ADHD in Adults: The Amazing Mind of A Guy with Adult ADHD

ADHD in Adults: The Truth About Life With Adult ADHD 

Does ADHD in Adults Mean That They Forgot to Grow Up?!? 

The chronicles of a 35-year-old man who teaches us that some cases of ADHD in adults can be so serious, they can even forget to grow up?!?

adhd in adults

ADHD in adults can not be completely understood by just one person's experience. At the end of the day, we are all different. However, I hope that my experience will help shed some light to explain what can go on inside the mind of an adult with ADHD.

According to a number of photographs, mirrors, and reflections from large rain puddles, the rumors are indeed, true.

I am the man…or child (depending on the day of the week), that you see so eloquently staring back at you in the photo, above. 

I suppose that it's possible for someone to argue that this person is legally an adult.

I mean, I certainly wouldn't test the validity of this claim in the eyes of the law, nor ask this person for identification before serving them a beer.

I may have them blow into a breathalyzer first, but I would certainly not question whether they were of the legal drinking age.

You see, I have one of those cases involving ADHD in adults that sometimes causes people to wonder whether or not I completely forgot to grow up. 

There is honestly no sense in denying it. 

No matter how hard I try, I truly can't fight it and I already know that I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control…ADHD in adults distractions

But you know what?

I think I like it. 

I think the Pointer Sisters made a good “point” and “I'm so excited” to share mine with you. So, hang in there because I assure you that one exists.

However, I should probably forewarn anyone with ADHD that it may be a bit more difficult to stay with me through this post to the end. Not because you won't find the story interesting, but because I feel it is a more realistic expectation, especially considering we more than likely lost the majority of people with ADHD back at the Pointer Sisters reference. 

The signs of ADHD in adults

While there is no clear blueprint as to what causes ADHD and my purpose is certainly not to claim that ADHD in adults is synonymous with immaturity, there are some similarities that most of us will not debate with you. 

Some may say that my immaturity doesn't exactly help paint a clear picture of ADHD in adults. I can't argue this because I will say that my immaturity levels will make it more difficult for people to decipher my disorder from my regular personality at times, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

However, the intentions of this article are to help clear the air a little bit. 

What better time to just “let it flow, let yourself go, slow and low, that is the tempo (Beastie Boys 86′),” than to just let my fingers do the typing and let the thoughts flow into this piece than during National ADHD awareness month

This post will be far from perfect, but I assure you that it will be honest. This is ADHD speaking to you first-hand.

This is ADHD and it's speaking directly to you. I have spent a few days getting away from any prescription ADHD medicationsnatural ADHD treatments and/or alternative ADHD methods to show the true face of ADHD to you. 

adhd in adults Essentially, I am writing you today from a completely untreated ADHD perspective.

And for better or for worse, I think it is important for each and every reader of Focus Here and Now to know that this site is truly written BY people with ADHD and FOR people with ADHD. It was the motivation behind starting this site and it will always be my number 1 priority!

When I do nothing to treat ADHD, I can find myself in the same endless loop of swirling thoughts and random distractions that can make it not only difficult for someone living with ADHD like myself, but for those living with someone with ADHD. 


Just ask my wife. God bless her for putting up with the insanity that this mind can unleash from time to time. 

However, let me be clear that I don't find ADHD in adults or ADHD in children to be some sort of joke.

I do believe in the power our sense of humor can afford and I do find that sometimes one of the best treatments for ADHD can be keeping a good sense of humor through it all.

Of course, knowing when to keep the humor at bay and get serious, can get difficult for someone like me. It is a fine art and balance that is achieved through practice. 

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“Broken Filters” For ADHD In Adults: The Complicated ADHD Mind

You see, the average person has a mental administrator.

The purpose of this administrator is to help them weed out the variety of useless and/or random information or thoughts that quickly pops into our minds throughout the day. 

The type of filters that I am talking about allows the average person to work with a much cleaner workspace.

The administrator essentially, helps the brain filter out all of the useless thoughts such as “Beastie Boys” or “Pointer Sisters” lyrics from entering their minds in the first place, let alone actually typing those thoughts into an article that they are going to publish to the world. 

Children with ADHD certainly don't have it easy by any stretch of the imagination and certain obstacles that they deal with on a daily basis are ones that ADHD adults do not have to worry about, anymore. However, as responsibilities increase with age, having a lack of filter that allows useless information to stay on the forefront of a person's mind, can also cause more important information to fall off, entirely.

This becomes less “cute” with age and it is where ADHD in adults can become a bigger problem. 

Humor is Important to Cope with ADHD in Adults, but…

There comes a time, even for me, when you need to let the humor defense mechanism down a little bit.

Humor can only take you so far and even though it would be wonderful if humor alone could help effectively manage ADHD in adults, you need to recognize when your ADHD has become so serious, it almost appears as if you forgot to grow up, entirely. 

ADHD in children and ADHD in Adults is not all that different…

adhd adultsThe only thing that changes around us, other than the obvious being our age, are the responsibilities and circumstances of our lives. However, ADHD in children and ADHD in adults is really not all that different. Allow me to put it into perspective.

Here's the deal:

Imagine being in the middle of a very important mental task. Let's say that part of this task involves specific instructions being given to you from either a teacher, your boss, co-worker or (gulp) instructions from your spouse. 

In the middle of whatever this person is telling you, your eye just so happens to notice that the person speaking to you slightly twitches their eyebrow when they speak.

OR you happen to notice something on their desk. Perhaps an odd-shaped pen/pencil holder or a mug with some sort of saying on it…

The “normal” person can remain reasonably focused and their mental administrator throws these types of thoughts out the window before they even make it into their mental workspace. 

Unfortunately, ADHD in adults and children does not have the same luxury.

We become fixated on whatever the distraction may be, as if a pink elephant, wearing a raccoon skin hat, a rainbow-colored vest, and banging symbols, came bursting through the room singing the distraction at us so loudly that everything else becomes merely, backgroundpeople with ADHD noise. 

I know what you're thinking. He sure was descriptive about that elephant… 

Just be grateful that image is only in your mind for a brief moment. The movie “Inside Out” wasn't all that far off, but the “Bing Bong” in my head is no friend of mine! 

Sure, it sounds funny, unless you are the one who is asked a specific question about the conversation and have nothing to go on but said pink elephant, stage right. 

This is our unfortunate reality.

This is the reason that my browser window currently has 24 open tabs and somewhere under the sea of post-it notes, you will have to take my word for it that there is, in fact, a desk. 

It is for these reasons that some of us are habitually late and often forgetful.

I can't begin to tell you the massive amount of stress that goes on in my mind every time I do the simple task of trying to actually leave the house. 

Anything you can possibly imagine popping into my head during those five minutes usually does.

Plus, it is followed up by the fact that I am convinced that I must be forgetting something and must start going through my mind in steps to figure out what it is that I am forgetting, which then come with their own distractions, only to get on the road and about 20 minutes away to remember what you forgot. 

And even worse, you have a survival kit prepared if your car is suddenly attacked by a bear and you need to run off into the woods and live there until help arrives, but alas, you forgot to bring your lunch!

And eventually, there you are…sitting at your desk. Hungry, frustrated, cursing that damn pink elephant!

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Creatures of routine…

The truth is that we are creatures of routine and most of the time, we get by on auto-pilot.

However, there are times when even that routine can be broken. This is, of course, unintentional from those trying to help you out. Sometimes, it will be by something as simple as a reminder from my wife, asking me, “did you remember your keys?” 

My brain immediately gets frustrated. Wait, we aren't “up to keys, yet.”

Hold on, breathe…where were we in the routine? I have my wallet, I have my pants on, I brought some gum…How long have I been talking to myself? Uh-oh, why is my wife looking at me…

“Yes, Keys! I got em!” OK, where were we…

It can be a frustrating cycle for both parties. 

ADHD in Adults Experience The Extreme Opposite We Call Hyper Focus

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the complete opposite of our common distractions called, “Hyper Focus.”

Occasionally, things will connect with us on such a deep level that we will get extremely drawn into it so far that literally, NOTHING can distract us!

There is literally nothing short of a major disaster that is going to move us away from where we have found this hyper focus. Try to break it and we will sometimes get frustrated, even angry and I can't apologize enough, especially to my wife, considering how many times this has occurred with me.


While, our hyper-focus can be negative if we find ourselves fixated on something that may be of less importance than more pressing tasks, it can also be a major positive.

Play to the strengths of someone with ADHD and the results can be astounding!

Some of the most creative people of our time were diagnosed with ADHD and contributed things to this world that your “normal” person may not be capable of achieving.

This includes famous ADHD people in entertainment, sports, leadership, and entrepreneurs. 

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Famous People with ADHD

Some ADHD celebrities and entertainers include

  • Howie Mandel
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Will Smith
  • Jim Carreyadhd celebs
  • Michelle Rodriguez 
  • Adam Levine

Some Famous ADHD Athletes include:

  • Terry Bradshaw
  • Pete Rose
  • Michael Phelps
  • Carlos Ruiz

Some Famous ADHD Leaders include:

  • James Carville
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Erin Brokovich
  • Glenn Beck 
  • Katherine Ellison

And some Famous ADHD Entrepreneurs Include:

  • adhd awareness monthRichard Branson (Founder of Virgin Records and many other ventures)
  • Paul Orfaelea (founder of Kinkos)
  • Charles Schwabb
  • David Neeleman (Founder of Jetblue airlines)

This is just a small sample of a large list that ALSO includes; Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and the one and ONLY, Albert Einstein

Some of these are based on a diagnosis that would be made by today's knowledge and standards. 

So, before people write off those like myself and others as scatter-brained children in adult bodies, they should be made well-aware of the great contributions that many struggling with the same disorder, have accomplished over time. And before we look at our children and sigh that they have this cursed disorder, keep in mind that they can achieve greatness!


How Can You Effectively Treat ADHD in Adults?

For a large period of my life, prescription medications were the only thing that provided somewhat of an answer to keep certain symptoms at bay. However, as I got older, it seemed like the side effects increased with my age.

While, I am not here to convince anyone of the “right” way to treat ADHD, we continue to learn a lot more about the disorder as scientific research continues. 

This research has revealed a variety of natural ADHD treatments and ADHD remedies that go beyond prescription ADHD medications. This includes biofeedback with the use of neurofeedback technology, safer nootropic supplements, and a variety of coaching options for those parenting ADHD children.

So, as frustrating as ADHD in adults and in children can be for everyone, we also need to take time and examine the multitude of options beyond prescription medications that we now have available to us, as research continues.

Things like ADHD awareness month and I hope, articles like this, will help continue research to discover more options for those struggling with ADHD.

I have personally found that using supplements called, “nootropics” have become a very effective and safer way to help boost certain cognitive abilities and alleviate certain symptoms of ADHD that I still experience. They provide subtle but noticeable results without the added anxiety and side effects that I so frequently experienced in both the short-term and long-term with ADHD prescription medications. There is treatment ADHD adults have now found useful and find are even more beneficial than the traditional ADHD medications that we have become accustomed to taking our entire lives. 


ADHD in Adults Who Forgot to Grow up? ADHD adults

There is really no such thing as ADHD in adults who forgot to grow up. Some of us turn to humor a little too often as a coping mechanism to deal with our struggles. I was one of these people for quite a long time. Who am I kidding? Sometimes, I still am! 

However, when you look at famous celebrities like Jim Carrey and Howie Mandel or Will Smith, utilizing this method that can be turned into a positive. 


I may never “officially” grow up and I feel that keeping a sense of humor is certainly important in coping with what can otherwise be a very frustrating disorder. However, even people like me can turn just one of those hyper focus moments into a positive. 

Remember, that ADHD in adults has and will continue to turn into great things. It is all about the approach that we take.

Sharing stories with one another and gaining a better understanding by recognizing it with things like ADHD awareness month are incredibly important. 

So, while it is important to keep your sense of humor, we certainly don't view ADHD as any kind of joke.

Focus Here and Now was not created as a joke. It was created by a real person struggling with ADHD who has found effective ways to better manage their disorder and who wants to help others more effectively manage their own struggles. 

And remember…there is nothing wrong with being a little immature, anyway. I mean, I don't remember anyone asking me if I wanted to grow up, do you? 

Focus Here and Now


Do you struggle with ADHD? Do you have any stories about ADHD in adults that others might find helpful? Do you have your own funny stories? Do you have coping methods or alternative ADHD treatments that have worked well for you or a loved one? Are you struggling with parenting ADHD children?

Share your comments, stories, and thoughts below, as we recognize ADHD awareness month, together!


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