Simple Unconventional Brain Foods List to Support a Healthy Mind

brain foods list

Guide To: The Unconventional Brain Foods List to Support a Healthy Mind A brain foods list can vary from one person to another. Brain foods are natural food sources that support better cognitive function and overall health. The value behind creating daily lists, establishing routines, and consuming a healthy balanced diet that includes various brain foods, should not be understated. It is […]

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ADHD Assessment FREE: The Best Ways to Diagnose ADHD

undiagnosed adult adhd

How Often Does Adult ADHD Go Undiagnosed? Have You Tried an ADHD Assessment? An ADHD assessment can be helpful. While I would recommend that you see a physician for any kind of “official” diagnoses of ADHD. An ADHD assessment can be helpful in guiding you to know whether or not you want to make that […]

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Parenting ADHD Children: Amazing Moms Make an Impact on ADHD

adhd symptoms children

Table of Contents Parenting ADHD Children – Effective Combined Training and CoachingAbout Impact ADHDWhat is the ImpactADHD program and how does it help parenting ADHD children?ImpactADHD ReviewProducts and Programs: ImpactADHD Products, Parenting & Coaching ProgramsTwo Mothers Understand the Challenges of Parenting ADHD ChildrenParenting ADHD ChildrenADHD Parent ManagementWhat Does ImpactADHD Provide?Minimize Meltdowns of ADHD Children –Homework Headaches […]

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Human Brain Facts: Amazing Facts We Had Wrong All Along!

human brain facts

Table of Contents The Most Common Human Brain Facts Proven Wrong 6 Human Brain Facts That Are Common MisconceptionsMyth #1 – Bigger is BetterMyth #2 – Drugs And Alcohol Kill Brain Cells  Myth #3 – We Have 100 Billion Brain Cells  Myth #4 – Humans Can Only Use About 10% Of Our Brains  Myth #5 – We Use One […]

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8 Amazingly Simple Tips How to Manage ADHD Sleep Disorder!

benefits of sleeping well

Table of Contents  8 Simple Tips to Better Manage ADHD Sleep DisorderADHD, Anxiety, and SleepAnxiety Can Cause Sleep DisordersADDSleep DisorderHow to Sleep on Adderall TipsTips for Managing ADHD Sleep Disorder and Sleep Deprivation1.  Set a Bed Time Alarm   2.  Avoid Common Stimulation that may keep you awake3.  Establish and Be Consistent – Have a Sleep Routine  4. […]

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Why Do People Abuse Adderall? The Horrible Epidemic

adderall abuse

Why do People Abuse Adderall? People abuse Adderall for a number of reasons. The number of people abusing Adderall continues to increase at an alarming rate. It is estimated that anywhere from 20-30% of college students and young adults abuse Adderall. Abusing Adderall has become so common that it has moved into the black market. […]

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ADHD Symptoms Children Feel Can Be Frustrating But Manageable!

parenting adhd children

Table of Contents  Can The ADHD Symptoms Children Experience Be Managed?ADHD Symptoms Children Experience: The Differences Between Children With and Without ADD/ADHDADHD Management is CrucialResources for Treating ADHD Children without Potentially Dangerous Prescription Medications:Natural ADHD Remedies and Treatments for Children and Adults  Can The ADHD Symptoms Children Experience Be Managed? ADHD symptoms children experience, include a multitude of […]

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The 7 Best Jobs ADHD Adults Are Most Successful at Doing!

Jobs adhd adults find success

Table of Contents The 7 Best Jobs ADHD Adults Most Commonly SucceedJobs ADHD Adults Will Achieve The Most Success 1.  Successful Doctors and Nurses Sometimes Have ADHD2.  Many Successful Firefighters and Police Officers Have Adult ADHD3.  Many Famous and Innovative Artists and Entertainers Have Adult ADHD4.  Many Wildly Successful Salespeople Have Adult ADHD5.  Many Successful Entrepreneurs Have Adult ADHDADHD […]

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