements?



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Our Updated truBrain Review Of The Newly Enhanced Formula  

Is The New truBrain One Of The Best Brain Supplements On The Market, Today?



best brain supplementsWe have reviewed many nootropic supplements in the past and some have certainly been better than others.

However, a select few stand out from their competition as the very best brain supplements. These are the nootropics that exude high-quality.

Nootropic supplements continue to generate a buzz among students, young professionals, and adults in the business world. Some people are even using nootropics to help treat attention deficit disorders like ADHD.

Trubrain was developed by trained neuroscientists.

It is also comprised of more potent nootropic ingredients than most. Before recently, it also came with a much higher price tag. 

I can accept a slightly higher price tag for a higher-quality product, but it would have to also live up to higher expectations.

Meaning that if I was going to confidently recommend truBrain, my experience would have to prove that it was one of the best brain supplements. 

Initial Impressions of truBrain


Nearly two years ago, I had reviewed the original truBrain formula.

While it was probably one of the more unique and effective nootropics that I had tested at the time, I always felt like it was still, just falling short.

So, when I learned that their neuroscience team spent the last two years working to enhance the original formula, I was excited to find out if they were able to deliver.

TruBrain Enhances Their Formula

The new truBrain provides a few options that not only includes a new caffeine-free version but adds 1 gram of Piracetam to the regular drinks and an additional 1.6 grams of Piracetam to the “boost” drinks. 

Here's the deal:

Over the past couple of years, I learned that there is a lot of misinformation floating around about truBrain. 

I discovered websites and even other truBrain reviews that were sharing inaccurate information about the products, the formula, the ingredients, and even the dosages.  

At very least, you can feel confident that this review of truBrain will provide comprehensive and accurate information. This truBrain review is not outdated like most others. 

Not All Brain Supplements are Created Equally

While, not all brain supplements are created equally, regardless of our personal opinions and/or recommendations, my mission one is to provide you with accurate, unbiased information about every product we review. 

However, there is only a very small group of nootropics can truly be considered amongst the very best brain supplements.

You see:

I have tried a decent amount of nootropics I like and some that I strongly advise against, but the best brain supplements are the ones that have that “wow” factor. The ones that make a noticeably huge difference that benefits me consistently over an extended period of time. Those are the very best brain supplements and they are not easy to come across. 


Ordering truBrain

I purchased the 20-count box of the truBrain Think Drinks for $49.

You can also try 10 truBrain “Think Drinks” for FREE to decide if it is right for you. You just cover the shipping and handling costs. So, for $6 you can try half a box of truBrain. Any and everywhere else, the 10-drink trial will cost $19 plus Shipping and Handling, as you can see directly from their home page. 


It is important to remember that every person is different. Not only can some nootropics work better for some than it will for others, but the time it takes to start feeling the benefits from taking nootropic supplements can also vary. 

If you are a beginner using nootropics for the first time, it is possible that it can take anywhere from 3-4 days to experience optimal benefits from this type of product.

The “Loading” Phase of truBrain

This is sometimes referred to as a “loading phase” and is common for those using nootropics from that fall into the racetam class for the first time. 

Some of the most potent primary nootropic ingredients found in truBrain are from the racetam class, such as Piracetam and Oxiracetam.


Who is truBrain?

It seems that truBrain is one of the more highly respected brain supplements on the market.

Many of their competitors have even shown great respect for them, knowing that truBrain was developed behind the brilliant mind of Dr. Andrew Hill.

truBrain Does Their Own Research

wall street nootropicsTruBrain is also known for conducting their own quantitative research and made headlines with a nootropic brain supplement study, administered to various groups of stock traders on Wall Street. 

The company was started by Chris Thompson and Andrew Hill, a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience.

TruBrain conducts all of their own research, collecting quantitative results and developing their products behind legitimate neuroscience resources.

Everything is developed behind real scientific research and data. 



What is truBrain? What Enhancements Were Made To The New truBrain? trubrain capsules

The capsule packs come in convenient packets designated for morning, afternoon, and “boost” for extra strenuous days.

They can be a nice alternative option for those who don't prefer the drinks.

Personally, I prefer the drinks. I felt they were easier to consume and the preferred my overall experience using them. However, the capsule packs are still very effective.

We Preferred the truBrain “Think Drinks”

The truBrain Think Drinks are the first liquid nootropic brain supplements ever developed. Soon, truBrain may only be offered in liquid form, as the majority are saying it is more potent, powerful, and effective. 

new trubrain reviewsNow:

The drinks were recently enhanced with more potent nootropic ingredients and higher dosages. 

They decided to adjust the formula based on customer feedback in an attempt to deliver one of the best brain supplements on the market. 

Caffeine-Free truBrain

They also developed a caffeine-free version for those who may be sensitive to it. 

The new truBrain formula includes some of my personal favorites with the addition of potent nootropic supplements like Piracetam, Oxiracetam, and Uridine

One thing was for sure, truBrain is officially using some of the most potent nootropics I have seen in a pre-formulated nootropic supplement to date.

The ingredients give it the possibility to be one of the best brain supplements but the actual effects felt would determine just how well they were able to put it all together. Would truBrain deliver?

The hype was real for me at this point and the expectations were high. I was certainly hoping to find one of the best brain supplements considering the qualifications of those who developed it. 

Try truBrain for FREE before Buying

Trubrain is also one of the few companies that offer a free trial of their products. You simply cover shipping & handling and they will send out a free sample of truBrain for you to try. This way you can decide for yourself whether or not truBrain works for you. 

TruBrain Capsule Packs vs truBrain Think Drinks

truBrain Think Drinks

1.  The drinks are designed to provide superior absorption and deliver optimal benefits.

The main active ingredient, piracetam, can be found in both the capsule packs and think drinks, but they recently increased the amount of Piracetam and added a few other ingredients to provide a more potent, nootropic stack.

2.  The drinks come in small, easy-to-drink pouches, consumed, 1-3 times a day. Each box either contains all caffeine-free drinks or with caffeine, which also includes the Boost drinks for extra strenuous days. 

truBrain Capsules

The capsule packs require consuming upwards of 9 pills a day, which can be quite a bit for some people. 

The bottom line is that both have proven to be effective and at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. I still personally prefer the drinks. 


Nootropic Ingredients Inside The Enhanced TruBrain Formula

TruBrain claims to be a high-quality nootropic supplement that can improve overall brain health and enhance cognitive functioning in a number of ways that include significant improvements to focus, mental energy, memory, and reduces stress.

If these results can really be achieved, truBrain could certainly find itself amongst the best brain supplements.

The truBrain ingredients found in the new formula are as follows (per drink):


truBrain Ingredients


The Enhanced truBrain Think Drinks Ingredients found in the new, more potent truBrain *(w/caffeine and caffeine-free options): 

trubrain ingredients

  • *NEWPiracetam (1000mg/1600mg) –

The significant addition of Piracetam to both the original and caffeine-free formulas adds a noticeable boost to an overall focused state of mind. I found this to be one of the most noticeable and significant additions to the new truBrain formula. 

The additional Piracetam in truBrain also works synergistically well with the additions of N-Acetyl-Carnitine (NALT) and CDP-Choline, which help to sustain the “lift” in focus that the Piracetam provides for the brain.   


  • **NEW** Oxiracetam & Citicoline (800mg/250mg) –

Oxiracetam was also newly added as one of the main active ingredients in truBrain. It is considered “Jet fuel for the brain” and a classic pairing with Citicoline.

This combination helps increase the amount of energy being consumed and activated by the brain. The nootropic stack with Citicoline feeds and sustains extra energy, which essentially provides a significant boost to both focus and concentration. 


  • Caffeine/L-Theanine (80mg/160mg) NOTE: *(Caffeine-Free truBrain Also available) –

The synergy between caffeine and L-theanine is a well-known nootropic stack. This combination is found naturally in green tea leaves.

It provides a clear sense of focus and relaxation. Essentially, providing the energy from caffeine, but stabilized with a calm focus from the L-theanine. The L-theanine takes away the jitters and the “crash,” commonly experienced from consuming standard caffeine in energy drinks. 


  • Magnesium & Tyrosine (200mg/350mg) –

Most people worldwide are Magnesium deficient, even though it provides a variety of benefits to the body and especially, plays an important role in the brain. It is also known to help reduce stress. Tyrosine is an amino acid that is essential in producing neurotransmitters.

The combination of these ingredients can help to reduce stress while improving overall alertness and attentiveness


  •  Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) (500mg) –

This ingredient is consistent among all versions of truBrain and is a favorite among many athletes that not only works as an antioxidant for the brain but is also found in nearly every cell in the body. It is great for producing extra neural energy and boosting mood. ALCAR is one of the most effective nootropics for fighting “brain fatigue.”


  • **NEW** (The New Boost Drinks) Uridine & Centrophenoxine (500mg/250mg) –

The process of storing memories in the brain requires large amounts of what is called, RNA. Uridine is a natural compound that helps produce more RNA. Centrophenoxine is similar to Citicoline but has even greater absorption.

The combination of these two ingredients provide a boost to overall cognition and memory and is especially useful on those longer and more strenuous days, where it may be needed. 

I have personally felt that Uridine and Centrophenoxine are two of the most underrated nootropic supplements, which is why I recommend them frequently when helping readers customize nootropic stacks

Centrophenoxine is a great mood enhancement nootropic as well. I like to refer to it as a “feel good” nootropic supplement, which we also carry alone in Nootropics City at Focus Here and Now


truBrain Original Formula Ingredients – 

More potent doesn't always mean “better.” Everyone is different and this is why the Original truBrain formula still exists and is still ideal for many. While, some people may seek or require more potent ingredients, some will experience optimal benefits from lower dosages of various nootropics.

You can read the details and ingredients for the Original capsule packs on truBrain's Website. However, please keep in mind that the capsule form may only be available a short while longer and I personally feel the truBrain think drinks are more potent and effective, anyway. 

Of course, there are also some additional basic ingredients, specific to the Think Drinks that provide anti-oxidants and flavors, which you can also find on truBrain's website.


My Experience Using The Enhanced truBrain Think Drinks


trubrain review


Anyone that has followed my journey with nootropics at Focus Here And Now knows that I favor nootropics that fall into the racetam class. 

My personal experience over the past couple of years using racetams has been quite positive.

Therefore, admittedly, I was excited to try a liquid form of racetam nootropics, but at the same time, my expectations were even higher. 

However, one of the first questions I still seem to get about truBrain is what it tastes like…

What Does the truBrain Think Drink Taste Like?

nootropic drinkWhile I certainly wouldn't call truBrain the best tasting drink, it is far from the worst and better tasting than the majority of energy drinks I have tried. 

TruBrain also improved the overall taste of their Think Drinks with their new formula.

Personally, I felt that the small pouches went down easy and tasted pretty good on their own.

With that being said:

You have a few different options to consume them and I realize that what might taste fine to some may not be so pleasant to others.

I personally prefer to keep them chilled, give them a good shake, tear off the top, and just drink them down in one quick shot. 

You Can Also Mix truBrain

It is also easy to mix with your favorite juice or smoothie.

On more than a few occasions, I blended it with a superfood drink that I made with my Nutribullet (easily, the best $100 I've ever spent), which also eliminated the taste of the Think Drinks, entirely.

The bottom line is that truBrain is small enough that it is easy to consume whether you love the taste or not. 


Does truBrain Work?  How Did It Make Me Feel? Should It Be Considered One of the Best Brain Supplements?

I was surprised to start experiencing the benefits of taking truBrain rather quickly. 

Perhaps, it is because I take nootropics regularly that I did not need to go through a “loading phase,” but the bottom line is the effects were noticeable to me on day one. 

However, it may take a few days for others. If you are new to using nootropics, you may require the “loading phase” for your body and mind to get acclimated to the nootropic ingredients. Therefore, give it 4-6 days to gauge the full effectiveness. 

The bottom line about truBrain:

TruBrain Think Drinks are noticeably more potent, but not in some sort of super energized, “bouncing off the walls,” kind of way. does trubrain work

The most significant effects that I noticed included a heightened state of focus and concentration as well as a more significant boost to my overall mental energy.

Not only was my overall state of focus heightened and improved, but it was sustainable throughout the day.

The new “boost” drinks were also noticeably better.

This was not just some sort of caffeine kick, but a real improvement to my overall confidence and ability to get things done. 

The truBrain Effect

My memory recall, vocabulary, and speech were also noticeably improved. 

I found myself speaking fluidly with clients and naturally finding the right words and was quickly able to recall notes and e-mail communications as if they were sitting right in front of me. 

It was a noticeable boost to my overall mood, focus, and mental clarity, compared to the previous formula.

However, one of my favorite aspects of this new formula was that my overall stress levels were reduced and stable.

Here's the deal:

Stress is bad for our brains, bad for our bodies and bad for our overall health.

Feeling more alert and focused without the added burden of stress and anxiety was a HUGE positive for me.

TruBrain left me feeling very calm and steady, yet provided a smooth energy and an intense focus that allowed me to accomplish work more efficiently, throughout the day.

At the end of the day, truBrain had me feeling on top of my game!


A Great Personal Test of truBrain During A Poker Tournament

A great test of truBrain came when I was playing an intense poker tournament with friends.

I found myself able to very clearly and methodically think about my next moves and had an excellent feeling of being on top of my game, clearly monitoring everything that was going on to the point that I felt like I had a true, competitive edge.

Yes, I did win the tournament of nearly 25 people, in case you were wondering…

And NO, I do not play poker often at all. I was considered a novice compared to many others at the table and this was not a case of simply pulling “lucky cards.”  

I had also noticed that when I stopped taking the supplement altogether, there was no type of uncomfortable “crash.”


I felt motivated, less stressed, focused, calm, and in control.

The newly enhanced truBrain formula delivered such impressive results that I feel confident in recommending it as one of the best brain supplements on the market, today. 

Believe it or not:

I even feel that the higher price is justified by the higher quality. 

TruBrain is a premium product that delivered premium results. trubrain review

The bottom line about the new truBrain formula:

The new truBrain formula may be the most positive experiences that I've had from top to bottom, so far. 

It is difficult to say anything negative other than wishing that the price was a little bit lower. 

truBrain has Lowered their Prices

However, they recently lowered the prices to a more reasonable amount and for the amount of potent nootropics that comprise truBrain, it is fairly reasonable.

You can compare by checking out the prices of purchasing some of these ingredients individually from our own nootropics shop, which you are more than welcome to explore and even have a stack customized for you by one of our experienced professionals. 


Are truBrain's Prices Justified?

I had some difficulty wrapping my head around the cost of truBrain at first because it was higher than most other nootropic supplements that I have reviewed in the past.

However, at the end of the day, the higher price was justified by the higher quality. 

Look at it this way:

If you are a vodka drinker, you may pay $30 for a bottle of Grey Goose, but the overall quality of taste and experience drinking it is surely better than the $9 bottle of Popov. TruBrain is not the type of product that is simply more expensive because of their name. The high-quality matches the price. 

This isn't like comparing store-brand Nyquil over the name brand, where all of the ingredients are essentially the same and provide the same results.  

Instead, truBrain is providing higher quality where it matters. I have yet to find a pre-formulated nootropic supplement that contains these high-quality ingredients, let alone spent the time and money to thoroughly research and develop a unique stack.

I have personally tested and reviewed a wide variety of nootropic supplements but I only consider a select few to be the very best brain supplements. 

TruBrain spent the time, money, and effort to enhance their formula based on feedback they received from customers and reviews written, online.

trubrain free trialsHere's the deal about truBrain:

While there are other nootropic supplements out there that may improve focus, energy, memory, etc, truBrain excels by comparison to most. 

Trubrain is one of the best brain supplements that I have used to date. It may be a bold statement but it is one that I can confidently stand behind. 

Why truBrain Comes Highly Recommended

At very least, I would recommend that you try truBrain for Free (only pay S&H). 

While, you will more than likely experience optimal benefits by at least trying the 20-count box, the 5-drink trial of truBrain will help guide your expectations about the taste and in most cases, provide enough of a glimpse into the benefits you can expect. 

Because I am constantly testing one of the many different brain supplements on the market today, I will only keep the very best brain supplements stocked for personal use in-between testing various nootropics and truBrain is now one of them. 

The Bottom Line About truBrain being one of the best brain supplements

The bottom line is that the newly enhanced truBrain formula is not only significantly better than the previous one, but it is also significantly better than the majority of brain supplements and nootropics that I have tested in the past. 

The newly enhanced TruBrain is one of the only brain supplements that I can recall having a positive experience using from top to bottom since I started comprehensively testing and researching nootropics, nearly two years ago. 


Exclusive truBrain Discount Pricing Available ONLY At Focus Here And Now

Sometimes people will automatically assume that when they see discounts on a product that is reviewed that there is some type of bias toward that product or company. 

I can understand it.

People, including myself, can be naturally skeptical.

I could not have possibly been more skeptical when I first started testing and reviewing nootropic supplements in general.

However, the bottom line is that when I come across the very few nootropics that I highly recommend, I also go out of my way to contact those companies and arrange the absolute best possible prices exclusively for our readers. 

This was one of those rare instances and I can't tell you how pleased I am to announce that we arranged the largest discount that you will find anywhere online for truBrain products. 

Prices for truBrain Supplements trubrain discounts

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT Prices are as follows:

Don't forget to use our exclusive promo code “FOCUSHERE25” for 25% OFF your ENTIRE order!

  • Trial Boxes of truBrain: FREE (Only pay S&H) – Only and Exclusively Available, Here and Now! 5 FREE Drinks.

No longer available elsewhere!

New MAJORLY Reduced NON-Subscription (individual box purchase) Reduced truBrain Think Drink Prices w/ Added Discount:

  • One-Time 20 Drinks – Regularly $55 is NOW: $42.35 –         * Major Price Reduction from what was $55 and Now More Drinks! (Was 15-Drink Box, Now 20-Drinks!)
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  • One-Time 60 Drinks – Regularly $135 is NOW: $103.95 –      * MAJOR Price Reduction from what used to be $146.30 after our discount from $190!


New Price Reduction Also On Subscription model for truBrain Think Drinks (Per Month) – Save More with a Subscription:


  • 20 drinks Regularly $49/month is NOW: $37.73/month * Major Price Reduction & Up from 15/Drinks a box to 20/Boxnew trubrain reviews
  • 30 drinks Regularly $65/month is NOW: $50.05/month  –   * MAJOR Price Reduction what was $65.45/month After Discount
  • 60 drinks Regularly $125/month is NOW: $96.25/month    * MAJOR Price Reduction what was 119.35/month After Discount


Subscription Model For Capsule Packs (Per Month): ** We are told capsules will soon be removed as an option

  • Monthly of $125 is NOW: $96.25 
  • Quarterly of $112 is NOW: $86.24
  • Annually of $85 is NOW: $65.45



As always, please feel free to comment below with any questions, comments and/or experience that you may have had using truBrain. Do you agree that it is one of the best brain supplements available, today?

Don't Forget, You Can Also Try truBrain for FREE

If you are not ready to make a decision about truBrain or commit to a full price box of drinks, you can always try truBrain for FREE and decide for yourself. You get 10 truBRain drinks to try completely free!


Have You tried truBrain, yet? Have you tried any nootropics or nootropic compound supplements before? What are some of the best brain supplements that you have tried? Please let us know about your experiences using truBrain and/or other nootropics.

Share your experience, questions, and/or comments below!

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