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Adderall Medication: The Best Adderall Alternatives?

Adderall medication

Adderall Medication is Not the Only Treatment for ADHD  Adderall medication has become one of the most traditional forms of treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, like ADHD and ADD. However, research is proving that there are Adderall alternatives to Adderall medication. They are being made available to the masses and producing results with a fraction […]

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AddieUp Review – Is This the Best Adderall Alternative ?

Addieup reviews

Focus Here and Now’s Top 3 Nootropic Supplement Picks! OptiMind Is OptiMind the closet thing to natural Adderall sold over-the-counter? We think it delivers the Best, clean, stream-lined focus out there! Read our review and then Try it for FREE! Nitrovit ​Nitrovit is a favorite natural nootropic supplement being called on the of the best […]

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Human Brain Facts: Amazing Facts We Had Wrong All Along!

human brain facts

The Most Common Human Brain Facts Proven Wrong  Human brain facts can be fascinating. Sometimes we learn things that open up a whole new perspective and can even change the way that we think.  The rapid development of technology and research over the last 20 years has allowed the neuroscience community to discover many new […]

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People Abuse Adderall As The Horrible Epidemic Continues

adderall abuse

Why do People Abuse Adderall?   People abuse Adderall for a number of reasons. More people abuse Adderall today than ever before and these numbers continue to increase at an alarming rate. It is estimated that anywhere from 20-30% of college students and young people abuse Adderall. It has become so common that it has moved […]

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